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Y^The Antiquarian Lenormand]ZExtended Little White Book Mademoiselle Marie Anne Adelaide LeNormand (1772-1843) divination cards & text by YMaree BentoZ ! © 2013, self-published with love in Portland, Oregon This pack was easily carried by travelers or soldiers that could create a spurof-the-moment board game by laying out the cards 1-36 in six rows. she moved to Paris to live with her relative Madame Louise Gilbert. Normandy to cloth merchants. My Creative Process I set out to create this deck because I wanted to have a personal reading deck of my own design that had a handmade antiqued aesthetic.1 Mlle Lenormand had a long successful career as a diviner & eventually grew to become one of the most famous fortune tellers of her time. 1772. 1843) was born in Alençon. a fortune teller that most likely was her teacher.weebly. or. In His Own Words. Mlle Lenormand read with standard playing cards onto which she drew symbols & scribbled notes based on her knowledge of astrology & palmistry. Details she recorded about her life are contradictory & vague. Some of the elements didn't need to be aged. like the letter from the schoolgirl in the Letter card & the circa 1890's playing card inserts themselves! It took seven months to assemble the 36 cards. Marie Anne's childhood is unclear. the two through five of each suit are 2 The Romances of Alexandre Dumas. 1894.) My objective was to create a scrapbook collage of curiosities from a bygone era. Instead of one playing card insert. 3 Napoleon in exile. page 444. she documented her visits with some of the most renowned people in France during her lifetime. The Antiquarian Lenormand is based on the petit jeu. Page 32. by Alexandre Dumas. This deck was later renamed in all likelihood for marketing purposes using the famous sibyl's name after her death. Mademoiselle Lenormand. My focus at first was the late 19th & early 20th centuries but I strayed from this at times. “Man has need of something wonderful. but at about the age of five she was orphaned & sent to be schooled at various convents in the area. Dice & tokens were used to move from one card to another. I wanted it to have an antiquarian feel. let's explore first who she. The Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon on the Most Important Events on His Life and Government. with an attention to antique portraits & illustrated plates from old books. if not all time. prominent figures of the French Revolution who were victims of the Reign of Terror. . coffee grounds & tarot. that may have resembled a prototype found in her things after her death. 1 http://autorbis. at least there is no written record of it. crystals.5” X 12” collages upon which I applied various techniques to create its distressed appearance. that accommodated various styles of play. More specifically. especially during the Napoleonic era (including various times spent in jail for fortune telling). A voice from St. (I love both & so included both. specifically the Etteilla tarot. which is the modern Lenormand. including an extra male & female querant card. one of a French style. Read more about Josephine's first encounter with la sibylle des salons on my blog post Josephine Meets Mlle Lenormand at DivineMuses. The petit Lenormand as we know it today was based on an earlier card game called the Game of Hope that was created in Germany by Johann Kaspar Hechtel around 1800. She wrote several memoirs later in her life that chronicled her extremely interesting experiences as a clairvoyant. Just & Maximilien Robespierre. Mademoiselle Lenormand became most famous for counseling Josephine de Beauharnais. D'artagnan Edition. Fortune-Telling. One called the grand jeu which has 54 cards. Napoleon's surgeon. She would continue to advise the Empress Josephine & ultimately forecast Napoleon's downfall & their eventual divorce. it seems. whose deaths she said she forecasted. the other German. Les Blancs et Les Bleus (The Whites and the Blues) Volume 2. Among them were Jean Paul Marat. this deck had two at the top. This style of fortune telling is called cartomancy. However. was not convinced by the “Black Maria's” predictions. The petit jeu was most likely not used by Mlle Lenormand herself. The petit only has 36 cards. The familiar Lenormand images we see today were the primary pictures.Some History About the Lenormand Deck To get a better idea of what the Lenormand cards are. by Barry Edward O'Meara Esquire. Napoleon. Helena. was. The other deck connected to Mlle Lenormand is called the petit jeu. Chapter 29. found online & in antique stores. At the age of 14. Little Brown and Co. The petit Lenormand has since retained her namesake all of these years. as summed up here in a quote by him. Interestingly. Marie Anne Adelaide LeNormand (May 27. She foretold that Josephine would become the empress of France & one day marry “Hercules stifling the lion of the Nemean forest”.com. Pick the Fox you prefer to use in your readings & leave the other out. like palmistry.June 25.2 who would turn out to be Napoleon Bonaparte. She also used other forms of divination. Both decks have playing card inserts & illustrations symbolizing the meaning of each card.”3 There are two deck variations associated with Mlle Lenormand's name. 1822. the directions that came with the deck also included instructions for a fortune telling game that could be laid out in the same way as the traditional Grand Tableau spread. Each of the original cards are handmade 8. Louis Antoine de St. It is better for him to seek it in religion than in Mademoiselle Lenormand. The images that I use are all in the public domain. plus the extra Fox card. growth. a rival.D. lineage. an invitation. confusion. distance. 19th century. loss. sanctuary. fight. or literally flowers. family or close relationships. A botanical plate of Red Clover from Wayside & Woodland. pleasure & joy. Clouds: King $ ~ doubt. karmic connection. 1895. painful ending. Architectural design plate of Willis Bristol's residence in New Haven. emptiness. betrayal.E. or pipes. 1878. real estate. Tree: 7 ! ~ health. fear. passion. 3. A photograph of Man O' War at Saratoga Race Track in New York. obsession. Price. Rider: 9 ! ~ news. travel.M. the slow/steady passage of time. problems. healing & good health. Botanical plate of Anemone Chepaticas Anculosa from Floral World & Garden Guide. opportunity. 2. hurt. taking a chance. good luck. Roggenernte (Rye Harvest). movement. beauty. a wise woman. hoses. The discovery of King Tutankhamen's sarcophagus by Archaeologist Howard Carter. abuse. something beautiful & really good. c. page 318. Dwelling Houses. 1880. From Discovery of the Yosemite: And the Indian War of 1851. 3 . 1920. Whip: Jack $ ~ conflict. a new message/person/thing coming. or literally something curvy like a snake: such as wiring. 1870s. vacation. overseas connection. 9. Flowers: Queen # ~ generous gift. addiction. Scythe: Jack " ~ a cut. depression. repetitive pattern. Ship: 10 # ~ journey. jealousy. transportation. A real four leaf clover is added. tools. severing. 8. pain. lies. 4. anything sharp: such as words. a visitor. An illustration of a dirigible airship from a Science article that I found online. 1945.. commerce. Conn. danger. roots. discussion. 7. something painful. 10. photo by Abraham Pisarek. Dark Clouds public domain photograph by C. family tree. exploration. anything nautical or ship related. property. something happening quickly & unexpected. Clover: 6 " ~ hope.. Cat-o'-nine-tails public domain drawing by Pearson Scott Foresman. wish comes true. an abundance of love. rhythm. circa 1920. usually a man. Big Tree . or weapon. or an actual box or coffin.Card Meanings with a description about the key images 1. or literally grass. Coffin: 9 " ~ death. or a rider or horse. a surprise. an unpleasant person. surgery. House: King ! ~ home. an illustration of a Giant Redwood -height 325 feet. illness. Snake: Queen $~ deception. punishment. circumference 100 feet. a change of course. 11. The dark side of the clouds next to the Significator card in a spread means these things are coming in. with permission by Deutsch Fotothek of the Saxon State Library (SLUB) via the Creative Commons License. Can you see the tiny people on the ground to the left of the Redwood? 6. knives. the brighter side of clouds means these things are moving out. stormy/cloudy/hazy. harvest. 5. 1922. which Led to that Event by Lafayette Houghton Bunnell. Photo of a snake charmer circus performer. like a cat. Fork in a Country Road. or a dog or other pet. couple. resourceful. structure & infrastructure.12. diet. communication. the boss. Mountain: 8 $ ~ obstacle. or an actual summit or mountain range. hopes and wishes. 20. 19. fame. Late 19th century portrait of a well-behaved dog. Dog: 10 ! ~ companionship. 1880s. promotion. Fox: 9 $ ~ a trickster. networking. a birth/pregnancy. I made another version using a Swedish black fox. astrology. a small job. or hospital. relocating. Stork: Queen ! ~ moving. Ursa Major from Uranographia. large corporation. Child: Jack # ~ innocent. from a real photo postcard. career. the evening. boundaries. young. solitude. Birds: 7 " ~ conversation. decisions. our path in life. something new. or an actual building. or can represent a bear or large animal. or can literally represent a fox or small animal. government. intuition. separation or divorce. Fauna Nordisk from Animal Illustrations of Scandinavian Fauna. Photograph during the construction of the Eiffel Tower. The Topiary Gardens at Levens Hall in Cumbria. Earliest known photo of Albert Einstein at the age of three. weight control. Dated by stamp box mark on the back. interview. challenge. event. c. a conman. a detective. traditionally an older couple. financial windfall. fragile. by Silvia Striata from Beitrage Zur Vogelkunde. 21. 15. child-like. a loyal friend. Bear: 10 $ ~ strength. convention. or literally birds. talent. any pair: siblings. 1882. Heights of the Principal Mountains in the World. imagination. community. son or daughter. dependable. . an alternative. motherly. independence. 1820. Engraving plate of a woodpecker pair. novice. trustworthy partner. 17. or income. a celestial catalog by Johannes Hevelius. 1853. career. c. 1690. a beginner. meeting place. changes. guidance. or income. laws. 1904-1920. a literal stork or someone w/long legs. England by Walter Fredrick Roofe Tyndale. student. the public. loneliness or isolation. 18. phone call. Stars: 6 ! ~ the cosmos. An ornithology plate of an Indian stork from Observations Made During a Voyage Around the World by Johann Reinhold Forster. 14. a difficult uphill process. something hidden. reputation. naïve. anything small in size. school. messages. an improvement. 16. The first one I made used the portrait of a woman with a black fox. 1920. 22. 1790. 13. clarity. a high level job. July 1888. delay. A star shaped compass rose from 1870s with vintage metal stars & cutout embellishments. or literally a garden or park. a comparative chart from Geographicus by artist Samuel Augustus Mitchell. can mean gossip depending on the surrounding cards. manager. protective. Crossroads/Path: Queen " ~ choices. metaphysics. powerful energy. clever. a turning point. 1886. group. Garden: 8 # ~ party. something false. or literally a child. reliable. authority figure. Tower: 6 # ~ rules. or the literal stars. luxury. skills. 1873. compassion. Heart: Jack ! ~ love. decrease. 28. Illustration of the Domesday Book by William Andrews. Fische der Sudsee Plate 128 from Journal des Museum Godeffroy Heft XV. or the actual Moon. from Historic Byways and Highways of Old England. or the heart. news. 28. 26. Elizabeth Jane Elliott. writing.1890s. 1622. optimism. 24. purity. by the New York Botanical Garden. 1881. 25. contract. New York. written correspondence of any kind. 1921. proposal. opening doors. Parital Eclipse of the Moon Plate VII observed on October 24. Librairie Delagrave Planche d'enseignement (Board of Education) Paris. an actual ring or jewelry. publishing. or deck of cards. vitality. heat. destiny. Skeleton key from an antique card game for children from the Graphics Fairy's blog. an expert. or a literal key. Fish: King " ~ abundance. passion. sickness. Book: 10 " ~ mystery. 34. 1922. sex. to her friend/cousin. {{PD-1923}} 29. marriage. Ring: Ace $ ~ commitment. money. 31. dreams. by Harrison Weir in The Home Book for Very Little People. victory. 32. engagement. mystery solved. secret. Mice: 7 $ ~ theft.23. wealth & success. 27. Botanical plate of the White Asiatic Lily from Addisonia: Colored Illustrations and Popular descriptions of Plants. success. Three Mice. talents. 1850. romance. Dec. deplete. innocence. electricity. 33. Moon: 8 ! ~ emotions. daylight. maturity. shining your light. Lily: King # ~ peace. diary. the emotions. {{PD-1923}} 30. c. A real letter from schoolgirl. creativity. psychic abilities. Their Mothers and Teachers. reputation. the occult. usually male. or the actual Sun. security. wisdom. The Nobel Prize portrait of Madame Marie Curie (awarded in chemistry). Their Brothers and Sisters. 1874 by Étienne Léopold Trouvelot from The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings. independence. an elder. a new way in. enlightenment. Engraving from the title page of Dethermis Andrae Baccii Elpidiani. 1911. Lady: Ace # ~ the female querent or someone of importance that is female. . or an actual book. 1887. sweetheart or even sweet friendships. an entrepreneur. Vivis Romani by Andrea Bacci. exposure. fame. stress & worry. Key: 8 " ~ the answer. warmth. confidence. ability. fantasies. satisfaction. nighttime. 19. Gentleman: Ace ! ~ the male querent or someone of importance that is male. documents. an idea. Antique diamond ring from a Victorian game found on the Graphics Fairy's blog. triumph. or literally pests. loss. p. A photo of Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna. hidden knowledge. Rachel White. published by Phillips & Hunt. the shadows. A cutting diagram of a heart. harmony. education. the A-HA! moment. family. certainty. messages. 1900. commerce. Sun: Ace " ~ joy. Letter: 7 # ~ mail. damage. 36. Cross: 6 $ ~ burden. in general they are similar in how they are read semantically. The Rider by itself means news. I do suggest studying the individual definitions & then devoting time to learning card combinations. religion. grief. However. Cut the deck or pick the top two cards & lay them out side-by-side & face up in front of you. let me begin this section by saying that there are different systems & various ways to read the Lenormand. Cut the deck or pick the top three cards & lay them out side-by-side & face up in front of you. staying put. uidelicet. The 9 card spread is laid out 3 x 3. Also. hope. It's a lucky message! A Beginner's Reading Using a Three Card Spread This reading lays out the cards left to right in a sequence. can represent the sea. Merge cards 1 + 2 to create a meaning . martyr. cross you bear. depression. sacrifice. of course. 1505. known as the Grand Tableau. challenges. beliefs. side-by-side. faith. You may. The Rider card is the subject and the Clover card changes the Rider's tone. karma. messages. However. The spread that uses all 36 cards. sickness & health. Shuffle the cards any way you prefer. 1+2+3 Read the cards by taking their basic meanings & merging them as you did in the Beginner's Two Card Blending Exercise above. Merge 2 + 3 to see what those cards are saying. choose to read the individual card meanings. Let's look at the first example: Rider + Clover = a lucky message. Lenormands are usually read in 3. guilt. but blending the cards is how you use them in a reading. is laid down in four rows of nine cards (9 x 4) or four rows of eight cards. Advertisement poster by David Henry Souter. which is different from reading a single oracle or tarot card alone. -the 2nd card modifies or describes the first card (think adjective). by Aesop. plus four fate cards centered at the bottom (8 x 4 +4). Reading with Lenormand Cards First. Lenormand cards are usually read by merging two (or more) card meanings together. Shuffle the cards any way you prefer with a query in mind. 1+2 -the 1st card reflects the what or the subject (think noun). when you add the Clover's meaning. Anchor: 9 # ~ security. The 3 & 5 card spreads are laid out in a linear sequence. Illustration from a page in Habentur hoc uolumine hæc. stability. long-term success. pain. fate. You may also read this three card spread like a sentence: -the 1st card is the subject or theme -the 2nd card modifies & describes the 1st -the 3rd card is what happens as a result (the outcome) . you see that the Rider is more than just any message or news coming your way. recruiting nurses during World War I.35. suffering. Lastly blend the meanings of 1 + 3 to see how they are integrating. However. Examples of blended cards meanings: Rider + Clover = a lucky message Key + Snake = competitive skill Whip + Clouds = confusing conflict Birds + Scythe = hurtful gossip Scythe + Heart = heart surgery Ship + Stars = dream vacation Beginner's Two Card Blending Exercise This exercise will get you acquainted with Lenormand card combinations. perseverance in work. good luck or opportunity. 5. 9 or 36 card spreads or layouts. spirituality. or a visitor. 1914. position the last three cards (7-9) along the bottom to create the 3 x 3 spread.. pick the Ship . The 2nd card. it's about a novice. Cut the deck or pick the top five cards & lay them out side-by-side & face up in front of you. pick the Stork .love/romance. A Past.your boss. For example: if your question is about love. The creative novice will be in the public eye.. pick the Child . pick the House . The 3rd card.. look for the Gentleman or Lady cards. lay the first three cards from the deck (1-3) in the top row. Shuffle the cards any way you prefer with a query in mind.. turn the deck face up & begin looking for the card that best represents your question. pick the Tree .. pick either the Gentleman or Lady card to represent the querent. look for the Fish card (see below for more examples). If your question is about money. pick the Crossroads . pick the Ring . is the result & means they will be in the public. .making decisions.. pick the Dog . Pick a card to represent the question. then place the next two from the deck (4 & 6) on either side of the S & finally.... left to right in a sequence. is making the novice dreamy & creative.For example. If it's a general reading for someone. pick the Fish .. Remember that the card meanings are always affected by the surrounding cards in any spread that you use. Be open to working with your intuition to feel for the correct meanings of the cards. Shuffle & cut the cards any way you prefer. The two cards that were behind it are 1 + 2 (the past).. You can read this by blending: 1 Child + 2 Moon = a creative novice.. take also the two cards that are in front of it & the two cards that are behind it. Blend the meanings of 1+2 & 4+5... Then...a friend. If your question is generally about you.your child.. A Reading Using a Nine Card Spread This is a great layout because it gives you more details than a three or five card linear spread but it's less complex than the Grand Tableau..your home.. Garden. pick the Moon . Present. is the subject or theme... When you stop shuffling. pick the Heart . & then read the 3rd card as what happens next. Future Reading using a Five Card Spread In this reading you lay out five cards. pick the Bear The card you choose is the Significator card & will be the focal point of the reading. Child. this is the number 3 present card position. When you find the present card..success or fame.traveling. I drew : 1 Child + 2 Moon + 3 Garden The 1st card.moving. 1+2+3+4+5 -the 1+2 is the past -the 3 is the present -the 4+5 is the future Another option with this five card spread is to shuffle the cards in your hand with your question in mind... You may also randomly pick the Significator anywhere from the deck.. Place your Significator (S) card in the center. the two cards that were in front of it are 4 + 5 (the future).money. 1 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 9 7 . the Examples: if your question is about.. look for the Heart card.marriage. -The cross cards surrounding the Significator (4+6) & (2+8). Begin by blending. if sometimes vague. (2+S+8). You can refer to the fate cards which usually help to summarize the entire reading. & all the cards in line with the S is the present. The Grand Tableau (GT) is quite involved using all 36 cards but is ideal for getting a comprehensive picture of a person's life. You can use a timeline: everything to the left of the S is the past. in 3 card spreads & even in 5 card spreads. 8 = the present 4. I am eternally grateful for my community that is the Garden in my life: family. (3+6+9) just like a 3 card spread! You can use a timeline (past. David. Thank you to the awesome members of the Aeclectic Tarot community who gave me the support & courage to continue. history of this 200 year old deck! I express my deepest gratitude to my dear husband. 3 = the past 2. These are the immediate & therefore most important cards concerning the querent or question. You may read cards in pairs.g. As usual. (e. ***Have fun exploring and reading the many different combinations & patterns!*** Infinite Love & Gratitude Thank YOU for supporting my dream of putting a divination deck out into the world. these are called the fate or destiny cards.) -You may also read semantically (1+2+3). Be sure you're familiar with card combinations & the Nine Card Spread before exploring the GT because you will eventually use those methods to analyze your reading. for his encouragement. 08. You may also use the 9 x 4 layout. for being my muse & to the countless others that were also inspired by her. love & assistance throughout this project. 2. (7+8+9) & (1+4+7). First. 7 = the past or 1. clients. Heart + Letter + Book = a secret love letter. Shuffle the cards any way you prefer & lay them all out in 4 Rows with 8 cards in each. Mademoiselle Lenormand. your Power & Light kept me going & my creativity flowing. pep talks & scanning my collages. It's best to first locate the querent's Significator (S) card (Lady or Gentleman) or the S card that best depicts the question. I have so many people to thank for its existence. Special thanks to Esmeralda for her inspiration. present & future) to add more nuances to the reading. friends. 09. vertically & diagonally. 4. I want to thank all of the Lenormand teachers who bestowed their knowledge & made it accessible for me to develop the understanding of the cards & the fascinating. 6. The four corners are the theme or highlight of the reading (01. friends that are family. 1.The nine card reading revolves around the central Significator (S) card.. 32 in the 8x4+4 or 01. 6 = the present 3. The 4 remaining cards are centered beneath. you may even try combining 3 cards. You can start looking outside of this box for influences that affect the S card & the surrounding cards. clients that are friends! To my sweet Sisters of the Egyptian Mystery School. 9 = the future 7 .. 9 = the future An Introduction to the Grand Tableau Spread This is the queen of the Lenormand spreads. You may read cards horizontally. 36 in the 9x4). 28. (4+S+6). K . family that are friends. everything to the right is the future. 8 x 4 +4 GT 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 <= fate cards 9 x 4 GT 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 There are many ways to read the GT that you can tap into to get lots of details from your readings.8. my Heart card. -The top & bottom two corners (1+3) & (7+9) -Also read the opposite corners (1+9) & (3+7) -Eventually. Then find the cards that surround the S & read this box like you would a 9 card spread. who have kept the Game of Hope alive all of these years later.. read the card combinations. 25.
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