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3/16/13 ARS - NET Previous Questions - Agricultural Biotechnology ~ Biology Exams 4 UBiology Exams 4 U Biology Exam Preparation Portal. Preparing with U 4 ur exams... HOME ABOUT US EXAMS SYLLABUS MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BIOLOGY NOTES PRACTICE TEST BOOKS BIOLOGY PPTS GLOSSARY IMAGES VIDEOS RESOURCES CONTACT US TRESemmé India Get exclusive backstage experience at Mercedes Benz fashion week! Ads by Google ► DNA Genetic ► DNA Cloning ► DNA Tests ► Plasmid DNA Translate ARS - NET Previous Questions - Agricultural Biotechnology Select Language Pow ered by Translate Genome Sequencing Service Sequence your entire Genome with Amplicon Express. Content Search Search Follow Us ARS-NET Exam Exam News DBT-BET-JRF Exam - April 21, 2013 1. Which of the following pairs are anomers? SAT Biology E/M - Exam Dates (May 4 & Jun 1/2013) a) Ribose and Ribulose NEET-UG Exam Date- May 5, 2013 b) Glucose and mannose AP Biology Exam - Exam Dates (May 2013) c) Pyruvate lactate JNU Combined Biotechnology Entrance - May 21, d) α-D-glucose and β-D-glucose 2013 2. Hybridoma technology is used in the produc on of CSIR UGC NET JRF (June 2013) Apply Online International Biology Olympiad (July 16 &18/ 2013) a) mRNA b) Monoclonal serum Ads by Google c) Monoclonal an bodies ► Synthesis of DNA d) Polyclonal an bodies ► Cheap DNA Tests ► Download Free Books 3. For mitochondrial structure and func on mt-DNA specifies Popular Posts a) 10% Difference between prokaryotic and b) 20% eukaryotic cells c) 30% d) 40% ARS - NET Previous Questions - 4. Which of the following reagent is useful for visualizing DNA? Agricultural Biotechnology a) Uracil b) DNA polymerase Books to refer for CSIR-UGC-NET-JRF Exam 1/5 Between mito c divisions. Submi t the cell is in a) G0 Select Ur Exam b) G1 c) G2 IBO d) S phase CSIR-UGC-NET-JRF DBT-BET-JRF 7.UUSVQRyNlYc 2/5 . The organelle that func ons in the breakdown of cells and ssues is the a) Episomes b) Mitochondrion c) Centrosomes d) Lysosomes Biology Exams 4 U 9. “9+2” describes the basic structure of which of the following one a) chromosome b) Basal body Follow by Email c) Chloroplast d) Flagellum Email address..html#. Most plant cells are surrounded by a rigid c cell wall made primarily of GATE-Biotech/ Life Sciences GRE-Biology/ Biochemistry a) Monosaccharides b) Pec n ICAR-ARS-NET c) Chi ns ICMR-JRF d) Polysaccharides IFS NEET 8. Endoplasmic re culam Like 176 people like Biology Exams 4 U.NET Previous Questions . Bacculoviruses pow ered by a) RNA viruses b) DNA viruses c) Both a and b U R Visitor No www. Homologous pairs line up along equatorial plane during Difference between Light a) Anaphase II Microscope and Electron b) Metaphase I Microscope c) Telophase d) Interphase Difference between reducing and non-reducing sugars 6.biologyexams4u.3/16/13 ARS .Agricultural Biotechnology ~ Biology Exams 4 U c) Diphenylamine (Syllabus wise) d) Ethidium bromide 5. a) Is found only in animals b) is a system of membrane bound channels c) is called rough if mitochondria is a ached to it d) is a site of ATP produc on 10.. The func on of nucleus includes Search a) Cellular respira on b) Synthesis of proteins Search c) Housing the hereditary informa on d) Synthesis of carbohydrates BE4U Channel 12. 3/16/13 ARS .NET Previous Questions . Secondary metabolites like an bio cs are not essen al for a) Log phase growth b) Exponen al growth c) Both a and b d) None of these 14. State which of the following is not a desired characteris c of a vector? a) Unique restric on site b) Large Size c) Gene that confer an bio c resistance d) Autonomous replica on 19. Which of the following chemical is used for prepara on of competent cell? a) HCl b) NaCl c) CaCl2 3/5 . Which of the following vector is suitable for DNA sequencing a) EMBL b)PBR 322 c) M 13 d) Lambda 16. During which process. Francis Jacob and Monod Proposed a) Lock and Key Hypothesis b)Gene for Protein Synthesis c) Operon Synthesis d) Gene for protein synthesis 18.Agricultural Biotechnology ~ Biology Exams 4 U d) None of the above 276645 13. the free end of the chromosome moves from Hfr donor in to the F cell across an intracellular bridge called piles a) Transforma on b) Transduc on c) Conjuga on d) All of these 17. Which of the following is a carrier hosts for new genes? a) EcoRI b) Bacteriophages c) Nucleus d) Transplanted Organs 20. The restric on enzymes useful to the molecular biologist belongs to a) Type I b) Type II c) Type III d) Type IV 15. biologyexams4u. b) Type II 15. b) Metaphase I Refer Post: Meiosis 6. d) Flagellum Refer Post: Flagella 11. d) α-D-glucose and β-D-glucose Refer Post: Carbohydrates c) Conjuga on Refer Post: Conjuga on 17. d) Poly saccharides Refer Post: Cell wall 8. c) Operon Synthesis 18. b)DNA viruses 13. c) Monoclonal an bodies Refer Post: Monoclonal an bodies 3.3/16/13 ARS . b) G1 Refer Post:Cell Cycle 7. d) Ethidium bromide Refer Post:DNA 5. a) 10% Refer Post: mt-DNA 4.Agricultural Biotechnology ~ Biology Exams 4 U d) Glycine Answers 1.html#. c) M 13 16. d) Lysosomes Refer Post: Lysosomes 9.NET Previous Questions . b) Large Size 19.NET Syllabus www. c) CaCl2 Learn more: Notes MCQs Videos ARS-NET Previous Ques on Papers Books to refer for ARS-NET Exam ARS.UUSVQRyNlYc 4/5 . b) Bacteriophages Refer Post: Bacteriophages 20. c) Housing the hereditary informa on Refer Post: Nucleus 12. c) Both a and b Refer Post: Secondary Metabolites 14. b) is a system of membrane bound channels Refer Post: Endoplasmic re culam 10. restriction enzymes. secondary metabolites Newer Post Home Older Post Ads by Google ► DNA Cloning ► DNA Tests ► Plasmid DNA ► Cell Line Copyright © 2011-2013 Biology Exams 4 U | Powered by Blogger www.UUSVQRyNlYc 5/5 . anomers.NET Previous Questions . Bacculoviruses.3/16/13 ARS .Agricultural Biotechnology ~ Biology Exams 4 U Get Privy Savings Account Kotak. & Funding If You Find This Post Useful. Hybridoma technology.html#. ARS-NET previous the Hypothesis? Bacteria and NET Life Sciences- Immune system ‘line of control’ of Cyanobacteria Botany Previous the cell Questions LinkWithin This entry was posted in agricultural biotechnology.biologyexams4u. Please Take 5 Seconds To Share It Like 0 Tw eet 1 0 3 You might also like: Second Line of Plasma What is Wobble Difference between CSIR-UGC-JRF- Defense in Avail The Priority Treatment Today Get Instant Account No.
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