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CENTRAL LUZON COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (CELTECH COLLEGE) 1860 Rizal Avenue, East Bajac-Bajac, Olongapo City, Philippines 2200 Tel Nos: (047) 224-8042 / (047) 224-1288* Telefax: (047) 223-5855 / (047)224-6996 Website: Founded 1970 Preliminary Examination in Community Health nursing (CHN) Name:__________________________________Placement:___________________________________ Date:___________________________________Score/Rating__________________________________ Test I. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Write the letter of the correct or best answer in your booklet. Situation: In order to fulfill roles and responsibilities efficiently, a community health nurse must be familiar with the concepts and principle of community health nursing practice. 1. Nurse Luzelle will be giving health education to a group of people in the community regarding sanitation, in doing so she will be considering the following except: a. Emotional c. Financial b. Maturational d. Educational 2. What is the sign that a client understand the health teaching? a. When the client practices the teachings given b. When the client keeps on asking c. When the client ignores everything d. When the client still doing the old ways 3. The aspect of health education are the following except: a. Information c. observation b. Education d. communication 4. When making a report, one must follow protocol, matrix or format of agency you represent. Report pertains to: a. Agency or department c. Community b. Individual d. School 5. An act of strengthening health and dental services in the rural area and providing funds therefore is? a. RA 1081 c. RA 1082 b. RA 7160 d. RA 7600 6. As a public health nurse, we must know the priority program of DOH, which is the? a. Communicable diseases c. Infrastructures b. Non-communicable Dis. d. Maternal and Child Health th nd 7. Iron with folic is to be given to pregnant women on the 5 month of pregnancy to 2 month postpartum. How many iron tablets does a pregnant woman will consume? a. 180 tabs c. 210 tabs b. 250 tabs d. 200 tabs 8. James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital is considered what level of Health care? a. Primary health care c. Emergency/District Hospital b. Regional/Tertiary Hosp. d. None of the above 9. For a Barangay Health Station to have a Rural Health Physician (RHP), what should be the population of the area? a. 5,000 c. 15,000 b. 10,000 d. 20,000 10. Each family has universal functions and one of them is for the replacement of the society otherwise known as: a. Social control c. Reproduction b. Socialization d. Status placement 11. A type of family according to structure in which the husband and wife living alone without children is? a. Dyad c. Foster b. No-kin d. Communal 12. A family composed of father, mother and children living together but apart from both sets of parents and relatives is? a. Blended c. Nuclear b. Extended d. Dyad 13. First milk after delivery which is very rich in immunoglobulin: a. Mature milk c. Fore milk b. Hind milk d. Colostrum Activities that seek to protect clients from potential or actual health threats and their harmful consequence b. To serve all ages of the population c. Policies of the DOH d. Enhancing health capabilities of the people 17. RA 7160 b. The philosophy of the community health nursing is: a. Assistance program 22. Which of the following factors affecting health has the power and authority to regulate the environment? a. except: a. Program of the DOH b. The statement that “Community Health Nursing is a practice that is continuing and comprehensive. d. Promotion of health is a major responsibility of the community health nurse. Upholding the worth and dignity of man b. Which of the following are the key elements of occupational health nursing? a. 1. This practice includes health education. Health maintenance and monitoring d. Characteristics of the clientele c. RA 8172 16. Health promotion a. 15. Emergency treatment 4. Raising the level of health of the citizenry c. 20. Health promotion and disease prevention d. Health promotion and disease prevention 23. Health promotion and disease prevention d. Activities directed toward decreasing the probability of specific illness or dysfunctions in individuals d. socio-economic influence b. Upholding the worth and dignity of a man b. This refers to: a. 2.” Means the following except: a. RA 1082 d. c. School health nursing is primarily determined by the following. Social security system 24. Promoting and preserving health d. 1 and 2 d. Limitation of certain age only 25. Raising the level of health of the citizenry c. Upholding the worth and dignity of man b. Nursing include assessment of individuals group and community . 2 and 3 c. Monitor and record keeping d. Health care delivery system c. 1.14. Enhancing health capabilities of the people 18. rehabilitation 2. b. Enhancing health capabilities of the people 19. Activities aimed to prevent the spread of microorganism to individual 26. Rooming –in and breast feeding act is? a. 48 hrs. The key elements of occupational health program that the occupational health nurse supervisor must perform are: 1. 10 hrs. The ultimate goal of community health nursing is: a. environment influence Situation: Occupational and school health programs that the occupational health nursing practice in the Philippines. 2. and 4 b. 1. Development of human being b. What is the aim of CHN? a. The focus of community health nursing is: a. maintenance and coordinator of activities c. 24 hrs. Disease protection and health promotion c. Health promotion and disease prevention d. Political jurisdiction d. Health surveillance b. Health protection 3. Health protection and promotion b. except: a. RA 7600 c. Nursing service is carried through a multi-disciplinary approach d. Activities directed toward developing the resource of clients that maintain or enhance well-being c. Nursing service is provided only to sick member of the community considering all age group. Expressed breastmilk for working mothers when refrigerated can still be consumed up to how many hours when to be given to a full term babies: a. Health hazard identification c. Health protection activities of occupational health nursing include the following. Raising the level of health of the citizenry c. 3 and 4 21. 4 hrs. b. Eco-system approach d. Screening test c. planner/programmer b. Provides technical and administrative support to midwives c. health monitor b. Coordinates with the municipal health officer c. avoidance of carcinogens/allergen b. Secondary approach c. Which of the following is the general duty of Jenna? a. contact tracing . provider of nursing care 33. Problem solving approach d. Evaluation health program d. Detect deviation from health 36. a. she decided to review the roles of the nurse in community health nursing practice. Assisting special health services c. Which of the following is the primary function of the community health nurse? a. promotion of health and prevention b.Situation: Devolution of health service transferred power and authority to the local government units for self reliance. tertiary prevention 31. Provides technical and administrative supports to midwives c. Detect deviations from health b. When the community health nurse initiates community participation. a. Change agent d. Which of the following activities of CHN is directed towards optimum level of functioning? a. Detects deviation from health b. Primary prevention methods will best exemplified by: a. 34. Municipal Mayor b. The community health nurse as health educator/counselor. a. In lieu with her appointment. Health educator d. Ensure continuity of care to clients/patient d. The community health nurse as health monitor. nursing process 40. counselor 32. Community organization c. Knowledge of World Health Organization standards b. The community health nurse as a supervisor. a. Which of the following concepts in CHN is used to work with clients? a. is a newly appointed public health nurse for the newly created municipality of Cabalan. City mayor c. When the nurse formulates the municipal health plan in a community. Provides technical and administrative support to midwives c. Role model c. Provides technical and administrative supports to midwives b. she performs. Primary prevention c. Detects deviation from health b. Ensures continuity of care to clients/patient c. a. Provides nursing care to the community Situation: Ms Jenny A. Scientific method c. a. Senator representing the district 28. primarily prevention b. Prompt treatment d. Ensures continuity of care to clients/patient d. Role modeling c. a. Participate in development and distribution of IEC materials 38. Establishes rapport with clients b. Participates in development and distribution of IEC materials 35. The community health nurse as provider of care. Participates in development and distribution of IEC materials d. When the public health nurse conducts pre-marriage counseling or responsibility. Change agent d. she is performing her roles as a. coordinator b. she is performing the role of a. Health promotion 30. Jenna is Janica`s co worker as a community health nurse. Extension of benefits to client d. Who among the following appoints nursing personnel in the municipalities? a. Congressman o the district d. Ensures to continuity of care of clients/patient d. community health organizer 39. Participate in development and distribution of IEC materials 37. primary health care approach b. 27. implementing program of the DOH 29. Communicates with members of the health team d. The series of steps that the Public health Nurse takes in the planning and giving care to a patient or family is. Jacobson c. Tertiary level disease prevention b. Teaching the families to be self reliant c. a. This theorist explained the involvement of nurse’s initiative to configure environmental settings appropriate for the gradual restoration of the patient’s health. Maglaya d. a. Disease prevention is most effective if done in partnership with the: a. individual 51. WHO Expert Committee on Nursing b. Jacobson c. Family d. The theorist states that an individual is self-caring if he/she can manage effectively. People d. It is an aggregate of people who share common characteristics. To facilitate implementation of a CHN project. population group b. Available materials and supplies d. While health is a responsibility of the health department. Which of the following statement is correct? a. do a health assessment b. Family d. Health and illness have the same meanings in a homogeneous community d. and rehabilitation. Nightingale b. or role in the community. individual 52. Adolescence and adults d. a. Giving lectures in sex education to high school students is an example of: a. Community c. decision-making on health affairs should be made by the office of the mayor at the municipal level. A social group determined by geographical boundaries and/or common values and interests. a. WHO Expert Committee on Nursing b. Limited involvement of community members c. Clark 54. a. In the care of the Reyes family. Considered health of the family as goal c. a.41. Helping the families to cope with their problem 48. infant and children b. all ages regardless of status 46. Community Health Nursing (CHN) refers to utilization of the nursing process in the different levels of clientele concerned with the promotion of health. member of the health team 42. Utilized nursing as medium of care d. local government b. Roger d. educational status. Orem c. A person. Family d. a. All of the above 47. population group b. a. Community c. Helping the families identify their own problems b. Focuses on the family as the unit of care b. Roger d. Nightingale b. CHN is a learned practice discipline with the ultimate goal of contributing as individuals and in collaboration with others to the promotion to the client’s optimum level of functioning through teaching and delivery of care. Orem c. When promoting the health of the individuals. Older person or terminally ill c. Which age group should be the priority of the nurses in the community? a. organize the community 45. Given a community . Clark 53. a. family and community. Establish a registry of families c. b. Secondary level disease prevention d. the nurse can uplift the situation by herself c. this is defined by? a. Community c. regardless of age. One of the unique function of a PHN in family health nursing is: a. the family health nursing approach applied ideally. gender. Specific objectives with measurable output 44. Cognizant of the devolution of health service. population group b. Maglaya d. health promotion 49. The philosophy of CHN practice is based on the beliefs that the family is a smallest unit in a democratic society. Primary level disease prevention c. Conduct a community census d. Clear task and responsibilities of community members b. developmental stage or common exposure to particular environmental factors thus resulting in common helath problems. Barangay officials c. sick or well. the following are to be considered EXCEPT. it is much responsibility of the people themselves. prevention of disease and disability. individual 50. Teaching the families where to ask for help to solve their problem d. the first step to take by the CH nurse is. 43. Roy 55. Roy . Municipal mayor b. 9173 58. Social awareness d. The MILLENNIUM Development Goals are based on the fundamental values which include all of the following except: a. Which of the following is not managed by the city/municipal government with the devolution of health services? a. Participation of all member of the society . R. Senator representing the district 57. 2 and 3 b. A more accessible health program c. 2020 67. R. Health financing c. When was the devolution of health services enacted? a. 1989 d.A. solidarity b. 1990 b. 2015 b. Better health outcomes d. d. As a nurse. The Health Sector Reform Agenda (HSRA) has been implemented as the overriding goal of the DOH because all of the following conditions are still seen among the population. Exalt the health care management and service capabilities of local health facilities. Provider of quality health care system b. Low burden from infectious diseases c. health service delivery b. 7600 b. Ensure environmental 2.A. except: a.A. Which of the following is not an element of the FOURmula ONE for health? a. At what year are the Millennium Development Goals {MDGs} projected to be achieved? a. 2010 c. 7160 d. one should be thoroughly acquainted with the basic concepts concerning DOH. All of the following statements are goals of FOURmula ONE for Health but one. Burden of diseases is heaviest on the poor 64. City mayor c. 7432 c. b. what is primarily required? a. 61. Unattended emerging health risks from environmental and work-related factors d. Rural Health Unit 59. b. Proper budgeting and allocation of resources b. a. Equality c. Which one is incorrect? a. 56. It is regarded as the roadmap for all stakeholders in health. Health sector reform agenda 65. All of the following are the objectives for local health systems. It is the law that enacted the devolution of health services. 1988 c. 66. Enabler and capacity builder c. equitable health care financing 63. Reduce child mortality 4. Who among the following appoints nursing personnel in the municipalities< a. District hospitals c. Barangay health stations b. c. Encourage inter-LGU linkages and cost sharing schemes including local health care financing system for better utilization of local resources Situation: The Department of Health is mandated as lead agency in health. R. Promote gender equality a. respect for nature 68. Achieve universal primary education 3.A. Inaugurate local health system for effective and efficient delivery of health care services. In order for the MDGs to be achieve. R. Health reorientation d. 1 and 3 c. FOURmula ONE for health c. good governance Situation: Because of the ongoing change that exert a number of pressures on the public health system. all structures. National Health insurance program d. 1991 60. administrator of specific services 62. Leadership in health d. Which one is it? a. Hiring of skilled nurses that truly care for the public c. non-government organization (NGO) and communities in local health system development. National Objectives for Health 2005-2010 b. a. 2 and 4 69. 1 and 4 d. Health Centers d. personnel and budgetary allocations from provincial health level down to the barangays were devolved to the local government units to facilitate health service delivery. Slowing down in the reduction of infant mortality rate. Dissuade participation of the private sector. the millennium Development Goal{MDGs} have been put forward by the global community represented by the United nations General Assembly. More responsive health system b. Congressman of the district d.Situation: Under the law enacting the Devolution of Health Services. 2012 d. Which of the following Millennium Development Goals are not health or health-related? 1. Which of the following is not one of the three specific roles of DOH in the health sector? a. What was this vision? a. For a community to ne healthy must possess different characteristics.d. Strong and sustained support from the government and NGOs 70. (5 points) b. Give one activity that the Public Health Nurse functions in each role. Poverty reduction and sustainable development b. RN (Instructor) . Explain the diagram in five sentences. CHN as Provider Of Nursing Care CHN as Researcher CHN as Manager CHN as Leader CHN as Coordinator of Services COMMUNITY CHN as Change Agent CHN as Role Model Organizer CHN as Community CHN as Trainer and And Health Educator CHN as Health Mentor 2. In response to the changes in which public health systems operate the global community decided to adopt a common vision in September 2000. 1. Discuss briefly a healthy community. “we make our own destiny. Health promotion and disease prevention c. Fostering more inter-linkages and acquisition of more substantial support Test III. a. The diagram presented the roles and functions of the Public Health Nurse. make yours. Rowena S.” Prepared by: Ma. (10 points) . SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM: Answer as directed. Fortification of health services and expansion of coverage d. Dimapilis.
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