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PROPOSAL FOR CCTV AND ACCESS CONTROL SECURITYSYSTEM Project Information Dear Sir/Ma, Project Details Prepared By Date Contact Person 1.0 Proposal for CCTV and Access Control Security System e-Solutions Limited 15th June, 2015 Mr. Ikechi Enogwe Suite B35 & B36, Second Floor, New Banex (Vina) Plaza Plot 471, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT Tel: 07030352299, 08066030472, 08184340847 Email: [email protected] Website: About e-Solutions Limited e-Solutions Limited is a registered Electronic Security and ICT company equipped with creative multi-talented Technology Experts. Our services include: Security Surveillance Systems Digital CCTV System IP CCTV (LAN & Wireless) CCTV Remote View Access Control & Automation Systems Access Control (Card & Biometrics) Biometrics Time Attendance Gate Automation (Swing & Slide Gates) Turnstile and Traffic Barrier Door Automation (Swing & Slide Gates) Intruder Alarm system. As a complete technology team, we simply evaluate our clients’ businesses and recommend the best technology solutions that will deliver reliable and effective results. We guarantee you complete satisfaction. Suite B35 & B36, New Banex (Vina) Plaza, Plot 741, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria | Telephone: 07030352299, 08066030472 | E-mail: [email protected] | www. New Banex (Vina) Plaza. 1. The NVR is a robust NVR with Network features that support remote viewing. 2. we considered what we really want to monitor and record. One of our considerations is: appearance and facial features of people and detailed images of vehicles (make. The cameras are high resolution 1. The camera has many useful functions. | www. 2. EQUIPMENT SELECTION Telephone: 07030352299. including WDR. Wuse 2. Nigeria | 4. They are practically insensitive to overexposure and underexposure in fragments of an image. Aminu Kano Crescent. Cameras These Cameras are sensitive with high resolution 2 MEGAPIXEL and control of auto-iris lens with day/night capability. caused both by direct or reflected light. Suite B35 & B36. The Access control system is an electronic device that can be installed on existing and new doors.3mega pixel cameras.0. the average resolution in IP category. 08066030472 | E-mail: info@e-solutionsservices. remote storage.they are being blackened). SENSE-UP noise reduction.0 INSTALLATION SUMMARY The installation plan for Abia State Government House is designed with the intention to proffer total security solution.Security System for Abia State Government House 1. motion detection and a CMS.2.1 DESIGN GUIDELINES Before we started the design of a system for Abia State Government House. This helps to monitor and restrict access to sensitive areas and mostly entry and exit doors. EQUIPMENT SELECTION 3. We guarantee you complete satisfaction.0 INSTALLATION REQUIREMENT Cameras installed in various locations are high resolution super cameras with IR lens for day and night recording and options to record with motion detection features. The Cameras comes with Super Wide Dynamic sensor / High Lum Cancel function (elimination of overexposed places . 3. 3. 1. color and registration number). These cameras belong to the group of the most advanced cameras using Wide Dynamic Pixim image sensors. control where individuals are able to gain access and manage individual user permissions to ensure that access is granted to the correct individual. Features One of the universal camera brands that fulfill all that requirements is Bevitro US.1. e-solutionsservices. HLC. low Illumination WDR.0. Abuja. Plot . The image will enable to distinguish details both in bright and dark areas. and strong backlight. Bi-directional audio support • Intelligent video analytics Key features • 2 Megapixel HD Resolutions • Max. Wuse 2.BVTModel Number Model Number BVT-2020G Fixed Camera Fixed Camera Key features • 2 Mega Pixel Resolutions • Max. Suite B35 & B36. 08066030472 | E-mail: info@e-solutionsservices. 28x digital zoom • H. Plot 741. Abuja.5mm (2. MPEG-4. SD memory. IP66. Bidirectional audio support Model Number BVT-6470D NVR Specification • Up to 64CH. 5 HDDs • HDMI/VGA local monitor • e-SATA storage supported • DVD-RW We guarantee you complete satisfaction. 2M (1920 x 1080) resolution • 16 : 9 Full HD (1080p) resolution support • 3 ~ 8. PoE. MJPEG.264.8x) motorized varifocal lens • H. New Banex (Vina) Plaza. IK10. 30(25)fps at 960p resolution • 3. Aminu Kano Crescent.32mm (28x) optical zoom. 3MP supported • H.264. MJPEG dual codec. Defog • SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot • Multi-crop streaming • IR LED (20ea). Nigeria | Telephone: 07030352299.264. MJPEG multiple codec • Multiple streaming • PoE .com | www.69 ~ 44. e-solutionsservices. MPEG-4 multiple codec • 64Mbps network camera recording • Max. Multiple streaming • Audio / Face / Motion detection • Simple Focus. True Day & Night (ICR) • UPnP. Abuja. The information in data sheets may be misleading (e. 5.000 fingerprint .100. insufficient for the surveillance purpose. we took into account:  Maximum (prospective) number of channels (up to 64 channel)  Recording speed . Nigeria | Telephone: 07030352299.0.H.important for the identification of people and license numbers of vehicles  Ability to define user accounts with multiple access levels  Protection of selected recordings against overwriting  Recording triggered by Motion Detection and external signals provided to alarm inputs  Possibility of archiving via USB interface  Type of video output to the monitor (the best choice is HDMI)  Remote view and reliable network operation  Easy access to recordings  Support for multiple hard drives . VIDEO RECORDING Another step in designing a CCTV system is selecting a reliable NVR for live monitoring. ACCESS CONTROL EQUIPMENT SELECTION FOR SSAGS WARRI FLB Device Access Control BVTAccess Controller & Magnetic Lock Key features . Durable and highly accurate optical sensor .1 touch a-second user recognition .Stores 3.g.0.important for the cameras located at the entry and the exit of the station  720p Recording resolution . recording and to play back the recorded video from the cameras. Wuse 2. | www. New Banex (Vina) Plaza. Aminu Kano Crescent.264 significantly reduces disk space usage.4. Plot 741.000 transactions .Reads Fingerprint and/or Card .Optional integrated smart card reader .Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports .Tamper-proofs switch and alarm outputs .Request-to-exit and alarm contacts .Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers Magnetic Lock Features Working Voltage:DC12V/24V input Working Current:500mA/250mA Holding Force 300kg We guarantee you complete satisfaction.essential for a large archive of recordings  Type of compression method . whereas 25 fps is available only in CIF resolution). Suite B35 & B36. Very important feature of the NVR is the recording speed at the desired image . 720p resolution may apply to the recording speed of 4 fps. 08066030472 | E-mail: info@e-solutionsservices. In choosing a NVR. New Banex (Vina) Plaza. all in all our BVTccess systems work to safe guard personnel and equipment. Suite B35 & B36. If in an event the Card/biometric reader is damaged for forceful entry. weekly or monthly Comes with a power backup up of 5hrs Can be connected to a PC for live Monitoring Can store up to 100. Aminu Kano Crescent. The Controller is backed up in real-time in on-board. An access control system is the most effective way to protect your business. System Features 1) 5 hours backup power supply 2) Time attendance module integrated 3) LAN enabled 4) Dual Authentication reader (RFID & Fingerprint) 5) Intrusion alarm configurable 6) Biometrics & Pin Pad Entry / Biometrics & Pin Pad Exit We guarantee you complete satisfaction. e-solutionsservices. serves to restrict unauthorized persons from roaming around your building. Plot 741. ensures staff members only have access to areas of the building granted to them and works to generate movement and time keeping reports. While an access control systems main duty is to restrict access to unauthorized persons and grant access to others. Pin pad & RFID Cards. Fingerprints. verification.authentication method i. Special Features The control panel supports biometric verification reader and Wiegand reader. the door remains locked because authentication details are stored on the MASTER controller and not on the SLAVE Card/biometric device that reads cards or fingerprints for user entry.000 event logs 5. Stores 3. 5.1. controller continues to operate if network connection is interrupted.e.2. What's more the system can be over-ridden for special events and in times of emergency so people can get out of the building through their nearest exit. Wuse 2. You can print entry reports – daily. All reader operations are executed from the control panel including storage.BVTAccess is our access control system that helps you manage on site security and gives you control over who can access the doors in your building and at what . cards & fob to open the door. Re-register the fingerprints is not required when replacing the reader.3. data is preserved if power is lost. You can either use fingerprints. The Pros to installing and BVTAccess system         Reliable multi. BVTAccess also allows you to monitor your staff whereabouts and time keeping.000 fingerprint Onboard data backup If cards or fobs get lost they can be deactivated and | www. Nigeria | Telephone: 07030352299. Abuja. 5. 08066030472 | E-mail: info@e-solutionsservices. etc. Homes and other facilities is very important. Abuja. OUR PROMISE Our cutting edge is to provide sophisticated state of the art technology to enhance security and monitoring. Security of Lives and properties is becoming more crucial by the day.6. New Banex (Vina) . It is in view of this that we are introducing to you our reliable Electronic Security and Automation Services (CCTV Surveillance. Access Control & Automation) in order to complement your existing security outfit. WHY CHOOSE US AS YOUR SECURITY PARTNER     We offer up to 2 years warranty on some of our products We have the required skills and man power We have a track record of proven business Integrity Our products are of improved quality with latest technology We look forward to your kind patronage yours faithfully. it is however. 6.1. Ikechi Enogwe Manager We guarantee you complete satisfaction. Aminu Kano Crescent. Suite B35 & B36. with crime rates soaring higher. We provide strategic security solutions and offer individualized attention to fulfill customer’s current and future need.0. Nigeria | Telephone: 07030352299. 08066030472 | E-mail: info@e-solutionsservices. Wuse | www. e-solutionsservices. obvious that the need to secure our offices. Plot 741.
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