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Civil Services Books For Botany• • • • • • • • • • • Microbiology: Powars's two books on microbiology are more than enough. Pathology: Singh's book along with a foreign author Cryptograms B.R. Vasista (alage and fungi), P.C. Vashishta (Pteridophytes gymnosperms) along with both volumes by Pandey and Trivedi Embryology: Bhojwani and Bhatnagar Plant Anatomy: Esau or B.P. Pandey Taxonomy: Nair along with Datta Cell Biology: De Robertis & Ambrose and Easy or Powar Genetics: Strickberger or Vir Bala Rastogi Physiology and Biochemistry: Salisbury and Ross or Fritz and Noggle Ecology: Vir Bala Rastogi and M.S. Jayaraj and P.D. Singh Economic Botany: Kochar or Verma Civil Services Books For Zoology • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cell and molecular bilogy - De Robertis, C.B. Powar Genitics - P.K. Gupta, Gardner, Ahluwalia, Vir Bala Rastogi Invertebrates - R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan Vertebrates - R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan and Varma Comparative anatomy of vertebrate zoology - Kent Animal physiology - H.R. Singh, Vander Biochemistry - Harper, Leninger, Stryer, Rao Embryology - Balinsky, A.K. Berry, Vir Bala Rastogi Organic evolution - Veer Bala Rastogi Ecology - P.D. Sharma, Odum, Vir Bala Rastogi and M.S. Jayaraj, Kotpal and Bali Economic Zoology - Shukla and Upadhaya, Kotpal Series, Kotpal- Khetrapal Aggarwal Ethology - Reena Mathur, Magazines like Science Reporter, Nature etc. General Zoology - Storer and Usurger Physiology - H.R. Singh Evolution - Vir Bala Rastogi A Dictionary of Entomology - Leftwich Civil Services Books For General Studies Preliminary IAS (General Studies) Subject Indian History Good books • • History books of Classes XI and XII - NCERT Freedom Struggle (NET) - Bipin Chandra Either The Times of India or The Hindu.Leong • Atlas • • • Subject Indian Polity Good book • Introduction to Indian Constitution .Dutt and Sundharam.including Indian Geography Good books Principles of Geography (Class XII-Part I.Resources and Regional Development Part II (Class XII) .NCERT Indian Economy . Basu Related Subject Indian Economy Good books • • • Evolution of Indian Economy .Subject World Geography . Science and Technology supplements in the Newspapers and magazines.D. II) General Geography of India (Class XII) Part I . • • Subject Current Events of National and International importance. Good books • • • One major National Daily .Spectrum Subject General Mental Ability Good books .Mishra and Puri Subject General Science Good books NCERT books on Science.NCERT Geography of India . Newsweeklies like India Today or/and Outlook Current Events .NCERT • Physical Geography . Indian Economy .D. • Main (General Studies) Subject History of Modern India Good books • • • • India's struggle for Independence .Spectrum • Subject Statistics Good book • Book on Statistics (Class XI) . Culture Chapter (s) in the India Year Book. A good library invariably has more than one encyclopaedia on Indian Art and Culture selected notes may be taken from it. Freedom Struggle (NBT) .No special preparation is required in this area. • Books on culture / cultural topics brought out by Publications Division of Ministry of Information and broadcasting and National Book Trust. Modern India .NCERT .NCERT. In fact. • • Subject Current Affairs Good books At least one major national newspaper .IGNOU o If one is hard pressed for time. he/she may skip the Modern India and Freedom Struggle.either The Times of India or The Hindu • Newsweeklies like India Today or/and Outlook • Current Affairs and News Analysis of BBC. an intelligent calculation is the basic requirement for this topic. But some practice may be done from any exercise books or quantitative aptitude. Subject Indian Culture Good books • Art and Culture portions of history books and Gazetteer of India.Bipan Chandra Modern India .Bipan Chandra and others. • Current events . Encyclopaedia of Indian Culture. Principle of physical chemistry .D. Electro Chemistry.J.C. Colloids .D. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY • • • Bonding and shape of organic molecules. .Principals of physical chemistry Puri. Our Parliament . Phase rule.A text book of organic chemistry .Dutt and Sundharam/Mishra and Puri The editorial page of the Economic Times. Thermodynamics.NCERT Yozna Indian Economy . • Civil Services Books For Chemistry Gaseous state.Bahl & Bahl INORGANIC CHEMISTRY • • Atomic Structure .Peter Sykes Rest all the chapters .Gurdeep Raj. Kapoor Advance physical chemistry .S. Subject Science and Technology Good books Science and Technology section of the Wednesday edition of the newspaper 'The Hindu'. Colligative properties. solutions. Agarwal A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry .IV) .P.O.D. • Yozna contains science and environment related topics. Catalysis.L.Puri. Sharma & Pathwa Advance inorganic chemistry .A text book of physical chemistry (Vol. Lee .Subject Indian Polity and Constitution Good books • • Introduction to the Constitution of India .Gurdeep Raj Photo chemistry . Stereo chemistry of carbon compound Reactions and reagents .K. • Science and Technology Published by the Spectrum.Advance physical chemistry . Sharma & Pathawa • • • Chemical kinetics . Basu. Kashyap Subject Indian Geography and Economy Good books • • • • Indian Geography (Class XI and XII) . Manku.D. Extradiction of metals.Maden.S. Principle of inorganic chemistry . Jauhar. . Tuli Theoretical principles of inorganic chemistry .G.Puri.• • • • • Chemical Periodicity. Lee Pollution and its control .J. Chemical bonding.S. Dara. Sharma.Selected topics in inorganic chemistry .An advance inorganic chemistry .Coordination compound . Rest all the chapters .A text book of environmental chemistry and pollution S. Malik.
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