Cse 219 Pbl Review 1

March 17, 2018 | Author: Jude Osbert | Category: Thread (Computing), Microsoft Windows, Server (Computing), Computer Architecture, Computing



Chat System On LANObject Oriented Programming CSE 219 PBL Faculty : Abdul Quadir The Team  14BCE1023 – Jude Osbert K  14BCE1024-Gokul Garre  14BCE1163-Savio Thomas .  Chatting can also happen between people in the same office for call for meetings of leisure time chats in situation where physical presence cannot be made sure of.  We are trying to build a program based on the same concept of chatting between two PC’s on the same network.The Concept  Chatting is an important way of conveying ideas between people. . With the increasing trend of Social Networking Sites this activity is at its maximum. “BOOST LIBRARY”  This program would hence implement the concepts of classes and structures which are required for the effective communication .e.Our Approach to the Program  The program would be utilizing the power of Socket Programming in C++.  Custom Library for communication between PC <->SERVER<->PC i. Mess base s e equ rs list Data ny R e 1 e PC ne Us om th ends a i r Onl ding f and s r Pen Serve the sages s me Server PC On 2 Re Pe line ques U n of ding sers ts for me the S from list.Layout Diagram e s of r g o a ts f . M ssa erv ge er the D essa s g an d s atab es en a ds s e an y PC 1  Server Transmits the Request Data If Necessary and Conveys any Message That Comes in Between for Both PC1 and PC2 PC 2 . A Client would have the following Client PC Make Online Request Send Message End Connection with server Receive Message . This will run without user driving it.  ReceiveUpdates().This function would send messages to both servers and other users especially chat messages.  SendMessage().This would fetch all the data's that have been stored in the server since the user left the chat. .Modules for clients  MakeOnline() –This function would request the server for authentication and make the user online.  ReceiveMessage().This would allow the users to retrieve the messages meant for them from the server directly.  Should they Interfere the Communication will be Done to Bool variables  Users would be automatically Logged in and Logged Out.  Parts of Visual C++ Functionalities will be used for the complete program. .Features  The program would have three windows working simultaneously with out using multithreading concept but will utilize the simple concept of thread programming given along side with BOOST  Three would be independent and will not interfere with each other. System Requirements  We expect the following requirements for running the program successfully  Windows OS(XP preferred. Vista -10 with Dosbox)  Minimum of 128 MB RAM  Intel Pentium Processor or higher or any AMD Equivalent  40 GB HDD Capacity . References  Complete Reference for C++ -Herbert Schildt  Tutorialspoint.com  Sqlite Documentation(in built in Boost)  Boost Documentation .  GUI would be redefined.Future Developments  We expect the following developments in the program after we have gained knowledge for the same:  The windows would be brought under one Window and Multithreading would be used. . Thank You .
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