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SANDEEP [email protected] Contact # (732)-579-2260 SUMMARY  Around 8 years of experience in Client/Server business systems design/analysis/testing, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence applications.  6 + years of experience in working with ODS, Data warehouses/Datamarts with Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes tool IBM DataStage Server 8.5/8.1/7.5/5.1, Parallel Extender PX, Informatica 7.1.3/5.2  Designed Server jobs, Job Sequencers, Batch Jobs and Parallel jobs.  Worked with and extracted data from various database sources SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2UDB , DB2, , Teradata V2R5.0, MsAccess, Sequential files/Flat files.  Experienced in Developing and Monitoring Batch Jobs using UNIX Crontab and Shell Scripts.  Proven track record in troubleshooting of DataStage jobs and addressing production issues like performance tuning and enhancement, Testing and Debug.  Involved in E-R modeling and Dimensional data modeling, design of Star Schema and Snow flake Schema. Used Erwin for physical and logical data modeling.  Strong understanding of the principles of Data Warehouse using Fact Tables, Dimension Tables, star schema modeling, Ralph-Kimball approach and Bill-Inmon approach.  Proficiency in Data warehousing techniques for data cleansing, Slowly Changing Dimension phenomenon, surrogate key assignment.  Experience in writing, testing and implementation of procedures, functions, triggers at Database level using PL/SQ and T-SQL.  Extensive experience in laying out technical specifications of an ETL process using Visio Tools.  Hands on experience in Production Support and Maintenance.  Experience in Performance tuning of ETL processes and DataStage jobs in SMP and MPP environments from both system as well as job design perspective.  Experience in Scheduling Jobs using various third party tools like ASG Zena, Control -M, Autosys.  Creating interface design document for developed jobs (Detailed code description).  Excellent analytical and functional skills with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Actively involved in the full project life cycle, user requirements to implementation. Willing to learn and adapt to new challenges. TECHNICAL SKILLS: ETL Tools: IBM Information Server 8.5/8.1/8.01, Quality Stage, Ascential DataStage V7.5, Parallel Extender Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.0, SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, Teradata V2R5.0, DB2 UDB 8.0, MS Access 97/2000 , Hadoop. Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C/C++ Web Technologies: HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript Data Modelling Tools: Erwin 3.5.1/4.2, Microsoft Visio Operating System: IBM UNIX AIX 6.1/ 4.1, HP UNIX 10.2, Windows 2000/NT, Sun Solaris 12/10 Scheduling Tools: ASG Zena, Autosys, Cron-tab, Control- M, Tivoli UNIX Tools: K-shell, C-shell, Borne –shell, VI, SED, AWK. ASG Zena. Lookup. Sequential files. error handling and analysis. Environment: IBM Information Server 8. Sort. IBM Tivoli. Flat files. DB2 AS/400.  Worked on UNIX Shell scripts for file monitoring. and also built jobs to populate the custom build reporting server. Implemented Datastage to extract the data from application database and load into the ODS database for running the metrics reports. Datasets. UNIX Shell Scripting. Arlington Heights IL Dearborn National offers a broad selection of highly competitive insurance and financial products covering diverse markets. Aggregate. Row Generator stages in accomplishing the ETL Coding. Funnel. functional testing.  Used ASG ZENA job scheduler for automating the monthly regular run of DataStage . Remove Duplicate Stage.  Wrote SQL Scripts to extract data from source Database. Change Capture. Currently I am working on STAR and DNLITE projects. Application Developer Client: Dearborn National . MS SQL Server etc. Flat Files (Fixed Width) and XML files to Targets like Flat Files.  Documented Test Plan. system testing.EXPERIENCE: VERINON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Aug 2010 – Till Date Role : Sr.  Used DataStage stages namely Sequential file.5.  Performed Peer review for ETL detail designs. Transformer. Ascential DataStage V7. Worksite. Cognos 8. DownersGrove. Peek. prepared test data for testing.  Created UNIX Shell scripts to run DataStage jobs and trap any failures. SQL Server 2008/2005. IL LTD.5. Responsibilities:  Involved in understanding of Business processes and coordinated with Business analysts to get specific user requirements.  Involved in preparing ETL Detail technical design document for development  Designed and developed ETL processes using DataStage designer to load data from Sources like MS SQL Server. text processing and DataStage project deployment.5 to avoid other complex Design using Transformers.  Developed Multi Instance (reusable) jobs.  Effectively implemented Partitioning and Parallelism techniques to fully utilize the resources and enhance job performance  Used Shared and Local containers to create reusable stages.  Extensively used DS Director and Monitor for Monitoring Job logs to resolve issues. Test Scripts and validations based on design specifications for unit testing. including: Group Benefits (employer-paid/voluntary). and archived the data to maintain the historical data. These are designed to improve the speed and quality of prescription processing and meet growing demand for services and provide more flexible model for accepting customer membership data. Join. Test Cases. Individual and an array of value-added services. Serena Dimensions (Version Control).  Extensively used Looping Logic in Transformer Stage of DataStage V8. AIX. Environment: IBM Info Sphere Information Sever V8. transformed data according to the requirement and load into data warehouse. .5.UNIX. FTP & SFTP. Maintained the DataStage server processes  Created Oracle Stored procedures and used them in DataStage jobs. Flat files.  Created DataStage jobs to extract data from various sources. Participated in Migrating and Testing jobs from DataStage V7. IBM AIX 5.  Extensively used SQL tuning techniques to improve the performance in DataStage Jobs.  Extensively worked UNIX Shell Scripting (Korn /KSH). Handled Production issues and supported the Production migration process.5 to V8.  Involved in Onsite & Offshore Coordination. reviewed specifications.  Exported and imported the jobs from the dev-test & prod servers. Zena.  Created job sequences and job schedules to automate the ETL process. Secure CRT HORIZON COMPUTER January 2010 – July 2010 Role: Application Developer Client: AT T Alpharetta. The main aim of this project is to implement a standardized system to replace existing home grown applications to capture the productivity of work performed by offline agents in Mobility Care Call Centers. cleansing and validate data.  As part of the ETL development team.   processes in PROD.1(Parallel Extender. GA SERVICES.  Created several environment variables in the DataStage Administrator and have used it across different jobs. designed process flows.A. Extensively used Serena Dimensions Tool to migrate ETL jobs from Dev to TEST environments.  Developed used defined Routines and transformations to implement business logic and Shell scripts to automate file manipulation and data loading procedures.  Created Unit Test Cases for the coding assignments. and Mapping documents to actual build jobs using IBM InfoSphere Datastage Designer. UAT and DEV Environments.  Scheduled the jobs with Crontab.  Worked on multiple source systems to extract.Sql Server Management Studio.5.5.  Enhanced the Job Performance by using proper Partitioning methods and analyzing the resources utilized using Job Monitor.T.  Participated in the Code reviews meetings. Enhanced the job properties for performance tuning. Responsibilities:  Involved in the Analysis of Physical Data Model for ETL mapping and the process flow diagrams for all the business functions and involved in designing the procedures for getting the data from all systems to Data Warehousing system. NJ Description: Worked as a Developer for ABS (ATT Business Solutions) Project. DataStage is used to connect and essentially download the daily data from the remote data sources into the ORACLE database housed on UNIX server.  Performed Unit testing and participated in the UAT testing. Sql Server 2005. Involved in S.2. Windows XP Pro.Advanced Query Tool. DB2. DataStage 7. Toad. New BRUNSWICK.All offline agent performance data will be retrieved from Sources via DataStage.  Prepared test cases.I.T and U. test plan document for the Data loads.  Wrote UNIX shell Scripts for file validation and scheduling DataStage jobs. Implemented using HTML. Stored Procedures and Functions. IBM Web Console.5.  Created Batches and Sequencers to control Sequence of Jobs using Job Controls. Ascential DataStage PX 7. Oracle 8i.Cold. SQL Server 2005. Oracle and Solaris. IBM AIX 6.  Developed jobs on Parallel Extender to achieve better job performance and throughput by efficient usage of system resources in Orchestrate environment. performance and security using database objects like indexes. Shell Scripts. OH [USA] – Airline Reservation Project January 2007 – Dec 2008 Designed and implemented the complete airline ticketing database tables structure.  Extensively worked on Database Triggers. Created complex SQL queries for data manipulation. XML. Developed triggers. packages.ODS. functions. using Star Schema.  Participated in the review and approval of the Technical.Fusion. COBOL. packages using PL/SQL. JavaScript.  Extensively used SQL coding for overriding generated SQL query in DataStage. . synonyms. Business Transformation Requirements Document. Autosys . PHP. Dallas Responsibilities:  Designed Mappings between sources to operational staging targets .1.1.5 (Server). views. SQL. scheduling and running jobs under job sequences and developed shell scripts to automate the processes. Windows NT Skills List:     Good interpersonal and communication skills Ability to interpret client requirements Good team player with very high level of personal integrity Fast learner &ability to work independently ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE      Wright State University. Globus IT January 2009 – December 2009 Trainee as a developer INC.  Participating in Base release meetings interacting and collaborating with team members and other internal groups as appropriate.  Environment: Datastage 7.Erwin 4. Environment: DataStage Information Server 8. PL/SQL.SQL. UNIX. Designed and developed various jobs for Standardization.1. used to Develop ETL Jobs using Datastage Designer. procedures. Dayton. Oracle 11g. Sun Solaris 12. Optimized the database for reusability. INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE . T-SQL.  Used Before and After Stage subroutines to further enhance performance of the system. Written stored procedures and packages for Fetching.S December 2006 . Inserting. Hyderabad. ACHIEVEMENTS     Special appreciation award for paper presentation at JNT University. functions. Optimizing SQL and PL/SQL scripts. Normalized the data structure.November 2008 Wright State University. LINUX ADVANCED SERVER CERTIFICATIONS Oracle Certified Associate. WINDOWS NT 4. triggers and design/development of new tables Environment: Oracle 9i. and updating loan information Responsible for Performance Tuning. Jun 2005 – Dec 2006        AP [INDIA] – Loan Tracking System (LTS) Designed the Data Modeling. Awarded 2nd in the technical tour conducted by affiliated institutions of JNT University.SoftProjex. PL/SQL Developer. Assigned the responsibility of Chief Organizer for Techno Craft 2005 event held at Vaagdevi College of engineering. Created the databases Tables. EDUCATION M. Ohio in Bachelor of June 2002 – April 2006 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. stored procedures. Exception Handling. SQL * Loader.0. Brain Bench Certified in RDMS Concepts. India. and tested Oracle PL/SQL packages. India Engineering Technology . Dayton. Designed. developed. Toad.
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