A Detailed Lesson Plan in English 8

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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English 8I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson the students should be able to: A. Define an adjectives. B. Enumerate the degrees of comparison for adjectives. C. Use adjectives in sentences. II. Subject matter A. Topic: Adjectives B. Reference: Internet(Google.com) C. Materials: Projector, laptop ,speaker III. Procedure Teacher’s Activity A.Prerequisite activities 1. Prayer 2.Checking of attendance B. Motivation Class I will play a song twice, on the 1st play just enjoy watching, then on the 2nd play list down all the words that will appear in the song using your activity notebook. Student’s Activity Yes Ma’am. Alright! May I ask some volunteer to write some of your answers on the board. Who can tell the the opposite of the following: 1. Funny movies 2. Rich man 3. Big house 4. Strong voice 5. Quick man 6. Good woman 7. Honest man 8. Dirty home 9. Beautiful song 10.Happy wife What have you noticed? Yes correct! What else besides that? Yes exactly! B. Introduction Serious Poor Small Whiny Slow Bad Dishonest Clean Ugly Sad Ma’am the following words are example of antonyms . Ma’am it’s an example of adjectives. identifying. Ma’am a job. 4. Ma’am a car. Yes correct! Beautiful describes a car. She got a beautiful car. Taller Faster More fresh More colorful colorful Prettier More delicious delicious - Tallest Fastest Most fresh Most - Prettiest Most - Superlative . The child feel happy. Very good! The normal (regular) ay to make comparative and superlative adjective is to add –er/-est or use more /most Like this: big-bigger-biggest expensive-more expensivemost expensive Comparative Now let’s go back to the adjective words you listed a while ago. Examples: 1. enumerate the degrees of comparison for adjectives and lastly. C.Lesson proper Who can give an idea about adjectives? Alright! Kindly read the definition of adjectives How about the examples of adjectives? Students answer Adjectives – modifies a noun or a pronoun by describing.Today we are going to discuss about Adjectives So our objectives are to: define an adjectives. Okay. use adjectives in a sentences. What word do the beautiful describes? Ma’am the child. 5. How about the next one? What do the word nice describes? Big bus Tiny mouse Deep canyon Yes exactly! The word nice describes a job. How about the next one? Who is happy? Yes. They look fantastic. She found a nice job. or quantifying words. 2. When a group is presenting their work.Choose one from the given examples and give the comparative and superlative forms. Irregular adjectives . IV.) Alright! What is the normal or base form of the word again? How about comparative and superlative forms? What is the difference between this two adjectives? D. Regular adjectives After doing this. Evaluation I want you to describe the following pictures and construct 5 sentences using the base form of adjectives and 5 sentences using the comparative and superlative forms. I want each of you to jot down the mistakes of your classmates for correction later on. Use the following pictures in constructing sentences. (Pictures……………….) A. Underline the B. Enrichment Okay go to your respective groups. Base form of Adjectives Tall Fast Fresh Colorful Pretty Delicious Funny Rich Strong Honest Serious Slow Hard Long Soft Very good! Funnier funniest Richer Richest Stronger Strongest More honest Most honest More serious Most serious Slower Slowest Harder Hardest Longer Longest Softer Softest (Students answer) (Students answer) ( Pictures…………………. I want each group to construct 5 sentences using the base form of adjectives and 5 sentences using the comparative and superlative forms. present your work in front of the class... comparative and superlatives. Examples: Our Miss Universe 2015 is very tall. What is an adverb? Give at least 3 examples. Assignment 1. Construct sentences of base form of adjectives. 2.adjectives you used and tell whether it is comparative or superlative. – comparative adjectives V. . – base form of adjectives My Mother is older than her.
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