Exploring Public Affairs Program in the Local Mainstream (1st Report)

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Exploring Public Affairs Program in the Local MainstreamClaudio, Ma. Ivy Genota, Angelique Matignas, Maria Lee Tampol, Jhayvee June 18, 2010 What makes a program “public affairs?” . (p. community. action and legislation. R. or society in general. 483) Source:  Weiner. but more often the term refers to activities that are thought to be in the public interest. the relationship between an organization and the government. Webster's New World dictionary of media and communications.Public Affairs  The aspect of public relations that involves working governments and groups with regard to societal (public) policies. . Public affairs sometimes is used as a synonym for public relations. New York: Macmillan. (1996). and hence are scheduled at times when few listeners or viewers are tuned in (or even awake).Public Affairs  a broadcasting industry term.org/w/index. refers to programming which focuses on matters of politics and public policy.php? title=Public_affairs_(broadcasting)&oldid=360661763 .wikipedia. such programs are often only to satisfy regulatory expectations. Source:http://en. Among commercial broadcasters. the theory of Technological Determinism and the Webs of Significance. 2004). 1)  An Application of the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion. . problems. R. 20)  “Are designed to cater to the needs of the viewing public in terms of assistance.Public Service Programs “Television programs whose aim is to help the public in airing their concerns and problems to the agencies concerned.?” (p. It aims to help those who go to media personalities to ask for help in believing that these personalities have connection and power in asking some government officials to act on certain Source: Hidalgo. An Assessment of Hoy Gising Program: . P (March.” (p. .Public Affairs Basic Beats Local Government  Politics and Elections  Law Enforcement  Covering the Courts  Education  Arts Entertainment. (2007). Reporting that Matters: public . Science. Sports and Other Interests  Environment. Health Care and Medicine  Social Services and Nonprofit Agencies  Source: Irby. Boston: Pearson Allyn and Bacon. J et al. affairs coverage. The Variety of Public Service Programs . The presentation of such issues is straightforward and more formal than the other kinds.A. these programs tend to generate anger and tight reactions from their audiences.  . The Hard-Hitting     These public service programs often come as serious and in direct forms. The approach of these programs tends to be revealing as they expose anomalies and demands accountability from the powerful structures in our society. Heavy-weighing issues addressing sentiments against the government and other social agencies and other social issues serve as the main topics. Also. The Action Star  These programs rely on the basic formula of demand-medium/channelresponse. The Hard-Hitting   1.  . Simplistic in nature but these are the ones which actually receive greater attention and generate confidence from the public. No additional flavor is usually added. This is primarily because people from all walks of life are given the chance to air their grievances and receive immediate response.A. The Hard-Hitting  2. thus providing evidence and actual footage.A. Television. in particular caters this kind of variety because of its capability to address the concern in a visual way. The Spy   These programs are relying on public service and story-telling.  . The approach then is less formal than the Action Star type. This can be attributed to the use of hidden cameras and thus giving the audience a greater picture of the process of resolution.  . In a simpler sense. The Professor    These public service programs. they are public educators on current public issues. while not engaged in direct contact with its audiences or concerns. The Hard-Hitting 3. use the broadcast media as a tool of staging debates and discussions regarding relevant issues to the public.A. given the various changes in the broadcast landscape.   . The Hard-Hitting 4.A. Combination    A combination of the aforementioned programs could also exist. health. the approach is more creative so as to elicit emotional attachment from the audience. social services and more. The Lighter Ones  These public service programs tackle issues regarding the different aspects of human life such as education.B. become tools of asking for help in various contexts. These programs thus.  Unlike the Hard-Hitting.   . education and even arts and entertainment. then health problems and issues are the only ones that are included in the program. The Determined/Focused    These programs cover only a specific area of concern. Other areas can include environment. The Lighter Ones   1. If the program is health-oriented. thus giving more emphasis on issues related to it.  .B.  Similar to the Spy but are presented in a less serious manner and sometimes in a more dramatic way. The Fairy Godmother/father    These programs are perhaps the most creative and visually-appealing to the audience because public service is interwoven with a narrative so as to give a clearer picture of the problem. The Lighter Ones 2.B.    . Explosibong Courts Expose Salamat dok .ABS-CBN Action Star Spy Professor Combination Determined/ Focused Fairy Godmother/ Father Local Government Environment/Scie Social Services  /Politics and  nce/Health Care  and Nonprofit  Elections/ and Medicine Agencies Law Enforcement/ XXX:Exklusibo Covering the  ng. TV 5 Action Star Spy Professor Combination Determined/ Focused Fairy Godmother/ Father Local Government Environment/Scie Social Services  /Politics and  nce/Health Care  and Nonprofit  Elections/ and Medicine Agencies Law Enforcement/ Tutok Tulfo Covering the  Face to face Courts Totoo TV Ako Mismo . Scien Social Services ce. May Solusyon Yan Sus Naman. May Solusyon Yan Combination .GMA and QTV Public Service Programs Local Gov’t Politics and Elections Law and Enforcement Covering the Courts Education Arts. Mahal Ko Combination The Determined Volunteer The Fairy REUNIONS The Teacher OFW Diaries Wish Ko Lang Sus Naman. Heath Care The Action Star The Spy The Professor Tonight with Arnold Clavio IMBESTIGADOR RX MEN Women’s Desk Kapwa Ko. Entertainment Environment. Is Wowowee a public affairs program? .
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