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AIRBUS 330QUICK START GUIDE ENJOY YOUR BLACKBOX AIRBUS A330 BLACKBOX SIMULATION A330 Quick start guide FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY Page 1 Open the MCDU from the menu. and press the MCDU MENU button Press the Input Calibration button on LSK R3 (line select key right 3) Select whether you have 1 or 2 throttle levers on your Joystick. 3. 8. 1. Note: This does not currently support separate calibration for 1 & 2 throttles if your min max range for both is not identical the differences should be so small it will not cause an issue. 5. Enter this number into the green INPUT MIN Box using the MCDU Keypad Set MAXIMUM Throttle on your joystick and note the number displayed as in step 4 Enter this number into the green INPUT MAX Box using the MCDU keypad NOTE : These settings will be saved automatically so should never need recalibrating unless you change controller or settings BLACKBOX SIMULATION A330 Quick start guide FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY Page 2 . 7. 2. 6.BEFORE STARTING! JOYSTICK THROTTLE CALIBRATION When you first load the airbus you will need to calibrate your joystick throttle to allow proper use of the thrust lever detents. LSK R5 Set MINIMUM Throttle on your joystick and then note the number that is displayed below either THROTTLE AXIS for single throttle mode or ENG1(2) THROT AXIS for dual throttle mode. 4. 1 or 2 depending on which of the dual throttles you are moving. If you change any settings via FSX Display Menu.BEFORE STARTING! YOUR BBS A330 USES HI DEFINITION TEXTURES To get the full benefit of Hi Definition texturing It is necessary to add or edit the following line in your FSX.CFG file Texturemaxload=4096 You will find the file in c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\micrsosoft\fsx\ Also please note. this value will be reset to 1024 and you will lose the Hi Def textures BLACKBOX SIMULATION A330 Quick start guide FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY Page 3 . ON STARTING FSX! If you see “Sim Licence Error” and red crosses on ND & PFD  Locate your FSX or Prepar3d desktop or start menu icon and right click on it to open the drop down menu. The program will always now run as administrator and the airbus will be able to check its licence against your registry PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST STILL DO THIS EVEN IF YOU RUN YOUR WINDOWS ACCOUNT AS ADMINISTRATOR NORMALLY! BLACKBOX SIMULATION A330 Quick start guide FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY Page 4 .  Select Compatibility Tab and tick “Run this program as an administrator” .  Select Properties from the menu.......  That’s it.. this will open a dialog box. That’s it. Parking and tight turns you have the STEERING TILLER . You can also set a Joystick button of your choice. For your convenience we have used the Flightsim “Tailhook Handle” for this operation but you will need to set up your control key/button to use it. To set these up you will need to assign a controller to the TILLER Function. From the FSX Menu . we recommend using “T” as it is unassigned elsewhere in the sim. You have RUDDER control as normal for Takeoff and Landing + For taxiing. You can now Toggle between RUDDER control and TILLER STEERING by pressing the assigned key/button. 1.. Scroll down the list of available controls until you find the entry “Tail hook ( up/ down) “ 3. Your Blackbox A330 is fitted with two separate methods of steering on the ground. RUDDER AND TAXIING Just like in the Real World.STEERING TILLER. BLACKBOX SIMULATION A330 Quick start guide FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY Page 5 . Double click in the KEY or BUTTON column and set your preferred key or button. 2. open up OPTIONS/SETTINGS/CONTROLS and select the BUTTONS/KEYS Tab. There is an indicator on the FSX Window to show you which is selected But the TILLER is automatically Disengaged on takeoff as your speed increases . You will only be able to put fuel in the centre at very light ZFW’s (Zero Fuel Weight) anyway if you are to stay within the MTOW but you must fill the wings first. Moving weight to the REAR will INCREASE the GWCG and obviously moving weight FWD will decrease it.. BALANCE AND FUELLING As you may be aware. Your A330 will Pump the fuel OUT Of the centre and into the wings.WEIGHT. Don’t forget. If your A330 is empty of fuel FIRST Fill the wing AUX Tanks to capacity Second add fuel to the WING MAIN TANKS until required FOB (Fuel on board) or until FULL LASTLY add fuel to the centre main tank up to your required fuel load The Centre2 Tank (Trim Tank) Is left EMPTY as fuel will be automatically pumped in and out at altitudes above FL250 to trim the aircraft Regarding your Payload.. In fact if you do put fuel in the centre tank when the main wings tanks are not full. It is impossible to have an A330 (ANY Airliner) Full of Passengers and baggage. This would put the aircraft grossly over MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight) So…. Make sure your Pax and Cargo are equally spread to ensure a GWCG (Gross weight centre of gravity) of approx 30% don’t be fooled into using the “normal” 25% Cog as you will have an unbalanced Nose heavy aircraft. How is it done? The golden rule with the A330 is the use of centre Fuel tank. Aim for 30% GWCG BLACKBOX SIMULATION A330 Quick start guide FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY Page 6 . and then fill the fuel tanks also. You can achieve easily this by shifting cargo or bags from the Fwd hold to the rear and vice versa.     Here’s the plan. This tank is filled LAST and only if required. During initial test flights and operations of the real aircraft several pilots were left baffled and sometimes unable to recover from certain situations due to the inability to understand its complex systems and automation.00 Airbus A330 X’treme all systems will be implemented and operating as accurately as possible making it the most accurate Airbus ever created for flight simulation. We will also provide you with a more comprehensive manual in line with an official Airline FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manual) in order to cover all the systems and for you to obtain all the skills required to fly the aircraft just like the professionals would .INTRODUCTION W elcome and thank you for purchasing the BLACKBOX A330 X’treme ‘Prologue’. The Airbus 330 is a complex aircraft and it requires a certain degree of learning to really understand how the aircraft works. We would like point out that the Prologue version does not simulate all the intricate systems found on the Airbus 330 however it contains most of the basic systems that makes it fly and operate just like an Airbus should. BLACKBOX SIMULATION A330 Quick start guide FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY Page 7 . The purpose of this manual is to provide you with the initial information and obtain the skills required to fly the Airbus 330. So we do advise you to read through the manuals in order to fully understand and be able to fly one of the most advanced airliners to date. In the V1. A330-200F “Freight version” and the new MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport). In a conventional aircraft when the pilot moves the yoke or stick or the rudder pedals. The system is controlled by five dedicated computers and operates all the primary and secondary flight controls by a combination of electronic signalling and hydraulic jacks. In effect. with system redundancy and with flight envelope protection. this directly manipulates cables that displace the control surfaces. With FBW the aircraft is controlled through computers sensors. One other feature is that all aircraft in the A330 family including even the smaller A318.What makes the aircraft so unique? The Airbus330 family consists of medium to long range. One other unique feature was the elimination of the control column and its replacement by what is known as a side stick. Customers have the option to choose between three power plants. Either the General Electric CF6. elevators and rudder. 319 and 320 share a very similar cockpit and even the super jumbo A380 all share the a recognisable cockpit layout which makes it easier for pilots to transition from one aircraft to another. Today. It consists of the A330-200. which will not allow manoeuvres to exceed the aircraft’s structural and aerodynamic limitations. BLACKBOX SIMULATION A330 Quick start guide FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY Page 8 . This is still used effectively on light aircraft however on airliners since the control surfaces are bigger it requires a greater effort from the pilot to operate. Very high safety standards have been built into the flight control systems. thus saving time and money for airline companies. The sensors determine the amount of deflection. A330-300. the A330 has become one of Airbus Industrie’s best selling aircraft. the Pratt and Whitney 4168 or the most popular of the three. or movement. The Rolls Royce Trent 700 and you have the same choices with your Blackbox A330 What made the aircraft so different and unique from other airliners was that it has the amazing Airbus fly-by-wire (FBW) system. so the FBW System directly commands the hydraulic systems. needed in the control surfaces (using data such as airplane altitude and airspeed) and send this information to hydraulic actuators which then move the ailerons. We are sure you will see why. twin-engine wide body aircraft. the FBW system completely replaces the conventional system of cables and hydraulics.
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