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CAMPRO ENGINE SPECIFICATION – PROTON ENGINE TECHNOLOGY ON SAGA, WAJA, SATRIA, PERSONA & GEN2By kdi • Dec 26th, 2008 • Category: ! DAILY LATEST INFO, PROTON CAMPRO engine is the combination name of Cam Profile engine developed by Proton with help from lotus technologies. Basically, Campro engine is just a normal engine which can be used with future latest technology like variable inlet and iafm. they claim that this engine provide more power and less fuel consumption. Recently, they have shown that what they claimed is true by winning the most fuel efficient family cars with Proton Persona. Even though the S4PH engine seems to be quite powerful at higher revs. There have been some issues with cracking oil pumps but apparently Proton have introduced a new part recently to solve this problem. CAMPRO Basic DOHC engine The basic Campro engine coded as S4PH is a basic DOHC 16-valve 1. This is the engine that powers the Proton Gen-2. A recall has not been announced.000 ~ 3. . its performance is reportedly sluggish at lower revs and this is proven by driving the Gen-2 uphill where drivers who drive the manual transmission version have to shift a lot between 2nd gear and 3rd gear.000 rpm operating range. Proton has produced the 1.CAMPRO ENGINE SPECIFICATION – PROTON ENGINE TECHNOLOGY ON SAGA. SATRIA.eliminating the need for friction-generating mechanical linkages and cables. where the torque actually decreases before picking up back to the maximum torque at 4. This torque characteristic can be clearly seen in manufacturer published engine performance curves. This is due to its torque dip in the crucial 2. The S4PH engine can be fitted with Cam Profile Switching (CPS) and Variable Inlet Manifold (VIM) technology.3 Litre version of the Campro engine. PERSONA & GEN2 All Campro engines incorporate with drive-by-wire technology (specifically electronic throttle control) for better response. WAJA.6 Litre engine.000 rpm of power and 148 N·m (109 ft·lbf) of torque.000 rpm. Besides this 1.6 L engine that produces 110 bhp (82 kW) @ 6. as they found this .000 to 3. which is more powerful than the other 1. not to be confused with the standalone IAFM used in the 2008 Proton Saga) to boost maximum power and improve the CPS engine’s torque curve over the standard DOHC Campro engine.4 mm. resulting the displacement of 1332 cc.000 rpm.3L rivals. Applications:2004 Proton Gen-2 2006 Proton Waja 2006 Proton Satria Neo 2007 Proton Persona Campro CPS and VIM engine The Campro CPS engine uses a variable valve lift system (Cam Profile Switching system) and a variable length intake manifold (VIM. The S4PE engine produces 94 bhp (70 kW) @ 6. Proton is using a longer intake manifold to achieve slower air flow. The engine’s Variable-length Intake Manifold (VIM) switches between a long intake manifold at low engine speeds and a short intake manifold at higher engine speeds.000 rpm and the torque of 120 N·m (89 ft·lbf) @ 4. resulting the displacement of 1598 cc. The bore x stroke dimensions for both engines are as follows:S4PH (1.6L): 76 x 88 mm.Another engine option for the basic DOHC engine is a 1.3L): 76 x 73. it also (like its bigger brother) displays a torque dip at typical engine speeds of 2.3L engine coded as S4PE.000 rpm. even with variable valve timing technology. S4PE (1. while the high lift cam profile is used when the engine is spinning at mid to high engine speeds improve peak horsepower and torque. The result is 127 horsepower (96kW) at 6. the bigger 1.500 rpm and 150Nm of torque at 4. One cam profile provides low valve lift.8L version has not yet debuted in any of Proton’s car (as on 30 April 2008) but rather made its first debut in a Malaysian-made hovercraft. Proton claims that there is better response and torque at low engine speeds of between 2000 – 2500 rpm.800 rpm. while the CPS system switches over at 3.500 rpm compared to the non-CPS Campro’s 110 horsepower (82kW) at 6. while the other cam profile has a high valve lift.8L version.6 Premium (CPS). Besides the 1. The Cam Profile Switching (CPS) system uses a trilobite camshaft to switch between two different cam profiles.6L version.promotes better mixing with fuel. VIM switches from the long to short runner at 4. The low valve lift cam profile is used at low to mid engine speeds to maintain idling quality and reduce emissions. and made its first Malaysian debut in the Proton Waja Campro 1. Applications:2008 Proton Gen-2 (H-line) 2008 Proton Waja What Is Campro IAFM engine? .000 rpm and 148Nm of torque at 4. The short intake manifold allows more air in faster.800 rpm. The new CPS engine first made its debut in the facelifted Proton GEN2 launched in Thailand. however. the Campro CPS engine is also available in 1. This is beneficial at high RPMs.000 rpm[2]. 2 N·m (83.500-3.3L IAFM mounted on a second generation Proton Saga. the IAFM differs from the VIM (Variable Inlet Manifold) for the Campro CPS engine in terms as follows:The IAFM is a stand-alone module that can be fitted with a basic DOHC Campro engine whereas the VIM needs to work in conjunction with the CPS system in a Campro CPS engine. the 1. developed under a joint fast track programme which began in April 2005 by EPMB. Applications:2008 Proton Saga 2008 Proton Gen-2 (M-line) 2008 Proton Persona . the official brochure is only published with the familiar 94 bhp (70 kW) @ 6.5 ft·lbf). The IAFM is operated by the engine vacuum while the VIM uses an ECU-controlled solenoid.A Campro 1. The Integrated Air-Fuel Module for the Proton Campro engine debuted in the secondgeneration Proton Saga. The maximum torque is slightly reduced to 113. the engine has broader torque range and the noticeable torque dip in the basic DOHC Campro engine has been eliminated. and the torque dip around 2.000 rpm power and 120 N-m @ 4.3L engine used in the Proton Saga now produces 98 bhp (73 kW) @ 6. which was launched on 18 January 2008.500 rpm.3L Proton models. and ever since then everyone has been eagerly awaiting for the first Campros to roll out with the new air fuel module.000 rpm torque for consistency with other 1. Bosch and Proton. Meanwhile.500 rpm of power and 148 N·m (109 ft·lbf) of torque.The Campro IAFM (Integrated Air-Fuel Module) is essentially a basic DOHC Campro engine equipped with a variable-length intake manifold.6L version of the IAFM engine which debuted in the 2008 Proton Gen-2 M-Line produces 110 bhp (82 kW) @ 6. However.500 rpm has been eliminated. the output of the 1. however. With the IAFM. However. We first heard of it back in October 2006 where it was still in advanced tooling stages. retaining the same powerplant and also eliminates the need to develop a completely different platform. 144V electric motor. for example at the traffic light. which is known as EVE system (Efficient. Full parallel hybrid technology – Combines the existing S4PH engine with a 30 kW. combined together with a 30 kW. like the Honda Civic Hybrid. Environmental) will be using the same S4PH engine as the one that powers the present gasoline version of the Gen-2. Proton and Lotus have announced their concept model of a Proton Gen-2 powered by a hybrid powerplant that uses the Campro engine. The main purpose of the hybrid powerplant system is to provide a hybrid system that can be retrofitted to existing models. lower emission (up to 22% carbon dioxide reduction) and better fuel . The EVE Hybrid System will have 3 key technologies:“Micro-hybrid” start-stop system – An integrated starter-alternator system is installed to switch off the engine automatically when the engine stops. The concept model was revealed during the 2007 Geneva Motor Show from 8 ~ 18 March 2007 The hybrid powerplant system. Unlike the IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) technology in the Civic Hybrid which uses a bulky NiMH battery pack. resulting in higher power (141 bhp combined). 144V electric motor. the EVE Hybrid system will use a Li-ion battery pack inside the engine bay.Hybrid Campro engine In March 2007. The engine will automatically restart when the gas pedal is depressed. higher torque (233 N-m combined). Viable. The system also includes regenerative braking system. Its represents true world class powertrain engineering. The combined power and torque for the powerplant system are as follows:Max power (gasoline engine only): 110 bhp (82 kW/112 PS) @ 6. low noise levels and above all.000 rpm Max power (combined): 141 bhp (105 kW/143 PS) @ 5. this engine grants PROTON complete vehicle design independence. Its breakthrough engine technology produces low fuel consumption. with low toxic emissions. high power response. highly economical maintenance of long service intervals. Major design objectives : .000 rpm Max torque (gasoline engine only): 148 N·m (109 ft·lbf) @ 4. and can even be produced to run on alternative fuels.500 rpm (limited to 180 N-m continuous) Proton will start commercializing their upcoming hybrid vehicles equipped with the EVE Hybrid System within 2010-2011 CAMPRO ENGINE SPECIFICATION BY PROTON Developed in partnership with Lotus Engineering. and a revolutionary step forward in engine manufacture.economy (up to 4. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) – The CVT system provides an infinite number of gear ratios for better efficiency.500 rpm Max torque (combined): 233 N·m (172 ft·lbf) @ 1. yet gives rapid.6 L/100 km[13]). Performance Technology ( CDA & CPS). whilst the Low profile offers fuel efficiency and low emissions. essentially combining the best characteristics of two different engines in one compact package. Piston. Design Protected for future Combustion Technology (AVT) . A High Lift cam profile improves maximum power.Space-saving transverse east-west direction engine installation . 2. whilst maintaining low fuel consumption. for optimised airflow into the engine. HOW CAMPRO CPS & VIM ENGINE WORKS Engines create power from combusting a mixture of fuel and air.Designed for long life of at least 10 years or 250. Ordinary engines have fixed rate of valve lift. Valve lift creates a gap to draw air into the combustion chamber. Diesel. and this gap influences the ratio of air in the mixture.Flexibility to use future technology (CPS & NGV) . but Cam Profile Switching gives variable valve lift.comply to future exhaust emission legislation requirement CAMPRO UNIQUE DESIGN FEATURES 1.80% recyclable to meet 2005 requirements .) CAMPRO CPS ENGINE TECHNOLOGY (CPS & VIM) The Campro engine utilizes two ingenious technologies to give high power and rapid response. Camshaft.. The short runner works with the high lift cams to re-tune the engine and generate more power at high speed. these technologies give the best if both worlds. Together. Low Emission (DI-NGV.Best performance in class .000 km . Cam Profile Switching (CPS) and Variable Intake Manifold (VIM) technology. . The usual reduction in peak torque caused by High Lift cams is corrected by the Long Runner. Modular Engine Design – Common Cylinder. IAFM (Integrated Air Fuel Module) The CAMPRO engine is now enhanced with a new air intake management system – the Intergrated Air Fuel Module (IAFM) technology. the Short Runner takes over to supply more air for combustion. It helps the engine “breathe” better at offer you the best of both worlds – greater fuel efficiency at low speeds and better performance at high speeds. air will drawn through the Long Runner manifold. (10) . And the basic dohc engine is now better than the other VVT engine in its class such as Proton Saga VS Perodua Myvi engine which have similar engine displacement but Proton Saga engine has better performance than the VVT engine in Perodua Myvi. At high speeds. ======================= So there are a completely described Proton Campro Engine which is actually a basic DOHC engine that can work with latest variety of technologies. NEO. Related car facts • • • • • PROTON WAJA CPS OR PERSONA ELEGANCE? (26) MALAYSIAN CAR – PROTON 0-100 KM/H ACCELERATION VIDEO (18) COLLECTION OF PROTON PICKUP TRUCK – ARENA. thorough mixing of air with fuel. EXORA. The resulting slower air flow allows more efficient. (1) PROTON WAJA CPS VS PROTON WAJA CAMPRO. Variable intake Manifold technology intelligently changes the rate of “breathing” according to the engine speed. Be it a short one to the shops or a cross-state roadtrip. every drive will be one you’ll enjoy. faster. At low speed.Air is supplied to the valves by the engine’s intake manifold. WAJA & GEN2 (8) SUPER CHEAP CHINESE CARS ARE UNDER ATTACK BY PROTON BEFORE THEY EVEN REACH AUSTRALIA. SAGA. Gen2. HOW CAMPRO CPS & VIM ENGINE WORKS. sbb akupernah jumpa kes2 injector tsumbat je …. Saga. 2010 at 4:50 pm GEN2 SPEED BAGUS BILA RPM 4-5 RIBU…TAPI PICKUP NAK MELOMPAT TU TAK BERAPELAH…DESIGN MEMANG BEAUTY…… PEKENA RIM KROM 16 SPORT SPRING…MANTOP…TAPI MEMANG TAK DINAFIKAN LE PART TU AGAK MAHAL SIKIT…BILA DATANG BULAN JE GEN2 AKU…SIAP…SAKIT JUGA…. campro SPECIFICATION. most fuel efficient.INFO everyday for FREE! Bookmark us & Visit KDI everyday! 115 Responses to “CAMPRO ENGINE SPECIFICATION – PROTON ENGINE TECHNOLOGY ON SAGA. buat compression test …. last sekali buat top overhaul atau full overhaul …. bli keta murah klu dia buat hal rase mcm nak trade in.651 Get Cool Car "INFO" @ Kereta. ON. VIM. IAFM. SATRIA. engine performance curves.«12All 1. petrol filter. hybrid Campro engine. WAJA.. diagnostic .. satria. engine. aku cadangkan ko check balik semua basic komponen dulu mcm air filter. hybrid. Proton Saga VS Perodua Myvi. sensor2 …. 2010 at 4:20 pm ok lah tu.. 3. proton campro.. Cam Profile Switching. campro. nua says: December 28. 2010 at 11:58 am aloyGen : ko tukar flywheel GTi takkan improve performance kete ko ….. CPS. persona.Tagged as: Basic DOHC. CamPro engine.. MrSiber says: December 29. klu dah beli keta mahal kalau dia buat hal plk mcm mane rase … 2.. GEN2LAK says: December 28.. PROTON ENGINE TECHNOLOGY. PERSONA & GEN2” Page 2 of 2« First. Waja | All posts by kdi 30. .apa tanda2 engine perlu di overhaul? tq in advance 7. aloyGen says: January 27.ckp ok ….agak2 apa yg patut aku tukar so engine akan sentiasa dlm keadaan tip top… perlu overhaul ke? engine memang tip top sknrng cumaa takut tetiba jer ada major part breakdown….hihihi…erm….ada ker kes gen2 injector tersumbat nie…mcm mn nk tau injector tersumbat?.. 2011 at 11:51 am Mrsiber. owner lama org tua so drive perlahan dgn rpm x pernah cecah 3000rpm …… habis berkeladak intake dan exzos port …. biasa aku cabut injector ngan fuel rail dan test crank …… drp situ kita bole nampak injector mana yg tak tembak cantik ….. 2011 at 11:45 am aloyGen : kete baru pun klu enjin dah teruk mmg top/full overhaul je la ubat nya ….. performance drop teruk …… 4.?cz org ckp gen2 kedarah minyak…. klu enjin ok tp minyak kuat tu kadang2 kne tengok balik cara memandu …..L. ada gak kes beli kete2nd …. 2011 at 10:59 am thanks mr siber…xkan la keta aku dah kena top overhoul….. MrSiber says: .korang ada test f/c x gen2 korang…brape leh dpt untuk 100km/….cz aku sllu long distance ngan gen2…ok jer… 5.. klu tersumbat kat nozzle payah sket la …. MrSiber says: January 27. gen2lama says: January 27. biar sehari dua … pasang balik dan test …. kadang filter belakang injector je tersumbat …. rupa2nya enjin dah berkerak …. klu semua owner Gen2 ckp minyak kuat boleh la percaya …. paling teruk aku jumpa kes terlalu percaya minyak fully sintetik …. apa ko ble buat ialah … beli injector cleaner dan rendam keempat2 injector dlm botol …. 6.aku pakai gen2 x de la kedarah sngt. bg pendapat skit…gen2 aku lebih 300k km dah…. dibantainya guna sampai setahun bru teringat nk tukar minyak enjin …. . 2011 at 12:21 pm sensor yg mana yek?…boleh bg gambaran tk? fungsi dia?…. MrSiber says: January 27. ni kira bukan suke2 buat overhaul … tp utk dapatkan balik efficiency asal sesuatu enjin tu …. apa yg perlu ko prepare ialah sensor TDC dan crank angle …. tp malaysia x wajibkan …. jadi masa masuk gear reverse. full overhaul setiap 150. pasal kete aku ni 100% service sc…. sensor tu satu kat atas valve cover satu lagi kat bawah oil sump bersebelahan gearbox …. kete x bleh start….. gen2 ni memanag kuda abuat p keje. kat sebelah je … ada sensor kaler hitam ….000km …. kita buat utk performance dan FC je … kawan aku ada kenal satu staff proton yg buat part time overhaul enjin ni … klu ko berminat aku bole mintak contact no mamat ni … tp rege ko nego le sket ngan .ada sekali sensor kt sebelah gear box kong. bila sensor tu kong.. ko spare spana ring saiz 8mm dlm kete …. bushing suspension plak camna yek?…rasa nak tukar semua. berapa banyak bushing yg ada & anggaran kos?. ko tengok ke kabel plug cyl no 4 …. 2011 at 12:55 pm bila buka cover plastik (klu jenis yg ada cover la) kita nampak kabel plug …. apa kesan kalau kita just suka2 nak buat overhaul?…memang dalama kepala naka buat jer. 8. apa2hal klu dia mati kat tengah2 jalan ko boleh tukar sendiri …. balik kg. sebenarnya modal nk full overhaul campro ni tak tinggi … ni adalah kelebihan enjin ni … so mekanikal enjin dalam keadaan tiptop …. pastu dulu tiap2 minggu melenjan kl – batu pahat. 3 tahun lebih dah masuk NGV. lagi satu kat bawah enjin kan ada ooil sump (takung minyak enjin) sensor lagi satu tu melekat kat situ …. radiator memang sentiasaa check takut prob. ada suggestion tak mana2 workshop boleh buat proper?…sebenarnya aku prefer antara proton sc.. 9.. gen2lama says: January 27.rasa macam dah keras la…kekadang ada bunyi skit bila langgar lubang.January 27. kebanyakkan negara maju menetapkan emmision level sbg control utk insuran dan road tax ….sensor tu ker?. 2011 at 11:58 am gen2lama : dah jauh jalan tu … dulu kebanyakkan kete sewa aku Gen2 1st model …. fungsi utk timing firing spark plug dan injector petrol …. 2011 at 5:22 am . MrSiber says: January 27. paling teruk pun lower arm … rege baru x pasti ….honda legend 3. mmg ok …. MUNGKIN KALAU CIRI-CIRI PEMANDUAN LOTUS TU BOLEHLAH DAPAT 4 BINTANG. klu x silap sebelah dlm 60-70 10. jalut says: March 19. air bag. nua says: January 27.goood. gen2lama says: January 27. PENJUAL@ROTI@BURGER@YG@SEDAP says: January 27. 2011 at 1:41 pm RASANYA BERAPA BINTANG JAAH CIRI-CIRI KESELAMATAN YANG PROTON BOLEH DAPAT NI… ADA AIRBAGS KE PROTON NI.5 v6 ngv?…WOWOOW……. 14. itu bunyi biasanya bunyi absorber link je ….5 tapi jimat….sedan 3..HAHAHAH. TAPI SETAHU AKU PROTON TAKDA AIRBAGS?? SO MUNGKIN BOLEH DAPAT 4 BINTANG JAHHLAH.5 v6 ngv dia …. 2011 at 1:00 pm gen2Lama : aku dah jumpa minyak petronas utk NGV …. body keras.. TAK MACAM BMW. 2011 at 1:52 pm thnk mr siber…ptg ni gak tukar itu absorber link & lower arm…...dia sbb aku x kenal …. sebatang dlm 30 …. customer aku dah guna kat honda legend 3. handling je …tp daya tahan hentak jugak dia ambil kira..5 STAR CIRI2 KESELAMATAN… 12. 11.mcm bmw tu kira logic lah dpt 5 bintang. 13. 2011 at 1:51 pm nak dpt bintang ni bukan dari break abs. aku baru pakai campro cps.salam mr siber…nak tanya la. lain2 maintain std … modal x abis 200 Page 2 of 2« First. jalut : paling simple dan low cost ….memang best.. ko potong catalytic converter ….dah lebih seribu km...apa yg aku patut buat utk tambah perfomance?maksud aku buat yang minor2 je...blm cukup pulus nak tukar enjin. 2011 at 2:46 am aku tengok legend tu mmg nampak ganas ….. rim 21″ tayar lebar giler ….aku dah try bawak jauh. mcm citer mat salleh us lak ….«12All . MrSiber says: March 20. letas satu paip sama diameter ngan exzos dan guna drop-in performance ait filter ….. so aku bole mimpi je la ….. tp tengok cc takut road tax mahal …...masa potong..huhu.rpm4 ke 5 je…mcm vtec… 15.
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