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Daniela StoicaPERSONAL DETAILS Telephone: Email: Date of Birth: Nationality: 00 44 7825 395907 [email protected] 09 October 1974 Romanian COMPUTER SKILLS Windows & non-Windows environments: Servers (2003 / 2008 / 2012 – 10 / 7 / 5 years) and Workstation (XP / Vista & 7 / 8 – 7years / 5years / 2months), DC’s & DNS & AD & LDAP (11 years), FS & FTP (5 years), GPO & DFS (2 years), FSMO Roles (5 years), IIS web servers & applications & sql database (2 years, SPPS 2003 (SharePoint Portal Server) – 2 years, SPS 2007/2010 (SharePoint Server) – 2 years), e-mail solutions (Exchange / Lotus – 2 years / 1 year), systems monitoring (SCCM / SCOM – 2 years / few months, Quest Intrust / Foglight / PRTG – 1 year / 6 months / 6 months), virtualisation (Hyper-V / VMWare – 2 years / 1 year), networking (ACL, interfaces, VLAN’s, subnets – 3 years, working with CISCO ASDM – 18 months), management of users access (AD & TIM & TAM – 2 years), remote access & support (RDC / PC Anywhere / VNC / Radmin – 6years / 2years / 2 years / 2 years), antivirus (ESSET / BitDefender / Microsoft Security Essential – 6 years / 3 years / 2 years), management experience (3 years), Linux (1 year), PKI (1 year), Citrix & ITIL & PowerShell (theoretical knowledge), MS Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint – over 15 years, Access – 10 years, MS Project – 5 years, Outlook&Outlook Express – over 10 years, Office 365 – few months), web programming & design (MS FrontPage – 8 years, Macromedia Flash – 2 years, DreamWeaver – 6 years, Adobe CS4 suite – 2 years, Corel suite – 4 years, HTML & DHTML & CCS & JavaScript – 3 years, Xara – 1 year, Php – 6 months; CMS (Joomla) – 2 months). EDUCATION 2008 – 2010: “University of Economic Studies” Bucharest - Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics Diploma in IT & C Security (Master) 1993 – 1998: "Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava - Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Computers Diploma in “Systems engineering and Computer Science” 1989 - 1993 "Mihai Eminescu" National College, Botosani "Mathematics–Physics" Specialization TRAINING Some 06/2012 Frontal Communication of CISCO) 1, ICND ROUTE, Other 01/2012–02/2012 CPI–BUCURESTI – (Learning “Training Partner of trainers” course- ICND authorized by2; National courses SWITCH, TSHOOT, FIREWALL, SECURE courses / Qualifications Authority (A.N.C./C.N.F.P.A.) (O.U.G. 129 / 2000). from 04/2012 LINUX - RH033, RH133 workshops 05/2011–06/2011, MICROSOFT ROMANIA - SharePoint Server (SPS) 2010; System Center projects 02/2012–04/2012 MICROSOFT - 6419, 6421, 6424, 6425, 6430,SharePoint 6437 extra 04/2005–05/2005 Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007, Portal Server (SPPS) 2003 01/2011; 06/2011; IBM TSRM, TPM, TIM & TAM & TFIM, TNM & Tnetcool / OMNIbus; IBM Lotus Domino projects (workshops). 10/2011–11/2011 (& Lotus 8.5 System Administration 05/2001–07/2001 PRO Notes) MANAGEMENT – Web programming & web design (HTML, DHTML, 04/2009 – 05/2009 IBMJavaScript). - TPM + TMO & TMA 04/2011 QUEST - Quest InTrust 08/2010–10/2010 UTI SYSTEMS : I) Monitoring and management of networks security 1) Application security management for workstations 2) Networks Security. II) Management and security of communication networks 1) Design concepts and implementation of security policies for communication. 2) Managing the infrastructure LAN/WAN. 10/2012 – 11/2012 OMNILOGIC: Help Desk - level 1 PROJECTS 1) As technical coordinator: the coordination of the "Electronic Archive" project implementation; 2) As part of project implementation team: the implementation of "Biometric passport" project equipment. 3) As security administrator, part of Security Component - Expanding of IT domain for nationwide through installation & configuration of network & communication equipment. 4) The implementing of Info-kiosk solution (point of information). PRTG) .I manage the virtualized servers (VMWare).  I defined the appropriate documentation related to the required activities. laptops.  I managed the access logs (Quest InTrust). Romanian Immigration Office – Ministry of Administration and Interior November 2004 – June 2007 . General Directorate of Passports . servers).  I managed & monitored IT solutions (Quest InTrust). design and documentation of information systems or the accomplishment of the activities. DC.security administrator from Security Component for Information and Communication Technology (management experience):  I established and implemented security procedures. printers.I define and implement the security and access policies within the organization. . subnets.“Management of Communications Networks and Internet" Department I’m installing & configuring & managing:  Win Server 2008 & 2012 infrastructure (FS.  I assisted to the test phase of information systems and its applications. for analysis and audit of information system.I installed & configured & tested of Windows 2012 Server for Microsoft Lync 2013 (including servers).  I monitored the user activity logs to detect inappropriate or suspicious access-related events in real time.  I managed the website (periodically updates & adding / changing some modules). SPS 2007.install & configuring. SCCM.  E-mail server (Lotus Domino) and mailboxes – management  Network & servers infrastructure (Foglight. FS. I did some upgrades (migrations) from Windows 2003 to 2008/2012. I provided technical support for users (over 1000) and I assured backup & restore data.I’m working at web platform for a European project (European network) using CMS . desktop machines. "System Engineering and Communications Networks" Department .Communications and Information Technology Service. access guidelines and working procedures. NTFS.Joomla capabilities.  I managed the PKI infrastructure (CRL update). DNS. PKI-CA) . TCP/IP).  I managed the virtualised servers (Hyper-V). IIS web server. AD&TIM&TAM. .other current activities (including head of ”Systems Engineering and Networks” department):  I managed all department activities. . FTP. . ACL) and HP equipment (laptops. passport printers.EMPLOYMENT Romanian Police – Ministry of Internal Affairs April 2013 – until now Systems Administrator . servers and dedicated workstations).  I managed the CISCO network and communications equipment (IP Addressing.monitoring Other technical activities: . Lync 2013. .  Cisco ACS and the Internet access connections (CISCO ASDM) – management. interfaces.part of project implementation team:  I got involved in the implementation of "Biometric passport" project equipment (network & communications equipment. GPO.  I assured technical support for infrastructure fundamentals (DNS.  I installed & configured & managed a new IT domain dedicated for classified information. I implemented the systems security best practices.  I configured & managed the Win Server 2012/2008/2003 infrastructure (AD. DB server management for some internal applications) and few Linux servers. . I established and implemented the corresponding procedures and I trained the users about the internal security procedures. clusters.  I managed & implemented the domain policies and procedures. antivirus servers. I drafted & defined them. . AD.Ministry of Internal Affairs June 2007 – April 2013 System Administrator .technical coordinator (management experience):  I worked with the external teams for implementing of the "Electronic Archive" project and coordination of the implementing team.I do the management of projects with IT&C components. and providing support for users (over 5000).  I worked with project manager and other internal teams to ensure that IT system of the project are designed and built to adequately support the business processes. desktop machines. DNS. to identify the incidents … if there was. System Administrator – Department from Computing and Informatics Center . FS.  I monitored the Cisco equipment activity. etc). monthly). CEC Bank . etc). AD. Many organizations but the developed activities are not so relevant. and so on). 180 PC’s)  I did the periodically backups (daily. REFERENCES Excellent references available upon request. coordination and training for the users (over 9000 users) in according with work procedures and security and access policies within the organization. install. During my whole experience I defined and implemented security. NTFS. weekly.November 2004 Network Administrator – IT&C Department  I managed the Windows infrastructure (almost 20 servers.  I assured support for infrastructure fundamentals (DNS. configure and optimize the IT infrastructure to consistently achieve high availability and performance. graphic & web design PERSONAL PROFILE I'm a professional system administrator with a vast experience (over 10 years) in planning.  I maintained & did periodically updates for Intranet portal. I consider myself to be an organised.  I defined and implemented IT procedures.  I configured & installed & managed the network and communication equipment – LANs & WANs. TCP/IP. My strong technical skills and experience (over 10 years in IT systems management). NTFS.  I created the first version of website (web design & web programming) and periodically updates."System Engineering and Network Administration"  I installed & configured & managed the Win2003 infrastructure. adaptable for any situation and am willing to discover and accept new ideas which can be put into practice effectively. Windows Server migration from 2000 to 2003 version (troubleshooting networking. PC problems remotely.  I assured the support for infrastructure fundamentals (DNS. setting and achieving goals. with a strong sense of responsibility. administration.  I installed & configured & managed the network equipment. GPO. IIS. yet will readily ask for assistance when required. FTP.IT&C Department  I installed & configured & managed the workstations and servers. DCs. My motivation to join a new team is the desire to develop my career and contribute for company's growth with my knowledge and experience. security on a Windows platform and management of LAN and WAN networks (including installation and configuration of equipment) also. . implementation.  I managed the users access and I provided the technical support (internal and external users – over 4000 users) including backup & restore data. August 1998 – April 2002 Network Administrator / Computer Engineer / Computer Operator . DNS. management of over 45 sites and IT domain extension (IP addressing and subnets. efficient and hard working person which learns quickly. I am equally capable of working unsupervised or within a team environment and enjoy challenges. team spirit and organizational skills are helping me to coordinate (manage) all activities (during the period as technical coordinator and head of department). Exchange. monitoring and troubleshooting. TCP/IP. Effectively plan. working and access policies and procedures within the organization and I provided technical support. I am logical and practical in my approach to problem solving. ACL. 20 printers.Bucharest Branch April 2002 .  I managed the users access and I offered them the technical support.  I installed & configured the PKI infrastructure for DMZ (Microsoft infrastructure) with AD integration. interfaces).
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