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LearningandCertification InstrumentCreated for those wishing to prepare for examination before the Colloquy Committee of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank and Analogy questions covering the Book of Concord, Lutheran eology, Liturgics, Pastoral Practice, Church History, Practical Questions of Casuistry, the Bible on key subjects, Sacramental eology, Historic eology, Textual Criticism, Biblical Transmission, Comparative Religions, Missions, and Topics concerning the particular doctrines of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod in General. e purpose of this Instrument is to guide a learner to prepare for questions that may arise in the Colloquy Interview with a Colloquy Committee of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod is instrument was neither commissioned by nor approved by any entity of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod for any purpose. is instrument is not meant to make doctrinal statements or usurp any teaching authority of the Church. e author is solely responsible for its contents. © 2011 - Rev. Dr. Wade E. Butler - “Learning & Certification Instrument” - Colloquy Exam Preparation 1. e Mormons teach that Jesus is: a) e Savior who was born God b) e Son of God who is both God and Man c) e Spirit child of Elohim from the planet Kolob d) Mormons believe (a) and (c) 2. Lutherans believe the writers of the Scripture wrote plainly the truth God breathed through them so even the simple folk can understand the major teachings of the Gospel. is is called: a) e hiddenness of Scripture b) e simplicity of Scripture c) e Spirit-driven Scripture d) e perspicuity of Scripture 3. Christ is able to be on all altars everywhere at once in the Lord's Supper because he knows modes of being far beyond: a) Here and Now b) Apart and Transcendant c) ere and then d) Spatial and Local e) Only (a) and (b) are true 4. e theological term for the study of God in general is: a) eology b) Ecclesiology c) Pneumatology d) Christology e) Soteriology 5. Pentecostal bodies can trace their history to which historical religious movement? a) Methodism b) Catholicism c) None of the Above d) Presbyterianism e) All of the above 6. God's forgiveness is to humans like total debt relief is to: a) Someone inescapably deep in debt b) Someone trying to pay off debt c) A generous benefactor with limitless money d) A beggar who needs money 7. ose who teach that Original Sin is not actual sin follow: a) Montanus b) Luther c) Calvin d) Pelagius © 2011 - Rev. Dr. Wade E. Butler - “Learning & Certification Instrument” - Colloquy Exam Preparation 8. Lutherans in the Book of Concord assert and believe that: a) Christians should not seek Christ in the Sacrament but in their hearts b) Christians should not seek Christ in the Sacrament but in heaven c) Christians should seek Christ in the Sacrament because He is there personally d) Christians should seek Christ in the Sacrament because of the ritual rules of the Church 9. What does the Book of Concord call the Lord's Supper most of the time? a) An Ordinance b) e Mass c) Heavenly Food d) Wishful thinking 10. e Roman Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation depends on: a) e Authority of the Council of Trent b) e brilliant mind of omas Aquinas c) e ideas of “substantia” and “accidentia” of Aristotle d) e Truth taught in the Bible e) All but (d) 11. e Father is to the Son like the Holy Spirit is to: a) e resurrection b) e Church c) e Bible d) None of the Above 12. e Divine Nature of Christ is to the Human Nature of Christ like fire is to: a) Water b) Heat c) Heated iron d) None of the above 13. Which book of the Bible was not written by a Jew? a) None of the books was written by a Jew in the strictest sense b) Luke/Acts c) e Jews believe all the authors of all the books were Jews d) No one knows for certain who without doubt authored all the books of the Bible 14. e theological term for the study of the Church is: a) Pneumatology b) George Barna Group c) Christology d) Ecclesiology e) eology © 2011 - Rev. Dr. Wade E. Butler - “Learning & Certification Instrument” - Colloquy Exam Preparation 15. In the Table of Duties in the Small Catechism Luther: a) Enjoins the slaves to rebel b) Teaches slaves to obey their masters as obeying Christ c) Never mentions slavery but we know it isn't a Godly institution d) Forbids slavery as evil 16. e argument that God must exist because the complexity of the world demands a Creator like a watch demands the existence of a watch-maker is called: a) e Teleological Argument b) e Argument from Personal Testimony c) Common Sense d) e Cosmological Argument 17. What is the ultimate goal of preaching the Word of God? a) To comfort hearers with the Gospel and assure them of eternal life b) To motivate the people to right living c) Entertain the people and encourage them to succeed d) To terrorize the conscience with the Law and comfort with the Gospel e) None of the above it true 18. What is the central article in the central book of the Book of Concord? a) Article 4 b) Article 8 c) Article 7 d) No one article is more central than another 19. e Book of Concord is: a) A book that has never been altered by anyone since it was first written b) Lutheran statements that emerged from the Reformation c) A story of the Reformation d) A single book with a single author 20. e historical marking of time in the Church is called the Church Year. e Church Year has: a) e Cycle of Mother's Day and the Cycle of National Holidays b) Lent, Easter and Pentecost Cycles c) Two Cycles: e Christ Cycle and the Church Cycle d) Christmas, Easter and the Day of Pentecost 21. e Book of Concord rejects the teachings of the Enthusiasts who taught: a) at only the Means of Grace impute righteousness to humans b) Without the Means of Grace there is no salvation possible c) at enthusiasm is better than being a dead teacher of dead human doctrines d) at God draws and enlightens and justifies humans without means e) None of the Above © 2011 - Rev. Dr. Wade E. Butler - “Learning & Certification Instrument” - Colloquy Exam Preparation 22. which of the following statements is truest? a) ose who reject the Gospel are bound to them b) ose who never heard the Gospel are not bound to them c) God is not bound to His own Means of Grace and can choose to work otherwise d) God may not honor the Means of Grace He instituted 24. Regarding being bound to God’s Means of Grace. Butler . Regarding praying to the Saints. Wade E.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . e purpose of traditional church architecture. Which term is used to describe the theological idea that humans can participate with God in their salvation by choice? a) Synergism b) Pelagianism c) Both Synergism and Pelagianism are correct d) Platonism e) None of the Above 28. Lutherans believe “Whatever is not forbidden in the Word of God is allowed.” What religious group most visibly believes “Whatever is not commanded in the Word of God is forbidden?“ a) e Pentecostal bodies b) e Mormons c) e Churches of Christ (Disciples) d) e Churches of Christ 23. Dr.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Christ is to Messiah like oil is to: a) David b) Moses c) Peter d) Jacob 26. the Book of Concord teaches: a) e Saints are dead and cannot help us b) It is allowable but the Word of God does not assure the Saints can hear or help us c) e Saints can and will help us if we pray in the Name of Jesus d) To do such a thing is forbidden 25.Rev. e Formula of Concord is composed of two parts: a) e Apology and the Solid Declaration b) e Solid Declaration and the Formula c) e Solid Declaration and the Epitome d) e Catechism and the Epitome © 2011 . vestments and ceremonies is to: a) Impress the unbelievers with pomp b) Hold on to the past c) Separate the people from the Pastors d) Teach the people the Gospel 27. Justification is to salvation like medication is to: a) Health b) Surgery c) Patients d) Doctors 31. History and Poetry 36. Christ is to our salvation like a white shirt is to: a) A dark shirt b) An ensemble for a party c) A burial shroud d) Nakedness 34. Prophecy and Myth b) History. Poetry and Prophecy c) History. What are the three types of literature in the Old Testament in their proper order? a) Poetry. Objective Justification is to Subjective Justification like the Fountain of Youth is to: a) ose who do not resist the water poured into their mouths b) ose who hear of the water and believe it c) ose who seek the water and find it d) ose who bathe in the water 33. Butler . e Old Testament is arranged according to types of literature and is not in chronological order. Which of the following statements is the truest? a) e Holy Spirit interprets the Bible the same for everyone b) e Book of Concord interprets the Bible c) e Bible interprets the Book of Concord d) e Book of Concord does not claim to interpret Scripture © 2011 . What Apostolic Father said. Narrative and Haiku d) Prophecy.29.Colloquy Exam Preparation . there is no Church?“ a) Tertullian b) Cyprian c) Ignatius of Antioch d) Luther 32. “Where there is no Bishop.Rev. Wade E. Baptism is to the Word of God like a medicine capsule is to: a) A placebo b) A pain reliever c) A miracle cure d) Space travel 35. Dr. e Augsburg Confession was read before a group overseen by: a) e Pope b) Emperor Charles V of Spain c) King Henry the VIII of England d) e German Lutheran Princes 30.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Purple. Butler . What theological term describes those who thought Jesus was fully God but not even partly human? a) Montanists b) Gnostics c) Ebionites d) All the people and groups listed above © 2011 . Purple. Gospel and History b) History. Red and Deep Orange c) White/Gold. Black.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . e historic colors of the Church Year are: a) White/Gold. Grace and Faith 39. White. Reason and Scripture d) Scripture. ere are four types of literature in the New Testament. Which of the following statements is the most accurate? a) God cannot die. therefore Jesus is not God b) When God forsook Jesus on the cross Jesus was left being only a man c) Jesus died for us but God didn't d) God the Father did not die for us and neither did the Holy Spirit 40. e first several generations of Church leaders following the Apostles of Christ are called: a) Papists b) e Ante-Nicene Fathers c) e Post-Nicene Fathers d) e Fathers 41. 42.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Wade E. Purple. History and Epistle d) e question is wrong. Green. Rose. Dr. e New Testament is arranged according to types of literature and is not in chronological order. Green and Rose b) Blue. What are the three types of literature in the New Testament in their proper order? a) Epistle. Gospel and Epistle c) Gospel. Rose and Green 43.37. Blue. Scripture and Love b) Faith. What are the three pillars of the Christian Faith? a) Faith. Hope and Love c) Faith. Red. Black. What are the marks of the True Christian Church? a) People worshipping Jesus and proclaiming his death and resurrection b) A dynamic pastor and a growing congregation c) e Word is preached rightly and the Sacraments offered according to Christ's command d) People who believe the Bible and teach it 38. Red. Blue. Black and Green d) White/Gold. Purple. Blue. Red.Rev. cere cloth. pall and chalice veil. fair linen. and candles. chalice. purificator. pall and chalice veil. cere cloth.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Original Sin is to all people of all ages like an atomic explosion is to: a) Radiation sickness b) Death from radiation poisoning c) Fire d) Destruction of everything 49. fair linen. no one should preach or teach in the Church unless they have: a) e stamp of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod b) e approval of the people c) A seminary degree d) A regular Call 50. corporal. corporal. What is the proper order of items on a traditional Lutheran altar set for Holy Communion? a) Five carved crosses. d) Altar cloth. Jesus is to Paul like Gabriel is to: a) Daniel b) Mary c) Mark d) None of the above © 2011 . cere cloth. chalice. Wade E. purificator. paten. corporal. Which statement is the truest? a) e Scriptures existed before the Church b) e Church existed before the Scriptures c) e Church and the Scriptures arose at the same time d) e Scriptures do not depend on the Church for their creation 48. paten. pall.44. c) Five carved crosses. fair linen. Dr. b) Five carved crosses. individual cups and candles. pall and chalice veil. purificator. chalice. chalice veil.Rev. chalice. individual cups and candles. paten. Butler . corporal. According to the Book of Concord. paten. 45. purificator. Anyone can baptize according to Christ's command but: a) is is usually the result of an emergency b) e regular order is for Baptism to be done publicly by an ordained Pastor c) e one doing the baptizing should report the event to the called pastor of the congregation d) All the above are true 46.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Individual cups and candles. e Epitome of the Solid Declaration in the Book of Concord is distinctive because of its: a) Pattern of affirming the truth and describing the errors being rejected b) Pattern of exposing false doctrine and naming names c) e pattern of Affirmative esis and Antitheses d) All the above statements are true about the Epitome of the Solid Declaration e) All the above statements are false about the Epitome of the Solid Declaration 47. Colloquy Exam Preparation . e Book of Concord contains which of these books? a) Table Talks along with the Augsburg Confession b) e Small Catechism. e Nicene and the Athanasian c) e Nicene. Athanasian and Arian d) e Syrian. Dr. In the Table of Duties of the Small Catechism Luther gives specific instructions to: a) Pastors. Deacons and Elders b) Bishops. To interpret the Bible correctly it is important to: a) Read commentaries and repeat them b) Reject exegesis and allow the Spirit to flow c) Pray and wait for revelation d) Reject eisegesis and embrace exegesis 52. Which book in the Book of Concord is considered the central book? a) e Augsburg Confession b) e ree Ecumenical Creeds c) e Treatise on the Primacy and Power of the Pope d) None of these are correct 56. Which of these “Unions” apply to Christ? a) e Sacramental b) e Personal c) e Undoubted d) e Mystical e) Only (c) does not apply to Christ 58. Pedantic and Apostle's b) e Apostle's.Rev. Wade E. the Large Catechism and Luther's Sermons on Grace c) e Formula of Concord and the Epitome of the Apology of the Augsburg Confession d) None of these answers is correct 53. e Office of the Holy Ministry is: a) e Pastor's study b) e place in the Church to be filled by men on the behalf of Christ until He returns c) e preacher elected by the congregation d) A purely functional role in the Church 55. Pastors and Preachers d) District Presidents.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . the Book of Concord teaches: a) Original Sin is actual sin and people are held accountable to God for it b) Original Sin is only held against us when we actually commit a sin c) Original Sin is like a stain that can be washed away by good behavior d) Original Sin is only a penchant to sin © 2011 . Pastors and Voters’ Assemblies 54.51. the Pauline and the Petrine 57. Regarding Original Sin. Priests and Deacons c) Bishops. e ree Ecumenical Creeds are: a) e Historic. Butler . Colloquy Exam Preparation . a man is reigning over heaven and when we see God we will see a man b) We worship God and never worship a man c) Jesus dwells in our hearts when we invite Him in d) We worship Jesus who is both God and Man in our hearts © 2011 .Rev. e Methodist Churches originated from which Church of the Reformation? a) Lutherans b) Anglicans c) Calvinists d) None of the Above 62. Which pairs of statements reflect what Lutherans believe? a) Humanity was betrayed in a beautiful garden but plead for in a dismal garden b) Death came by a tree and by a tree eternal life comes c) e serpent overcame by deceit and the serpent was overcome by pride d) All of the pairs of statements reflect what Lutherans believe 64.59. Which statement is most true: a) We worship a man. e theological concept of “Means of Grace” refers to the idea that: a) e way God communicates His grace is through spiritual feelings b) e grace of God is actually mean to those who reject it c) God delivers His grace to humans through objects and acts He ordains d) Answers (a) and (b) are incorrect 60. Dr. Which statement is the truest of all the choices? a) Jesus has two natures but remains one undivided person b) Jesus became fully human and fully divine at His baptism by John c) Jesus has two natures (human and divine) and they are glued together like boards and never interact with each other d) Jesus and the Father are the same Person in the end 61. Which men wrote all of the Augsburg Confession? a) Luther and Melanchthon b) e Elector of Saxony c) Luther d) Melanchthon 65. Butler . Wade E.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . When we eat the Lord's Supper: a) Jesus is in heaven so we cannot eat him really but only metaphorically b) We feed on Jesus in our hearts by faith c) We do so only spiritually d) We consume His Body and Blood spiritually AND orally 63. e theological term for the study of Jesus is: a) Christology b) Soteriology c) Ecclesiology d) Pneumatology 70.” Where is this statement found? a) Lutherans do not believe Mary is the Mother of God b) e Bible c) e official Catholic Catechism d) Article VIII . Many Lutheran congregations have three letters carved next to the church name.Colloquy Exam Preparation . e Ecumenical Creeds were created by the Church's Bishops in meetings called: a) Councils b) Church Gatherings c) Convocations d) None of the above 71. What are they? a) LWML b) UAC c) UCC d) CUC e) None of the above are correct © 2011 .e Person of Christ in the Epitome of the Formula of Concord e) Article IV . but the veritable Son of God: for this reason she is rightly called. ordinary. “erefore. e Word of God is to the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper like bones are to: a) A Doctor of Medicine b) A skeleton c) Flesh d) X-ray Images 72. we believe. mere man. Who said.66. Wade E.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Butler .Rev. Baptism only saves if: a) It is Holy Water blessed by the Pope b) e Word of God is in the water due to the belief of the people c) e Word of God is in the water put there by Christ's words and command d) e Word of God is in the water supervised by an ordained pastor 69.of the Augsburg Confession 67. and bore not only a plain. Dr. teach and confess that Mary conceived. “I would rather eat the body of Christ with the Pope than bread with John Calvin?“ a) King Henry the VIII b) Luther c) King Charles V d) Peter 68. the mother of God.Justification . and truly is. David is to Jesus like Jesus is to: a) Moses b) Abraham c) Matthew d) Isaac © 2011 . e Lutheran Reformation arose primarily from which of the following: a) e people grew weary of doing pilgrimages b) Relics and Indulgences outraged the common people c) Anger of the people against Tetzel and his abuses d) eological complaints from scholars like Luther and rising German Nationalism 75. Gregory.Colloquy Exam Preparation .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Ambrose and Augustine? a) at when we eat the Lord's Supper we participate in the Body of Christ b) When we eat the Lord's Supper we literally chew on Jesus between our teeth c) When we eat the Lord's Supper we only hold Him in remembrance as He said d) We do not receive the forgiveness of sins 79. What core teaching of the Church has been held by all leading Church Fathers including Chrysostom. e theological term for the study of the Holy Spirit is: a) Soteriology b) eology c) Christology d) Pneumatology 74. Which Scripture directly instructs teachers and pastors to hold fast to the truth and confront those who oppose it? a) Job 5:4 b) Matthew 28:19 c) Titus 1:9 d) John 20 78. how many religions exist in the world? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 45 e) None of the above 77. Francis Pieper. Butler .Rev.73. According to Dr. Dr. Cyprian. Who taught the Old Testament was written by an evil god and should be discarded? a) Marcion b) Apollos c) Herodotus d) Alexander the Great 76. Leo I. Wade E. Rev. people are not really that bad c) Because they ask for it d) He loves them and secretly doesn't want to punish them e) All of the above 86. Humans are forgiven by God because: a) Of the Work of Christ alone which merit is given to them by God b) Because. there must be an Original Cause b) omas Aquinas did not express or explain a Cosmological argument c) e idea that men didn't make the world so God must have d) e design of the world is so complex surely a Creator God must exist © 2011 . e symbol of two crossed keys is the symbol representing: a) e Papacy b) Saint Peter c) Saint Jude d) e College of Cardinals 83. Butler .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Wade E. e symbol of a Victorious Lamb on a Book with Seven Seals is from which book in the Bible? a) Jude b) Revelation c) e Gospel of John d) Isaiah 81.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Dr. down deep. When we speak of the theological concept of the “Communication of the Natures of Christ” we are speaking about: a) e way the Divine and Human Natures of Christ exist together in one person b) e way the Divine Nature brought the Human Nature into itself c) e fact that Jesus had two natures and was not one Person d) e speaking of the Divine and Human Natures like friends e) Only (c) and (d) are correct 85.80. “Communing under one kind” means: a) e Roman Church practice of offering the people only the bread b) e tradition of the Mormons who use water instead of wine in communion c) e practice of some pastors to drink the wine left in the chalice after Communion d) None of the above 84. Locking the uneaten Hosts left over from Communion in a Tabernacle is the logical result of what doctrine? a) Transubstantiation b) Memorialism c) Consubstantiation d) Co-substantiation 82. e Cosmological argument for the existence of God as explained by omas Aquinas depends on: a) e idea that since everything is an effect of a cause. live-giving water 90. What is the only invalid reason listed below for a pastor to be removed from Office? a) Unrepentant sin even after confronted b) Consistently teaching false doctrine even after admonished c) e congregation decides he is not a good fit d) A wild and shocking lifestyle with no desire to change e) All of the above reasons are valid to dismiss and reject a pastor © 2011 . Who taught that Jesus did not have two natures but only one Essence: a) Eutyches b) Nestorius c) Cyprian d) Arminius e) Calvin 92. Butler . What are the Means of Grace in the narrow sense? a) e Sacrament of Baptism and the Sacrament of the Altar b) Baptism. the Lord's Supper and Absolution c) Only the Mass d) Absolution only in private confession along with Baptism and the Lord's Supper 88.87.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Wade E. When a man is ordained he swears to preach the Word of God interpreted by the: a) Needs of the people at the time b) Feelings in his own heart c) Lutheran Confessions (e Book of Concord) d) Favorite teachings of the day at the Christian bookstore e) Small Catechism 93.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Dr.Rev. e Means of Grace are to the Church like a faucet is to: a) e ocean b) e plumber who put the faucet in c) e pipes that run in the ground d) An endless water tank of pure. Jesus is both God and Man in one Person with a unique: a) Personality b) Reasonable Soul c) Smile d) Eternal body He still possesses e) All of the above are true statements about Jesus 91. “Accepting Jesus as my Savior” is found where? a) Nowhere in the Bible or the Book of Concord b) In the Bible but not in the Book of Concord c) In the heart of the believer without the Bible or the Book of Concord d) In both the Bible and the Book of Concord e) In the Book of Concord but not in the Bible 89. Who is primarily responsible for the writing of the Formula of Concord? a) Martin Luther b) C. W.What is a Sacrament in the narrow sense? a) Any command of God that He promises to bless b) An act commanded by God He promises to bless c) An act commanded by God promised to deliver saving Grace d) Marriage. Which man taught that the Two Natures of Christ were like boards glued together? a) Eutyches b) Nestorius c) Luther d) Arius e) No one ever believed or does now believe such a doctrine 96. who holds the Office of the Keys? a) e local congregation who entrusts them to the Pastor to use for their good b) e District Presidents c) e Pastor if he is ordained d) e whole Church on Earth delegates the power of the keys through Bishops e) None of the above 98. Butler .F.Colloquy Exam Preparation . According to the doctrine of the LCMS. Wade E.94. Confirmation and Ordination e) All of these can be considered Sacraments in the narrow sense © 2011 . Extreme Unction. Walther c) Martin Chemnitz d) All of the above contributed 97. Name the Six Chief Parts of the Small Catechism: a) b) c) d) e) (f ) 95.eologians speak about two types of theology: a) Natural and Revealed b) Natural and Rational c) Reasonable and Rational d) Revealed and Secret e) None of the above are the two types 99.“Learning & Certification Instrument” .Rev. Dr. 99. Dr. what is defined as the purpose of the Law? a) To drive people to despair and discouragement by pointing out their limitless inborn wickedness b) To be a curb.Why is it expected that a Christian will do Good Works? a) Because before conversion the heart is too weak and after conversion not b) To glorify and obey the will of God c) Jesus said a good tree will bear good fruit d) To offer proof we are saved e) All but (d) are true statements 100.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Butler .Rev. mirror and rule c) To urge people to do better and encourage them to reform d) To show how people in past behaved and how we can learn to be better people e) None of the above 105. Who taught that if the pastor/priest is wicked the Sacraments are invalid at his hand? a) Walther b) Cyprian c) Donatus d) Luther e) None of the above 103. In what chapter of the Bible is the Office of the Holy Ministry created by Jesus? a) John 6 b) Matthew 10 c) John 20 d) Mark 19 e) None of the above © 2011 . According to Article V of the Augsburg Confession. What are they? a) eoretical and Speculative b) Roman Catholic and Lutheran c) Baptist and Lutheran d) Visible and Invisible e) None of the above 102. eologically we speak of two Churches. What does Article XI of the Augsburg Confession insist should never fall into disuse? a) e Sacrament of the Altar and Baptism b) Processions and Ceremonies of the Church c) Vestments and Paraments d) Private Confession and Absolution e) None of the above 101. Wade E. In Article II of the Smalcald Articles. what is the purpose of the Office of Ministry? a) To be a good people person and manage well b) To provide the Grace of God to the people by offering Word and Sacraments to them c) To oversee all the functions and actions of the local congregation d) To be an executive manager of the volunteer people of God e) None of the above 104.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . If all the Lutheran Churches closed.Colloquy Exam Preparation .106. Please write the Aaronic Blessing in the box below: © 2011 . Dr. which Church would you choose to attend closest to being Lutheran? a) e Baptists b) e Roman catholics c) ELCA Lutherans d) e Methodists e) None of the above 110. Where does Jesus command what is usually referred to as the Triune Baptismal Formula? a) John 6 b) Matthew 28 c) Luke 14 d) Mark 16 e) None of the above 107.Rev. who are Lutherans the most closely related to doctrinally? a) e Calvinists b) e Roman Catholics c) e Pre-Modern Anglicans d) e Modern ELCA e) None of the above 109. Wade E. Butler . If one had to choose.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Luther is to Calvin like a cleaning crew is to: a) A window b) Solvent for cleaning c) A wrecking ball d) A total demolition crew e) None of the above 111. Luther’s rejection of the Pope had primarily to do with: a) e Pope’s insistence of primacy over the whole Church b) Luther didn’t like the Bishops the Pope appointed c) Luther’s hatred for the Roman Catholic Church which Luther tried to destroy d) All of the above e) None of the above 108. When New Testament scholars speak of “textual apparatus” they mean: a) Words available to all who want to build a Greek sentence b) e rules of building a Greek sentence c) e list of textual variants included in most Greek New Testaments d) e apparatus used to write on parchment in the days of the Greeks e) None of the above © 2011 .P) d) A new way of understanding the authorship of the Pentateuch e) Only (c) and (d) are correct 117. Dr. Butler .Rev. In Liturgics we speak of two different Liturgical acts.Colloquy Exam Preparation .E. Baptists are to Lutherans like Islamic extremists are to: a) Islamics in general around the world b) Radical Islamics c) Conservative Islamics d) Progressive Islamics e) None of the above 116. R.D. ey are: a) Sacramental and Conversive b) Preparatory and Concluding c) Sacrificial and Sacramental d) Constructive and Instructive e) None of the above 114. e Eternal Candle in traditional terms is a sign of the eternal presence of: a) e Holy Spirit b) God c) Jesus d) e reserved Sacramental elements being present e) None of the above 115. Y.“Learning & Certification Instrument” .112. Which Archangel had to have help from another Archangel to get a prayer answer from God to Daniel? a) Michael b) Lucifer c) Raphael d) Gabriel e) None of the above 113. Julius Wellhausen was an Old Testament scholar who invented: a) e Documentary Hypothesis of (P. Wade E. F) b) Biblical Radicalism c) e Documentary Hypothesis (J. the pastor should: a) Insist they quit co-habitating first b) Insist they repent of their co-habitation before marriage c) Perform the ceremony even though they continue co-habitation d) Never mention co-habitation e) is is a sensitive matter for careful.. individual Pastoral Discretion 120. Butler .Rev. If two people who are living together want to get married. “Demythologizing” the New Testament to discover the actual facts of the New Testament accounts: a) Meant disregarding miracles recorded in the New Testament b) Grew out of the Tübingen School in Germany c) Began in earnest with Dr. Dr.” a) Goes to hell since they never had a chance to seek forgiveness for self-murder b) Is insane and God does not hold an insane person responsible c) Has committed an unforgiveable sin since life is not man’s to take d) Should not be allowed a Christian burial e) Obviously has sinned and created a wave of difficulty for everyone with which to cope 121.118.Colloquy Exam Preparation .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . e “Textus Receptus” was: a) e textual basis for the King James Bible of 1611 b) A Greek and Latin text Bible from which all scholars made translations until Modern times c) e basis for the Latin translation of the Vulgate d) Systematically discredited as older and older manuscripts of the Bible have been uncovered e) Only (a) and (c) can be stated without doubt © 2011 . “Textual Criticism” for the theologian means: a) Being critical of the Bible for some of the harder sayings in it b) e pseudo-science of picking apart the texts of the Bible c) e science of studying ancient manuscripts to determine the authentic text of the Bible d) e practice of some to criticize the doctrines of others by “Proof Texting” e) None of the above 123. Almost all of the verbs are triliteral (meaning they only have three letters) in which language? a) Latin b) Greek c) Hebrew d) Arabic e) Only (a) and (b) are incorrect 119.. e “Protoeuangelion” is a Greek word meaning: a) e “First Gospel Announcement” found in Genesis 3:15 b) e “First Prototype of Faith” found in Luke 2 c) e “First Prototype of Salvation” found in Hebrews 11 d) e “First Prototype of Justification” found in Romans 3:23 e) ere is no such thing as “Protoeuangelion” 122. Rudolf Bultmann d) Attempted to show that Peter and Paul were of two different theological schools e) All of the above statements are true 124. Wade E. Please select the most pastoral answer to end this sentence: “A Christian who commits suicide. e study of how the Bible came to be as we have it today is called: a) Archeological searching b) Biblical transmission c) A waste of time. e first five books of Moses are called: a) e “Whole Word of God” according to the Jews b) e Law c) e Pentateuch d) e Prophets e) Only (b) and (c) are accurate 129. Orthodoxy is to Heterodoxy like an authentic Rembrandt is to: a) An excellent print b) An excellent forgery based on the work of Rembrandt c) An authorized copy by an excellent painter d) A poor forgery easily seen as an imposter by any real observer e) None of the above 128. e two greatest are: a) Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus b) Codex Vaticanus is mutilated and many folio parts are missing c) Codex Sinaiticus is in excellent condition and most complete d) Both Codices have their problems but are remarkable e) All of the above is true regarding Christian Codices 126. In the local congregation.Rev. which of the following does the pastor possess regarding leadership: a) Authority to say “yes” or “no” to any idea the congregation may have b) Power to insist the congregation follow his ideas c) Influence to reason with the congregation to act according to the Scriptures d) Instant influence the moment he is ordained e) None of the above is true 130. e Holy Spirit will make sure we have the Scriptures d) Textual Criticism e) All of the above 127. Dr.Colloquy Exam Preparation . A “Codex” was the first Modern-looking book of Biblical manuscripts.125. Wade E. Butler .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . e study of humanity from the beginning until now is called: a) Anthropology b) Mythology c) Anthropomorphism d) Geographical research e) None of the above 131. e Book of Psalms is also called the: a) Hymnbook of the Jews b) e Psalms of David although many of the Psalms were not written by David c) e Psalter d) None of the above e) e first three answers are correct © 2011 . Which book of the Bible mentions the Devil and Michael the Archangel fought over the body of Moses? a) Deuteronomy b) Leviticus c) Enoch d) Jude e) None of the above © 2011 . is called: a) Arminianism b) Double-Predestination (Calvinism) c) Anglicanism d) Wesleyanism e) All of the above 136. the idea that God chooses some for eternal life and some for eternal death. Election. e study most ancient and the mother of all intellectual enterprise is called: a) Human curiosity b) e “Study of God” --. it is our own fault d) If we are saved.132.eology c) e “Study of Wisdom” --.Rev. if we are not saved we didn’t make him Lord of our lives e) None of the above 137. if we are lost. a curb and a rule e) All of the above answers are true 135. Cosmology is the study of the: a) Cosmetics of the Ancient Romans b) e whole universe and everything in it c) Modern literature and its influence on culture d) Astronauts and their findings e) None of the above 133. Wade E.Philosophy d) e “Study of Ancient Artifacts” --. Which book in the New Testament contains a hymn best describing the Incarnation of Christ? a) Matthew b) e Song of Simeon in Luke c) Jude d) Philippians e) None of the above 138. is : a) e burden of Christ to preach through his Passion b) e alien work of Christ to lead to the Gospel c) Personified in the Crucifix of Christ d) Meant only to be a mirror. though necessary.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Which statement below adequately expresses the “Crux eologorum”? a) e sacred Cross of the city of eos b) God will finally save everyone no matter what c) If we are saved it is God’s doing. Butler . e Law.Archaeology e) None of the above are correct 134. we accepted Jesus.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Dr. All paths cannot lead to God because: a) Jesus said one path leads to God and the other to destruction b) ere is only one path and it leads to the Elysian Fields c) Not all paths go to the same God d) None of the above e) Only (a) and (c) are correct 142.Rev. When people are dying.Colloquy Exam Preparation . What does “Open Communion” mean? a) Being open about what Communion is and how to receive it properly b) Giving Communion to everyone who comes through the door no questions asked c) Allowing each individual to read the Communion Policy of the Church and obey it d) It depends on who you talk to what “Open Communion” means e) Answer (d) is probably most accurate while (b) is probably the impression of Open Communion © 2011 . what do most want to hear from their Pastor? a) A short prayer hoping for healing b) e Absolution from their Sins c) A few short Scriptures about faith d) Words of encouragement about eternal life and the common suffering of death e) Answer (b) is certain and answer (d) is probable 145. Butler .” Who said such a thing? a) John Calvin b) Henry the VIII in his famous pamphlet in the Defense of the Roman Church c) e critical Baptists d) Luther in the Preface of the Large Catechism 143. Which of the following is NOT a traditional branch of Philosophy: a) Metaphysics b) Ontology c) Ethics d) Linguistics e) Oncology 144.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Wade E. is is what one can expect of crazy Germans. To take one religion and adopt its ideas to Christianity is called: a) Infusion of Materialis b) Syncretism c) e Oath of Syntyche d) Accepting everyone from love for all paths leads to God e) None of the above 141. To worship with other denominational members giving the idea we have no real differences is: a) e polite thing to do b) A lie and teaches people all doctrines are essentially a matter of preference c) A bad idea because other pastors may steal sheep d) Unionism e) None of the above 140. Dr. “So they blythly let parishes fall into decay. and brazenly allow both pastors and preachers to suffer distress and hunger.139. Holy Week is to Christ like Holy Communion is to: a) A Passion Play b) A reenactment of the Last Supper c) A reminder of what Jesus did for us in His death and resurrection d) A participation in the salvific acts of Jesus on our behalf e) None of the above 147.Rev. Paul was sexist and his prohibitions were culturally conditioned d) e Ordinand must be willing to swear to preach the Bible as interpreted by the Book of Concord e) Answers (b) and (d) are correct regarding Traditional Lutheran Ordination 150.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Which of the following is NOT a type of theological study: a) Pastoral eology b) Exegetical eology c) Historical eology d) Systematic eology e) All of the above are studied at seminaries but this list is partial 148. Butler . e “Septuagint” (Also called LXX) is: a) e most influential Greek version of the Hebrew Bible b) e 70 books the Jews used to have in their Canon c) e only surviving copy of a handwritten Hebrew version of Greek Mythological texts d) Probably quoted by Jesus on several occasions e) Answers (a) and (d) are correct 153. a first century heretic and enemy of John and Polycarp taught: a) Doctrines that made John the Apostle run from him at a Roman bath b) e idea of the “Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth” otherwise known as “Chiliasm” (1. what did Luther say was the shift needed in the Medieval understanding of the Eucharist? a) A shift from adoring Christ in the Sacrament to a Memorial Supper b) A shift from calling Holy Communion Mass c) A shift from “sacrificium” to “beneficium” d) A shift from “beneficium” to “sacrificium” 149. In the Babylonian Captivity of the Church.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Cerinthus. Many claim books in the Bible are “Pseudepigrapha. Dr. Wade E. a) Any seminary graduate is qualified b) e traditional view is that only a baptized and confirmed male person can be validly ordained c) Women should be ordained because St. e Word “Eucharist” means “anksgiving” and is synonymous with the Mass. became a Higher Being at Baptism and a mere man again at the cross e) All of the above © 2011 .146.000) c) Gnosticism d) Jesus started as a mere man.” What does this mean? a) Some books in the Bible are false b) Some books are writings ascribed to some one other than their real author to enhance authority c) Some books in the Bible leave out Jesus casting demons into the pigs d) Pseudepigrapha means the same thing as Apocrypha e) None of the above 152. Regarding Ordination to the Office of Holy Ministry. Wade E. Isaiah is to a burning coal from God’s altar like a Pastor is to: a) Conversion b) A Call c) e Altar d) Prayer 159.Rev. Joshua is to Canaan like a General is to: a) Genocide b) Brutal orders from a superior c) Obedience to superiors d) Insubordination 160. Dr.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Paul is to Tarsus like Jesus is to: a) Nazareth b) Bethlehem c) Jerusalem d) Ephesus 155. Butler .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Sisera is to Jael like Jesus is to: a) Roman soldiers b) Pilate c) e Jews d) Nails 161. Ehud is to Eglon like an assassin is to: a) e one who hired him/her b) A victim c) Pity d) A political despot © 2011 . Noah is to the flood like Jonah is to: a) Judea b) Jerusalem c) Tarshish d) Nineveh 158. Hosea is to a prostitute like Abraham is to: a) Hagar b) Pharaoh c) Sarah d) Lot 157.154. Jesus is to the synagogue in Nazareth like Paul is to: a) Rome b) Damascus c) Spain d) e Jezreel Valley 156. Dr. Paul is to Rome like the Pope is to: a) e Church b) e Vatican c) St.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Wade E. Elijah is to Elisha like Paul is to: a) Silas b) John c) Timothy d) Herod 169. Vishnu is to Brahmin like Hagar is to: a) Abraham b) Isaac c) Ishmael d) Abimelech 164. Butler . Moses is to Aaron like Jesus is to: a) James b) All believers c) John d) Jude 167. Elijah is to the prophets of Ba’al like Goliath is to: a) David b) Israel c) Saul d) Canaanites 166.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Peter’s Basilica d) Europe © 2011 .Rev. Buddha is to God like scientists are to: a) Facts b) Trolls c) Irrelevancies d) Contradictions 163. Hebrew is to Arabic like French is to: a) Chinese b) Hawaiian c) Zulu d) Italian 165.162. Peter is to Paul like executives from the same firm are to: a) Profits b) Territories c) Competition d) Different consumer bases 168. Timothy is to Titus like one pastor is to: a) A pastor from the same denomination b) Another pastor of a different denomination c) Another pastor from the same seminary d) Another pastor who had the same Vicar Supervisor 177. Abraham is to the Gentiles like Mother eresa is to: a) e Pope b) Dying People c) Calcutta d) Service 172.170. Water is to Baptism like uranium is to: a) A destructive bomb b) e rest of the elements c) Radiation d) Nuclear power plant 176. Dr. Wade E. Abraham is to Paul like a lawyer is to: a) A despised criminal in court b) Announcing benefactors of a will c) Other lawyers d) e Judge 174. Lydia is to Paul like Cornelius is to: a) Bartholomew b) Peter c) A Vision d) Aaron 171.Rev. Butler .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Demons into pigs is like Lucifer is to: a) Heaven b) e power of the air c) Hell d) Light-bearer 173. Preaching is to teaching like a proclamation is to: a) Emancipation b) Ramifications c) Consequences d) Details 175. e Earthly Tabernacle is to the Heavenly Tabernacle like a reflection is to: a) Reality b) A painting c) e mirror d) Refraction © 2011 .Colloquy Exam Preparation . Wade E. Architecture was to the Medieval Church what the New Media is to: a) Contemporary worship b) Traditional settings c) Newsletters d) Modern missionary efforts 180. Sins God has forgiven are located: a) At God’s feet b) In a place where they are covered but not forgotten c) At the bottom of the “Sea of Forgetfulness” d) According to Micah.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . e ancient salutation Dominus vobiscum (the Lord be with you) should be followed by: a) Et cum spiritu tuo b) In hoc signo c) In nomine Patri d) Lutheran Liturgy was never in Latin so what does it matter? © 2011 . Another name for the “10 Commandments” is: a) Bi-Lithocode b) Tabliton c) Decalogue d) ere is no other name for the “10 Commandments” 183. Dr. e Jews called and still call the “10 Commandments”: a) e “Ten Words” b) e Mosaic Sayings c) e Myths of Moses d) None of the above 182.Colloquy Exam Preparation .178. “in the sea” 184. Butler .Rev. Jesus is to Bartimaeus like Ananias is to: a) e Street called Strait b) Paul c) Joseph d) Luke 181. What did the 7 churches of Asia in Revelation have in common temporally? a) ey are all displeasing to Christ in some way b) ey all had big buildings c) ey all risked losing their lampstands d) ey shared a common mail route of Rome 179. e High Priest is to the Day of Atonement as Jesus is to: a) e Shewbread that David ate b) e Feast of Tabernacles c) e Lamb of God d) e Holy of Holies in the heavenly tabernacle 185. Colloquy Exam Preparation . e 12 Days of Christmas refer to: a) e days between Christmas and Epiphany b) A popular Old English song c) e 12 days before Christmas when gifts are exchanged in Medieval times d) A myth about a miser who expended his wealth to the poor over 12 days 191. Which is not a Season of the traditional Church Year: a) e Ember Days b) Lent c) Advent d) All the above are traditional seasons of the Church Year 190. bejeweled Chalice in all the world c) Was a large sum of money granted to the Church d) Is a spurious document granting the Pope Vatican City 187. Dr. An Episcopacy is a Church run and administered by: a) e Episcopal Church in America b) e Archbishop of Canterbury c) e Pope d) Bishops 189. Butler .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . e Donation of Constantine: a) Is the document ordering all his army to convert to Christianity b) Is the finest. Nero is to Diocletian like a thunderstorm is to: a) Light rain b) An aftershock from a large earthquake c) A Tsunami d) A ferocious tornado © 2011 .Rev. Hebrews 11:5 mentions Enoch ascended into heaven but: a) Enoch never got the credit he deserved b) ere is no Book of Enoch c) ere is a Book of Enoch considered pseudepigraphical d) Enoch is never mentioned in the Bible except in Hebrews 188.186. Which of the following is not a doctrine represented by Calvin’s TULIP: a) Perseverance of the Saints b) Unconditional Election c) Total Depravity d) Limitless Atonement provided by Christ 192. What series of books did Calvin write in response to the Book of Concord? a) e Geneva Catechism b) e Institutes of the Christian Religion c) e Catechism of Switzerland d) e Letters of Complaint to Ulrich Zwingli 193. Wade E. Rev. Paul of Tarsus has been accused by modern scholars of subsuming and adapting the teachings of: a) e Oracle of Delphi b) e Mystery Religions of Mithras c) e Secret Teachings of the Seraphim d) None of the above.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Wade E.Colloquy Exam Preparation . e earliest statement of detailed doctrines of the Church and Christian behavior is: a) e Discourses of Doctrine b) e Didache c) e Apocalypse of Peter d) e Letters to the Jews and Gentiles by Polycarp 199. e Paschal (Passover) Candle for the year is traditionally inaugurated on Holy Saturday with: a) Five nails b) New Fire c) Five pieces of incense d) All of the above © 2011 . 201. A eocracy is a form of government where: a) Only Godly people can participate b) God rules the Kingdom on the left as well as the right c) God rules both the right and left Kingdoms through the Church d) e people of God ignore the government and obey only God 197. Nepotism is to Church offices like unearned jobs are to: a) e needy b) Friends of the Mafia c) Family members taking care of their own d) New hires who need a lot of help 196.194. Gnosticism teaches: a) Jesus is both God and Man b) All of humans have a piece of God in them longing for home c) e soul on the way to heaven needs special knowledge to pass the Archons d) Only (a) is something the Gnostics did not teach 195. Who first put the Bible into the English language? a) Jerome b) omas Cromwell c) King James II d) William Tyndale did it while living in Germany 200. Ratramnus and Radburtus disagreed about what concerning the Eucharist? a) e Words of Institution being necessary b) e Real Presence of Christ in the Sacrament c) at people should take it seriously d) e nature and mode of Jesus in the Holy Communion 198. Butler . Dr. All scholars agree Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Types are to the New Testament like shadows are to: a) e different varieties of Old Testament prophecies b) e person who will cast the shadow in the future c) To the person casting the shadow d) Nothing related to a shadow. John of the Cross b) David Hume c) Blaise Paschal in his “Wager” d) Tertullian in arguing against the Heretics 203.202. Butler . rather an impression of the coming reality 207. When did the Jewish Synagogue come into existence? a) When the Temple was destroyed by Antiochus Epiphanes the Greek b) At the fall of Israel in 722 BC at the hands of the Assyrians c) While the Jews were in Babylon and had no temple d) When it was too difficult to get to the temple 209. Who argued. Ulrich Zwingli in Zurich held a Bible study that ultimately spawned the: a) Carolingians b) Calvinists c) Anabaptists d) Mennonites © 2011 . the prescribed words and form for a liturgical function is called: a) Order of worship b) Rite c) Ceremony d) Ritual 204.Rev. Strictly speaking. Strictly speaking. Lord Come!” c) “Peace” d) “Even so. eodicy is the attempt to justify God’s existence in the face of: a) Islamic pressure to accept Allah as the only God b) e Incomplete Word of God c) Critics of omas Aquinas d) Evil in the world 208. “It is better to believe and be wrong than not believe and be wrong”? a) St. the prescribed actions of a liturgical function are called: a) Ritual b) Ceremonial c) Dead Orthodoxy d) None of the Above 205. come Lord Jesus!” 206.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Wade E. e word Maranatha means: a) “e Lord has come!” b) “O. Dr.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Roman and the Kingdom of God d) Babylon. Mene. Persia. e Schmalkaldic League against Charles V included all the below except: a) omas Cranmer b) Several German Cities c) Zwingli d) German Lutheran Princes 211. Upanishad d) Mene.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Greek. “ere is nothing that keeps people in church more than __________”: a) Effective Evangelism b) Proper Stewardship c) Good Preaching d) Active Programs © 2011 . Apology 26 (Of the Mass) says. Wade E. All told. how many Apostles are accounted for in the New Testament? a) 12 b) 13 c) 14 d) 11 since Judas killed himself 216. Most theologians classify the Lutheran understanding of the Lord’s Supper as: a) Transubstantiation b) Consubstantiation c) A memorial supper to “Remember Jesus” d) An Ordinance with a blessing of spiritual awareness 214.“Learning & Certification Instrument” .210. Daniel’s vision of the giant statue foreshadowed what kingdoms? a) e 10 kingdoms arising from Rome to form a One World Government b) Assyria. Medo-Persia. Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus both attended: a) Dinner with Pilate to convince him to follow his wife’s advice b) e trial of Jesus c) e acquisition of the Body of Christ and its burial d) e ladies to spice the Body of Jesus 213. the writing said: a) Agape. Persia. Tekel. Dr. When God’s finger wrote on the Babylonian wall. eros and phileo b) Upanishad. e idea that religion is a feeling of absolute dependence on God and personal emotions: a) Began with Jesus saying a relationship with God is a private matter b) Is not held by any Lutherans today c) Was suggested by Schleiermacher d) Flowed from radical mystics 212. Tekel. Rome and the Greeks c) Babylon. Butler . Gilgamesh and Sutra c) Mene. Roman but not the Kingdom of God 217.Rev. Upharsin 215. Greek. According to the Gospel of John. Rev. Dispensationalism (which is popular today at Dallas eological Seminary) was first suggested by: a) e book Late Great Planet Earth b) Scofield c) J. Mysticism is the term used to describe the idea that people can: a) Have immediate knowledge about God with no means b) Have immediate knowledge about God using spiritual means c) Know God without Christ or Doctrine or “words of men” d) Answers (a) and (c) are correct 222. Butler . Wade E.“Learning & Certification Instrument” .N. a preacher in London 219. e bread element used in Holy Communion is called: a) e Holy Bread b) e Host c) e Plain Bread d) e Bread of Heaven even before Consecration to Lutherans © 2011 . Dr. Preaching (Homiletics) is believed: a) By the Anglican Church to be equal with the Sacraments b) By the Calvinist Churches to be superior to the Sacraments c) By the Roman Catholic Church to be an important addition to the Sacraments d) All the above statements are true about preaching 225.Darby d) Spurgeon. What Greek ruler of Palestine tried to destroy Judaism and offered “e Abomination” on the altar of God? a) Alexander b) Antiochus Epimanes (nick-named Epiphanes) c) Ptolemy d) Seleucus 221. Xerxes and Artaxerxes were two great leaders of which empire mentioned in the Bible? a) Assyria b) Babylon c) Greece d) Persia 220. Prevenient Grace describes the doctrine held by the Church of England and the Roman Church that: a) Grace allows people to believe or not believe b) Luther endorsed c) A special and real grace enables the human will to choose God d) Grace prevents some sinners from repenting 224.218.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Homoousian means “being of one substance” and refers to: a) e substantiality within the mysterious workings of the Trinity b) e term favored to confound the Gnostics c) e relationship between God the Son and God the Father d) All of the above 223. e consecrated bread after Holy Communion for Lutherans is kept in a: a) A glass jar for next time b) Pyx c) Tabernacle d) Plastic bag 227. Sacred actions are to sacred space like sensitive experiments are to: a) e University of a great city b) Lectures on biological principles c) High-end laboratories d) A biology classroom 229. e Book of Discipline is the product of the Wesleys and contains: a) Rules that curb the Old Adam and its sinfulness b) A way of life consistent with the Bible c) A systematic “method” to live a Godly life d) Strange doctrines of holiness © 2011 . e movement seeking to augment Church institutionalism and dogmatism with a holy life was: a) Wesleyanism b) Judgementalism c) Pietism d) Pentecostalism 232.226. John and Charles Wesley were evangelists in America and associated with what Church? a) Eastern Orthodoxy b) Roman Catholic c) Anglican d) Lutheran 233. e doctrine that Father. Dr.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Butler .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Son and Holy Spirit are simply masks for different actions by the same God is: a) Traducianism b) Orthodoxy of the East c) Modalism d) An idea that answers more questions than it asks 231. Who was the Pope at the time of Luther and the beginning of the Reformation? a) e Papacy was vacant at that time b) Benedict VII c) Clement VI d) Leo X 228. Wade E. e Book of Job is most likely: a) An explanation of why bad things happen to good people b) To be treated like a fable c) e oldest book in the Bible d) Written by Moses 230.Rev. Rev. Who was the first Christian martyr? a) Stephen b) Peter c) addeus d) Matthew 238. Wade E. Dr. Some ideas are: a) Epilepsy b) Malaria c) Homosexual desires and leanings d) All of the above have been suggested by scholars 240. Many speculate about Paul’s self-admitted “thorn in the flesh” given him by God. ose who believe knowing and believing right doctrine is not enough for a true conversion accuse: a) Dead church services with boring services b) Dead Orthodoxy c) Unconverted preachers who invalidate the Sacraments d) All of the above 237.234.Colloquy Exam Preparation . e earliest Creed of the Christian Church was most likely: a) e Nicene b) e Athanasian c) e Apostle’s d) “Jesus is Lord” 241. What is a good explanation of IXTHUS as a Christian symbol? a) No one else understood it and so persecution was averted b) Fish belong in the water (Christians belong in the Baptismal waters) c) e early Apostles were fishermen and St. Peter.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . “eosis” (Divination of people in Union with God is a teaching of: a) ose who practice Transcendental Meditation b) e Mormons c) e Eastern Orthodox Church d) e Lutheran Confessions 236. Paul is to Stephen like an onlooker is to: a) Executioners b) An execution c) Advocates against the death penalty d) Paul never saw or knew Stephen 239. the head of the Church was a fisherman d) Reminded people to eat fish on Friday if they were true Christians © 2011 . Butler . e “Great Schism” occurred between Rome and Constantinople in: a) 1065 b) 1054 c) 1267 d) 1517 235. redemption without crucifixion c) Jesus had to be tempted according to His Divine and Human Natures as One Person d) All of these explanations have been suggested 244. Who were the main personalities of the Axial Age (600 BC approx.Rev. Butler . What is the ultimate destination of the Christian according to omas Aquinas? a) Disembodied in an endless heaven b) Immersed in the Beatific Vision c) Walking on a New Earth under a New Heaven d) Standing in front of Jesus forever praising without ceasing © 2011 .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . e Church in the Scripture is compared to: a) Pilgrims b) Foreigners in a strange land c) e Body of Christ d) All of the above are comparisons to the Church 249.242. Dr. Wade E. According to Luther. What is the greatest difference between e Eastern Orthodox and the Western Church? a) Different liturgy influenced by various cultures b) e teaching of “eosis” c) e fact that the East has Metropolitans and the West has Bishops d) e Vestments are radically different to the point of being irreconcilable 248. Vedi.)? a) Socrates/Plato/Aristotle b) Lao Tzu c) Confucius d) All of the above but the list is incomplete 247. What was a probable reason for the temptations of Jesus by the Devil? a) e Devil was trying to discover if Jesus was really the promised Redeemer b) e Devil was offering Jesus the easy way out --. a preacher should be so sure of what he preaches he can confidently say: a) In hoc corpus meum b) Sic Semper Tyrannus c) Haec Dixit Dominus d) Veni. Where did the Devil come from? a) He fell from heaven after attempting to overthrow God b) His pride lead him to ruin Adam and Eve of whom he was jealous c) He emerged from during what some call the “Gap eory” which left the universe in ruins d) All of these have been suggested and there is no solid consensus among Christian theologians 245. Vici 243. What is the most potent. perennial argument against the existence of God? a) e argument that God could not make anything this complex b) e Problem of Evil in the world when God could stop it c) God is growing and learning Himself proving He does not exist as we think d) He always works through people and never shows himself except through special people 246.Colloquy Exam Preparation . When is the appropriate age for Confirmation? a) As dictated by the congregation’s constitution b) Beginning in the 7th grade year and ending in the 8th grade year c) When they are able to write a Creedal statement expressing their love for Jesus d) When the Confirmand. What books of the Bible do Lutherans not treat as sedes doctrinae? a) Hebrews. Jude an 2nd Peter d) None of the above 253.Rev. John. Job.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Who was the intended beneficiary of Paul’s letter to Philemon? a) Onesimus b) Philemon c) e people of Colossae d) e whole Christian Church on Earth © 2011 . Regarding eschatological matters. What is the appropriate time to wait to baptize someone requesting the Sacrament of Baptism? a) Immediately b) e following Divine Service except during Holy Week c) After a 10 week session of Catechesis d) After examination by the Elders 256. and Ruth b) Esther.250. Lutherans are best described as: a) Pre-Millennial b) Amillenial c) Post-Millennial d) Dispensational 252. Parents and Pastor all agree 257. Butler . Paul speaks of death. What is the most appropriate response to a congregation’s request for the Pastor to participate in joint worship? a) Attend and participate to show unity in the community b) Attend but do not participate c) Do not participate and teach the congregation why not d) Offer to host the joint community worship service 255. Wade E. Dr. James. he compares being out of body with being: a) Naked b) With the Lord c) Released from flesh forever d) Only (a) and (b) are true 251.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Revelation. When St. Revelation c) Hebrews. Hebrews. Who has the final authority in the congregation regarding matters in the Kingdom on the Left? a) e local congregation b) Scripture c) e Pastor d) e District President 254. Dr. Wade E. Who was allowed to enter the Holy of Holies? a) e High Priest any time b) Priest of the Day c) e Old Testament Altar Guild d) e High Priest on Yom Kippur 260. What were the ree Temptations of Christ? a) b) c) 262. Label each of the parts of the Tabernacle Complex of Moses: 259.Rev. Butler .Colloquy Exam Preparation .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . What Sunday of the Church Year is traditionally “Good Shepherd Sunday?” a) Second Sunday of Lent b) First Sunday after Pentecost c) e Fourth Sunday of Easter d) Any Sunday can be chosen by the Board of Elders 261. Which of the following was ratified in Synodical Convention as an “authoritative” book for Lutherans? a) Chemnitz’s e Two Natures of Christ b) Walther’s Church and Ministry c) Melanchthon’s Loci d) Walter’s Law and Gospel © 2011 . Which of the following is not a Synodically approved Hymn Book? a) e High Priest any time b) All God’s People Sing c) Hymnal Supplement 1998 d) All the above 263.258. Butler . Which of the following is not considered “adiaphoron” in Lutheran congregations? a) What melodies are sung in worship b) What words are sung in worship c) What instruments are used in worship d) e placements of the instruments in worship 266. It is the Devil himself whatsoever is extolled as Spirit without the Word and Sacraments.” Who said this? a) Pope John Paul II in the Roman Catholic Catechism b) Calvin in the Institutes c) Zwingli in the eological Journal of Zurich d) Luther in the Smalcald Articles 270. “Today you cook a goose but there is coming a swan you will neither kill nor cook. Please write the first and last consonants of this Hebrew version of the Aaronic blessing: © 2011 . e symbolic meaning of reverencing the Altar is: a) To reinforce peoples’ love for the Altar b) To show respect for the Altar c) To follow wooden tradition d) To acknowledge the coming of Christ to the Altar 268. Wade E. “God does not wish to deal with us otherwise than through the spoken Word and the Sacraments.Rev.” a) Cyprian when he was burned for heresy in the Roman court b) Bartholomew at his flaying c) John Huss at his burning for heresy d) Joan of Arc at her burning for heresy 271. Dr. What does the Pastoral stole represent? a) e reminder of the rope that the Romans used to tie Jesus b) e Vestment that gives the Pastor the authority to preach c) e yoke of Christ recalling the Ephod of the Jewish High Priest d) A decorative part of the vestments to set the Pastor apart 265.Colloquy Exam Preparation .“Learning & Certification Instrument” .264. What is the symbolism and meaning of the Clerical Collar? a) To remind the pastor and people that Pastors have a special calling and the collar is the mark b) To remind the pastor and people that the Pastor speaks the Word of God c) To set the Pastor apart d) To remind the Pastor and People of the Churchs’ roots in Roman slavery 269. Who is the father of Modern Pietism? a) Francke b) Schleiermacher c) Spener d) Scaer 267. Who said. Dr. at Marburg. Malachi is to tithing as St. e “Words of Institution” are also called: a) e Idiomaticum b) e Versicum Christum c) e Verba d) In hoc signo 276. Butler . Who. Wade E.Rev. e Scriptures are best described as: a) God inserted b) God dictated c) God-breathed d) God-directed 274.272.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Which modern philosopher attempted to debunk the Teleological Argument for God? a) Nietzsche b) Kant c) Spinoza d) Hume 278. Creatio ex nihilio means: a) Creation out of nothing b) Nothing was created from nothing c) Creation out of the mind of God d) None of the above 275. Who was the Jewish historian that chronicled the Intertestamental Period? a) Pliny the Elder b) Heroditus c) Josephus d) Joseph of Nestus 273.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Which great thinker wrote De Civitate Dei? a) Plato b) Augustine c) Ambrose d) Nietzsche 277. quoted Jesus’ saying “e flesh profiteth nothing” to refute the Real Presence? a) Eck b) Zwingli c) Calvin d) Erasmus 279. John is to: a) His historical pastorate in Ephesus b) “Whoever changes the words in this prophecy shall receive all the curses in this book” c) Taking care of Mary the mother of God d) e Seven Seals on the Book of the Lamb © 2011 . Wade E.000 pieces of gold stamped with the seal of Emperor Claudius b) His vestments embroidered with silver and gold c) A gold chalice. Who was the pastor of St. St. Who wrote the first Book of Common Prayer for the Anglican Church that influences Lutheran liturgy to this day? a) Elizabeth I to establish the Via Media b) Cromwell c) Cramner d) Bucer © 2011 .Rev. What religion did St. Butler . Peter in Rome 282. What is the goal of excommunication? a) To get revenge on a member who disagrees with the pastor b) To trim the membership roles c) To turn manifest sinners to repentance and reconciliation d) Lutherans do not excommunicate anymore 287. e orans position is an open-handed position of: a) Reception of the congregations’ offerings b) Swearing to the truth of the Gospel c) Surrender to religious authorities d) Prayer 285. Which Roman Church Order swears direct allegiance to the Pope with a dagger? a) Augustinians b) Benedictines c) Jesuits d) Franciscans 284. Augustine embrace before his conversion? a) Mithraism b) Manicheanism c) Zoroastrianism d) e Seven Seals on the Book of the Lamb 281. seven silver candlesticks and a gold-plated door d) e group of poor people who belonged to his congregation 283.Colloquy Exam Preparation .“Learning & Certification Instrument” . What did he show the invaders? a) 50. Dr. e “incense burner” used in the congregation is called the: a) urifer b) Incense burner c) urible d) aumaturgical Faust 286.280. Bernard showed the invaders the true wealth of the Church. Augustine? a) Tertullian b) Ambrose c) Origen d) St. A Seelsorger is a Pastor who: a) Overlooks the sins of people because he knows he is a sinner also b) Seeks to make inroads into the community for evangelistic purposes c) Keeps office hours to let the people know he is being predictable d) Cares for the spiritual welfare of his people inside or outside the worship of the congregation 290.”? a) Luther in the Table Talks b) C.W.at cannot come from any homiletic study but must be learned from one’s own Christian experience and must be requested in prayer every time.. “ere is one more thing we must remember about preaching. In Luther’s original Baptismal Rite.F. Butler .Rev. but they still lack one of the most important characteristics of a good sermon. that is a bad sign”? a) Spurgeon b) Walther c) Luther in the Table Talks d) e Book of Concord in the Augsburg Confession 293.. What is the liturgical service used by many Christians right before they retire for the night? a) Vespers b) Matins c) Compline d) Commendation of the Dying 292. Walther in Pastoral eology c) Apollos in the apocryphal Book of Preaching d) Calvin in the Institutes © 2011 . When does the Real Presence end? a) e Real Presence elevates the Bread and Wine because they once bore Jesus and deserve our respect b) e Real Presence never leaves causing us to reverence and venerate them always c) No one knows. e Body and Blood of Jesus unite with the Bread and Wine at the speaking of the Words of Institution. ey do not reach the hearts an consciences of the listeners. What did Luther include twice? a) Oil anointing b) Exorcisms c) Fully immersing the infant d) Dressing the infant in white clothing 289. but is one says: ‘he got started chattering and could never stop’. but sometime after the elements are distributed to and received by the people d) Only (a) and (c) are correct 291.. ‘I would liked to have listened to him yet a while longer’. “e office and sign of a good speaker is that he stops when people most want to hear and think he is just getting started. that is good. Who said.So also with a preacher. Dr.Colloquy Exam Preparation . Wade E..“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Who said. ere are many sermons about which one cannot say that they contain false doctrine nor that they offend against any of the main requirements of preaching. if one says.288. he included something twice that no longer appears in most Baptismal Rites in the Lutheran Church. Why is an extended seminary education and supervised Vicarage required to be a pastor in the LCMS? a) To assist a ministerial candidate in assessing aptness for the ministry and improve deficiencies b) To help assure the marks of the Church exist in each congregation c) To keep an eye on the ministerial candidate to make sure he is morally qualified d) All the above are good reasons for an extended seminary education and a supervised Vicarage Score Name / 300 Date Proctor Proctor Signature © 2011 .Colloquy Exam Preparation .” a) Erasmus the Humanist b) Eck c) Zwingli d) Luther in Table Talks 297. e last sentences of Jesus while on the cross are referred to as: a) Tenebrae b) e Tre Ore c) e Seven Words d) e Final Sentences 299. Who said regarding divulging private confession: “I have heard nothing. Dr. a Vicar is one who: a) Does whatever the pastor says without question b) Stands in for another c) Has completed two years of seminary d) Can do everything a pastor does while supervised 300. What Old Testament passages directly prophesy about Jesus’ suffering and death in detail? a) Genesis 3 and Proverbs 9 b) Psalm 2 and Jeremiah 4 c) Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53 d) Job 30 and Joel 2 298.294. In the truest sense.“Learning & Certification Instrument” . Butler . Wade E.Rev. ird Evening Lecture c) e Augsburg Confession Article VIII d) Epitome of the Solid Declaration Article XII 295. let Him tell it. “ere is no true Christian congregation where no public exclusion or orderly process of excommunication is held. Most church buildings face “Liturgical”: a) North b) West c) East d) South 296. If Christ has heard it.” Where can this quote be found? a) e Constitution of the LCMS b) Luther in Table Talks Book ree.
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