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BEmONC ACTION PLAN Municipality of Quezon Province of Quezon BRIEF HISTORY OF YOUR FACILITY: • Rural Health Unit Quezon: provision of public health, preventive and curative health services for the people of Quezon, Quezon. o Limited capability for provision of birthing services. o Fully capable of providing antenatal care services/advice/birth plan formulation at RHU and BHU level care of MHO, PHN, RHMs. o No dedicated birthing facility. o Imminent deliveries only. o Home deliveries discouraged BUT facility-based delivery acceptance/adherence remains low at about 30-40% (mainly due to lack of facility/services and local customs/culture) o Efforts for adherence/compliance to facility-based delivery policy of DOH are mainly geared towards increasing efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the maternal and child care referral system.  THIRRA project – with NGO MOLAVE; computerized referral system/database to and from RHU Quezon to Alabat Island District Hospital (AIDH) and Gumaca District Hospital (GDH); telemedicine referrals, updated database of patients, access to patient records at the 3 different patient consultation points (RHU, AIDH, GDH)  As of November 2011, only RHU Quezon staff trained regarding THIRRA and only RHU Quezon has an updated maternal health care database o For further evaluation and management of risk/complicated pregnancies, referral to Alabat Island District Hospital (>1 hr away over roads with unfinished sections; attends to normal deliveries ONLY – even refers pre-eclampsia patients to mainland) or Gumaca District Hospital (preferred – capability for CS, etc BUT > 1 hour away by boat) HEALTH F GENERAL OBJECTIVE: • To provide accessible, equitable, appropriate and quality BEmONC services for the people of Quezon, Quezon. Specific Objective Strategy Time Frame Locus of Resource Responsibility Requirement To inform Local Chief Executive (LCE), LGU leaders and other community stakeholders about current best practices in terms of BEmONC. To re-familiarize LGU leaders and community stakeholders about the importance and benefits of the Make a report to LCE, Sangguniang Bayan (SB), Association of Barangay Captains (ABC), Local Health Board (LHB) and other community leaders about the 11 day BEmONC training. Present BEmONC Action Plan Second Week of December 2011 MHO PHN Trained RHM Care of RHU MOOE: Laptop LCD Projector Soft/Hard copies of BEmONC Action Plan Merienda Indicator Reports to LCE, SB, ABC, LHB and other community leaders done LHB meeting conducted Appeared at SB session BEmONC Action Plan presented PHN. 2011 RHU staff meeting conducted BEmONC action plan presented Local BEmONC training planned December 2011 PHN Inventory of existing birthing facility resources RHU/BHS policies on maternal and newborn care Updated list of TBAs Inventory of existing birthing facility resources accomplished Existing RHU/BHS maternal and newborn care policies reviewed Community support to. etc) available at RHU Quezon. To guide LGU support. Quezon LHB Meeting Appearance at SB Session Weekly RHU meeting Re-echoing of BEmONC training and sharing of experiences by participants (MHO. acceptance and commitment to planned BEmONC/Birthing home. material. To present BEmONC action plan to RHU staff To plan local BEmONC training for RHU Quezon staff To make an evaluation of current RHU Quezon capability to implement BEmONC To identify enabling as well as hindering factors for BEmONC implementation in Quezon. Quezon. To re-introduce BEmONC concepts and principles to RHU Quezon staff. RHM Presentation materials BEmONC Action Plan BEmONC manual December 6. To familiarize RHU Quezon staff with updates on birthing practices and BEmONC principles. financing and initiatives regarding Maternal and Child health in general and BEmONC in particular. 2011 MHO. acceptance of and commitment to BEmONC assessed List of TBAs updated . Make an assessment of community support. financial. Make a review of existing RHU/BHS policies and practices in terms of caring for pregnant women and newborns.BEmONC initiative by the DOH. PHN. RHU Staff Meeting: December 6. RHM) BEmONC action plan presentation Mini planning session/workshop Make an inventory of the birthing facility resources (human. commitment. Update list of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) currently practicing in Quezon. MHO LGU Funds (1. responsibilities.March LCE. supporting and promoting RHU Quezon Birthing Home (Staffing issues. User’s Fees. PHN. LCE PHN P 200. modify ( as needed) Birthing Home MOP and Guidelines SB Resolution indorsing. PHN. privileges and compensation of RHU Quezon Birthing Home Staff .00 To come up with RHU Quezon Guidelines and MOP To promote and increase adherence of the community to facility based Year round MHO. increased . LHB meeting to present and discuss. instrument and equipment for Quezon Birthing Home To procure drugs and vaccine for pregnancy .00for equipments. post partum and child birth care To create a system for the duties. materials and instrument Equipment. RHM RHU MOOE Increased advocacy for facility based delivery.March February 2012 MHO.000. BHW meeting January. continued Continuous lobbying of support from LGU officials and stakeholders Regular meetings for building completion progress Lobby for more funds RHU supplemental budget Lobby for LGU stakeholders support Solicit from NGO’s and other similar entities Fund raising activities RHU supplemental budget Lobby LCE. PHN. SB and other stakeholder for political community and financial support RHU staff meeting/ workshop to draft guidelines and manual of operation of RHU Birthing Home. LCE P300. RHU Staff. etc.March MHO. supplies. MOP.Limited implementation of BEMoNC To complete construction of RHU Facility To procure necessary materials. instrument and materials for pregnancy and post partum care procured: January .000.5 M) Birthing Home Building Constructed January.) RHU Staff meeting/ Workshop LHB meeting SB resolution to approve RHU Birthing Home MOP PPLB Meeting. evaluate. Municipal Engineer. DSWD. 3 in 1 accreditation by June 2012 May 2012 LCE . community leaders and stakeholders IEC in different barangays Application for PhilHeath Accreditation. Captains.June 2012 program of DOH To achieve 3 in 1 PhilHealth Accreditation for RHU Quezon To fully operationalize RHU Quezon Birthing Home Obtain commitment of support from Brgy. December 2011. Compliance with PHIC Accreditation Requirements Increase LGU’s PHIC Sponsored Launching in May 2012 number of patient going for quality prenatal check up.MHO PHIC Requirements. RHU RHU MOOE .
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