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. Pedestrian under  Engineering & over passes.  Pre assembly.  Blasting. Vessels and a project.  Retrofit and Revamping  Equipment foundations & Security walls  Shutdown Projects  Drainage system. petrochemical and power plants using advanced NDT techniques  Fabrication and erection of Ash handling and modern equipments like ET. Since 2010. boiler pressure parts. revamping and upgrading of equipments and materials required for project execution.  Erection  Third Party Inspection  Construction of Culverts. Construction of minor bridges  Fabrication and Railway over bridges. we have been associating with some of structures. Electrical and  Fabrication of Storage tanks. Vehicular under & over passes. A humble  Fabrication. erection. sand. systems & CHP. Mechanical inspection dept is one of the established  Fabrication and erection of Coal bunker structure. line works of petrochemicals and Refineries. Professional condensers training and personnel certification  Cost effective distribution and transportation VALUES of materials and equipment across various Dedication : Dedicated to each project and client construction sites in India. Viaducts. Power.  Pre commissioning and Commissioning  Paving streets and other flat surfaces with  Maintenance & Upgrade asphalt. Automobile. Testing and commissioning of all  Dredging Electrical HT & EHT contracting works  Electrical HT & EHT Installation  Technical training  Personnel Certification  Technical Manpower Supply 1 . Armstech Logistics division handles purchase.  Retrofitting and revamping jobs of Power plants and refineries. Painting and Insulation  MEP  Dredging the bottoms of rivers and bays  Civil Construction  Installation.Tech/Diploma holders in Mechanical. Electrical. Armstech Training division is considered as one of the best finishing schools for  Fabrication and erection of Steel plant works.ARMSTECH ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED Armstech Engineers Private Limited is a developing EPC contracting company EXPERTISE founded in 2010 by a team of enthusiastic engineering professionals. SERVICES motorways & roundabouts. Rotating the most largest and respected public and private sector companies in India. Bus bays etc. Electrostatic precipitator.  Procurement and Logistics  Earth works. Petrochemical. Civil and infrastructure power plants and cement plants sectors of India. and efficient professionals who have excellent knowledge of distribution and safe handling of materials. one of the most literate states in India and now our presence of Boiler power plant jobs such as boiler is spread across India in various Oil and Gas. unit undertaking third party inspection services for the industrial segments of oil & gas. or rubble. Mechanical and Electrical projects. Execution and Commissioning of  Fabrication of heat exchangers. TOFD etc. To become a leading EPC contractor in Mechanical. Boiler HP and LP piping etc. testing and by providing industry relevant education and well-crafted training in different commissioning of firefighting. transport. Petroleum. Columns Armstech Inspection division is full-fledged to perform Mechanical. testing and commissioning start from Kerala. concrete. Piping and pipe modules. We do have experienced Refinery piping. PAUT. Marine. who can impart their excellence in Planning. testing and MISSION commissioning of Air fin cooler and Air cooled EPC and Inspection Services in Civil. erection. Cooling water Armstech Engineers enriched with experienced and dedicated professionals piping. VISION  Shutdown and maintenance of Refinery piping. Civil and Electrical engineering  Complete fabrication. gravel. storage and distribution of  Modification. Production. Industrial. erection.  Fabrication and erection of cement plants. parts. engineering professionals including B. MEP and Civil construction projects. WTP tanks and Civil inspections using highly qualified technicians and wide range of industry Spheres standard equipments.E/B. Tunnels  Testing and Interchanges. Quality : Excel the highest standards in the industry  Building Construction including high rise and Safety : Committed to the safety of each employee PEB Teamwork : Work together and encourage each other  Construction of Public and private roads. Petroleum. Career guidance and Language lab  Affiliate member of Indian Green Building Council  Internationally approved certifications  Professional member of Society of Petroleum Engineers  Ministry of External affairs. AEPL has developed a training program and executed through our In-house training division with a package of certifications which  ISO 9001 certified by TÜV Rheinland. onsite training. all engineers and training programs of Armstech enable the students to acquire should be multi-talented and specialized in at least two or more wide range of exciting and highly paid jobs in India and abroad. Marine. Civil and Electrical engineering. Industrial. Automobile. Now a days ®úɹ]ÅõÒªÉ ]õèõEòxÉÉä±ÉýVÉÒ B´ÉÆ ]ÅäõÊxÉÆMÉ {ÉÊ®ú¹ÉnÂù National Council for Technology and Training specialization certificate programs are considered as mandatory (An autonomous organization recognized by Govt. The academic According to the current industrial requirements. faculty Based on the faculty’s requirement. maintained from our debut helped us to become one of the best ACADEMIC YEAR TRAINING (AYT) finishing schools for engineering professionals.  Corporate partner of American Society for Non-destructive testing  In-house training division of a leading Construction company  Affiliate Company of American Welding Society  Industry oriented syllabus  Approved training centre of National Council for Technology  Smart classroom Training by highly experienced professionals and Training. ASCE etc. AWS. MISSION By Training: Theory. Syllabus for specific industry and staff to push beyond possibility on the way to realizing dreams. American society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) etc. Germany are recognized and approved by Govt. Mechanical. To bridge this gap. economically and socially. 7th & 8th semester students from various engineering & (AWS). The academic polytechnic colleges. Our training modules Along with our in-house training for engineering trainees. American welding society 5th. fresh engineers need to be trained and certified in specialization certificate programs and enrich their knowledge equivalent to an  Engineer having minimum 2 years industrial experience. High quality standards that we conducted and coordinated by industrial experts. To bridge the gap between College education and Industrial requirement. Production. Refrigerating and Air  Scholarship from central Govt. Our training modules end of the course. Govt of India  Well-equipped labs  Corporate member of The Indian Institute of Welding  Construction drawing sessions  Associate member of International Association of Drilling Contractors  Onsite training in various construction sites  Affiliate member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers  Job guarantee  Member of Indian Society of Heating.Tech/BE/Diploma holders in skill and upgrade the technical workforce of major organizations. Production. segments is prepared and classes having duration of 3 to 5 days will be conducted by the industry experts on that subject area. Industrial. are recognized and approve d by NACTET-Govt. This will empower the specific job skills of and training programs of Armstech enable the students to acquire students and maximizes their learning experience via practical and wide range of exciting and highly paid jobs in India and abroad. Armstech Training division is providing excellent training and proper By Consultancy : Armstech Engineers private Limited’s association exposure to the construction sites for B. the Job seekers to grab the latest job openings around the world. Govt of India. fresh engineering graduates may not be able to stick up to the mark of present industrial requirements.TRAINING DIVISION CORPORATE TRAINING Armstech Training division is providing excellent training and proper Armstech offers worldwide corporate training programs for up- exposure to the construction sites for B. Govt of India attested certifications  Affiliate member of American Society of Civil Engineers 2 . Though engineering topics are vast and updated. High quality standards that we By Internship: Engineering students are supported with short term maintained from our debut helped us to become one of the best internship and assistance for the submission of project report towards finishing schools for engineering professionals. of India and International  Recognized by MSME.Tech/BE/Diploma holders in with Public and Private sector companies in India and abroad helps Mechanical. agency Conditioning Engineers  Project management. Practical and Onsite training make the trainees RECOGNITIONS competent for the various job profiles in the Industry. American society for Non-destructive testing (ASNT). American also conducting certification courses and training programs for the society for Non-destructive testing (ASNT). we are are recognized and approved by NACTET-Govt. Petroleum. as it responds to the diverse needs of the community through innovative. quality teaching and training that enables students with the required industrial skills and knowledge which in turn enhance to enrich their lives intellectually. specific technical areas. VISION FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (FDP) Training division will be recognized nationally as a centre for educational Armstech offers faculty development programs for equipping faculties excellence. of India-New Delhi) requirement in almost all industries. of India. of India. We will student’s knowledge to meet the current industrial requirements. American welding society WHY ARMSTECH TRAINING (AWS). UAN: KL12D0003441 organizations like ASNT. This mainly focusing on oil & gas and power plant sector and it is Civil and Electrical engineering. 6th. American society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) etc. Automobile. Marine. achieve it by actively nurturing the passion within students. ASNT certification services and green building training programs. Headquartered Electrical T&C Engineer Maintenance Engineer Electrical Design Engineer in Reston. it is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. The American Society for Nondestructive Testing. with the addition of Codes worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil of Practice ANSI/ASNT CP-189 and ANSI/ASNT CP-105. an international scientific and engineering body for welding. Refrigerating and Air of India. NACTET endeavors to provide industry relevant Conditioning Engineers). SPE Inc. oilfield manufacturing or other rig-site services. New Delhi. plastics and other materials. year 2001. SNT-TC-1A. which provide industry standards for the welding and joining of metals. 3 . and power plant Fabrication Engineer Erection Engineer Construction Engineer systems and components.MSME IADC The Ministry of Micro. Virginia. indoor air quality. which. including brazing. is the apex Contractors (IADC) has exclusively represented the body for the formulation and administration of worldwide oil and gas drilling industry. scientists and other professionals important standard. Procurement Engineer Material Engineer Piping Engineer AWS Welding Engineer NDT Engineer Pipeline Engineer The American Welding Society (AWS) is an international Structural Engineer Ducting Engineer HVAC Engineer organization with a global mission to advance the science. part of the efficiency and quality. It has the most international affiliations Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) was formed in the of the three main competing TÜV corporate groups in Germany. It produces approximately 600 codes and standards covering many technical areas. The council offers a wide array of services which include developing new green building rating programs. in different technical areas through selected affiliates. a global society focus on building system. ASNT promotes Society of Petroleum Engineers is the largest the discipline of NDT as a profession and facilitates NDT research individual-member organization serving managers. covers all and gas industry. SNT- TC-1A specifies an employer based certification scheme for Level TRAINING HIGHLIGHTS I and Level II NDT personnel. The Americal Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is one of the oldest standards-developing organizations QA/QC Engineer QA/QC Inspector Inspection Engineer in America. Its membership TÜV Rheinland consists of the national welding societies from around the world. (ASNT) is the world’s largest technical society for Nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals. and technology applications. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). which is extensively used worldwide The training modules are so designed that engineers can take ASME responsibilities in any position listed below with best pay scale all around the world. ASNT publishes and maintains an engineers. Small and Medium Enterprises. Since 1940. of India and by the embassies of almost all countries (IIW). regulations and laws relating to micro. TÜV Rheinland AG is a globally active independent test IGBC service provider headquartered in Cologne. NACTET National Council for Technology and ISHRAE  Training (NACTET) is an autonomous The Indian Society of Heating. Germany. pipelines. soldering and thermal HSE Engineer Scheduling Engineer Design Engineer spraying. It operates as a technical testing organization for safety. enterprises in India.NACTET IIW INDIA certificates have got high credibility among employers in India and abroad especially in Middle East and other parts of the world. plumbing fixtures. Refrigerating and Air ®úɹ]ÅõÒªÉ ]õèõEòxÉÉä±ÉýVÉÒ B´ÉÆ ]ÅäõÊxÉÆMÉ {ÉÊ®ú¹ÉnÂù National Council for Technology and Training organization registered under Government Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) is the Indian chapter of of Kerala and recognized by Government (An autonomous organization recognized by Govt. ASME’s standards are used in more than 100 countries and have been translated into numerous languages. small and medium open to any company involved in oil and gas exploration. of India-New Delhi) ASHRAE ( American Society of Heating. the International Association of Drilling a branch of the Government of India. refrigeration and sustainability . aspects of qualification and certification of NDT personnel. well servicing. The organization is perhaps best known for its code and QS Engineer Estimation Engineer Costing Engineer certification procedures. All The Indian Institute of Welding is the member certificates issued by NACTET can be attested by Ministry of External society of The International Institute of Welding affairs-Govt. Welding Inspector Safety Engineer Commissioning Engineer technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes. such as Project Engineer Site Engineer Planning Engineer fasteners. Membership is rules. Concrete Engineer Survey Engineer Testing Engineer ASCE Powerplant Engineer Asphalt Engineer Boiler Engineer The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is Contract Engineer Drilling Engineer Maintenance Engineer a professional body founded in 1852 to represent members of the civil engineering profession worldwide. elevators. education and well-crafted training and skill development programs energy efficiency. brazing and related technologies. drilling or production. which are the leading automobile organizations. NDT PRACTICAL LAB Practical training is arranged in the following six methods. we have a batch wise placement policy to employ our trainees. HDO. are arranged here. trainees can spend 02 to 60 days in construction sites and projector displayed screen/High definition LEDs. We also facilitate the students to select their choice of industry and provide assistance accordingly. ONGC. Tamilnadu. Thermax.JOB GUARANTY It is not necessary to guaranty job for engineers who have successfully completed the training from this organization. (1) Liquid penetrant testing (LPT) (2) Magnetic particle testing (MPT) (3) Ultrasonic testing (UT) (4) Radiographic testing (RT) (5) Visual Testing (VT) (6) Leak Testing (LT) WELDING LAB Facility to explain different types of Welding processes. Technip. ONSHORE etc. Telangana. sound system and availability. Welding positions. RELIANCE. Welding electrodes etc. Magnetic Marelli. RANKING FACULTY Evaluation method Maximum marks Training division is rich with highly qualified trainers who are having both academical and industrial experience. JMC Projects etc. NTPC. Hyundai. 100% Placement is guaranteed for eligible candidates of each batch. We are providing jobs in various sectors including civil and mechanical construction. Gammon India. Some of our trainees are working with Jindal steel. production and automobile industries across India. We are conducting Technical Interview 50 Special sessions by Industrial specialists and Interactions with high Technical Interview 50 profile officials of well-known companies for the betterment of our trainees. Based on the site conditions and air conditioning. Transportation. fabrication yards of private and public sector companies like BPCL. ESSAR. PAT. food. 150+ trainees are placed in various reputed organizations. which are mainly focussing on construction works and also with TVS. After successful training completion. accommodation and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) during the training will be provided by Armstech Engineers Private Limited. ONSITE TRAINING TRAINING ROOM The main highlight of Armstech Technical Training is Onsite training Training division is well equipped with ten smart class rooms with in various construction sites. Weld visual examination. Maharashtra etc. perfect seating arrangement. However. Karnataka. It is proud to announce that from our 2016-2017 batches. L&T. Welding procedures. Our previous batch trainees are well placed in India as well as abroad. all trainees will be ranked based on the technical interviews conducted by an expert panel. located mainly at Kerala. Gujarat. 4 . Placement assistance will be provided for non-eligible candidates according to their performance level. Royal Enfield etc. Welder’s qualification Test. BHEL. Weld defects. equipment drawings. Results and interpretation and Tests on soils. interview skills.U with Armstech Engineers (P) Ltd in the year 2015 for and scheduling engineers. Project Management. NDT for steel bridges (UT. aggregates and fresh concrete etc. we do sponsor scholarships for personalities are arranged. Mechanical inspection.NDT for detection of cracks voids in concrete bridges.feeder STRUCTURAL LAB protection relays using primary and secondary injection kits.thickness of concrete bridges. program along with placement assistance. communication skills. GAD. Isometric pipe supports. scheme check and fault identification Structural lab provides detailed idea of structural to the trainees of 33 KV C&R panel. HVAC.NDT for corrosion assessment . We provide live demos of Heat exchanger. Piping. eligible students as part of our corporate responsibility scheme. Every year. SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT MANAGEMENT National Council for Technology and Training (NACTET). ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LAB Electrical Engineering lab facility at our premises will enables students to handle electrical equipment testing with confidence and also help to acquire supervisory skills for maintenance testing and commissioning and it includes testing of Meters. language lab etc. Nozzle orientation etc. QS and Costing & Vessels and Columns.Radar method. DUCTING LAB Ducting lab provides the detailed idea of ducting to the trainees based on the drawings. equipment construction.NDT on masonry bridges also includes QC sections like Construction materials and material control. New Delhi Special sessions in project management by experienced planning signed an M. Structural.Ultrasonic pulse velocity Concrete testing. by eminent Apart from NACTET Scholarships. Destructive testing. MATERIALS LAB Sufficient quantity of almost all kind of construction materials in different specs is arranged.PT. handling methods of special type kits. CIVIL ENGINEERING LAB Civil Engineering lab includes NDT sections like Rebound hammer test.Pull off and pull out test. career guidance. Designing sessions with proper software training is arranged for Coordinates.PIPING LAB DESIGNING LAB Piping lab is facilitated to explain P&ID. preventive and periodical maintenance basics based on the drawings. Safety requirements for testing.CT.MT & LPT). 5 . CONSTRUCTION DRAWING During the training. bitumen.O. Elevation etc.Penetration methods. and earth pit testing etc. students will get an opportunity to understand more than 100 construction drawings of large scale projects.Profometer. implementing their prestigious scholarship programs for engineering students allover south India. Pumps etc. at our construction sites to explain Estimation modules.cements. 250+ scholarship winners CAREER GUIDANCE are getting trained in our training division branches as part of this Special sessions in personality development. which is MEA attestable Elective 1 Power plant Engineering ASNT NDT Level II QA/QC Engineering Ducting Engineering Welding Engineering Elective 2 HVAC Fire fighting Course duration : 1. Structural. which are MEA attestable + Experience Certificate from construction division.MECHANICAL Course duration : 3 Months Certification:4 certifications by ASNT and 10 certifications by Govt. Exam Mode : Online/Offline ASNT NDT Level II QA/QC Engineering Practical Lab : HVAC. Onsite training : Provided Exam Mode : Online/Offline Practical Lab : NDT-PT. NDT-MT.CODES & STANDARDS Course duration : 4 Months Placement Policy : 100% Placement is guaranteed for eligible candidates of each batch. Structural Drawing sessions : Structural. ASNT NDT Level II Onsite training : Provided QA/QC Engineering Exam Mode : Online/Offline (LPT. Placement Policy : 100% Placement assistance of India. NDT-UT. Oilfield Course title:QA/QC MECHANICAL Certification:4 certifications by ASNT and 5 certifications by Govt. Ducting. Firefighting Industrial & Construction safety Course title:DIPLOMA IN OIL AND GAS Course duration : 2 Months Certification:4 certifications by ASNT and 8 certifications by Govt. NDT-MT. Piping. ASNT NDT Level II QA/QC Engineering TRAINING MODULES MECHANICAL / PRODUCTION/AUTOMOBILE Piping Engineering Pipeline Engineering Welding Engineering Course title:DIPLOMA IN CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (DCEM) . will be provided for non-eligible candidates according to their performance level. NDT-UT. Certification:3 certifications by Govt. Ducting Pipeline Engineering Welding Engineering Oilfield Engineering Industrial & construction Safety 6 . Pipeline. Ducting. Placement assistance will be provided for non-eligible candidates according to their performance level. NDT-MT. which are MEA attestable + Experience Certificate from Onsite training : Provided construction division. Piping. HVAC. RT) Practical Lab : NDT-PT. Pipeline Structural Engineering Oilfield Engineering Pipeline Engineering Industrial and Construction safety Course title: ASNT NDT LEVEL II ELECTIVE Certification:4 certifications by ASNT and 2 certifications by NACTET. Structural. of India. NDT-UT. which are MEA attestable + Experience Certificate from candidates of each batch. UT. Placement Policy : 100% Placement is guaranteed for eligible of India. of India. Piping Drawing sessions : Power plant. MPT. which are MEA attestable HVAC. Ducting Structural Engineering Piping Engineering Drawing sessions : HVAC. HVAC Firefighting Oilfield. NDT-RT. Placement assistance construction division. NDT-UT. NDT-RT. Pipeline. NDT-RT. Piping. NDT-RT Onsite training : Provided Exam Mode : Online/Offline Course title: HVAC & FIREFIGHTING Practical Lab : NDT-PT. Piping Welding Engineering Piping Engineering Drawing sessions : Piping. NDT-MT.5 Months Placement Policy : 100% Placement assistance Course duration : 5 Months Exam Mode : Online/Offline Placement Policy : 100% Placement guarantee Practical Lab : NDT-PT. of India. joining. Practical Lab : Yes inspection. NACE’s main Exam Mode : Online/Offline focus of activities includes cathodic protection. will be provided for non-eligible candidates NACE Preparatory according to their performance level. You will be guided through the Onsite training : Provided entire audit process from initiation to follow-up. has Placement Policy : 100% Placement is guaranteed for eligible demonstrated their commitment to bring industry the best and candidates of each batch. the NACE Coating Inspector Program has set the standard for inspections in the protective TRAINING MODULES coatings industry and is the world’s most recognized coating ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING inspector certification program.TRAINING MODULES INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS CIVIL ENGINEERING Course title: DIPLOMA IN CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (DCEM) . Augment your Testing & Commissioning of LT. the American welding society. and material selection for specific Drawing sessions : Yes chemical resistance. materials integrity and Drawing sessions : Yes inspection in manufacturing. Course title: DIPLOMA IN ELECTRICAL DESIGNING AND ISO LEAD AUDITOR TESTING This module helps to gain the knowledge and skill to conduct Certification:Certifications by Govt. For over 30 years. role-specific competence Practical Lab : Yes for people engaged in welding. candidates of each batch. corrosion testing. which are MEA attestable: audit of an organization’s Quality Management System (QMS). HT & EHT Installations skill with the latest developments and contribute to the continuous Placement Policy : 100% Placement is guaranteed for eligible improvement of the business. which are MEA attestable standard for personnel certification. according to their performance level. Onsite training : Provided CSWIP-TWI (Welding Inspector) Preparatory Exam Mode : Online/Offline CSWIP provides internationally recognised. TX. Placement assistance This course enables you to grasp the key principles and practices will be provided for non-eligible candidates of effective QMS audits in line with ISO 9001:2015 guidelines for according to their performance level. of India. Most candidates attending this course would go on to candidates of each batch. operation or repair of high integrity structures. CSWIP certification Course title: DIPLOMA IN CIVIL QA/QC ENGINEERING schemes are UKAS-accredited to ISO/IEC 17024. the international Certification:Certifications by Govt. construction. Drawing sessions : Yes 7 .CIVIL Certification:Certifications by Govt. coatings for industry. Onsite training : Provided NACE International is a professional organization for the corrosion control industry with headquarters in Houston. BGAS Preparatory Material Science DT & NDT This programme addresses numerous paint types and systems QA/QC Engineering Quantity surveying used in the construction industry and is suitable for candidates with Construction Safety Project Management or without experience in industrial painting. Placement assistance most reliable educational and certification programmes tailored will be provided for non-eligible candidates specifically for each circumstance and the need of the job. auditing management systems. plant or machinery. Recognized throughout the industry Course duration : 5 Months as welding’s leading authority. The course is largely theoretical but involves hands-on experience with relevant inspection Course duration : 3 Months equipment and a bias towards British Gas/National Grid painting Placement Policy : 100% Placement is guaranteed for eligible practices. Electrical Designing Relay Testing Acquire confidence to effectively audit a QMS in accordance with internationally recognized best practice techniques. Placement assistance attempt the BGASCSWIP Painting Inspector Grade 3/2 approval. which are MEA attestable Material Science Quantity surveying Costing and Estimation Construction Structural Engineering DT & NDT QA/QC Engineering Construction Safety Project Management Contract Management AWS-CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) Preparatory Risk Management Vaasthu Basics American Welding Society (AWS) certification is the welding industry’s most respected sign of approval. Over a period of 5 Exam Mode : Online/Offline days. you will gain the knowledge and skills required to undertake Practical Lab : Yes and lead a successful management systems audit. of India. Marine. inspection. BHEL /PSSR Director . Good luck in allexperienced that engineers and overall it is a program with excellent and International comes your way in the future. hope you will maintain the Hostel facility will be provided for the deserved students within same quality in Syllabus going forward too. Former G. walkable distance from the Institution. of job placements. Initial payment fortune. refinement.Welspun Group KODIKUNNIL SURESH MP (Mavelikkara LAC) documents (Xerox of B.NDTPL G S PARAMESWARAPPA VIJAYAN VENKATATHRI Client . pressure vessels. Ltd Mentor shment and I wish nothing but division and good luck as you move Armstech Trainees showed excellent Armstech syllabus standard is best ccess to the Institution for many towards the success. Shijimon relating to maintenance. AVP . plat form for exchange of technology. Petroleum. Thanks to Armstech. construction sites. and many other aspects of the petroleum industry.but onsite with excellent and International myself as a Mechanical Engineer.Armstech Engineers Pvt. future success to the Institution for many years to come. Onshore Construction Pvt. SSLC Mentor It's a pleasure to see that.Karnataka ASNT NDT LEVEL III. Civil and Electrical engineering or Equivalent may apply for the Certification programs. Thanks to Armstech. interested candidates can submit their duly filled Enrolment form along withV. and alteration of luck in reaching the top of your game. VENKATATHRI ARUN PILLAI Project Engineer . experienced engineers and overall it is a plat form for exchange of technology. Production. Institution Client . ID proof and 2 Passport size photographs). Industrial. G S PARAMESWARAPPA Executive Engineer . RAGHAVAN AMIT KUMAR SHUKLA M. Armstech.BAMRAH PPI Alumni REGISTRATION Even though I passed out from TKMCE. Automobile. distribution. understanding of drawing interpretation.R T LEVEL III.M. metallic piping systems.Armstech Engineers Pvt. Institution May your new endeavor get you lots of which I inaugurated is a great certificate. Good luck to Armstech. enough to bridge the gap between fresh ome. Ltd.Tech/Diploma course certificate.BAMRAH RIET pass out EVEL III nt Armstech has helped a lot to knowPPI Alumni and Armstech Alumni es to Armstech Training Division learn about various industrial aspectsEven and though I passed out from Demand draft luck in reaching the top of your game.Jindal MUHAMMED JALEEL RAJESH. one of the best colleges in Kerala in terms Candidates can contact our Training coordinators in 9495923365. standards as per the Industrial needs. repair. It establishes a uniform national program that assists state and local governments V.N SURESH in aboveground storage tank regulations.Tech/Diploma in beginners and refresher course for the Mechanical. The API 570 examination is designed to Client .Armstech Engineers Pvt Ltd Director. All the best for all future Armstech.N supporting SURESH AVP . K.Welspun Group Mentor May your new endeavor get you lots of API 510 Pressure Vessel inspectors must have a broad knowledge fortune. All the best for all future maintained by Armstech engineers in beginners and refresher course for the for carrying out ASNT certification s of Armstech Engineers. NNIL SURESH GANESH KUMAR elikkara LAC) CMD . I have attended lots of industrial visits ying out ASNT certification opened up areas where I could one excelof the best colleges in Kerala in terms during my college days. which reduced our effort to explain work HOSTEL FACILITY details in construction sites. name & fame. After the demo. I wish PPI good base relating to maintenance.VIJAYARAGHAVAN easure to see that. Shijimon G.Armstech Engineers Pvt Ltd Executive Engineer . inspection. hope you will maintain the endeavors of Armstech Engineers. BHEL /PSSR inaugurated is a great Wishing all the best to Armstech's training Client . Radiological Safety syllabus standard is best I am sure that trainees from Armstech's Power Corporation Ltd Officer . 9846798904 and register for the demonstration at Armstech. MUHAMMED JALEEL Quality Engineer . alteration and repair of in-service Director. which reduced our effort to explain work engineers and current industr y details in construction sites. It represents about 650 corporations involved in production. Onshore Construction Pvt. my dream to be a part of Mechanical Industry was fulfilled by 8086678999.Mechjob . API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector Certification Program with the participation of storage tank owners and users. / Cash / Bank Transfer. our training division branches. Candidates who are waiting for final semester results and supplementary exams can also apply.S. API Preparatory The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the largest U. Good luck to requirements. name & fame.Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd ADMISSION Mentor Armstech is a learner's guide for the Candidates with educational qualification as BE/B. my dream to be a part training conducted by Armstech was a of Mechanical Industry was fulfilled by different experience and it helped me to s as per the Industrial needs. R 8 DERRICK out CEO . API 570 Pip ing inspectors must have a broad knowledge base M. The API 510 examination is designed to determine if individuals have such knowledge. of job placements. Radiological Safety Armstech Alumni Quality Engineer . Ltd.Ayoki Fabricon M. Ltd Armstech Trainees showed excellent determine if applicants have such knowledge understanding of drawing interpretation. same quality in Syllabus going forward too.LEVEL III o bridge the gap between fresh training division will have the Mentorsame Consultant rs and current industr y quality and industrial standards Armstech is a learner's guide for the Best wishes to Armstech Training Division ents. ease my professional life. trade Testimonials association for the oil and natural gas industry. K. I wish PPI good accomplishment and I wish nothing but towards the enrolment & Course fee INR: 10000/.
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