Faircrete Sb(l)

March 26, 2018 | Author: Aniket Shah | Category: Acrylic Paint, Mortar (Masonry), Brush, Cement, Concrete



Application ManualTM bonding ability of mortar. 200ml of FAIRCRETE FAIRCRETE SB(L) SB(L) should be mixed in gauging water of 50kg ACRYLIC BASED POLYMER cement used for making mortar. < Apply an even coating of FAIRCRETE SB(L) to both prepared surface using brush or roller. DESCRIPTION FAIRCRETE SB(L) is an acrylic base, single pack, white emulsion of liquid polymer modifier and bonding agent for cementitious mix. It provides outstanding water resistance, excellent adhesion and abrasion resistant. It gives good bonding strength between steel and cement. APPARATUS / MATERIAL < Brush < Container for mixing < Roller < SAFECORE PRIMER (as per requirement) < FM-DEGREASER (as per requirement) < FAIRSCREED R (as per requirement) < FAIRCRETE SB(L) (as per requirement) APPLICATION METHOD SURFACE PREPARATION < The area which has to be repaired should be cleaned and free from all dust, dirt and loose particles. < Stains of oil and grease should be cleaned with brush or by FM-DEGREASER, which is a solvented oil and grease remover. < The area should be washed with water and allowed to dry. < When surface is absolutely dry apply a coat of SAFECORE PRIMER. Before the primer hardened FAIRSCREED R mortar should be applied. APPLICATION < As FAIRCRETE SB(L) is a single pack ready to use bonding agent, it is simply applied by brush on surface. < FAIRCRETE SB(L) can also be mixed in gauging water of cement mortar which increases the COVERAGE Coverage of FAIRCRETE SB (L) is approx 6-8m² per litre. depending on substrate for waterproofing. com Email : [email protected] Rwess Street.com Email : [email protected]/Fax : +961 1 696320 : +961 5 454624 Tel. Vadodara-7.TM FAIRCRETE SB(L) QUALITY ASSURANCE TECHNICAL SERVICES Fairmate manufactures entire range of construction While new advances and changes will take place but one chemicals under compliance of ISO 9001.R. OUR RANGE OF PRODUCTS CONCRETE ADMIXTURES WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS ENGINEERING GROUTS INDUSTRIAL FLOOR SURFACES CONCRETE REPAIRS SURFACE TREATMENT PREPACKED CONCRETE MORTAR PROTECTIVE COATING HIGHWAY REPAIR "Contact us to discuss any potential requirement and you will be assured of a rapid and effective response . Sai Sudha. : +91 265 2331193. 2331399 Fax : +91 265 2338733 Email : [email protected] INDIA DUBAI NEPAL GHANA 8/1.com Email : [email protected] [email protected] Alkapuri. personnel & experts are available to provide additional information and technical assistance. Fanar Tel. Arunoday Society. : +961 5 454292 Fax Email : [email protected] Our laboratory in Dubai and technical certified by ISOQAR / UK.that's guarantee !!" Mfg.L Haber Building. ISO (EMS) thing will never change is quality and meeting special needs 14001 & OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) of our customers. (Guj) India Tel. We are eager to work with you in development of new product and resolve your problem.com FM/UAE/LEBANON/AM/11/13/A . Under Licence of Fairmate UAE FZC LEBANON HAMCO S.
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