CII Guardian Organization Study

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1CHAPTER – I 2 1.1. INTRODUCTION Today the world growing very fast, the change is unpredictable. The past decades have witnessed a paradigm shift in business. The number of competitor is increased today. In order to face tight competition, the companies need to re-structure their functions. Now the taste and preference of a customer is totally changed, they are more change seeking and value conscious. So it is necessary to a marketing professional to keen insight into the customer taste, preference, and attitude and value expectations. One of the fastest growing industries in the world today is the electromechanical industry. It fulfills an essential infrastructure need of economic development sector and plays a very important role in growth of an industry. Relays are invented in 1835, these are effective device that operate as an electronic switch, opening and closing under the electromagnetic conditions. Relays are used in electronics that have a low voltage power source but require higher voltage to turn them on and operate. Relays are used in commercial aircraft, networking, communication device, medical equipment like heart defibrillator, traffic signals etc. Its application is unlimited. The company Guardian Controls limited is a joint venture of Guardian Controls Ltd. And TYCO electronics in U.S.A, formerly CII Technologies U.S.A world leader in high performance relays. Over the past five years TYCO Electronics has kept place by rapidly growing to become the world’s largest passive component manufactures. In 1996 CII technologies were the world leaders in high performance switching technologies 3 1.2. SCOPE OF THE STUY The present study was conducted at CIIG. The study was done to familiarize with different management activities. Hence, the study can also be used to know the functional aspects of the departments of CIIG. 1.3. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY • • • • • • To get familiarize with different management aspects. To get idea about the organization To study the functional aspects of various departments of CIIG To observe workers at their work place and to interact with them To find out the competitors of the company To identify the hierarchical structure followed by CIIG 1.4. REASON FOR SELECTING THE COMPANY The reason for selecting the CII Guardian International Ltd. is that, they are the largest supplier of automotive, test equipments, power electronics to other industries. Also the company is a joint venture with TYCO electronics in USA. 1.5. STUDY PLAN The total time of organization study was four weeks. The study starts by collecting data from the organization. I was spent two week in the organization. The first week I was engage in collecting data through direct observation of the functioning of organization and clear watch in company’s record and files. The second week I visit each department head, and collect information from them. The last two week I used to processing the collected data and recording it in the form of a .proper report 4 1.6. METHODOLOGY Research methodology is the study of research method and rules for doing research work and it is a way to solve systematically the research problems. The methodology used in study involves the collection of primary as well as secondary data. Primary data It is essentially designed to fulfill the data needs of the problem in hand. The primary data were obtained by observation and direct interview with some executives and managers of the company. The persons for interview are selected through simple random sampling. Secondary data The secondary sources of data were collected through files, text books, profile of the company, journals, training report etc. The internal and external sources of data are used as secondary source. This secondary data mainly helped to understand the organization. 1.7. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY 1. There were difficulties in obtaining data from executives and managers due to their busy work schedule. 2. An in- depth study of the company could not be carried out due to shortage of time. 3. The reliability of data used for study is largely depends upon the companies reports and the information given by executives. 4. The company has the limitation to disclose their financial details, so a detailed analysis of financial performance of the company is not possible. 5 1.8. CHAPTER SCHEME The present study is arranged in six chapters. The first chapter discloses a brief introduction, scope and objective of the study, reason for selecting the company, study plan, methodology, and limitation of the study and chapter scheme. The second chapter involves the industry profile, world scenario, Indian scenario, and state scenario of relays. The third chapter show details regarding the company profile, objective of the company, history& philosophy, organization structure and different phase of development. The forth chapter describes each departmental details, structure of each department and functions of each department. The fifth chapter shows the SWOT analysis, observation and suggestion of the study. II .6 CHAPTER . Bangalore. In some instance. The first relays were used in long distance telegraph circuits. or where several circuits must be controlled by one signal. when a circuit of low power needs to be converted into a circuit of higher power. High performance relays are used in aviation. but other operating principles are also used.7 2. Relays are used where it is necessary to control a circuit by a low-power signal (with complete electrical isolation between control and controlled circuits). Relays are manufactured in India for domestic and general purpose. opening and closing under electromagnetic conditions.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE Relays are invented in 1835. telecommunication for testing equipments and in defense. Relays were used for electronics that have a low voltage power source but require higher voltage to turn on and operate i. Domestic purpose relays are manufactured at DUETSHE INDIA Ltd. Relays were used extensively in telephone exchanges and early computers to perform logical operations 2. Relays are simple yet effective device that operate as an electrical switch. A relay is an electrically operated switch. These relays are used for communication and for aviation. repeating the signal coming in from one circuit and retransmitting it to another. Relay is an electromechanical device that is electrically controlled to interrupt the input conditions in a prescribed means by the relative movement of mechanical elements under the action of a current in the input circuits. the reverse is true.e. Many relays use an electromagnet to operate a switching mechanism mechanically. In addition. manufacturers left with excess capacities are hesitant to invest in new .2 WORLD SCENARIO Relay manufacturers are struggling to meet growth projections as they face capacity utilization challenges due to falling demand from various end-user industries. in particular. Consistent high quality service and reliability are likely to play a key role in retaining customers. The relay manufacturers that keep abreast with the technological advancements and also understand the changing requirements of their customers are projected to generate greater revenues in the future." says the analyst. and the increased process yield requirements are driving the small and mid-sized manufacturers to adopt automated manufacturing processes in order to increase turnaround time and profitability. longer lifecycle. which SSR manufacturers are ready to provide. Global positioning systems (GPS). Strengthening Customer Relationships Will be Key for Future Success Understanding that satisfied customers are inextricably linked with profitability. smaller size. defect trends. labor wages. Small and mid-sized manufacturers. security devices. are expected to feel the impact of this challenge due to the competition posed by larger manufacturers possessing state-of-the-art infrastructure. "Awareness regarding its increased efficiency. and reducing prices encourage design engineers to use SSRs in a variety of applications. Though currently most of the growth opportunities for relays are in the test . replacement of machine parts.8 equipment. and are being seriously considered for next-generation computing and telecommunications applications. Applications in the automotives industry is also an opportunity for the SSR manufacturers as all leading automobile manufacturers are competing with each other to load more electronics into their automotives. Improved SSRs Finding Acceptance in New Applications "Reed relays and EMRs( electromechanical relays) are facing increasing competition from the growing SSR(solid state relays) technology that is increasing in market share due to improved efficiency. The cost of consumables. manufacturers of relays world over are striving to become more customer oriented in their approach. in-vehicle entertainment systems. and driver assisting systems (DAS) among other applications are expected to become significant revenue generators for the relay market." SSRs offer higher switching speeds and also operate on less voltage. The automotive industry offers harsh and humid environments and requires high reliability relays. Lightning strikes cause surges in the primary and secondary installations. bigger memories. . instrumentation and industrial sectors during 2004-05 was Rs 8. and consumer electronics. The total production of Electronic equipments in the control. public utility services and infrastructure sector. radio frequency transmitters may be in the neighborhood. Switching operations of disconnections and circuit breakers produce oscillatory waves and fast transients in the power and signal cables. manufacturers are also focusing on end-user industries. medical.9 equipment and security markets. textile. instrumentation and industrial Electronics sector of the Electronics industry play a vital role in the modernization through instrumentation and automation in India’s manufacturing. As the automation process in the major manufacturing industries like petrochemical. 2. steel. meeting the demand for reduced switching times and increased efficiency is expected to be challenging for manufacturers. In Indian scenario also strengthening the customer relation is a key factor. transportation. such as the industrial. chemicals and manufacturing sectors are likely to increase in the coming years there will be increase in the demand for more process control instruments and equipments. defense. a maintenance engineer can be electrostatic charged and will use his mobile phone. cement. Electronic circuits may be influenced by temperature and may be disturbed by continues and transient electromagnetic phenomena.3 INDIAN SCENARIO With the ongoing development of electronic components with faster processors.100 core during the year 2003-04. This will have direct impact on the demand for products like Electronic counters and as such the demand for Electronic counters are . fertilizers. smaller components and decreasing power consumption protection relays will also become more sensitive to its environment compared to the electromechanical relays in the past.300 core as compared to Rs 6. However. During normal operation and maintenance protection relays will be subjected to continues and transient electromagnetic phenomena. The control. 4 STATE SCENARIO The development of relay all over in a very short time. Hence there is enough potential for more number of units in this line.10 bound to grow e tin the coming years. demands on the power system grid increased as generators grew in size and capacity. This resulted in higher voltages to transport the power farther away from the source to serve ever expanding and more complex loads over the world and Indian scenario affect the state scenario. . . 2. 11 CHAPTER – III . 1 COMPANY PROFILE It was in 1985. of India recognize research and development facility of Guardian International Ltd. with environmental controlled assembled area. which in 1995 merged with M/S communications instruments incorporated. power electronics. aerospace. labor.000 square feet. CIIG is a joint venture with TYCO electronics. Guardian International limited was started as a joint venture between Guardian control limited and CII technology in USA (Communication Instrument Inc. Serve a diverse market including communications. defense. . The manufacturing facilities at Thodupuzha. Ministry of science and technology. Delays are inspected for all operating parameters and random samples are tested in the test laboratory.). land is till a part of CIIG where as the other manufacturing assets are completely owned and given by TYCO products. Govt. Cochin. household’s appliance and other industries. These relays are backfilled with inert gases and utilize glass to metal sealing technology. Manufacturing facility is spread over 35. in the suburbs of Cochin have more than 300 employees and a team of experienced engineers and technical person. where in the management. USA. applications etc. industrial commercial and general purpose. settled very fast in Cochin Special Economic Zone. test equipments. The CII Guardian International limited entered the electromechanical industry. medical. Guardian has its own tool room and fabrication room. The company mainly manufactures high performance relays are hermetically sealed device ideally switched for demanding environmental conditions.12 3. as the largest supplier of automotive. Initiation of the company was done by the establishment of Guardian control limited in the year 1985. assembly.some importance concepts Today ISO 9001 certification is becoming almost essential for Indian business houses to export their products.c-dot. The ISO certification is applied to quality management system encompassing quality in all functions such as marketing. packing. purchase. design. installation. . after sale service and all other activities of an organization. 1997.13 Mission and vision Mission Guardian group is committed to provide quality products and services through innovation. 1992. One of the requirements of ISO standard is an effective management representative who would be responsible for effective documentation. every time defect free at competitive prices’. testing. implementation and coordination of all major activities.Guardian International Limited was certified ISO 9001-2000 by KPMG for manufacturing and marketing of electromechanical relays under the American National Standard institute society for quality control. ISO. Vision ‘To ensure customer satisfaction by delivering products on time. employee participation and process improvement. 3. 1991.The government of India recognized the research and development of Guardian group. Awards 1. ISO certification is the mechanism by which customers have confidence in a company and is most effective when carried out by a national certification body. 2. shipping. Approved the telecom grade miniature PCB relay developed by in house R&D efforts. To-5 Relays 2. General purpose relays applications traffic signals signaling device 3. Production facility at CIIG manufactures three types of relays. They produce high performance low power relays that are hermetically sealed device.14 4. Kilovac Used in biomedical instruments 4. awarded by the ministry of defense. Crystal can relays defense application aviation media level switching aviation testing equipments communication network 3. qualified hermetically sealed relays. Type and application of relays 1. Customer satisfaction by minimizing customer complaints and sales return (limit customer compliments quarter to less than 3).2 OBJECTIVE OF THE COMPANY 1. Government if India Products The company is largely producing electromechanical relays. Tyco. For the performance and test approval under the provision of JSS 50102. . The special features of these relays are that they are MIL. The company guardian controls ltd. ELCON. went into commercial production in 1989. based on the internet technology leadership of AMP products. the company pay first dividend to shareholders. 4. Guardian Controls Ltd. at first collaborated with CII technology in USA. In 1993. P and B. GCL has a wide range of products covering almost the entire gamut of applications. P. 3. later the industrial giant Tyco acquired that technology from USA and Guardian Controls Ltd. Provide reasonable opportunities for employees to participate effectively in improvement activities (introduction of policies. To increase productivity (turnover / men days) by 10%. 5. Overall yield improvement by reducing process rejections (achieve an overall yield rating of greater than 97%).K.3 HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY The Guardian Controls ltd. Guardian relays play a vital role in the telephone switching system by its fast and reliable operation. practice or welfare measures to increase employee participation). Tyco electronics has kept place rapidly growing to become the world’s largest passive components manufacturer. However. became a joint venture with Tyco electronics since 2002. The technology used in relay production is the CII technology in USA. the first company of guardian group of companies was founded by Mr. Over past five years.COM. and MIA. Tyco electronics has added a full complement of leading component branch including RAYCHEM. . On time delivery with significantly reduced lead time (achieve an overall yield rating of 95%) 3.15 2.KOSHY in 1985 and is located in the lush green village Thodupuzha in the suburbs of Cochin. 16 . 1996. Society for quality control.Joint venture agreement signed with CII Technologies USA on January 1. Chairman laid the foundation stone of the company. 1997.The commercial production was commenced on November 1.C-DOT approved the Telecom Grade miniature PCB relay developed by in house R&D efforts.5 DIFFERENT PHASE OF DEVELOPMENT Today the company stands with a good goodwill. 1992.First dividend to shareholders.Trial production at CIIG facility at CSEZ. • • • 2002.The company was established in technical collaboration with STC components ltd. 1989. 1996.DSCC (Defense Supply Center.Padmasree Paul Pothan.ISO 9001:2000 certifications was awarded to CIIG on April 7 by KPMG for manufacturing and marketing electromechanical relays under the American National Standard Institute. • • • • • • • • • • 1985. • 2000.Acquisition of CII technology by Tyco Electronics USA. Cochin. Columbus) approved for CIIG.17 3. 2003. this is done through different development stages.The memorandum of understanding was signed with Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC). 1989.GCL was certified ISO 9001:2000 by KPMG (now Intertek) for manufacturing and marketing electromechanical relays under the American National Standard Institution.The Government of India recognized the R&D of Guardian Controls on December 2 1993. 2008. 1991. UK 1986.ISO 9001-2008 . IV .18 CHAPTER . 4.1 Structure of production department Figure 4.1 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Production department manufactures different types of relays according to the mil standard as per the production order.19 4. Manufacturing department receiving the piece parts from stores and assembles to finished products.1.1 Production manager Assistant Engineer Assistant Engineer Supervisor Supervisor . coil taping 3. Lead wire & jumper welding 5. Preflashing & lead trimming 9. Fixture record % O/S flow of work to be done based on flow chart & route card. The different types of relays manufactured are coil winding. . Hipot test 11. 1. To-5 relay. Visual & resistance checking 13. Printing &baking 12. QA inspection Each station has maintained a machine set up log/ machine operation log. i. Coil loading 10. coil stripping 4. Encapsulation (coil moulding) 7. Coil Winding The systematic procedure of coil winding is given below. coil winding 2. 136relays.e. kilovac. Coil finishing 6.20 4. convert input into useful output. Pull test 8. minigrid relays and crystal can relay.2 Functions of production department The function production department is to produce the goods.1. Welding . record & OIS (operator instruction sheet).Relay adjust .QA inspection .processing of relays and baking of relays .Date code printing. The main use of these relays is in medical equipments.Electrical testing . Hi-pot test Actuator assembly.Coil resistant checking.Electrical testing . Station 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station 4 Station 5 Station6 Station 7 Station 8 Station 9 Station 10 Station 11 Station12 Station 13 Station14 . cover.packing 136-Relay The 136 relay manufacturing process are. epoxy.High voltage test-. The systematic procedure of manufacturing kilovac as per the route card is as follows. Coil core. A type means single pole single throw normally open and B type means single pole single throw normally closed.Hipot voltage test—baking and processing . Each work station has maintained a machine operation log.Relay cleaning . labeling .21 KILOVAC RELAY Main types of kilovac relays manufactured in CIIG are A type & B type. contact assembly labels are the main parts of kilovac relays. baking . accurator spring.Relay cycling . 1. fixture. Coil taping . Work to be done as per the flow chart and route card. assembly.baking and processing .High voltage test -.Visual and mechanical inspection relay. coil winding 2. armature. baking . Adjust relay 18. Contact stacking 12. Core assembly 7. The operator has to check whether the previous operator has completed and signed of the route card.22 3. To-5 relay parts have mainly two parts. In it work in progress is controlled with a route sheet. Visual inspection and packing To -5 Relay( Transistor outline -5) To-5 relays are high performance and high reliability hermetic sealed relays which is mainly used for communication networks. Motor assembly 10. Pile up to motor assembly 15. Shim cutting 6. date. Cover fixing 20. Pile up assembly 14. Core / Coil / frame assembly 8. Stationary contact stacking 13. Adjust armature 11. Dielectric inspection 22. Electrical inspection 21. . Date and ID code printing 19. The quality produced. Trimming and taping 4. header assembly and motor assembly. Taping and resistance checking 5. Soldering 16. Clean flux 17. operator number must be filled in route card before parts are moved to the next station. aviation purpose etc. Armature assembly 9. e. Shearing 5. Trimming 2. Resistance testing & welding motor to header 7. Header adjustment Motor assembly 1. These relays have two major parts i. Mini Grid relays Mini grid relays are same like To-5 relay. header assembly and motor assembly. Coil lead welding To-5 Relays are also available with internal diode for coil transient suppressor. Return spring welding 7. which is only change in the design. These relays are hermetically sealed with a welded enclosure to perform reliably in the most severe operating conditions. Movable contact welding 6.23 Header assembly 1. Armature / actuator assembly 2. Assembling & peen armature / Core assembly to motor 6. Backstop welding 8. Forming 3. Stationary contact welding 4. Motor assembly welding 5. . Lower support welding 4. Core / armature 3. Pre-adjusting the header spring position and its alignment. Trimming 2.24 Header assembly 1. Back stop welding 7. manufacturing process of crystal can relay can be divided into two. Header assembly 1. Ultrasonic wash. Assembly & brazing the make break and assemble spring and header. Header adjust Motor assembly 1. Sub. Stationary contact welding 3. Weld coil lead Crystal Can Relay The main use of this relay is defense application. .assembly welding 4. Vapor degreasing. Return spring welding 5. header assembly and motor assembly. Assembly & Peen Armature 6. 6. Armature 2. Vapors degreasing with a solvent. aviation medium level switching etc. Armature / Core assembly 3. 2. Weld motor to header 7. Weld motor assembly 5. Lower support welding 4. Welding the sub assembly to the header 6. Adjust header 5. named hydro chloro fluro carbon. 4. 3. Weld header and motor assembly. Proper management of human resource is very essential. Assembling & welding motors. 4.1 Structure of HR department . 4. 8. 5.2. 7. 6. Calibration using VASAVIATE. Short pole piece welding to frame. Staking second pole piece. 9. 4. Anti-vi assembly to relay. Long pole piece welding to frame. 3. Coil lead welding. 13. 2. Assembly motor to frame. Hipot and coil resistance checking.2 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT HR department is the most important department in a business concern. 12. 10. 11. Final adjustment. Frame welding. Staking the first pole piece to core.25 Motor assembly 1. Labor welfare fund 4. Welfare functions. Performance appraisal.26 Figure 4. Professional tax to Panchayat 5. Factory license renewal 2. Job descriptions. Recruitment 2. Companies holydays calendar making 3. 8. Grievance handling. 4. 3. Training. 5. Taxes to SEZ HR Assistant .2 Executive – HR JR. Discipline. Manpower planning. Executive HR Assistant 4. Industrial relations.2. 6. 7. Statutory functions 1. 9.2 Functions of HR department Basic functions 1. workers and operators and promoting the employees based on their promotion. technical know how and age. Kerala State Pollution Control Board Certificate 7. Shift allowance 5. CSEZ identity cards are there for employees Employee selection procedure HRD is recruiting the lower level employees. Salary consists of. Dearness Allowance (DA) -. 2. work experience. Employees are selected strictly based on their educational qualification. trainee workers and operators earn salary on the last working day of every month.a) Basic pay b) Fixed DA c) HRA d) Conveyance & other allowance Allowance 1.27 6. Overtime allowance Statutory liabilities . Washing allowance 4. Remuneration All of the executives.This is given to permanent employees with fixed DA calculated at the rate of 15% of basic salary. Waste dumping inside the CSEZ campus 8. Conveyance allowance 3. Company pays around 4. There is four types of training methods are followed  Orientation training  On the job training  External training  Internal training . 2. Gratuity . 18 days per year Training period . 3. Provident Fund - From the basic salary the company and employee contribute 12% into the provident fund account equally. 8 days for executives and workers 4 days for executives and workers .5% of total salary of an employee to ESI. Trade union In this company there is only a trade union called CSEZ workers Association (CITU).33% is transferred to the pension account. Leave Casual leave Privilege leave Sick leave Training The CIIG provide training programs for their employees.75% of total salary. Employee state insurance . and the employee contribution is 1.28 1.For getting this benefit to an employee. . 8. he / she needs minimum 5 years of service. Out of the 12% contributed by the company. 29 1. Senior engineer & Managers 2.2 years 4. Supervisors.6 months .1 years .3 MARKETING DEPARTMENT The main and major aim of marketing department is to identify the market demand and supply the goods as per the demand. the advantage is that it is located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). 4. When we compare CIIG with other similar industries.1 years .1 years .1 Structure of marketing department .3. Operator trainee ( ITC/ ITI) 6. The marketing department plays a vital role in the production planning as a constant feedback of the quality of finished products is verified regularly to check the possibility of finishing the production of the user specified products in time. Engineers & Management trainee 3. Field engineers 5. which mainly focuses on promoting the goods produced and gather a realizable order for the company such that at no time there is stagnation experienced in the enterprise due to lack of orders and such that the delivery can be made as per the predefined data.1 years . Marketing department in CIIG is differential. trainee 4. The main marketing point is the QPL of the products on the defense websites where the generalized past numbers and the Tyco past numbers can be compared and can be verified by anybody. which exempts most of the duties and taxes imposed by the government. Operator trainee ( SSLC/ PLUS 2 ) . The labor overhead charges occurring in CIIG is low as compared to the foreign industries. Manager JR.3.2 Functions of marketing department 1. Internal communication 4. Management review 3. Quality policy development 2. Customer communication 6.4 FINANCE DEPARTMENT . Customer satisfaction 4. Contract review 5.3 Vice President SR. Invoice & Shipment 7. Handling of customer complaints 8.30 Figure 4. Engineer Market Assistant 4. 1 Structure of financial department Figure 4. 4.M Manager Financial Executive Staff Staff Staff Significant Accounting policies . The CIIG also give great important to its financial department.31 For smooth functioning of every organization proper money management is essential. Only through proper money management a firm can identify it strength and weakness in the financial structure.4 G.4. Depreciation on assets is provided at the rate prescribed in schedule XIV to the companies Act. on straight line method b) In respect of other assets. Fixed asset are stated at historical cost less depreciation written off and impairment in value. on written down value method 2. Depreciation 1.32 Basis of Accounting The financial statements are prepared under the historical cost convention on accrual basis. is adjusted. 1956 as under. Use of estimates The presentation of financial statements in conformity with the generally accepted accounting principles requires estimates and assumptions to be made that affect the reported amount of revenues and expenses during the reporting period. Investments These are valued at cost and permanent fall in long term investment if any is provided for. For this purpose the cost of bought out inventories comprises of the purchase cost of the items and cost of bringing . except as otherwise stated and in accordance with the applicable accounting standards.a on technical assessment. if any. Depreciation on tools and moulds is provided on written down value method at the rate of 33. a) In respect of plant and machinery. which is higher than the applicable rate prescribed in schedule XIV to the companies Act 1956.33% p. Inventories Inventories are valued at lower cost or net realizable value. Retirement benefit Liabilities of gratuity for employees determined based on actuarial valuation as on the balance sheet. 4. Sales Revenue is recognized when the significant risk and rewards of ownership of goods have been passed to the buyer. Liability for leave encashment benefit determined based on actuarial valuation as on the balance sheet date is provided for in the account. Foreign currency transaction Monetary items denominated in foreign currency are reported at the exchange rate prevailing as at the date of the balance sheet and the resultant exchange gain /loss. Gross sales are inclusive of excise duty and are net of trade discount. date is funded with the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Investment subsidy Investment subsidy received is treated as capital reserve. and the contribution there of payable is absorbed in the accounts. has been adjusted to the profit and loss account. if any.33 the items to factory on FIFO basis. The cost of manufactured inventories comprises the direct cost of production plus appropriate overheads.5 PLANNING AND PUCHASE DEPARTMENT . to the extent they relate to items other than liabilities incurred for acquiring for fixed assets. Those relating to liabilities for fixed assets have been adjusted to the carrying cost of the respective assets. Planning and purchase department ensures the availability of the required material at the right time at right quantity to different departments for smooth functioning of the organization. general store and packing store. sub contractors and service providers whenever required. These cardex are updated for every item stored in the piece parts store. This department includes incoming store. After QA certification. Here each type of relay is packed in specially designed packages so that no damage is caused while transportation. The incoming store receives the materials from various vendors as per the purchase order. Structure of planning and purchase department .34 The planning and purchasing department ensures that the right quality of goods is available at the right time and right place without any delay. The rejected items received by the incoming stores are sent back to the vendors through Return Material Note (RMN) or scrap the material with scrap note. After rework the items are again transferred to QA for inspection and improved items are transferred to piece parts store and if again rejection comes they are sending back to vendors through planning and purchase department. Purchase department interacts with different departments of the organization. Those parts which can be used after rework are transferred to incoming store from QA as non-confirmed item. Based on production orders. Manufacturing department receives piece parts against store requisition from piece parts store. Periodical re-inspection of the stored parts is done based on OIS. The received raw parts are in the incoming stores and information given to the QA departments through receiving reports. CARDEX is maintained for each item in the piece parts store. Based on the receiving reports QA inspects the received parts in which the accepted item are transferred to piece parts store and rejected items are transferred back to the incoming stores. piece parts store. the finished products are transferred to the packing store. suppliers. Local purchase 4. Import purchase 3. Supplier control 4. Evaluation of supplier 6. Material planning 2. Customs clearance 5.35 Figure 4.5 Manager Assistant Engineer Junior Engineer Supervisor Functions of purchase department 1.6 QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT . 6. First is the piece part inspection section. The second part is the inspection of finished products and the third one is the calibration. The relays manufactured are currently qualified to MIL PRF – 39016 LISS50701 specification. The products are marketed only after QA certification. This will calibrates all the instruments used in manufacturing and QA.36 Quality Assurance (QA) department in the company controls the quality of products.6. 4. The department can be divided into three. which inspects the piece parts and which is imported for manufacturing.2 Functions of QA departments .1 Structure of QA department Figure 4. 6 DGM Senior engineer Assistant Engineer Assistance Engineer 4. All the inspection is done with the help various testing machines and calibrated digital meter. Piece parts Inspection The parts required for production are received and stored in the incoming store with receiving reports. These items after proper cleaning are again transferred back to piece parts inspection for re-inspection. After inspection the plants are labeled into three categories. The rejected parts are transferred into the incoming store along with receiving reports. After receiving the reports QA verifies all the documents and samples are taken for inspection as per the standards. Product inspection Here they inspect the product . They are a) accepted b) rejected c) non-conforming. The non-conforming items are items which can be reworked and stored in the incoming store. This report is received by planning and purchasing departments. Accepted parts are transferred into piece parts store along with the report. 1. The sampling is done as per the sampling plan. For it inspection is necessary.37 The major function is to make assurance in the quality of products.  Dogmatic outside micrometer  Dogmatic caliper  Profile projector  Bend testing fixture  Microscope  Bearing pin  Multimeter  Digital height guage  Chattilon guage  RAM optical instrument  Fisher scope  Corecimeter 2. The equipment used for inspection are. it ensures to contribute key product quality characteristics and ensure continuing process capability. Caliberation 4.1 Structure of utility maintenance department Figure 4. Reliability test 4.7.7 UTILITY MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT This department is more conscious about the maintenance of machinery.38 Testing methods • • • • • • • Vibration test Moisture test IR & Dielectric test Miss test Gross leak test Visual test IC test 3. 4.7 Manager Engineer Assistant Engineer Supervisor . 39 4. preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance. The user department seeks the assistance of utility and maintenance department for installation and commissioning of that equipment through job requisition format. The copy of job requisition is returned to the requesters for their records. The completion of the work done and the details of the workers are recorded in the equipment history card. Mainly the utility and maintenance department deals with two type of maintenance. The routine maintenance work is to be carried out daily or weekly basis by the operator with the assistance of a prepared routine maintenance instruction.2 Functions of utility and maintenance department When mechanical instruments are purchased new. . The maintenance person attends the complaints on priority and emergency basis after the job requisition if the break down can be set right by the in house facility. Other than those specified in preventive maintenance schedule all the other maintenance work is carried out by the maintenance department. In case if the break down cannot be rectified in house the work is transferred to an external agency through purchase and planning department. Break down maintenance The user departments inform the utility and maintenance department about any breakdown of machines or equipments using a job requisition format. Preventive maintenance All the machines have a preventive maintenance schedule which directly affects the quality of the products and is prepared and maintained in the maintenance department. they are serialized by the purchasing & planning department and they ensure the item is available in user departments for production.7. Preventive maintains ‘Intimation’ is used by the user department to inform maintenance department about the complaint. This schedule is prepared by the previous maintenance history of the equipment. For this purpose ERP uses specialized software. which functions as a root base.40 When the work is completed. 4. Initially a user has to sign in on the database with a user ID and password provided. which was eliminated with the introduction of ERP. hence enabling every person with authorization to access the database. thus interlinking of all departments functions effectively so as to result in a smoother functioning of the organization.  Sales  Purchase  Inventory  Finance  Costing  Fixed assets  Human resource  Production  Production planning  Equipment maintenance .8 Enterprise Resource Planning All department of CIIG function as a part of ERP. This in turn resulted in a constriction in the working. it is collected and after verification it is transferred to the concerned department. which enables the unit to maintain the record of each department in an ordered manner on an oracle database in user friendly layman terms. The reports from all departments are incorporated into the database. It inter related the department and gave access to the documents of each unit to authorized personnel even if that particular person is not a part of particular department. He then gets access to the list of the data from departments which are listed below. The details of all maintenance done are recorded in the equipment maintenance chart. This department deals with the overall working of the enterprise. Previously each department functioned as a single non-related entity which resulted in restricted access of valid documents between departments. 8. The administrator can disable the other options. which are available by default on the software.1 Functioning of software The software used in EBZ-frame. .41  Shares  Customer care  System administration  Executive information system  User area  Discover 4. The system administration option of CIIG maintains the company details. which is relevant to each department. 42 CHAPTER – V . WEAKNESS 1. 6. CIIG can run their exporting easily and also they enjoy some tax benefits. Dedicated young work force 3. . 2. so they have less control in domestic market. Capable marketing personnel 5. so they enjoy lots of benefit. OPURTUNITIES 1. Stiff competition in the market. Guardian group has nearly 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of electromechanical relays. To excel as a reliance company for global outsourcing requirements. Financial strength of the company 4. THREATS 1. 90% of company products are exported.43 SWOT Analysis STRENGTH 1. Excellent infrastructure for manufacturing products. The company situated in SEZ. CIIG produce the best relay in world market 2. The marketing department can use more board displays for the promotion of the company 3. Majority employees of CIIG are women 6. The company should take necessary steps to expand the business 2. The company should give importance to some of the welfare measures like educational allowance and medical facilities . The company providing direct employment 3. The internal communication of the company is doing well 5. The employees are satisfied with the working conditions and working hours of the firm SUGGESTIONS 1. The company is running in a systematic and organized manner 4.44 OBSERVATIONS 1. 45 CHAPTER – VI . CIIG has a joint venture with TYCO Electronics.909 rupees. TYCO is a world leader in high performance relays. 90% of products are expected to TYCO.46 CONCLUSION CII Guardian International Ltd has provide employment to 400 people with an annual turnover of 3. house hold appliance and other industries. power electro mats. ELCON. TYCO electronics has added a full employment leading component branch including RAYCHEM. for the manufacturing of electromechanical relays. . Several products are approved by ministry of defense and centre for development of telemetric ( C. around 200 people are working there. The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified. Only 10% of products are marketed in the Indian market.68. industrial control.60. For about two decades CIIG has been in this field. It has a manufacturing unit at Thodupuzha. M / Acorn. P&A. Guardian is the largest supplier of telecom relays in India and well respected throughout automotive test equipments.000 square feet with environmentally controlled assembly area. Based on the internet technology leadership of AMP products.DOT). Manufacturing facilities are spread over 35. Over past five years TYCO electronics has kept pace rapidly growing to become the world largest passive components manufacturer. 47 APPENDICES . net. Girinagar.682 030 Ph: 91-484 . Cochin Special Economic Zone Kakkanad. PRODUCTION FACILITY REGISTERED OFFICE 149.2317032 Emil : [email protected] 423612 Email : [email protected] 026 Ph: 914842316606 / 2317031 / 2317040 Fax: 91484. Kadavanthra.48 CONTACT WITH CII Guardian International Ltd. Cochin. 49 BIBLIOGRAPHY . net .2009) Training Reports of Engineers (2007-2008) WEBSITE www.ciiguardian.50 REFERENCE BOOK Annual Report of CIIG (2008.
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