Bloom Electricity

March 18, 2018 | Author: Mahendhar Reddy | Category: Fuel Cell, Battery (Electricity), Fuels, Sustainable Technologies, Physical Universe



The Bloom ElectricityContents  Introduction  What is Bloom box?  How does it work?  Power capacity  Who invented?  Costs  Present customers  Advantages  Challenges  Conclusion  References . Introduction  Bloom Energy has created an innovative technology that can change the way the world generates and consumes electricity Conventional Power distribution Bloom Energy Box . . Bloom Energy says its power-plant-in-a-box produces clean energy at low cost for homeowners eventually to generate their own electricity. skinny batteries that use oxygen and fuel to create electricity with no emissions  made of sand that is baked into diskette-sized ceramic squares and painted with green and black ink .What is the Bloom Box?  a collection of fuel cells.  The fuel cells are stacked into brick-sized towers sandwiched with metal alloy plates  The Bloom Box consists of these fuel cell stacks that are housed in a refrigerator-sized unit . and no power lines .How does it work?  Oxygen is drawn into one side of the unit. no combustion. bio-fuel. and fuel (fossil-fuel. or even solar power can be used) is fed into the other side  The two combine within the cell and produce a chemical reaction that creates energy with no burning. CH4 (fuel ) . A few stacks. together about the size of a brick. the cells are sandwiched.  For more power..Power Capacity  Each Bloom Energy fuel cell is capable of producing about 25W.. enough to power a light bulb. . along with metal interconnect plates into a fuel cell "stack". is enough to power an average home. Sridhar reversed his Mars machine. pumping oxygen in. K.R Sridhar who is working at NASA for Space research Operations  The device was originally invented to produce oxygen on Mars but when NASA scrapped the Mars mission. instead of making oxygen .Who invented???  Bloom Box is the invention of Indian scientist Mr. 000.Costs  The current cost of 100 kW Bloom Box is $700.000– 800. Sridhar hopes cost of each home sized Bloom box to under $3000. .But In the mass production of home-sized units.  The capital costs according to NewsWeek magazine is $7–8 per watt. FedEx (FDX).Present Customers o According to Sridhar that first 100 kW Bloom Energy box were planted to Google head office in July 2008. o Other customers with operating Bloom Boxes are Wal-Mart (WMT). o These companies quietly purchased Bloom Boxes and have been using them to produce part of their electricity for about 18 months. and Staples (SPLS). . Advantages  It does not have transmission and distribution loss.  It is modular redundant architecture with hot swappable technology. .  Availability.  Thermal stress.  Making the ceramic tile reliable. .Challenges  Cost. but also in homes in Africa. India. "power to the people" will have real meaning .Conclusion  Sridhar has ambitious goals for his Bloom Box. and China  when the price of the refrigerator size bloom boxes drops enough for any village to afford one. planning not only to place it in every American home in 10 years. csmonitor.References  222/Bloom-box-what-it-is-and-how-does-it-work.   http://www. .bloomenergy.
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