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Bibliography Of Books On Cartridges Or Ammunition - International...1 of 30 H OM E M EM BE RSHI P & JOU RNA L E VE NT S RE F ERE N CE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS ON CARTRIDGES OR AMMUNITION CO NTACT FO RUM SEARCH Compiled by Jonathan Uhlman(updated December 2008) An explanatory note: Follow @AmmoCollectors This bibliography for the most part focuses upon ‘Primarily Cartridge Oriented’ works, and leaves many works where Cartridges are secondary or tertiary to the work off the list. No attempt made to list each edition of a work, such as “Cartridges of the World”. Instead the last known, or the most commonly available edition is usually listed, to assist persons in finding a copy. Some company histories are included, to simply make persons aware of what exists. Some reloading manuals (see ‘Reloading Manuals’) are included, but by no means has any attempt been made to list them all. Some such as Lapua or A-Squares contain valuable information upon the companies, and upon their products, and are also listed under the authors name. Many Government publications will be listed under headings such as “U.S. Government Publications”, or “H.M.S.O” (for British Government publications). Many company catalogues are not listed, due to the sheer volume. However, some that contain histories etc., are usually listed under the companies name. Suggestions for additions are most welcome. 1. If you have items to add to the bibliography, Send Email to the International Ammunition Association with full bibliographic citation 2. This is available as a Microsoft Word document if you prefer a printer ready copy. Send Email to the International Ammunition Association and request "Bibliography in Word format" Ackley, Parker O. 1962 Handbook for shooters and reloaders. Salt Lake City, Utah. Vol.1 576p. Vol.2 495p. Adkins, Charles. 1997. Late 19th and Early 20th Century, Cartridge Case Analysis, in Alaska. M.A. project report, Fairbanks: University of Alaska. Ahmad, Mahmoud. 1998. 7.62-mm Primer Propellant Interface Study. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, Dover, NJ. Close Combat Armaments Center. Report # AD-A341 390; ARCCD-TR-97010. Springfield. 42p. Albert, M.J. and Oelberg, H.F.. 1944. How to Load Primers for Small Arms Cartridges. Elkader, Idaho. 31p. Alford, Leon Pratt. 1917. Manufacture of artillery ammunition, by members of the editorial staff of the American machinist. McGraw-Hill Book Company. New York, U.S.A.. 765p. Alphin, Arthur. 1996. Any Shot You Want; The A-Square Handloading and Rifle Manual. On Target Press. Pewee Valley, Kentucky. 624p. Am Rhyn, Michael. 1985. Schweizerische Patronenboden-Bezeich-nungen, 1867-1985 (Cartridge Head Stamps of Switzerland 1867-1985). Lucerne, Switzerland. 142p. (Also see Ramseyer) Amber, John. 1978. Handloader's Digest: The Complete Guide and World Reference to Handloading 11/03/2015 11:56 Bibliography Of Books On Cartridges Or Ammunition - International... 2 of 30 Ammunition. DBI Books. Northfield, Illinois. 228p. ISBN: 0695809423 HO ME | MEM BE RS HIP & JO UR NA L | R EFE RE NC E | E VE NTS | CO NTACT | FO RU M American Machinist. 1942. Artillery and Small-Arms Ammunition. (A compilation of articles on OP YRI GH TMcGraw © IN TE Hill. RNATI ONA L AM MUN IT ION A SSO CI ATI ON ammunition manufacture from American CMachinist). 244p. WE BS ITE D ESI GN ED AN D MAI NTAIN ED B Y A AR ON NE WC OME R American Ordnance Company. 1894. (Catalogue). Bridgeport, Connecticut. 125p. Amesbury, A. Donald. 1964. Let’s Start a Cartridge Collection. Economy Printing. Tucson, Arizona. 20p. An Expert (pseu). 1889. Notes on Shooting: the Use of Black and Patent Brown Sporting Gunpowder by an Old Manufacturer. Curtis's and Harvey. London, U.K.. 70p. Anderhub, Jost-Burkhard. 1975. Headstamps on Hunting and Sporting Ammunition Made by D.W.M.. European Cartridge Collectors Club 1965-1975. E.C.C.C. Andersen, Per Arne and Andresen, Vidar and Strømstad, Trond. 1989. The International Case-Type Register, Centerfire Metallic Military and Civilian, Production and Experimental. Andersen, Andresen & Strømstad. Granli, Norway: V1 1989 - 35p. V2 1991 - 45p. V3 1994 - 49p. Andersen, Per Arne and Andresen, Vidar and Strømstad, Trond. 1995. Cartridge Cases. Andersen, Andresen & Strømstad. Norway. 419p. Andresen, Vidar. 1988. Håndvåpenammunisijon gjennom 90 år, 1896 – 1986. Raufoss, Norway. 28p. Andresen, Vidar. 1994. New Case Types. International Ammunition Association Journal (various issues). Andresen, Vidar. 1971. Norwegian Small Arms Cartridges, Before 6.5mm Model 1894. The International Cartridge Collector Annual. Vol. 2 No. 4 (June): 21-25. Ashton, Harold Thomas. 1893. On the manufacture of modern fixed ammunition. Published by the Institution. London, U.K.. 26p. Australia - Directorate of Technical Practice. 1942. Notes on the design of tools for the deep drawing of brass Cartridge Cases. Melbourne, Australia. Bacyk, Ted and Bacyk, David and Rowe, Tom. 1999. Gun Powder Cans and Kegs. Rowe Publications. New York, U.S.A.. 269p Baden, Anne Laura. 1943. Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Fireworks: A Selected List of Books and Pamphlets. Compiled by Anne Baden. The Library of Congress. Washington, U.S.A. 46p. Barber, John. 1987. The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States and Canada 1857 to 1984 an Illustrated History of its Manufacturers and Their Products. Armory Publications. Tacoma, Washington. 221p. ISBN: 0-9604982-6-5 Barlerin, Jacques. 1992. Les Cartouches Françaises de 12,7. Paris, France. 109p Barlerin, Jacques. 1998. Les Cartouches Intermediaires Francais 1944-1970. Paris, France. 127p Barlerin, Jacques. 1993. Les Cartouches Militaires Françaises, La Cartouche de 7.62mm pour Carabine (.30 carabine). Paris, France. 50p Barlow, William. 1872. Notes on Ammunition. Stationery Office. London, U.K.. 108p. Barnes, Frank. 2003. Cartridges of the World (10th.edition). (Each edition is significantly different in specialised articles). Krause. Northbrook, Illinios. 526p. ISBN: 0-87349-605-1 Bartlett, Wallace. 1985. Cartridges for Small Arms. Pioneer Press. 54p. ISBN: 0913150126 Bartlett, Wallace, and Gallatin, D.B.. 1977. Digest of Cartridges for Small Arms Patented in The United 11/03/2015 11:56 Bibliography Of Books On Cartridges Or Ammunition - International... 3 of 30 States, England and France 1878. Museum Restoration Service. Ontario, Canada. 52p. ISBN 0919316697 Beadnell, Charles Marsh. 1915. Modern Bullets In War And Sports. ?? ?? Bearse, Ray. 1966. Centerfire American Rifle Cartridges, 1892-1963. Barnes. Brunswick, New Jersey. 198p Belton, John. 1977. Pichereau a Paris: A Percussion Shotshell of circa 1822. Arms Collecting. 15:81-83. Benét, Stephen. 1868. Metallic Ammunition for the Springfield Breech-Loading Rifle-Musket. Frankford Arsenal. Philadelphia, U.S.A.. 19p. Benét, Stephen. 1873. Report of the Board of Ordnance Officers for the Proper Caliber for Small-Arms. Government Printing Office. Washington, U.S.A.. Benton, J.G.. 1878. Report of the Board of Officers to Select a Magazine Gun for the Military Service. Government Printing Office. Washington, U.S.A.. Bernstein, Gerald. 1976. Cartology Savalog. St. Louis, Missouri. 3rd ed. 117p Betschmann, Walter and Feller, Hans. 1989. Die Entwicklung der Gewehrmunition und der Gewehr der Schweizer Armee von 1815 bis 1990. Eidgenössische Munitionsfabrik Thun. Thun, Switzerland. 59p. Beutter, Manfred. 1993. European Shotshell Manufacturers before 1945, Gustav Genschow. Rosenfeld, Germany. 59p. Beutter, Manfred. 1990. Deutsche Warenzeichen, 1898-1943. Blyth, Don and Dunn, Anthony G.. 1991. The .22 Rimfires of Canada. White Pigeon, Michigan. 162p. Blyth, Don. 1997. The .22 Rimfires of Canada: 1997 update. Blyth. Guelph, Canada. 60p. Blyth, Don. 1998. Canadian Blasting Cap Tins & Explosive Industry Collectables. Blyth. Guelph, Canada. Bond, Lieutenant-Colonel Henry. 1884. Treatise on Military Small Arms and Ammunition, with theory of the Motion of a Rifle Bullet. A text-book for the Army. London. Stationery Office. 228p. (also London: Arms and Armour Press, 1971.142p, facsimile of the edition of 1888, with four modern photographs to supplement the original illustrations). Boucher, John. 1856. A treatise on rifle projectiles. Charles and Edwin Layton. London, U.K.. 89p. Braddock, John. 1832. Memoir on gun powder in which are discussed the principles both of its manufacture and proof. Brandt, Jakob and Erlmeier, Hans. 1998. Handbuch der Pistolen und Revolver Patronen - Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges (Formerly 3 separate volumes, updated and now bound as 1). Journal Verlag Schwend. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. 706p. (Text in German and English) ISBN: 3-935210-08-6 Brandt, Jakob and Hamann, Horst. 1986. Die Militärpatronen Kaliber 7,62 x 51 mm NATO, ihre Entwicklung und Abarten - The Military Cartridges Calibre 7,62 x 51 mm NATO, Their Development and Variants (Text in German and English). Journal-Verlag Schwend. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. 314p. Brandt, Jakob and Hamann, Horst. 1972. Identifizierung von Handfeuerwaffen-Munition. JournalVerlag Schwend. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. 228p. Brandt, Jakob and Hamann, Horst. 1972. Identifizierung von Patronenmunition. Wiesbaden, Germany. 334p. ISBN: 3-925969-01-2. Brandt, Jakob and Hamann, Horst and Dr.Windisch, Erik. 1981. Die Militärpatronen Kaliber 7,9mm: Ihre Vorlaufer und Abarten. Journal-Verlag Schwend. Schwabisch Hall, Germany. 314p. Brinker and Hirst. 1961. Reference Catalog of Cartridges-Patent fire & Rimfire,Vol.1. Hirst and 11/03/2015 11:56 Caiti. de defense. Cartridges for Sporting Rifles. Centrefire Metallic Rifle Bullets (June 1955).. Burrard. U. Commission International Permanente pour l'epreuve des armes a feu portatives (C. Jim.). 115p. Brinker Enterprise. Buchanan.C. Caranta. France. Giovanni De Vecchi Editore S. Paris. C. Herbert.. 231p Buchanan. Tableaux Des Dimensions De Cartouches Et De Chambres pour les armes de chasse. 1980. U. London. (Ronald Fenby. L'efficacite des Munitions D'Armes de Poing. Buchanan. Buchanan. Gerald and Jenkins. U.. Buchanan. Houston. California Cartridge Collectors Assoc. 120p. 2004. Pemberville. Edition de Vecchi. France. Kent. Burrard. Ammunition for Rifled Ordnance. Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past.T. Kent.. 2004. Pistol and Shotgun etc. Conjay Collectors Ammunition Company Limited. 168p..Ltd. Pierangelo. Texas. R. R. Jim. Chamberlain. 2004. (12 volumes to date). Porterville.C. Buttweiler.. Ltd.B.. Kynoch Ltd: Workshop Drawings for Shop use Only.K. 1956. 24p. 512p. 1976. California. The Identification of Firearms and Forensic Ballistics.K.. Ltd. 1996-1997. (also available in French as "Les Cartouches Militaires Utilisees par les Polices et les Forces Armees de 1866 a nos Jours"). Castle Rock. Robert. Charles. 1988. 1998. ISBN: 068524539X Buttweiler. Didier.P. Casas. 1983..p.. Buttweilers Guide to Ammunition Prices: The Complete Handbook of Values for the Collector. Winona. Italy.K. Joan. U. Imperial Chemical Industries. Chamberlain. 175p.. Cartucce Militari e per Impieghi di Polizia da 1866 ad Oggi. 1 Sporting Commercial Revolver and Pistol Cartridges 2 Sporting Commercial Automatic Pistol Cartridges 3 Sporting Commercial American "Inch" Rifle Cartridges 11/03/2015 11:56 . Compilation of Products. Raymond and Legrain. Gerald. Eley Bros. ISBN: 0-924164-20-4 Buttweiler Robert. Workshop Drawings: 1905 to 1925. Chamberlin Cartridge & Target Co. Jozef. American .T. Jim. H. London. Houston. 220p. 1894. U. Ammunition. Cartuchería. 1983-1999. 192p. The Fresno "100". du commerce et pour les engins a buts industriels. California. Texas. Buchanan. 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