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35th Annual Report 2009- 2010Col. Balraj Anand Chairman IETE, Delhi Centre Sh. R.S. Chauhan Hony. Secretary Wg. Cdr. K.C. Bhardwaj Hony. Treasurer Dated: 7/ 06/ 2010 To, Corporate Members, IETE - Delhi Centre th SUBJECT: 35 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS, DELHI CENTRE, JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI-110058. Dear Corporate Members, The 35th Annual General Meeting of the Centre will be held on 30.6.2010 at 18:00 hrs at IETE Delhi Centre, Pankha Road , Jankpuri, New Delhi- 110058. The agenda of the meeting is as under: Item No. 1 Item No. 2 Item No. 3 Item No. 4 Item No. 5 Item No. 6 Confirmation of minutes of the 34rd Annual General (Business) Meeting. Consideration of the Annual Report of the Centre for the year 2009-2010. Consideration and confirmation of the statement of accounts for the period 2009-2010. Appointment of auditors for the fiscal year 2010-2011 and to fix their remuneration. Declaration of Results of election of the Executive Committee 2010-2012 Any other point with the permission of the Chair. Kindly make it convenient to attend. Note-1 Members desiring clarification may please forward their queries in advance so as to reach the undersigned at the earliest possible. Note-2 AGM shall be followed by Dinner. All members are requested to kindly make it Convenient to join for Dinner. Note-3 The Accounting records are available in the Delhi Center for inspection by any member with prior information to the Hony. Treasurer during specific hours. R. S. CHAUHAN Hony.Secretary 1 Col. Sirohi 9.) A. C. R. K. New Delhi-110003. Secretary Sh. Sirohi taken by the executive committee during the year 2008-09.Goyal proposed and Sh. Viney Kakkar (Member) Prof. Chauhan Hony. B. V. The members also appreciated the resource generating activities in the center thereby providing adequate revenue for maintenance and up gradation work despite several roadblocks with which the EC started its term. M. Avnish Kumar Sharma(Member) Dr. Gaurav Garg Member: Sh. Bhardwaj 8. (Dr. Seminars and Placement Efforts. Gaurav Garg 2.MEMBER AND PR COMMITTEE Chairman: Sh. Zonal Co-ordinator (North) IETE HQ. The house approved the same. Shashi Moitra ( Co-opt Member) The 34th Annual General Meeting of the IETE Delhi Center for the year 2008-2009 was held on 27-06-2008 at 1800 hours at India International Centre. Cdr. S. C.1: Confirmation of minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting for the year 2007-08 held on 30th June 2008 at 1800 hours at India International Centre Annexe Max Muller Marg. Item No.2010 IETE. Col. The minutes were passed unanimously without any modification.S. Item No.Vinay Kakkar Member: Sh.Goyal and seconded by Wg. The Chairman adjourned the meeting for 30 minutes as only 15 members could assemble at the appointed meeting time and lack of quorum. This was followed by the presentation of report by the Hony. S.Viney Kakkar 3. K.R. B. Panwar 6. Shashi Moitra 4. Singh Member: Sh. K. The Chairman welcomed the members present in the meeting. Delhi Centre EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR YEAR 2009-2010 Chairman Lt.TECHNICAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE Chairman: Sh. K. P. Mishra Member: Sh.35th Annual Report 2009. Dr.Bhalla.Cdr.INDUSTRIAL CO-ORDINATION AND PLACEMENT COMMITTEE Chairman: Sh. Cdr.L. R. He highlighted the achievements and the bottlenecks faced by the Delhi centre in the year. New Delhi-110003. V. S. Treasurer Wg. Avinish Kr. He briefed the members about the developments and initiative SUBCOMMITTEES 1. Sh.C. Mehta (Vice Chairman) Sh. S.Roy seconded that the Annual report of the Delhi Centre be approved. K. This confirmation was proposed by Dr. D.STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Chairman: Sh. Main building conference Room. R. Sharma 7. Gaurav Garg (Member) Sh.LIBRARY COMMITTEE Chairman: Sh. Gaurav Garg Member: Mrs.PUBLICATION AND WEBSITE COMMITTEE Chairman: Wg. Bhardwaj MINUTES OF THE 34th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FOR THE YEAR 2008-2009 HELD ON 27-06-2009 AT 1800 HOURS AT INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE MAIN BUILDING CONFERENCE ROOM-2 MAX MULLER MARG. Secretary. LODHI ROAD. Mehta Member: Sh.M. Cdr. N. The members greatly applauded the efforts made by the Executive Committee including the Technical Lectures. Mehta Member: Dr. Singh Member: Sh. P.P. Repair of mobile & Nanotechnology as well as publicity of the courses in the Website.2 Max Muller Marg. D.COMPUTER EDUCATION COMMITTEE Chairman: Sh. Gaurav Garg Member: Sh. FINANCE COMMITTEE Member: Sh. Avinish Kr. K. S. Singh (Member) Sh. Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009. Saini (Past Chairman) Mrs. The meeting was reconvened after half an hour as per past practice by which time more members arrived for attending the meeting. Sharma Member: Sh. B. P.B. Panwar (Special invitte) Hony. Bhardwaj Member: Sh. Sirohi Member: Wg. Cdr. D. K. The Chairman Lt.Harender kumar wanted to know about the possibility of conducting some short-term courses like VLSI design.2: Consideration of the Annual report of the Center for the year 2008-09. Lodhi Road.S. Mehta 5. T. NEW DELHI-110003 Sh. The agenda items were then taken up one by one. Balraj Anand presented his report by outlining the achievements of the Centre. D.2010 IETE. D.L. R. Balraj Anand Sh. Wg. Sirohi (Member) Sh. Lodhi Road. 2 3 .K.R. M. Let us do great things together. I can say with confidence that last few years can proudly be termed as years of achievements & ours have been a success story.4: Appointment of Auditors for the fiscal year 2009-2010 and to fix their remuneration Wg. All this has been possible by working together as one team. IETE. quiz competitions. the AGM was declared closed by the Chairman. Harender Kumar seconded that the accounts be passed. . Dr. Item No. symposiums & tech lectures in the premises of IETE Delhi Centre. The General body approved the same. Individual's contributions if seen in isolation may appear as insignificant or inconsequential but it is the tiny drops that make an ocean. Saini & his team. I am indebted to each & everyone who has contributed towards the progress of Delhi Centre.L. Secretary) It is a matter of both honour & pleasure to present the Annual Report for the year 2009-10 of IETE Delhi Centre before this august gathering of engineers. I would like to share with you some of the notable achievements of past year: IETE. seminar . Let us work together.M.Goyal seconded that the same auditors Pankaj Gaur & Associates for fiscal year 2009-2010 at an annual remuneration of Rs 13000/-. There being no other point from the members. sports. I feel satisfied that I have been able to contribute to the best of my abilities in building the centre & moving vigorously on the path of progress.L.3: Consideration and Confirmation of the statement of Accounts for the period 2008-2009.Dr.Cdr. faculty & staff. cultural activities . Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009. Lectures in interactive mode will be delivered through this facility thus helping our students. This will facilitate us to organise more seminars. To improve the efficiency & working conditions of our staff. We are working to get land at Gurgaon from Haryana Govt so as to upgrade these PACs to a full fledged Centre. A state of the art auditorium with 120 seating capacity has been set up . To increase visibility of IETE & Delhi Centre through media exposure & by conducting seminar & symposium in coordination with other professional institutions. It will offer 4 years degree & 3 years diploma programmes in line with regular Engg college/Polytechnic EDUSAT terminal has been set up.( Taitriyo Samhita of Yajur – Veda) I am of the firm belief that there is no obstacle which can not be overcome. Balraj Anand Chairman IETE.illustrious predecessor Dr A.Bala. To provide connectivity between class room & corporate i.K. Item No. we had set our Key Result Areas( KRAs) as under:With best wishes. The General Body approved the same. there is no ocean which can not be sailed & there is no objective which can not be achieved provided we work in unison & together. It states: Let us be together. symposium & technical lectures are organised through out the year thus giving a feel to the students that they are studying in a regular college/institute. Colonel B.S.5: Any other point with the permission of the Chair.Delhi Academic Centre has been established with effect from academic year 2010.M.M.Chauhan (Hony. To strengthen our laboratories. A shloka from 'Taitriya Upanishada reminds us of this approach. The members expressed their happiness over the all round improvement in the financial status of the center. Let us work together & as per our motto “ ” Let us do great things together. Library & other infrastructure.35th Annual Report 2009.g. Anand Chairman 4 5 .L. A large number of activities e.Bala proposed and Dr. I take pride in sharing with you of taking several initiatives in maintaining the momentum of growth of Delhi Centre which was started by my To accord top priority to improve & provide quality education to our students as my heart goes to them. We have relentlessly pursued our KRAs during the year. Students placement cell has been established. As I said in the beginning that strength of an organisation lies in the togetherness and collective approach for achieving the goals. The meeting ended at 2030 hours with a vote of thanks to the Chair R. Setting up of IETE Delhi Center Alumni Association Setting up of two PAC centres at Gurgaon.2010 ADDRESS BY THE CHAIRMAN Col. proposed and Sh. there is no mountain which can not be climbed. It has indeed been a very challenging & eventful year. This 'Success Story' is the result of hard work & dedication by our team of EC members. I am really thankful to all of you for valuable support during my two years tenure as Chairman of Delhi Centre. When our team took charge.M. Let us be radiating truth together. by conducting short term courses & making our students employable.Delhi Centre Dear Corporate Members.Kapoor appreciated the efforts towards crossing the center revenue from one crore.L Goyal & Maj I.e.2010 IETE. Considerable improvements have been made in overall infrastructure of our institute. No goals or challenges can be met or KRAs achieved by a single individual. academicians & technocrats. Wg. Delhi Centre Item No.Cdr. It is the contribution of each & every one in the team which has led us to achieve success. Delhi Police 3. During this visit placement of students was also explored and the management showed its keenness for the same.K. B. Kuldip Singh Chairman and Managing Director Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.M". * A Technical Lecture was organized on “Life in Cyber-World” which was jointly organized with CSI Delhi Centre at India International Center Annexe Lodi Road New Delhi on 13th November 2009 at 5. SEMINARS/ TECHNICAL PROGRAMS:* A technical lecture was organized on Data Structure by Prof. C. * The first milestone in getting completion certificate of the Delhi Centre building i. 3. * IETE Delhi Centre co-organized 4th Two Day National Conference at Bhartiya Vidyapeeth on 'Computing for Nation Development' successfully on 24-25 February 2010 along with CSI. * A lecture was organized on “Personality Development” on 24th October 2009. chairs and extending the seating area.S. Integrated HQ of MoD (Army). NSIT.3. * IETE Delhi Center celebrated “IETE Foundation day” on 2nd November 2009 and the theme for this year was "Blogging. * A large number of relevant text/reference books have been added in the library for students of ALCCS/AMIETE/DIPIETE costing about Rs. University and Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Institute of Computer Applications. IETE on 8th May 2010.Delhi Centre organized half day seminar on 'Emerging trends in Mobile Communications' at the seminar Hall of Institute of Technology & Management . BSF (Retd) & Ex-. The committee. 2010 for its students. * Necessary facilities have been set up for students to undertake practicals simultaneously with theory classes at a very nominal fee.E. * IETE Delhi Center organized the fourth industrial visit to Mother Dairy on 24th Feb. 6 7 .Advisior CAG of India) on Next Generation Teaching Methodologies * A Technical Lecture was conducted on “Green Computing” at India International Center Annexe Lodi Road New Delhi on 22nd February 2010 at 05. PLACEMENT & INDUSTRIAL COORDINATION * The placement of approx.Chopra DIG .m. I am proud to place before you the charter of achievements of the Delhi center that has been possible with the cooperation of all the executive committee members and the wishes of the corporate members at large. on behalf of IETE Delhi Centre.m. Kuldip Singh CMD MTNL . Mr. * IETE Delhi Center organized the third industrial visit to B. IETE New Delhi was the Guest of Honour.30 p. Nokia Siemen Networks and many other companies) has been successfully completed through the on-campus efforts of Delhi center. HCL. Rajeev Kumar. Thus increasing considerably the seating capacity for the examination. in the memory of Late Sh. which is a nice blend of youth and experience. of India. Sh. Mr. * In a major initiative. Mr. Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009. IETE Delhi Centre has instituted three awards for meritorious students:* V B Pradhan Memorial Award for the best IETE student. The site can be accessed for all current news. extend my warm welcome and greeting to all corporate members of Centre. PVSM Director General of EME & Col Comdt Directorate General of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering . 2010 at IETE Delhi Centre. Chauhan.J.) M L Bala (Retd. COMPUTER & ELECTRONIC LABS * Ten more P-IV computer systems along with UPS and Printer have been acquired for the computer lab of the centre to facilitate the students with their hand on practice. 2009 for Electronics students. Tweeting: Bane or Boon”.) donated the award money. * Annual Function of IETE Delhi Centre was celebrated on April 17. Bijoy Singhal (Microsoft) on Next Generation Development. Umed Singh for June 2009 and Sh. Presentations were made by the following speakers:1. Delhi Centre Sh. and announcements.m. took seriousness in the activities of the Delhi Centre. S. 2009.).Elect (2010-11). * Inauguration of Auditorium & Awards Distribution of IETE Delhi Centre was held on 8th May 2010 at 6. * IETE Delhi Centre conducted evening Symposium on “Next Generation Technologies” which was organized at India International Center Annexe Lodi Road New Delhi on 11th December 2009 at 5. A large number of Council & corporate members also graced the occasion. * National Conference at Seminar Hall. * Manisha Bala Memorial Award for the best girl student in diploma stream in the memory of the daughter of Wg. Gen. INDUSTRIAL VISITS * IETE Delhi Center organized the first industrial visit this year on 7th Sep..0 lakhs approximately.35th Annual Report 2009. All the Students appreciated and enjoyed the visit. * The Marconi Lab has been augmented with equipments worth Rs. K.120 students of IETE Delhi Local Center (Spanco Ltd. (Dr. DHQ PO New Delhi was the Chief Guest & Sh. R.30 p. This award was given to Sh.N.30pm. AVSM. Award comprises of Rs. Lt. Gupta Ex. V B Pradhan.Gurgaon 2. * The Auditorium at 2nd floor of our building fitted with air conditioning & other equipments has been made fully operational wef 08th May 2010.2010 IETE. MGO Branch. This Year the award was given to Sh. Gaurav Gupta for June 2009 and Sh. on 8th May 2010. Vice President IETE New Delhi was the Guest of honour . P. Deepak Pathak for December 2009 Examination by Sh. Govt. Sudip for December 2009 Examination who had scored the highest marks in Delhi Region by Sh.P. Spice Digital. 1000/. Precision Electronics etc. K.Sector -23 Gurgaon on "10th March 2010 at 2. for a strategic partnership for training cum placement of IETE Students.e. Some of the major activities undertaken during the year are as follows: A. R. However all-out efforts are being made in completing formalities for getting the completion certificate of the building. * 250 wooden student desks sold have been procured. We have excellent lab facilities & good faculty for conduct of computer and electronic labs. F. I.L Haridwar on 3rd Oct. Prof. (Dr. 1000/. IPS.Subramanian (Ex. Bharti Airtel. Its URL is: www. E. * Raja Ram Singh Chauhan Memorial Award was instituted by Dr. A.S. This year the award couldn't be given to any student as no student was found eligible for the same.2010 REPORT BY HONY. V B Pradhan donated the award money. * IETE Delhi centre web site has been set up . Award comprises of Rs. Cdr. Lease Deed. New Delhi on Wednesday 30th September 2009. Mr.ietedelhi. * Professional Activity Centre (PAC-1) Gurgaon of IETE . It is a matter of great pride for me to present this report to a grand gathering of engineers and technocrats. Wg.and certificate. I am indeed very happy to present the 35th Annual Report of IETE Delhi Center. Chauhan Hony. * A record number of 1072 students registered for the Lab I & II classes. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.250000 (approx. Secretary Dear Corporate Members. Smt.(Computer Emergency Response Team-India). The award is given to the student getting highest marks in AMIETE from Delhi.Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic). Mr. IETE Delhi Centre has tied up with Spanco Ltd. S. GGS Indraprastha University Kashmere Gate Delhi on 'Information Management in Knowledge Economy' on 20th March 2010 alongwith I.Gupta on Next Generation N/W. New Delhi was the Chief Guest and Sh. STUDENT AFFAIRS * To encourage the spirit of competitiveness. University.P. D.. Students showed their keen interest in the industrial visits and demanded more such visits in future too. Muktesh Chander.30 p. SECRETARY IETE.0 P. suggestions and queries. 2009 to TV Tower Pitampura Delhi.Manish Malik Director.). The visit was also made to their R&D center having state of the art facility in the country.Engineer-in-chief Doordarshan and President. I. K. The award is given to the girl student getting highest marks in DIPIETE in Delhi. * Efforts are being made to either invite some more companies for campus placement or enter into some placement tie-ups with leading companies such as Sukam. Fire NOC has been obtained after incessant efforts. * IETE Delhi Center organized the second industrial visit to AIR Kingsway Camp on 7th Sep. a Fellow Member of IETE.Srinath Director CERT.N.H. IEEE & CSI Delhi .and a certificate. 2.) M L Bala (Retd. INFRASTRUCTURE * Enhancement of seating capacity in the library by placing more tables. Kuldip Singh CMD MTNL.Chandele.B. Presentations were made by the following speakers:1. K. (R. we have been able to initiate several measures so as to ensure transparent accounting of funds. B.Saini for guiding me at each and every step. I would also like to place on record the excellent cooperation received from the staff of IETE HQ. greater accountability of staff and standard accounting practices with proper record keeping.m.(before depreciations). Bhardwaj (Hony. * Sports day was celebrated on 1st November 2009 and sports competition and quiz competition were conducted on 1st and 2nd November among IETE students. The income for the year 2009-10 has been Rs. Cdr. I am grateful to Col.261. Bhardwaj Hony. The salient features of the accounts are: I would like to express my sincere thanks to my Executive Committee members without whose cooperation the above achievements were almost impossible.2010 IETE.921/I would like to express my thanks to all the Executive Committee members for their cooperation and help in discharging my functions. 2168 student (subject wise) have taken admission in this semester.981.00 p. Delhi Centre G. Col. for his utmost cooperation and incessant support during the year.35th Annual Report 2009. I express my gratitude to all the council members. I am sincerely thankful to the Chairman of Delhi Center Col. 2009 Examination.C. The Statement of Accounts for the year under reference have been audited and duly approved by the Executive Committee of the Delhi Centre. Chauhan Hony. I am also thankful to the staff at IETE Delhi Centre. Chairman. FACULTY MEET/STUDENT MEET * Get Together with Faculty was held on 05/09/2009 on the occasion of teacher's day at Delhi Center.) A.406/. Treasurer Dear Corporate Members. Lastly but not the least. Cdr. K. of students) : 40 students Wg. 8. 13. Anand under whose leadership and guidance the above achievements have been possible. I take pride in sharing with you healthy financial status of Delhi Center . Anand. Treasurer) 8 9 .C. I am thankful to the Chairman of Delhi center. K. Thank you all for your cooperation. I. Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009. * DOEACC 'O' & 'A' level Computer Course is being conducted in the center and about 40 students are registered for the same. * The day time classes are running successfully in the centre. and the expenses are Rs.09 Examination (Subject x no. : 359 students : 13581In Dec.834/-. judicious control on expenses. Wg.Chauhan) Hony.Secretary ! The cash transactions have been minimized other than sale of syllabus thereby reducing the chances of any irregularities. It gives me immense pleasure in presenting before you the Balance Sheet for the year 2009-10.2010 REPORT BY HONY. TREASURER IETE. The enclosed audit report is a testimony of our sincere efforts in putting the things on the right track. Secretary for his sincere cooperation and support. at IETE Delhi Center. sincerity and have shown exemplary initiatives in making the center more vibrant and financially sound. I am also thankful to Sh. ! All transactions are reported in the ECM. My special thanks to the Council member & Past Chairman Prof (Dr. displayed dedication. : 231 students in Dec. S.988. B. * A Student meet with Executive Committee was held on 28/02/2010 at 18. I would also like thank all staff members of IETE Delhi Centre who have put in lot of hard work. Students Data (a) Guidance Classes (b) Lab Practice / REB (c) Seminar (d) Project (e) No. 2009 Examination. 23. the corporate members of the Delhi Center and my colleagues for providing their support to IETE Delhi Center. The number of students in regular classes has also increased as large no of students are preferring day time classes over evening classes. Approx. Last but not the least. of students Appeared (f) Computer Courses DOEACC “O” & “A” Level : 1480 students in all streams July 09 to Dec 09 : 1072 students in Dec. R. H.S. * Three new qualified faculties have been hired for teaching Diploma and Degree students. Balraj Anand under whose dynamic leadership I have been able to perform and deliver my best. Approx 60 students took admission in the 27th Batch commenced in 2009. ! Improved compliance of statutory payments/deductions The fixed assets of the Center have gone up as on 31/3/2010 and stand at :Rs. NEW & EXISTING COURSES * ALCCS Course has been started in the Delhi Centre since August 2007. com AUDITORS REPORT INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS DELHI CENTRE BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31st MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH SCHEDULE 2010 I II III=(I+II) 5.Delhi Centre 16/1-2. Institutional Area Pankha Road Janakpuri New Delhi Audit Report on the Accounts of IETE – Delhi Centre For the year ended 31st March 2010 APPLICATION OF FUNDS Fixed Assets Less: Depriciation Net Block IV 2 23. PANKAJ SHARMA Partner Dated: 07-06-2010 Place: Delhi for PANKAJ GAUR & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants COL.834.592.889.592. Neelkanth House 302. PANKAJ SHARMA Partner Place: Delhi Dated: 07-06-2010 10 11 . In our opinion proper books of accounts have been kept by the IETE so far as appears from our examination of the books.081 Sub Total of Assets Block V=IV We have audited the attached Balance Sheet of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers-(IETE) Delhi Centre.2010 13.289.35th Annual Report 2009. Secretary) WG.755 7.973 289. Delhi Centre as at 31.714 68.132.667 4.03. of the state of affairs of the IETE.827 11. Janakpuri.298. give a true and fair view: 1.793.S.406 9. New Delhi as at 31st.937.965 4.400 4.578 10. Delhi-110092 Phone: 22481918. 22482446 Mobile: 9810955575.298. 2010 and Income and Expenditure account for the year ended on that date which are in agreement with the books of account maintained by the IETE – Delhi Centre.136 15. In the case of Balance Sheet.3rd Floor.698 5. 2.792 1.289. 9212343336 [email protected] 13.714 PARTICULARS SOURCES OF FUNDS Permanent Reserve Reserve and Surplus Total of Sources of Funds AS AT 31st MARCH 2009 5.081 CURRENT ASSETS Inventories Cash and Bank Balances Other Current Assets Sub Total of Current Assets VI Less: Current Liabilities Net Current Assets Total of Sources of Funds VII VIII=(VI-VII) IX=(V+VIII) 3 4 5 59.544 7.578 6.039 2. Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009. We have obtained all the information and explanation which to the best of our knowledge and belief were necessary for the purpose of our audit. March.908 1 The chairman Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers .261.971.318. KC BHARDWAJ Hony.836 8. Chauhan (Hony.03. Delhi Centre PANKAJ GAUR & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants S-524.2010 In the case of Income & Expenditure Account of SURPLUS for the year ended on 31. School Block Shakarpur. BALRAJ ANAND Chairman R.469 247.573. subject to schedules and notes attached there with.2010 IETE.908 6 For PANKAJ GAUR & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants Significant Accounting Polices and Notes on Account 13 As per our Report of even date attached CA.169 15.249.793.544 16. CDR. Treasurer [email protected] 11.504.937.201.473. In our opinion and to the best of our information and according to explanation given to us the accounts.639.345.625 5.2010 AUDITORS REPORT IETE.823.870 2. 2010 IETE.378.607.713 8.988.008 13.387 110. Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009. Treasurer CA.680 8.259. CDR.311. BALRAJ ANAND Chairman R.981. Delhi Centre INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS DELHI CENTRE INCOME & EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31ST MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH SCHEDULE 2010 INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS DELHI CENTRE SCHEDULES FORMING PART OF THE ACCOUNTS AS ON 31 ST MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH 2009 PARTICULARS INCOME Grant from Head Office Educational & Technical Activities Interest From Banks Fixed Deposits Savings Bank Accounts Other Income Total of Income AS AT 31st MARCH 2009 7 8 1.606.785.35th Annual Report 2009.992.107 3.S.029 2.036 1.962 13 As per our Report of even date attached for PANKAJ GAUR & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants COL.300 1.886 111.732 175.143 160.996.030 3. PANKAJ SHARMA Partner Place: Delhi Dated: 07-06-2010 12 13 . KC BHARDWAJ Hony.577 141.454.938 251.2010 IETE.806 8.929 11.855.921 4.836 10.341.765.820.330 EXPENDITURE Educational & Technical Expenses Employee Remuneration & Welfare Expenses Administrative Expenses Other Expenses Total of Expenditure Excess of Income over Expenditure Less: Depreciation Surplus/(Deficit) for the year taken to the Reserve & Surplus Significant Accounting Polices and Notes on Account 9 10 11 12 4.961 42.641 983.068 2.136 1.855.300 b) Income & Expenditure Account Opening Balance Surplus/ (Deficit) for the year Sub-Total of Reserve Total 4.962 4.806 4.461.739.834 509.739.820. Secretary) WG.812 274.606.990 PARTICULARS SCHEDULE-1 RESERVES & SURPLUS a) Capital Reserve Head office Balance 1.655. Chauhan (Hony.030 6.660 10.780.137.913 1.125.805 834.052 2.746 12.345.185 3.201.843 2. 013 5.940 152.000 95.000 312.298.890 1.613 8.192 5.148 276.832 2.188 52.709 673 438 22 14.298.938 348.814 143.843 9.361 1.039 1.667 80.505 165.) 658.188 49.075 9.966 34.627 7.860 241.834.406 16.000 368.887.755 14 15 .881 2.137.010 26.209 18.481 126 9.066 8.919 148 23.819 1.968 3.939.606 58.192 47.041 27.500 7.658 175.865 5.193 1.820 3.455 2.) 337.059 2.803 22.627 7.021 13.084 11 155 24 42 13.35th Annual Report 2009.621 40.735 64.167 7.242 65 10.914 6.722 939.706 116.314 1.667 6.000 312.206 5.054 11.613 156.887 2.000.834.658 11.250 825.059 182.033 161 281 2 87.363 6.261.138 17.361 1.257 2.638 76 3.930 24.096.09 (RS.081 4.000 149.138 17.107 834.255 2.996 7.100 9.930 24.933 199 7.737 146.471 159.976 44.836 As on 01.399 55 248 15.939.038 17.500 40. DEP.032 (RS.172 15.454 6.2009 (RS.790 4.000 161.627 3.900 7.069 122.081 As on 31.765.904 3.2010 IETE.000.059 47 211 12.480 1.04.372 67.046 3.000 161.474 75.836 12.540 8 37 2.133 30.737 139.735 51.10 NET BLOCK As on 31.068 14.307 1.859.999 11.100 1.299 193.484 67.801 4.) 348.634 219.105 182.000 95.09 (RS.480 2.525 1.075 25.533 3.592 54.949 24.640 1.480 Sale During The year (RS.792 118.420 30.910 13.442 872.323 10% 60% 10% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 60% 15% 10% 100% 15% 15% 15% 60% 15% 60% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 66.999.275 1.843 227.138 3.856 1.000 15.329 210 9.759 44.396 2.732 2.366.599 1.564 146.) 1.489 23.328 1.335 1.548 504 201.201.046 3.865 5.341 66.217 75.350 17.976 15.316 1.04.500 273.09.086 8.076 34.2010 IETE.979 1.580 ADDITION before 30.500 640.832 19.096 31.03.866 420.129 76 231.861 1.910 23.860 7.835 29.200 2.100 1.184 6.200 118.2009 (RS.777 41.034 29.) 4.052 1.190 144.649 6.971.046 340.311 3.156 460 10.227 162.483 1.007 11.500 32.840 As at 31.926 2.932 1.538 40.) 37.) 348.850 26.261 170.03.900 7.142 64 878 137 239 2 81.505 8.307 37.447 470.098.447 695.996 16.133.09 (RS.560 925.034 1.) 4.798 4.893 6.533 3.034 44.420 30.419 428 338.188 52.552 5.711 108.128 239.976 1.099.317 28.047 231 6.015.763 16.858 29.133 30.671 261.533 3.200 2.278 2.257 DEPRECIATION During the As on Year 31.352 622.908 1.000 12.054 11.215 396 11 1.240 23.027 4.10 (RS. Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009.862 8.289.581 1.459 5.09.388.075 106.102 2.394 253.525 16.940 152.934 243.063 731.341 63.063 1.600 16.188 49.892 6.066 69.842 98.148 15.847 24.132.850 17.675 GROSS BLOCK after 30.03.533 3.755 7.200 9.03.226 75 1.957 7. ON WDV Land Building Library Books Furniture and Fixture Electrical Fittings Generator Set Air Conditioner Water Cooler Electronic Lab Equipment Electronic Lab Voltage Stablizer Public Address System Cooler Frankling Machine Television Video Casset Recorder Fascimile Machine Typewriters Ladders Heaters Grassmover Micro Processor Projector Temprary Room Educational Material Training Equipment Polta Cabin Vaccume Cleaner Computer Software CVT Computers UPS Telephone Instruments FM Radio Water Motor Water Purifier Dish Antenna Fan Fire Fighting Equip Water Harvesting Water Tank Sign Board Building in Progress Total Previous Year AS AT 01.119.912 1.332 178.640 1.362 6.273 118.776 434.571 275 10.662 2.860 3.082.354 118.273 118.792 128.571 275 15.039 13.564.098.665 10.876 5.10 (RS.511 71.906 49.277.795.786 8.843 227.627 3.705 210.964 638.000 12.493. Delhi Centre SCHDULE-2 FIXED ASSETS PARTICULARS RATE OF.544 7.505 8.614 5.) 348.082. 322 1.746 259.657 4.016 125.709 837.259.400 59.938 186.176.959.FD Released 690748.161 270.2010 IETE.341.973 227.575 42.988 725.573 284.090.276 3.956 50.75 Less:.000 509.381.072 108.933 89.109 194.496 247.008 190.482. Other Liabilities & Payables Advance Grant Received 915340 Less: Transferred to Annual Grant 190340 Scholar Received Adjustable/Refundable Interest Payable Total 1.521 353.202 59.750 281.890 2.052 16 17 .25 Add: Fixed Deposites during the year 1500000.996.418 2.111 219.000 1.00 Add:. considered good) a) Advances b) Advance Tax/TDS Total 59.500 1.059 126.318.382 103.000 317.000 78.575 229.689 268.517 106.350 578.340.600 3.765.603 24.900 860 2.902 320.00 Interest accrued on FDR's Total SCHEDULE-5 OTHER CURRENT ASSETS (Unsecured.FD interest on Renewed FD 304327.625 SCHEDULE-7 GRANT FROM HEAD OFFICE Annual Grant received during the year 421406 Add: Received last year in advance 190340 transferred to Income during the year Specific Grant for Fire Fighting Equipments Specific ALCCS Computer Grant Total SCHEDULE-8 EDUCATIONAL & TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES a) Coaching Classes b) Computer Courses c) Examination Income (REB+Project+IETE Exams.700 4. Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009.750 12.660 700.200 1.233 2.746 250.573.310 53.750 1.978 222.488 25.289.332 305.378.641 971.086 36.575 42.124 243.469 5.725 2.085.408.140 28.640 10. Delhi Centre INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS DELHI CENTRE SCHEDULES FORMING PART OF THE ACCOUNTS AS ON 31 ST MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH 2009 INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS DELHI CENTRE SCHEDULES FORMING PART OF THE ACCOUNTS AS ON 31 ST MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH 2009 PARTICULARS PARTICULARS SCHEDULE-3 INVENTORIES Stock of syllabus & other IETE Publication Total SCHEDULE-4 CASH & BANK BALANCES Cash in hand /(Imprest) Balance with schedule bank in Savings Account Fixed Deposites with banks: Opening balance 3176310.096.450 37.660 32.570 4.167.732 4.000 523.700 4.029 658.340 1.870 733.311.400 983.465 5.285 289.749 136.698 SCHEDULE-6 CURRENT LIABILITIES Security Deposit Library Book Bank Payable to Head office (Syllabus) Earnest Money Sundry Creditors.200 1.667 188.400 68.058.35th Annual Report 2009. Activities Project Guide Fees Examination Expenses Centre Expenses for ICAI Training Expenses in connectin to Bharti Airtel ALLCCS Expenses Total SCHEDULE-10 EMPLOYEES REMUNERATION & WELFARE EXPENSES Salary Staff welfare Staff Over Time Staff Conveyance Incentive to staff Total 193.2010 IETE.002.625 68.550 27.267 124.) d) Sale of Syllabus & Forms e) Centre Fees from ICAI f) Income from Bharti Airtel g) ALCCS Income Total 611.011.473.036 241.565 97.249.818 4.965 SCHEDULE-9 EDUCATIONAL & TECHNICAL EXPENSES Cost of Study Material Consumed Payment to Faculty Seminars & Tech. of receipts as per the ii) Grant from Head Office are accounted for as Income on accrual basis and their utilization is treated as expenses and are accounted for on accrual basis.295 52.372 50.582 450.800 274.186 225.239 269 83.131 31. d) Depreciation Depreciation on fixed assets is provided on written down value method in the manner and at the rate prescribed in the Income Tax Act.162 206.454.214 329.610 432. b) Fixed Assets Fixed assets are stated at the cost of acquisition. There has been no physical verification or revaluation of fixed assets by Executive Committee during the year c) Building Building construction has been completed but confirmation from management and completion certificate is yet to be received.325 2.2010 IETE.100 160. Any addition to fixed assets used for less than 180 days are depreciated at 50% of their prescribed rate e) Revenue Income Reorganization 141.507 71.795 7.604 41.488 33.847 11. However expenses incurred for flooring etc of Kota stone of Ground Floor has been capitalized and accordingly depreciation has been charged on it. Diploma examination is 18 19 . iii) Sale of syllabus is accounted for on the list price.848 1.415 297. Purchase of syllabus and other education material are accounted for on the procurement price of the institute.829 116.143 79.048 1. less accumulated depreciation.500 152. iv) Examination expenses incurred by center for conducting IETE Degree and reimbursed by Head office are accounted for as income on accrual basis f) Inventory Inventory of syllabus is valued at procurement price. No specific guidelines have been provided by head office in this respect. Delhi Centre 35th Annual Report 2009.216 220.713 140. 1961.680 i) Income from Coaching and technical activities is recognized on the basis schedule program of education of relevant academic year.460 129. Direct costs are capitalized till the assets are ready to be put to use.339 91. in accordance with the accounting standards issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India as adopted consistently.008 245.260 415. Asset purchased out of grant from head office has been capitalized.238 40. Hence related expenses are capitalized to building work in progress and no depreciation is provided on this amount so far.000 46.495 178.35th Annual Report 2009.607.537 14.600 540.847 14.724 2.962 161.812 a) Basis of Preparation of financial statements The financial statements are prepared on accrual method of accounting under the historical cost convention.320 13.429 58.098 36.1 SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES PARTICULARS SCHEDULE-11 ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES Telephone Expenses Telephone Expenses (Members) Repair & Maintenance Conveyance (Members & Others) & Travelling Electricity & Water Charges Bank Charges Postage Printing & Stationary Insurance Legal & Professional fees Security Services Property Taxes Statutory Audit Fees Employees Terminal Settlement Advertisement Expenses DDA Ground Rent & Other fees AGM Expenses Festivel Expenses Hospitality Expenses Miscellaneous Expenses Total SCHEDULE-12 OTHER EXPENSES Office Maintenance Interest Paid Election Expenses AMITE/DIP fee refund Total 55.010 3.370 1.267 58. Delhi Centre INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS DELHI CENTRE SCHEDULES FORMING PART OF THE ACCOUNTS AS ON 31 ST MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH 2010 AS AT 31st MARCH 2009 INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS DELHI CENTRE SCHEDULE-13 13 SIGNIFICANT ACOUNTING POLICIES AND NOTES ON ACCOUNTS 13.103 43.2010 IETE.932 94.402 58.565 18. 35th Annual Report 2009. Treasurer 20 . K C BHARDWAJ Chairman Place: Delhi Dated: 07-06-2010 Hony. CHAUHAN WG CDR.1 NOTES ON ACCOUNTS Previous year's figures The previous year's figures have been regrouped / rearranged wherever necessary to make comparable with the current year's figures. PANKAJ SHARMA Partner .) 305 820 1125 264 861 2009-10 68625 184500 253125 59400 193725 2008-09 174825 135000 309825 68625 241200 13. CURRENT ASSETS.3 No provision for tax is made during the year as the income of institute is clubbed with the income of the Head office. Delhi Centre 13. Secretary Hony. COL.S. BALRAJ ANAND R. For PANKAJ GAUR & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants CA.2.2 Particulars Opening stock Add : Purchase from Head office (At cost) Total Less: Closing stock Cost of study material consumed (Qty.2. LOANS & ADVANCES INVENTORIES /Cost of study and other IETE Publications material consumed Current Year Previous Year 13.2 13.2010 IETE.2.
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