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Company Overview An organization whose name is inspired from one of the ninty nine names of ALLAH ABARI establishedin 1954 in the city of LAHORE by visionary graduate from Aligarh university riaz ahmed malik.IN 56 years of its inception the company has evolved from sole ownership of to a ppvt ltd solutionprovidre organization. The company providing the best services to Develop, Construct, Rehabilitate and Operations & Maintenance for projects in Energy Sector. The team is composed of highly experienced engineers and young, spirtual professionals in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering professional fields, ability of undertaking and excuting contracts of any size and nature AEPL is a One Window Solution Provider in Energy Sector doing Erection, Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance Work. The company provides services to Develop, Construct, Rehabilitate and perform Operations & Maintenance for projects in Energy Sector. The team is blend of highly experienced engineers and young, enthusiastic professionals in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering fields, capable of undertaking and excuting contracts of any size and nature. AEPL is managing O&M Subcontract for GEII since 2001at the 126MW Project based on GE’s 3xLM6000 Units. The Plant is ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified. AEPL is managing the HR, Operations, Maintenance, EHS, Procurement, Permits and Licensing. Substation. mission Statement: Win by providing Pro-active Value Added Services to our customers Operations & Maintenance Services . The Project is based on 2x6FA Gas Turbines from GE in Combined Cycle Mode with Steam Turbine from Skodaexport and HRSGs from Alstom. Erection & Testing. AEPL is supporting GE as variable Sales Channel. The project was completed in a record time of less than four months. 2005.AEPL Supported its foreign associate GE Energy Rentals in erection and commissioning of 150MW Rental Project (7xTM2500) at Sheikhupura for Wapda.GE has also signed 18 Years O&M Agreement with Orient Power Company (Pvt) Ltd. Currently Civil Works & Man Camp Construction are ongoing at site. Civil Works. Presently the Operations Staff of AEPL is supporting GE in O&M AEPL is the Construction Contractor of 225MW Balloki Power Project. AEPL provided services for Camp Buildup. Notice to Proceed was issued to EP Contractor Skodaexport and C Contracor AEPL on December 30. Czech Republic. AEPL O&M sub-contractor for GEII managing Operation & Maintenance of the 126 MW CC Habibullah Coastal Power Plant (3xLM6000) Responsibilities Included: • • • • Human Resource Management (The Crew~68 (45 technical. 23 labor) Plant Operation (meeting Availability 95. Legal.94% . Commercial. Coordination. Procurement) Ongoing Projects Habibullah Coastal Power Plant at Quetta Guddu 747 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Balloki Power Project (O&M) Bikki Power Project (O&M) Completed Projects Thermal Power Generation Hydro Power Generation Electrical / Mechanical Contracting Substation .Load Factor > 80% and Dispatch Factor 85% Targets) Plant Maintenance (Schedule & Forced Outages) General Plant Administration (Contractual. SSGC. Goth Machi and Mirpur Mathalo). Petrochemical Sector providing the following services:  Electromechanical Contracting for New installations. Fatima) Refineries (NRL. Fauji Cement. Fauji Fertilizer (Bin Qasim. SSGC Oil and Gas AEPL works extensively in the Oil & Gas. revamping and de-bottlenecking . PakArab Fertilizer. SNGPL. Attock Cement) Siemens Pakistan PEL Pakistan Petroleum Engro Asahi SNGPL. Attock. PPL. OMV) Pakistan Railways Cement Plants (Dewan Cement. Parco) Oil & Gas (OGDC. Dawood Hercules. PRL. ENI.Civil Construction Sheikhupura 150 MW Rental Power Project 225 MW Balloki Power Project 234 MW Muridke Power Project 225 MW Saif Power Limited Industrial Sector • • • • • • • • • • Fertilizers (Engro Chemical. Repairs. CMUs.Load Factor > 80% and Dispatch Factor 85% Targets) Plant Maintenance (Schedule & Forced Outages) General Plant Administration (Contractual.   Storage Tanks and Pipeline fabrication Refinery Maintenance Shut down jobs PARCO: AEPL is executing Long Term Annual Maintenance Contract at PARCO Mid Country Refinery Operations & Maintenance Services AEPL O&M sub-contractor for GEII managing Operation & Maintenance of the 126 MW CC Habibullah Coastal Power Plant (3xLM6000) Responsibilities Included: • • • • Human Resource Management (The Crew~68 (45 technical.94% . 23 labor) Plant Operation (meeting Availability 95. BHA (Environment Services) • GE Transportation (Locomotives and Spares) . Engineering Services. Procurement) Foreign Associates • GE Energy (Power Generation. Bently Nevada. Turbine Services Ltd. Legal. CSA. Commercial.. Coordination. After Market Renewal Parts. . Lube Oil Flushing & Water Washing Services     . USA (MV & Distribution Equipment Power System Capacitors. Unscheduled. Belgium (Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators) Skodaexport.)  Relay Testing Transformer Testing Motor & Generator Testing Switch Yard & Grid Station Equipment Testing Gas Turbine Scheduled. China (BOP Substation. Regulators and Energy Management) G&W Electric Company. Czech Republic (EPC Contracting) Midal Cables Ltd. EPC etc.• • • • • • CMI. USA (3 Way & 4 Way Auto Transfer Switches) HPE. Bahrain (Transmission Line Conductors) Cooper Power System. AEPL is providing non destructive testing services for the industrial sector such as: Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Radiography Testing (RT) Liquid / Dye Penetrant testing (LPT /DOT) Magnetic particle Testing (MPT) Eddy Current Testing (ET) Harding Testing      Learning and experience I worked in albario pvt limited and my experience over there is so good that I learned a lot about how organization works .Its employees are in all over the country more than 250 professionals and team of strong 400 professional involved . in your frequent use. Fire Fighting Testing Repair & Maintenance of Mechanical Works Third Party Inspection   AEPL is now offering our services of Quality Assurance & Quality Control for certification of your equipments / Components. Certification on every step as well as end product can also be done. there are so many technical employees working over there and mostly the contingent workforce is highered and that consist of part time contractual and the temporary construction of plants and maintenance activities. AS gudoo is under government so mostly people highered over ther is on the reference basis as it is one my experience and that is the onlything that I learned over there and more over I also come to know that the mostly the situations. and a strategic partner with general electric of USA .moreover I as a internee went to different areas regarding to construction. I went to gudoo there projects has installed and that was located in southern previously water issue has been arises to a grat extent that I really know that in the privatized organizations the productivity is highbut in the government sector organizations the productivity is low.being working in the albario our company is solution provider company and we work in diffent areas of the country. So I think that the initiatives has been taken to enhance productivity. . Being hr I learned that people not come in time and not giving there time to the work so that is the one of the reason by which the organizations are not aable to generate electricity inspite of having capacity that I come to know that people have jo security in that kind of organizations and mostly the people are working over there ar e not taking the keen interest in there work.I also work two weeks in the gudoo and also as a internee visit there construction sights. As it is so common in the government sector organization. Albario not only listening to customers but also providing valuable services in terms of ISO international certified organization that is there quality that whatever they are providing is environmental friendly products.mostly the projects has been taken place on the basis of tender and albario is great to its solution that it is the rule of the government that the lowest tender should be in consideration those not then penalty should be marked to that. This company established and boom to its glory.Companies in order to sustain there position work for years and if the stop then they lose there sustainability like this albario started its business increases day by day and work over different countries that its new project started in Iraq and also in the afgahnistan. I worked over there and there is no fix time and attendance in hr department because either employees who are not coming to their time are treated same as those who are in time that is the only thing shocked me basically all the things . During recruitment in the gudoo the first initial with in or already highering is made.but as just for the formality purpose they make job description and specification as occasionally they do but recruitment is mostly on the basis of references as it my common experience over there .So in the corporate sector one should be familiar with the corporate laws and other wise penalty should be implemented on that more over one case seems to know in the guddo that its intensity is bit low but the situations is in control with the disputes in between senior parties.aepl is also following the triple bottom line concept that they take care of people planet at the expense of profit that why they make a large contribution for go green planet. Specially in administration employees should know about the HRIS software . Training session Albario specially giving training to there new employees and there training is basically 4-8 weeks of duration and that is why trained employees work effetiently there is a team leader or supervisor who trained you regarding to the project that had to be started.done on the basis of family nexus and employees are not working with their supreme efforts. Hr team look employee and judge in the interview either they are able to perform job or not if not then they simply fire mostly in the training session the judge the capability of a person. .all the data of employees are stored in the hires software in soft form when needed then by a single click you can make output.
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