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Business Ethics & Corporate GovernanceProgram Credit Course Code : PGPM : 3 : SL GM 602 Class of Sessions : 2012 : 30 Fourth Semester AIM The course aims to provide a brief background of ethical, moral and value based issues in evaluation of society and its impact on business relationship. Learning Outcomes 1. Explain the concept of ethics, moality, values and utilise them to solve typical real life business problems. 2. Demonstrate the ethical perspectives in different functional department of the organisation such as marketing, finance, strategy and ethical issues at workplace. . !naly"e the different approaches of #orporate $ocial %esponsibility &#$%' and discuss the current #$% practices in (ndia as well as abroad. ). #ompare the different *lobal #orporate *overnance models and assess the change in *overnance mechanism over the period of time. +. %ate different organisations as per the different #orporate *overnance rating models. ,. Discuss the recommendations of different committee reports as well as different clauses and acts regarding #orporate *overnance mechanism R F R !C "##$S -usiness Ethics and #orporate *overnance #orporate *overnance /rinciples, 0echanisms 2 /ractice -usiness Ethics 2 #orporate *overnance %&'(#R ) P&"L*C%'*#! !.# .ernando $wamy Dr. /artha $arathi, -i"tantra 2111 (ndian Text Edition !n (ndian /erspective 3 !. #. .ernando 3 /earson Education -usiness Ethics4 #oncepts and #ases $ixth 0anuel *. 5elas6ue" Edition -usiness Ethics 0anaging corporate citi"enship and sustainability in the age of globalisation 7 $econd Edition -usiness Ethics 2 #orporate *overnance #orporate *overnance -usiness < *overnance 2 $ustainability !ndrew #rane, Dirk 0atten 7 8xford 9niversity /ress (9/ T .:. $atheesh ;umar 7 8xford 9niversity /ress, 2111 The (nstitute of #ompany $ecretaries of (ndia &Taxmann', 2111 %etributive =ustice 2 #ompensatory =ustice. Carroll1s Four Part Model. Managing "usiness thi+s4 Organisation & its Customers : /roducts safety 2 liability. :egative right. 0eta Ethics. . *ndi+es for CSR: "usiness in n2ironment 3"* 4 *nde5. 6o7 8ones Sustaina.Detailed Syllabus &nderstanding thi+s: 0orality. #orporate %aiders 3 #ompany >aw take over code Cor-orate Go2ernan+e Ratings : "usiness 5+ellen+e %7ards Cor-orate Go2ernan+e in *ndia4 #orporate form in (ndia post independence and post liberalisation 73 #((. #hild labor in #oca (ndustry7 Obesity Concerns: Burger Kings Product Revanges. '. $atyam. duality of the roles of #hairman 2 #E8. Aorldcom. 0inority (nvestor /rotection. Environment and social impact of pro=ects. $tructure.ohlberg 0odel. :arayanamoorthy. 8wnership pattern 3 (ssues in managing public limited firms 3 !gency problems. child labour. -oard composition. discrimination at work place !ffirmative action. >egal right. *illigan 0odel . sub=ectivism. Ethics in 0arketing. thi+al Leadershi-4 /ersonal (ntegrity and self development 3 wisdom based leadership. "usiness of Mohammad 9unus. . #onsumer %ights 2 #onsumer protection !ct Organisation & its employees : Ethical issues. Organisation & natural Environment: Environment /rotection !cts. %+0erman1s Model. deontological ethics 2 Ethics by virtue' . :on #onse6uential Ethics of %ights 4 0oral %ight. /ositive %ight.Ethics of ?ustice 4 Distributive ?ustice. ?apan and .*nde5. 0oney laundering . product information."en+hmar0ing Model. Employees responsibility in the organisation. relativism. Cor-orate So+ial Res-onsi.umaramangalam. @ampel %eport and 8E#D #ommittee %ecommendations 3 $8B !ct. 5ternal Cor-orate Go2ernan+e Me+hanism4 Emerging role of %egulators in (ndia. 0ultiple $takeholder theory. !dvertisement 2 regulations. Com-le5it/ of thi+al *ssues: #onflicts in decision making from ethical and economic point of view7 Ethical Dilemma4 Prisoner1s 6ilemma 7 $olving ethical dilemma 0anagerial integrity and decision making with special reference to bribery. ?? (rani #ommittee reports 3 >egal and %egulatory #hanges 3 introduction and modification of #lause )E. code of conduct. London Grou. .inance and business Ethics in global contexts. *nternal Cor-orate Go2ernan+e Me+hanism: -oard of DirectorsC . Ethics of care 3 >aw and morality4 . #orporate frauds &Enron. !pplied Ethics.unctional #ommittees of -oardD #ode of conduct.ilit/ Grou.rance'7 #laims of 5arious $takeholders 7 Ahy governance 3 #hanges in eighties 7 #adbury %eport. -##(. 7 #orporate governance in practice in (ndia under (ndian #ompanies act. @istory of #orporate form and models 7 #orporate 8b=ectives and goals. $ocial responsibility of business4 debates for and against.E0! 2 #ompetition act Cases ! Dent in Aal 0artFs public (mage7 The /% $trategy #hina !viation 8ilFs #ollapse4 $ingapore (:#Fs challenges. *ate keepers. 2oluation of Cor-orate Go2ernan+e:. *lobal and :ational /erspectives 3 *lobal #orporate *overnance models 7 !nglo !merican and %elationship model &*ermany. Ahistle blower protection act. reinforcing and structuring ethics in organisation. green marketing. Traditional Ethical Theories 4 #onse6uential . :ormative Ethics& Telelogical Ethics. :aresh #handra. .antian %ight 2 #ategorical (mperative . 'omorro7 *nde5. . %ole of (nstitutional (nvestors. mandatory and voluntary re6uirements with special references to various committees and disclosure norms. numbers and types of directors.ilit/: Trusteeship concept of 0ahatma *andhi. stewardship concept. wages etc. (ntellectual /roperty %ight !cts . Ethics 2 value4 Ethical absolutism. sustainable development. to Aord . Vol. II. IBSPCD -hopal *as Tragedy Source: BECG Main Reference Book Suggested S+hedule of Sessions Topic 9nderstanding Ethics 0anaging -usiness Ethics #orporate $ocial %esponsibility #omplexity of Ethical (ssues Ethical >eadership Evaluation of #orporate *overnance (nternal #orporate *overnance mechanisms External #orporate *overnance 0echanisms #orporate *overnance %atings #orporate *overnance in (ndia 'otal 30 1 1 G No of Sessions /D.Source: Case Studies for Managers.
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