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EMPANELMENT OF ADVOCATES/LAW FIRMSThe NIFT-HO proposes to engage a Legal Advisor on retainership basis for handling various legal issues pertaining to the Institute and handling litigation in the various Courts/Forums/Authorities. The details of Expression of Interest, including the scope of work and eligibility criteria and the manner of submission of the Expression of Interest are available at the Institute’s web site at www.nift.ac.in. The individual Advocates/Law firms fulfilling the conditions shall submit his/their Expression of Interest together with requisite documents addressed to the Registrar, National Institute of Fashion Technology, NIFT CAMPUS, Hauz Khas, Near Gulmohar Park, New Delhi- 110016 and deposited in the tender box placed at 2nd Floor, Head Office, NIFT, Delhi before 2:00 P.M. on 25/7/2011 in a sealed envelope. Government of India. Bhubaneswar & Bhopal. Bengaluru. . Gandhinagar. NIFT ACT. 2. Labour Laws. NIFT has 15 centres at New Delhi. It has emerged as the premier Institute of Design. Hyderabad. 2006 published in the Gazette of India on 14th July. The Institute proposes to engage a Legal Advisor having experience in handling litigations in Courts/Tribunals/Consumer Forum etc on retainership basis for a period of one year. Chennai. SCOPE OF WORK The Scope of work for the panel of Advocates/Law Firms include:1. Rules and Regulations relating to educational institutions. which is extendable by another two years subject to terms and conditions mentioned below. 2006 confers statutory status on NIFT. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA The eligibility criteria for selection of Advocates/Law Firms shall be as under:1. Currently. Management and Technology. The Advocates/Law Firms shall be selected. Consumer Forums. The Advocates/Law Firms should have minimum 10 (ten) years of standing practice. To provide opinion/ advice on various legal issues arising out of the functions of the Institute. Kangra. Rae Bareli. Shillong. having regard to their relevant experience and expertise in Service Laws. Taxation Laws. Kannur.EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR EMPANELMENT OF ADVOCATES/LAW FIRMS The National Institute of Fashion Technology was set up in 1986 under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles. developing professionals for taking up leadership positions in fashion business in the emerging global scenario. Patna. Kolkata. Public Premises Eviction Laws and other Acts. Jodhpur. Mumbai. 4. extend the due date for submission of EOI. It shall be placed . on year to year basis subject to periodical review of performance by NIFT. To appear and defend interest of the Institute in Courts/Tribunals/consumer forum and other Forum/Statutory Authorities located in Delhi on cases assigned by NIFT. 5. 3. At any time prior to the due date for submission of Expression of Interest. 5. 4. To prepare draft of various legal documents pertaining to the Institute to be submitted before Courts Tribunal/Forums and other Authorities. To visit the Institute Head Office at least once in a week and tender advice on issues referred. for any reason. NIFT reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the Bids in part or full without assigning any reason. Submission of Bids The EOIs are to be submitted in the following manner: The particulars relating to the professional qualifications and experience shall be furnished in the format as at Annexure-A to this notice along with the relevant documents. 3. modify/cancel the notice inviting application for empanelment of Advocate/Law Firms. at its discretion. NIFT may. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. NIFT may.2. NIFT reserves the right to terminate the services of the Legal Advisor at any time without assigning any reason. extendable by another two years. The Advocates/ Law Firms interested shall submit their detailed fee structure as per the format specified in Annexure-B to this Notice. 2. The initial term of appointment will be for a period of one year. Any matter incidental to the above broad functions. Financial Bid”.  Bids received after 2:00 pm on 25/7/2011 shall not be considered at all.  Every page of the Technical of Financial Bid shall be signed by the Advocate/Authorized Signatory of the Firm.in a sealed cover. super-scribed "Engagement of Legal AdvisorTechnical Bid”. [iv} The short-listed Advocates/Law Firms may be requested for interaction with a committee constituted by the Institute for the purpose of selection of the Legal Advisor.B to this notice and shall be placed in another sealed cover and superscribed in "Engagement of Legal Advisor .  Both the Technical Bid as Financial Bid shall be placed in a separate sealed envelope and super-scribed “EMPANELMENT OF ADVOCATE/LAW/FIRMS.M on 25/7/2011 in NIFT. (iii) Bidders can be either present themselves or send their duly authorized representatives at the time of tender opening. (ii) The Financial Bid of such Bidders who qualify the Technical Bid will be opened before the representatives of the qualified Bidders on a subsequent time and date to be informed by the NIFT.  The schedule of fees quoted as per the format at Annexure. Head Office before the bidders as present.  The Bid. Opening of Bid: (i) The Technical Bid will be opened at 3:00 P. either Technical or Financial is liable to be rejected by NIFT if it is not in the prescribed format or incomplete or in any way violate the conditions of the Tender Process in letter and spirit. . Address: 3. Area (s) of practice with specialization: 9. Brief list of clients 10. Telephone No: 5.Annexure ‘A’ APPLICATION FORM/EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR ENGAGEMENT AS LEGAL ADVISOR IN NIFT 1. Date of enrolment with name of the Bar Council: (Enclose copy of enrolment certificate) 6. Experience in handling Legal Issues/Litigation on behalf Government/Government Agencies/Bodies [Details to be furnished & if necessary separate sheets can be attached]: 8. . Address for Correspondence with the name of the Authorized person in case of Firms: 4. Income Tax PAN 11. Any other facts which you consider relevant in the context of your suitability: Mobile No: Fax No: E-Mail: I certify that the information contained in this application is correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing material has been concealed. Name: 2. Years of practice in various Courts/Tribunals/Other Forums [Details to be furnished & if necessary separate sheets can be attached]]: 7. Drafting and filing caveat petitions b./Plaint/W. For drafting legal notice / reply notices b.5 of Scope of Work. zerox. B.(i) Effective (ii) Non-Effective Clerkage Miscellaneous expenditure (Fax. courier/postage. research. phone. Particulars A B C D E F G Fee a. steno service. For written opinion (including conference) a. (but excluding of government Taxes. ( Fee to be quoted separately for litigation in Supreme Court. CAT. I. Consumer Forum and any other forum where the representation of NIFT is likely to be required]. Drafting W. as applicable .S/Rejoinder b. S. Photocopy etc. High Court. Lump sum for a suit a. fax. Monthly Retainer Fee: Rs. & Filing Appearance . etc . clerkage.Place: Date: Signature Annexure-B Schedule of Fee Quoted A. Consolidated Fee on per case basis for Litigation related work as indicated at Sl.P. No.A. filing.) Discussion / drafting for finalization of agreements The monthly Retainer Fee and Consolidated Fee on per case basis quoted shall be all inclusive of expenses associated with the litigation like transport. No additional claim of expense on any account shall be admissible.from time to time). .
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