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STATE COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND TRAININGTNCF 2017 - DRAFT SYLLABUS Subject :DRAUGHTSMAN CIVIL; THEORY Class : XI TOPIC CONTENT BASIC ENGINEERING DRAWING UNIT; 1 1.1 DRAWING Drawing; Drawing instruments; Drawing Board; Tee INSTRUMENTS AND square; Set square; Protractor; Mini drafter; Clino graph; THEIR USES French curves; Scales; Compass; Divider; Drawing Pencil; Eraser; Drawing Paper; Other Instrument Introduction; Advantages of using AUTO CAD; Uses UNIT; 2 drafting in AUTOCAD; Commands; Limits; Function keys; File management; Drawing 2.1 AUTO CAD SOFTWARE Commands Modify or Edit commands; Zooming Options; Dimension Managements; Layer; Editing Commands; Isometric 2.2 AUTO CAD BASICS drawing; Orthographic Projection. BUILDING MATERIALS UNIT; 3 Introduction; classification of rocks; uses of stones; Requirement of good building; stones 3.1 STONES Tests for Sand. Types of bricks and their uses Hollow Cement Block. Manufacture of bricks. Sieve analysis.2 BRICKS Introduction. Manufactured Sand (M-Sand). brick earth. Definition. River Sand. Bulking of Sand. Properties of good bricks. Hollow Block (Clay Brick) Introduction.Sand .3 SAND Comparison of River Sand and M . Burning of bricks. classification of bricks. Size and weight of bricks.3. 3. Types of concrete. curing of concrete. Industrial timbers of timber Products.5 Introduction. Precautions in using mortar. Artificial Cement. etc.slump test. Properties of cement concrete.1 CEMENT Introduction.. 4. Uses of timber in construction. Introduction. Machine mixing. Properties of lime 5. Uses of mortar.2 MORTARS Preparation of cement mortar. Types of timber. Uses of concrete. 5. Types of mortar.2 LIME Introduction. Test for mortar Introduction.3 CONCRETE Preparation of concrete. Types of lime. Defects in timber. Objects of seasoning. 5.1 TIMBER Methods of seasoning of timber.3 TILES . Hand mixing. Safety Precaution of to be taken UNIT . Types of Artificial Cement Introduction Properties of good mortar.UNIT 4 4. Types of tiles Ceramic tiles. Seasoning of timber.Natural Cement. Types of cement . Ingredients in concrete Grading of aggregates Water cement ratio. 4. Consolidation of compaction of concrete. Causes of failure of foundation 6. Difference between Arches and Lintels. Types of Bonds. Fixtures for doors and windows hinges Bolts and DOORS AND Locks.1 FOUNDATION Introduction. Classification of lintels.2 location of Doors and windows. Terms used in stone masonry.BUILDING CONSTRUCITON UNIT 6 6. sizes and 7. Types of foundation. Types of Arches. Terms used in Doors and windows. ARCHES Lintels. Introduction. Terms used in Brick Masonry.1 LINTELS AND Introduction. Tools used in brick masonry and their uses. Terms used in Arches. Types of windows. Objective. WINDOWS .3 BRICK Introduction. Types of Doors. Types of stone masonry. 6. MASONRY UNIT 7 7.2 STONE MASONRY Introduction. Escalators.2 ROOFS Roofs.UNIT 8 8. Modern Roofing sheets Solar panel roofing Introduction. Requirements of a good Roof . Types of stairs Requirements of stairs.3 FLOORS . Introduction. Terms used in stairs. Location of stairs. Quality of good floors. classification of flooring 8.Classification of 8. Roof covering materials.1 STAIRS Introduction. Septic tank . House plan Housing demand. Planning of House Introduction . Requirements of a good structural design. Importance of house. Water supply Engineering Introduction. objectives of public water supply scheme. Sanitary Engineering . collection and conveyance of Refuse systems of sewerage Quality of sewage. Distribution system of water. Prank colour wheel. Purpose of sanitation. site selection factors to be considered during site selection principles of organizing a house. Pollution control 4. STATE COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING TNCF 2017 . Quality of water. factors affecting the per capita Demand. Server appurtenances. colour Harmonics. Aesthetics of House Principles of Design. Selection of colours. Impurities in water. 2. Introduction. and its classification water Quality Analysis Treatment of water. Introduction. Properties of sewage Ventilation. Requirements of a good decorative design. colour Characteristics.Theory Class : XII TOPIC CONTENT 1. planning of water supply scheme. Definition of terms. Colour and colour blending. Sources of water.DRAFT SYLLABUS Subject :DRAUGHTSMAN CIVIL. 3. Elements of arts. fly ash. Glass . Electrical insulating materials . Definition. plaster of Paris. objective Uses. uses and Types of Camber. ceramics. Types. Road 6. Materials Earth Quake . Uses of Roads. Rubber. Errors in chaining. 8. chain survey Instruments. Reduction of levels. Instruments uses. Levelling. fibre concrete .Highway Engineering Gradient. Uses of Road side Arboriculture Introduction . History & Developments of Roads in India. Uses. Surveying Introduction. plastics.5. Geometric design. Composite 7. Road signs. Sight distance. Admixtures in cement . classifications chain survey. Causes and Safety measures. Solid Waste Management Satellite usage in modern construction. Definition. Gypsum. Road signals. Acoustical calculation materials . Miscellaneous . Modern Construction materials. Types . Pre stressed concrete. Introduction. Road accidents.
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