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IEEE 3000 Standards CollectionTM for Industrial & Commercial Power Systems IEEE Xplore® Digital Library Subscription Option Maximize research and development with essential standards for power engineering IEEE 3000 Standards Collection is the trademarked name of the family of industrial and commercial power systems standards formerly known as IEEE Color Books. The IEEE 3000 Standards Collection reorganizes the 13 Color Books into approximately 70 “dot” IEEE Standards covering specific technical topics. This enables power systems engineers to select exactly the information they require. It also helps ensure that they are conforming to current best practices and that the latest technologies are reflected. IEEE 3000 Standards Collection Quick Facts Help your researchers stay current with key power engineering standards: Access to all active and draft standards in the IEEE 3000 Standards Collection as they become available, plus the original 13 Color Books The new format creates a more manageable and accessible set of Includes active, withdrawn, superseded, standards that can be quickly revised and edited. Each standard gives and draft standards you access to must-know procedures, formulas, diagrams, and more. Search standards by subject, title, designation, IEEE 3000 Standards Collection delivers key benefits for your research team: ▪ Access to new and revised standards, including draft standards and keywords using IEEE Xplore Must-know procedures, formulas, and diagrams ▪ Increased productivity by having all your standards in one place Included in select IEEE Xplore subscription ▪ Real-time updates to the most vital standards in your industry packages. For a quote tailored to your organization’s needs, contact an IEEE Focused content from technology experts The essential standards information you need for: ▪ Electric Power Distribution ▪ Grounding ▪ Electric Power Systems ▪ Protection and Coordination ▪ Analysis ▪ Reliable Design ▪ Energy Management ▪ Maintenance, Operation and Safety and more Subscribe Today See how IEEE Xplore can help drive your research and innovation. Visit www.ieee.org/3000-standards IEEE Xplore Digital Library www.ieee.org/ieeexplore E-mail: [email protected] Sales Representative. plus intelligent New “dot” standards available include: features such as convenient type-ahead and IEEE 3001.9-2013™—IEEE Recommended Practice for Collecting Data for Use in Reliability. Advanced & Command Search options.8-2013™—IEEE Recommended Practice for the Instrumentation and Metering of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems IEEE 3003.ieee. IEEE 3004.1-2013™—IEEE Recommended Practice for the Application of Instrument Transformers in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems IEEE 3006. Visit www.2-2014™—IEEE Recommended Practice for Equipment Grounding and Bonding in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems search filters let you modify and find results Personalize: You can also personalize IEEE Xplore to create targeted saved searches and table of contents alerts. and Maintainability Assessments of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Subscribe Today See how IEEE Xplore can help drive your research and innovation. IEEE 3004 Standards: Protection & Coordination Find relevant research faster with powerful Covers material from IEEE Standards 242 (Buff Book) and 1015 (Blue Book) IEEE 3005 Standards: Energy & Stand-By Power Systems Covers material from IEEE Standards 446 (Orange Book) and 739 (Bronze Book) IEEE 3006 Standards: Power Systems Reliability Covers material from IEEE Standard 493 (Gold Book) IEEE 3007 Standards: Maintenance. set personal preferences. digital library IEEE 3001 Standards: Power Systems Design Covers material from IEEE Standards 141 (Red Book). 241 (Gray Book). Operations & Safety Covers material from IEEE Standard 902 (Yellow Book) search tools IEEE Xplore combines an easy-to-use interface with powerful search features that make finding relevant research faster and more efficient. IEEE 3001. and Covers material from IEEE Standards 142 (Green Book) and 1100 (Emerald Book) computer science. With over three million full-text articles and papers.ieee. including a new author search. IEEE Xplore is your gateway to more than 30% of the world’s current literature in electrical engineering.7-2013™—IEEE Recommended Practice for Determining the Reliability of 7x24 Continuous Power Systems in Industrial and Commercial Facilities IEEE 3006.org/3000-standards Phone: +1 800 701 IEEE (4333) (USA/Canada) +1 732 981 0060 (worldwide) IEEE Xplore Digital Library www.org 14-PIM-241a ltr 12/14 Information current as of September 2014 . electronics.IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ includes: IEEE 3000 Standards: Fundamentals Brought to you by the IEEE Xplore® Bridges the gap between the IEEE 3000 Standards Collection and the IEEE Color Books. and provides fundamental guidance to the less experienced power systems engineer. Availability. and take advantage of enhanced features such as search history and My Projects.org/ieeexplore E-mail: [email protected] and 602 (White Book) IEEE 3002 Standards: Power Systems Analysis Covers material from IEEE Standards 551 (Violet Book) and 399 (Brown Book) IEEE 3003 Standards: Power Systems Grounding IEEE Xplore includes top-ranked journals and technology research that is cited in patents three times more than any other publisher. Search: Basic.5-2013™—IEEE Recommended Practice for the Application of Power Distribution Apparatus in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems easier than ever before.
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