A Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 7

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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 7I. Objectives At the end of the period, with at least 70% passing, the students will be able to the following outcomes. a. Read the text “The People of the Philippines.” b. Explain the unique qualities of the Filipino people. c. Pronounce correctly some critical vowel and consonant based on some parts of the article. d. Present a group activity that shows the qualities of the Filipino people. II. Subject Matter Topic: The people of the Philippines Reference: Grade 7 English Learning Manuals Materials: Handouts, visual aids, white board marker Values: Develop a genuine love for our fellow Filipino people, friendship, cooperation and cleanliness. III. Learning Activities Teacher’s Activity I. Routine 1. Prayer Let us pray first, May I ask Kim to lead the prayer? Thank you Kim. Good morning, class! Before you take your seat please arrange your chair properly and pick up the pieces of paper under your chair. 2. Checking of Attendance Now, let us check the attendance, class president do we have absentees today? 3. Review Now let us have a short review about our topic last time. Who would like to remind us? Yes Liza? Student’s Activity Let us pray. (Student’s lead the prayer) Good morning Ma’am (Students pick up the pieces of paper and arrange their chair) Ma’am I’m glad to report that everybody is present in our class. (Students raise their hands) Ma’am we have discussed about noun We were also assigned to read articles about Filipino people. Spanish. and it is hard to distinguish accurately the lines between stocks. if not the only. The piousness comes from the Spaniards who introduced th Christianity in the 16 century. American. Please pass it to your classmate We will talk about Filipino people any one who wants to read? (Students pas the handouts) The People of the Philippines By the Philippine Tourism Promotios Board The Filipino people is basically of Malay stock with a sprinkling of Chinese. The bayanihan or spirit of kinship and camaraderie that Filipinos are famous for is said to be taken from Malay forefathers. Pilipino is the official national language. Englishproficient Oriental people today.Very Good Liza! Do you still have any question or clarification regarding our last topic? 4. both in appearance and culture. interspersed with the visits of merchants and traders evolved a people of a unique blend of east and west. Filipinos are probably one of the few. From a long history of Western colonial rule. Hospitalilty is a common dinaminator in the Filipino character and this is what distinguishes the Filipino. and Arab blood. Motivation None ma’am Class here is the copy of the article about “The people of the Philippines” by the Philippine Tourism Promotions Board. The Filipinos are divided . The Philippines has a population of 70 million. The close family relations are said to have been inherited from the Chinese. The Filipino character is actually a little bit of all the cultures put together. with English considered as the country’s unofficial one. the industrious Tagalogs of the central plains. East meets West. owing to the subdivisions of these basic regional and cultural groups. and each regional group is recognizable by distinct tarits and dialects – the sturdy and frugal Ilocanos of the north. The history of American rule and contact with merchants and traders culminated in a unique blend of East and West. Tribal communities can be found scattered across the archipelago. Class on the board write the things you know and what you don’t’ know about Filipino people. Spain’s lasting legacy.. . truly in the Philippines. both in the appearance and culture of the people of the Filipinos. the carefree Visayans from the central islands and the colorful tribesmen and religious Moslems of Mindanao. Write it in a half sheet of paper. What I know What I want to know III.geographically and culturally into regions. The background of the people in Indonesian and Malay. There are Chinese and Spanish elements as well. Some *0 percent of the population is Catholic. The Philippines ha more than 111 dialects spoken. The rest of the population is made up mostly of smaller Christian denominations and Buddhist. or people of the Philippines. Proper Lesson Discussion What have you noticed about the The country is marked by a true blend of cultures. About 15 percent is Moslem and these people can be found basically in Mindanao. 3. Chinese and Spanish. East meets west. 2. People of the Philippines. 4.text that we have read? Thank you Shiela. 5. A little bit of all the culture. Spirit of kinship. we are now going to read some sentences 1. Ma’am it talks about language population and diversity. words (Students read) . Class look at the visual aid that made for you what have you notice? Yes those are words. Ma’am. we are going read the foolwing word with the right use of vowels and consonants [I} bit kinship basic archipelago Philippines [s] spirit stock study scattered some [i} unique east appearance camaraderie fifteen [S] Spanish Population Indonesian Distinguisher kinship Very good class after we read those words. After learning about our fellow Filipino people let us now learn how to pronounce some vowels and consonant sounds based on some part of the article [I] pronounced as short I [i] prounced as long I [s] pronounced as short s [ S] pronounced sh like shell Ma’am It talks about the culture of the us Filipino. What else? (Student’s answer) Thank you Chris. Generalization Class what have you learned today? Very good class do you have any questions or clarification? 6. . (Students read) Ma’am we’ve learned some unique qualities of Filipino. The strength of the Filipino culture lies in the resiliency of its people who overcame the colonizers’ oppressive rule. our language. The Filipinos are uniquely diversified. population and culture. Application Class group yourselves and for 5 minutes create a presentation that will show the uniqueness of the Filipino people. 1.Very good. and religion is a hindrance to the country’s unity and progress. The diversity of the Filipinos culture. Ma’am we have learned the origin of our fellow Filipino . The Filipinos are religious in nature 3. 5. Nome Ma’am (Group of students present their work. 2. And the long sound of s with h and the short sound of s. 4. language. Evaluation Read quietly the short article below to locate information that will help you determine whether you will agree to the following statements. Ma’am we have also learned the right pronounciaton of the some cvowel laike the long sound of I and the short sound of I. class.) IV. Give the elements of the story.5. Alimbon BSE-3 English Cavite State University . Acceptance of differences in culture. belief. and language can only start with awareness. V. Prepared by: Rachellyn C. Assignment Make an advance reading about the story of The Mats.
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