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www.svsembedded.com SVSEMBEDDED [email protected], CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !!'(")$#("#9 Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication Aim: To Design a wireless Temperature monitoring system using RF *+o,ec- Desc+i.-io/: This project is a standalone digital temperature meter that also controls the temperature of the heating element of a device according to its requirement !se of em"edded technology ma#es this closed loop feed"ac# control system efficient and relia"le Micro controller $%T&'C()* allows dynamic and faster control +ush "utton switches and seven segment display ma#e the system user,friendly The sensed and set temperature values are simultaneously displayed on the remote display panel The circuit is programmed for on- off control .t is very compact using few components and can "e implemented for several applications including air,conditioners/ water,heaters/ snow meters/ ovens/ heat,e0changers/ mi0ers/ furnaces/ incu"ators/ thermal "aths and 1eterinary operating ta"les %T&'C() micro controller is the heart of the circuit as it controls all the functions The temperature sensor 2M3( senses the temperature and converts it into an electrical signal/ which is applied to the micro controller through %DC The analog signal is converted into digital format "y the analog,to,digital converter $%DC* The sensed and set values of the temperature are displayed on the )405,line 2CD The micro controller drives a transistor to control the heating element with the help of an electromagnetic relay The set temperature value can "e varied from )C to 5((C using an e0ternal +C6 mount push on switch The RF modules used here are STT,733 M89 Transmitter/ STR,733 M89 Receiver/ 8T47: RF ;ncoder and 8T47& RF Decoder RF Transmitter is connected to the different sensors through RF ;ncoder This encoder converts the &,"it data into a single "it and sends it to the transmitter which will "e transmitting The data which is in the air is an analog value %t the receiving end/ the receiver receives this analog value on a single data line and passes this data to the decoder The decoder does the opposite functioning of the encoder i e / it converts the single "it data into eight "it data and gives it to the microcontroller which does the further processing www.svsembedded.com SVSEMBEDDED [email protected], CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9 www.svsembedded.com SVSEMBEDDED [email protected], CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9 T+a/smi--e+: 1M$# A T ( 9 C # 02 T+a/smi--e+ 0eceive+: 02 0ECE3VE0 A T ( 9 C # % 4 ) 1CD MOD51E www.svsembedded.com SVSEMBEDDED [email protected], CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9
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