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6 Man Defensive Unit - Defending Functional Soccer Drillshttp://www.professionalsoccercoaching.com/defending-functional-drills... User Name Password Remember me Forgot Password Forgot User Name Create Account M enu SoccerD r i l l s & SoccerCoachi ng D r i l l s Sessi ons. Thi s si t ei s dedi cat ed t o pr of essi onalsoccerdr i l l s and coachi ng educat i on w or l dw i de. A team of professional international soccer advisors: UEFA, FA, USSF qualified provide online soccer drills and soccer practice sessions in a comprehensive soccer coaching resource. Written by Darren Pitfield Published on Thursday, 15 January 2009 18:32 Like 2 Drill Objective(s) 1. To train the back 4 and 2 centre midfielders to defend as a unit. 2. Develop an understanding of defensive roles and responsibilities. Drill No: Age: No Players: Difficulty: Area/Time: Diagram 1 FUNC 1 13-Adult 13+ Medium 1/2 Field (25mins) ORGANISATION: Mark out 1/2 size pitch (2 gate goals for the defending team). Keep a collection of balls at the 1/2 way line for quick restarts. Starting position 1 is on the half half line (centre circle). 6 Red defending players (2 CBs, RFB, LFB, 2 CMs) G o to top ^ back to top 1 of 4 23/10/2013 11:30 πμ The 2 centre midfielders screen the back 4 from balls into the forwards feet.Defending Unit Pushing Up Diagram 4 .com/defending-functional-drills.Defending Unit Dropping on Anticipation of Ball Behind G o to top ^ back to top 2 of 4 23/10/2013 11:30 πμ .Defending Unit Sliding (Strong Side) Diagram 3 . Topics to Cover When to step (pressure) to a player and when not to (drop off)..6 Man Defensive Unit . The white team attempt to score on goal. Preferably to an outside midfielder. Refer to key Coaching Points below. : 1. The red team attempts to defend (win the ball back or deny a good opportunity to score). Outside back should pressure their outside mids. The coach then works with the defensive unit to understand how to pressure the players and how the unit performs. The back 4 steps up when the ball is played negatively (backwards). retain possession and score in the small gate goals if possible.. Mark your man and 1/2 the players next to you (zonal or mixed marking/zonal back 4) Communication (Leadership). who calls the line? Team strategy . The defensive centre mid plays a ball out from the centre circle unopposed.High press or low press? Diagram 2 . Sliding as a unit to the strong side of the field (the side with the ball in it).professionalsoccercoaching. 6 White attacking players (2 Strikers. 2 wingers) 1 goalkeepers (Green) INSTRUCTIONS: 2 teams compete. The back 4 drops when they anticipate a ball being played long over the top. 1 Attacking mid. GK acts as sweeper. 1 Defensive mid.Defending Functional Soccer Drills http://www. 2. Remove a CM to make the exercise harder. NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS: Ensure players undertand their roles and responsibilities. Home Central Communication Hub Features Tools & Resources Available Technical Drills and Exercise Progressions Tactical Strategy and Game Knowledge Fitness & Conditioning Science and Practical Management Game and Team Organization Magazine Defending in and Around the Penalty Area Attacking Quickly After Intercepting the Ball G o to top ^ back to top 3 of 4 23/10/2013 11:30 πμ . Encourage communication in the back line. Focus only on the defensive unit and its players. 4. Switch the teams frequently and attempt to make it competitive. 5. 2.. PROGRESSIONS: 1. KEY COACHING POINTS: In addtion to the points covered in the Topics to cover: 1. 2. 3. Fast transition to organize the defensive line quickly. The defending team scores by playing the ball through one of the gate goals on the half way line. Add in a 3rd forward to simulate playing against a front 3.com/defending-functional-drills. SCORING: The white attacking teams scores in the regular goal..6 Man Defensive Unit . Instead of scoring in the gates the defensive team trying to maintain possession for as long as possible as hihg up the field as they can. Ensure balance is correct.Defending Functional Soccer Drills http://www.professionalsoccercoaching. Also see variation 2. Ensure coverage is correct. VARIATIONS: 1. The defensive CM on the attacking team can only play in the centre circle and cannot move forward. Diagrams were generated using EasyGraphics. Intensity to defend. Rotate players through positions. 2. be sure to ask questions on how the unit should move. professionalsoccercoaching..6 Man Defensive Unit .com/defending-functional-drills..Football Training Sessions & Drills Disclaimer G o to top ^ back to top 4 of 4 23/10/2013 11:30 πμ . 4 Team Transition Total Defending and Tracking Back Defending Soccer Drills Soccer Drills and Practices Coach A Team To Use Wide Flank Play Coach A Team To Use Wide Flank Play 2 Coaching Outside Defenders on Forward Passing Options Coach Central Attacking Play 1vs1 Flank Defending Coach Developing Play from the Back Coach Central Defenders in Final Third Coach When and Where to Dribble Coach Defending in the Final Third Coach Defending Wide Play Coach Defending and Marking in Front 3rd Coach Developing Play from the Back 2 Coach Developing Play from the Back 3 High Pressure Defending 8vs8 Defending from the front (4-3-3) The Future Game 2012+ 1vs1 Defending (Central) Prevent Forward Play (4vs2) Negative Transition (Shadow Play) Coach Midfield Defending in 4-3-3 (4-2-3-1) Coach Midfield Defending Shape (4-3-3+Others) Zonal Defending (Small Group) Defending Wide Areas 4-3-3 (4-2-3-1) Coach Central Attacking Play Recovery Runs SSG (8vs8) Milan Coaching the Outside Back On Defending Duties Coaching the Outside Back On Defending Duties Coach Developing Play from the Back Coach When and Where to Dribble Prevent Forward Play (11vs11) Defending Crosses Coach Defending Direct Play Defending Principles of Play Recovery Runs from Midfield SSG Add your favorites Technical Sessions here No favourites yet! 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