DLSU _ Research Congress 2016 _ Program of Activities

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DLSU : Research Congress 2016 : Program of Activities1 of 4 http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/conferences/dlsu_research_congress/2016/default.asp Search ACADEMICS Research Congress 2016 RESEARCH COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL Program of Activities Schedule of Activities Highlights Parallel Sessions Registration Form CHED Endorsement (pdf/399kb) 07 March 2016, Monday 0800-0830 0830-0945 Henry Sy, S Opening Ceremonies Henry Sy, S Prayer Br. Michael Broughton FSC, Vice President for Lasallian Mission New/Current Conferences Past Conferences National Anthem Inner Soul Lectures, Seminars & Conferences Bulletin Welcome Remarks Dr. Gerardo Janairo, Chancellor, DLSU Research Centers Center for Business Research and Development (CBRD) Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Registration __________________________________________________________________________________________ Conferences, Lectures, Seminars & Call for Papers Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing Center (BNSCWC) Dr. Kathleen Aviso, Dr. Joel Ilao Opening Remarks Dr. Raymond Girard Tan, Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, DLSU ______________________________________________________________________________ 0945-0955 Presentations of Question Magazine Vol. 4.0 _______________________________________________________________________________ 3/7/2016 9:46 PM Sr 3rd floor __________________________________________________________________________________________ 1330-1730 Parallel Workshops Workshop 1: “Increasing Research Productivity” Dr. Nelson Arboleda Jr. Tullao Jr. DLSU Former ambassador to the ASEAN University Fellows Talk “Can Education Serve as an Avenue for Regional Integration in ASEAN?” Dr. School of Economics. DLSU 2Mechanical Engineering Dept. Michael Angelo Promentilla2 1Physics Department. Drexel Camacho. DLSU “Services Trade and Regional Integration in Southeast Asia” Dr.1 and Dr. DLSU ____________________________________________________________________________ Workshop 2: “Current Status and Innovation in food research” (1330 – 1800) Dr. Tereso S. Alfredo Robles.asp (SDRC) Advanced Research Institute for Informatics. Gokongwei College of Engineering. DLSU 2Chemical Engineering Department. DLSU ____________________________________________________________________________ Workshop 5: “Natural Products Research: Testing and Evaluation Methods” 3/7/2016 9:46 PM . Director.DLSU : Research Congress 2016 : Program of Activities 2 of 4 http://www. Madelene Sta. DLSU Research Ethics Office “Campus Sustainability” Mr. Alfred Shields FSC Ocean Research (SHORE) Center Angelo King Institute Center for Engineering and Sustainable Development Research (CESDR) ______________________________________________________________________________ 1025-1145 1145-1215 Lasallian Institute for Development and Educational Research (LIDER) Yuchengco Center Food Institute Opening of the Research Centers Exhibit ______________________________________________________________________________ Center for Natural Sciences and Environmental Research (CENSER) DLSU Publishing House (DLSUPH) Keynote “Limitless Opportunities offered by ASEAN Integration” Dr. Antonio Carlos Maralit. Chemistry Dept. College of Science.dlsu. Wilfrido Villacorta Professor Emeritus of International Relations. DLSU ______________________________________________________________________________ 1215-1235 Presentation of “Sky Farm” Hultz Prize Team Project Entry __________________________________________________________________________________________ LUNCH Henry Sy. Campus Sustainability Office. Apayao for Socio Economic Sustainability and Inclusive” Dr. DLSU ____________________________________________________________________________ Workshop 4: “Social and Professional Responsibility through Research Ethics”.. Director.edu. Krista Danielle Yu. University Fellow. COS. Dr.ph/conferences/dlsu_research_congress/2016/default. DLSU ____________________________________________________________________________ Workshop 3: Completed Research Grants “The Development of a Technology Transfer Model for the DLSU Micro-Hydro Power System Technology at Barangay Parina. DLSU “Research Publication: Walking through the Process” Dr. Maria. Isidro Antonio Marfori2 1External Relations and Internationalization Office. Computing and Networking (AdRIC) 0955-1025 Br. Alvin Culaba1 and Engr... University Fellow. Daniel Stanley Tan2. and Rapid Response to Invasive Pest Species of Agricultural Importance: A Science based Approach” Dr. Professor and Research Fellow. Dr. Center for Natural Resources. University of Wisconsin ______________________________________________________________________________ 1000-1015 Intermission number [Inner Soul] _______________________________________________________________________________ 1015-1215 Research Fellows Talk “Identification. CENSER.ph/conferences/dlsu_research_congress/2016/default. Sr. Carmen Ablan-Lagman. Divina Edralin. Biological Control Research Unit (BCRU). Divina Amalin. DLSU ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1330-1750 Parallel Session I Technical session topics: (1) Food. DLSU “Designing New Composite Materials from Biopolymers” Dr. School of Economics. College of Science. Drexel Camacho. Director. Tuesday 0800-0900 Chairs: Dr. DLSU Henry Sy. Nutrition & Health. Robert Leong1. Risk Assessment.3Mathematics Dept. (5) Learners & Learning Innovations.edu.dlsu. Williamson Laird Bell Professor of Economics. and Dr. and Association Rules” Mr. Biology Department. DLSU ______________________________________________________________________________ Workshop 6: “Some Multivariate Statistical Techniques for Knowledge and Pattern Discovery: The Cases of Principal Components Analysis. Harvard University Honorary Fellow. DLSU “Urban Metabolism” Dr. Dean. COS.asp Dr. (3) Women. Ma. DLSU Y409 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 08 March 2016. Research Fellow. Department of Economics..DLSU : Research Congress 2016 : Program of Activities 3 of 4 http://www. Jeffrey G. CENSER. Business & Management (8) Theoretical. Philosophical & Historical Studies Yuchengco Hall 4th & 5th floors ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3/7/2016 9:46 PM . Sr. (4) Living Culture & Contemporary Societies. College of Computer Studies. Luisa Enriquez. (7) Entrepreneurship. College of Science. DLSU Henry Sy. DLSU 2Software Technology. Anthony SF Chiu. Hall 5th Floor KEYNOTE “A Century of Regional Inequality in the Philippines” Prof. Rechel Arcilla3 1. Hall 5th Floor “Insights from building a research team and agenda at DLSU” Dr. Clustering Methods. Organic Materials and Interfaces Research Unit. Lobby ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 0900-1000 Plenary Session Introduction to the speaker: Dr. Mr. College of Science. Ma. Chemistry Department. Sr.. Children & Family. Marites Tiongco. (6) Human Centric Technology. Emeritus. Arlene Inocencio Registration Henry Sy. (2) Sustainability. Environment & Energy. Biology Dept. CENSER. Director. 1004 Manila.asp Graduate Research Colloquium for Ramon V. Associate Professor of the Management and Organization Department.edu. DLSU ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1530-1545 PM break (transfer to parallel rooms) ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1545-1805 Graduate Research Colloquia [Parallel session for PhD and MS/MA students on their initial research results. (5) Learners & Learning Innovations. Del Rosario College of Business [Parallel session for Doctoral and Master’s students on their initial research results. Leni Garcia. RVR College of Business The Verdure 4th floor Henry Sy. Benito Teehankee. Divina Edralin Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. To attend the congress.ph/conferences/dlsu_research_congress/2016/default. Hall 5th floor The Research Congress is Free and open to the public. Environment & Energy. RVR College of Business] Henry Sy. Business & Management (8) Theoretical. Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. Wednesday 0830-1230 Chairs: Dr. Sr. Hall KEYNOTE “Developing practical management knowledge: Action research and critical realism” Dr.ph/conferences/dlsu_research_congress/2016/ Copyright©2012. Hall 5th Floor KEYNOTE: “DLSU University Research Coordination Office’s Role in Stimulating Research in the Lasallian Academic Community” Dr.] Moderator: Dr. Philippines You may send your comments to the Web Development Team 3/7/2016 9:46 PM . (4) Living Culture & Contemporary Societies. Lydia Roleda Parallel Session II Technical session topics: (1) Food. (7) Entrepreneurship. (6) Human Centric Technology. (2) Sustainability. Quality Assurance. URCO Director ______________________________________________________________________________ 1400-1530 Interaction with Center Directors “Talk Show” hosted by Dr. more details and updates on the schedule please check the congress website: www. Julita Robles.edu. (3) Women. Philosophical & Historical Studies Yuchengco Hall 4th & 5th floors ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1330-1400 Plenary Session Henry Sy.DLSU : Research Congress 2016 : Program of Activities 4 of 4 1800-2100 http://www. Nutrition & Health.dlsu. please register online. Sr. De La Salle University 2401 Taft Avenue. Dr. Sr. All Rights Reserved.dlsu. For registration. Children & Family. RVR College of Business 09 March 2016. Divina Edralin.] Yuchengco Hall 4th & 5th floors ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1805-1830 Closing Ceremony Dr. Feorillo Petronilo Demeterio III.
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