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Code No.3lg0 \ : LAW 'PaperrI-ContractJtr Subject Tfutre:SHoure" J I Max; Marks : g0 i PART - A . (5xd=30 Marks) . lnswer 1, fioe of:the:ftUwing questions : - What is'a Con&ct of lndemni ty ? any : 2, " Egfine Bailment '+r' . 3. 4. 5. 6. What ale tlre diffecerrt kinds of agents ? 'De$ne the terrn ,Goodso. l iVhat is uniraid selle/s right of Lien ? E.pt"l"'CaveatEnrptor.. v -l ? .I I . Gan { ... : I aminorbe adriiitted to parhrership ?. 8. Uhat-is ilisso.lutign "qJ e.fi{T.r . pART- B 12v1tr_an (2x15=30 rrMarks) . Ansner NU.Wo of tle:fsltwins questions :.9;L ...;'. state dre cinc'mstances in whieh " *r.ty is discharged from riability, 10'' whatis ; cbnhact of agenry ? Explain different modes of termination of agency. of sale" and explain distinction between a sale and an agreement to 11' ,?fl"'contract d2. i, . Define Partnership. Explain the effects of non-registration of a partnership firm. Contd...2 ,q to08 fE------;-+-... ._ Be '2 PART - C Ansutq qny two of the (?,x10=Zq follwing : 13. 'K grvea piece.of clo.th to.'Y a tailor to be stiched into a suil 'Y retained the gloth for a period longer than req3rired and neglected to return it o: the suit even on Xs persistent demand. Subseqtrentls.S*fre broke out in Ys shop and the doth,was desboyed" Is liable fqr the loss ? Y ' 14. 'X engage d'Z 'i anauctioneer, to sell some propqcbi on the tlJs.ls thathe should receive as his due commission of Rs. 5000. 'Z', \owever received s.ecretly Rs.2000 extra comsrissiorr from the purchaser. Disctrss the rights .t if 'Y,*rd,'Z. t 15. 'X purchased tl (-*/ a catr from 'Y.arnd uses it for some time. It tums out that the car t9.ld by ,y' to'X was a stolefi'bhe and had to be returned to the tightrul owner. 1('bdngs action against'Y for 619 lstgrn Of theprice. Will he'cucceed ? L6,. ,y,'y' and 'Z carried.on a brrsiness for profit but very special conditioru as to ' ' lder ,2, that ,T.was to contribrute neither labour ,,o, *o*y and was not to receive any 1e 6!:.firm -. j profits, but was tti lend his name : ". . ' _ ,r, ' .,Is.'Z liable for ghe debts of the firxr.L. . ' :' '-oOo- t. 'f -- tr . . j6<..:4t r--...E.t-..-:a_. : a' li.'.'i: 1. .,-.'. !r" .:i ': l\:l:i::l.T{l '. 1\ 'ir :\ I I .l { uode ..: No': Itil.b l1!-^- llrItc: .| ??-t r-tnrlrat -1 ---*-t - Faper r- f : Law of Contracts :- II . ,.. , ,'r. PART _A / .l Max. Marks: g0 (6x5=30 Marks) Answeq any fiv-e ofthe follorniing l. Pledge i i ., , . , 2. Contraqt of Indemnity. 3. Definition ofBailment 4. DiseharB.g ofSrnety. . j. 5. Distingrish between condition and warranty 6. Cavbat Emptor 7. Minor as parher 8. T*mination of agency-. ._. a ... PART-B : Ansrrer any two of the following 9 (t.-- Marks) . 12x15=30 . '' Explain the distinction between a contract of indemnity and a contract of guarantee. 0' what are the implied conditions and warranties in a contract of sale of goods ? 1 ' Explain how aparbrership firm is registered. what is rhe effect ofnon-registration offirm ? . 2' Explain the rule of 'Nemodat quod non habet' with reference to sale of goods. a lhis paper contains 2 pagei) P-T.O. ,, ' .i. .t i (l ' a\'r I t ' t. ' I ilfiillillilftilfiflillill (2x10=20 ll{ar*s) Ansrver any two of the following : l3' 4 without B's authority, lends l1:"ryy to c. After,,vards B accepts interest ou the money from C. Dissuss the rigbts ofA, n and C. 14' X gaye a piece of cloth to 'z' a tailor to be stitched into-a suit. Z ret4ined the cloth for a longer ptlod and neglected to retum cloth o, tn" ,uii ol, demand by X' sutsequently a fire broke out in andthe Hv v'r'L+{ ,utrr -': w'lD"yrl was se$rroyeO. destroyed.Deoi& Ueoi.t ttre liability ofZ. t'; ;iid t 15' The sale of pwe ghee was warantd.g"y gqrrl to sampie. But the ghee was adulterated with zo%groundnut oil. Is flt;1."ie, bound tci acoept ? Deoide. . 16' - x' Y and Z carried on a busin"I that z was to contribute tut r$n was to lend his riame to the but under very speoial condition ast' trprgfit z, neither i-6o* noi -*ry, and was not recervg any firxr. lo r z riuuru o, tueiebis ofthb fi"- ? ''F 2 s00 ' :.o. .B. .) I Year II Semes0er Backlog (Old) Examinationr I ': : ' ..'-.2.State $e circumstances in which a surety is discharged from his liability.- 8. (This paper contains 2 pages) I l' \ [r.C. 'ill ::li :i!f rl ! . $4lqandHirepurchase .. "Nemo dat qvod non habet". i /.i '! .D. .:. t 124610 .'l :.''- ' ." a. 12. - Answer any two of the following : (2x15=30 Markq) 9. . ..: . Define 'Partnership' and explain the essentials of a contract of Partnership.. r."'' :' Answer any frve oftbe followiig : (5x6=30 Marlcs) ..1 rt CodeNo. Revotiafonbf surety. . Explain the maxim.. .. .i 'l 'I I OF'LAW Lt.-. ': "11 ": . 10... B .T. PART . Define Condition and Warranty under sale of Gsods Act.1 ... 1L. Define bailment and explain the essentials of a contract of bailment. . State exceptions to this rule..(9 Y. to *noi itttuona iv the 'Ai 'i riiiirify i.1.{.* 16. firn fr'.r::_lf:HHHfil*J*1:l]: Is 'B'tiabie t6 '.r.ffi#ilLtil: 14. Has the bqy€r:..'..: - :Jtr*tilffl tr#*[fx.arranted egual. :i..'f .iorrrO iun". tyo of ttrigfottowing. pr*t*'.fr toe car rs danabed' 'urs nifi.1.J" to the sampre.ruuu lys€r.: i. .l r''r: i: -..'.#.''. .Ty public notic". . o. 'N a gelter undertaken to sunnly 1000 tons of . diied 6"- 1000 ! Qs' I I I I I I I I .::ll$ ? _Decide.c.6'o*niJIthefimr by tbe the redrempat of . i"ffJialri*t *a !y h ffiff. . *y eu.t i . withqut gi"iog.i. . 1. but is aot .i 1"." : 11 Answer flnf.i:' ..ug3 the sarhple to 'B" The sug#tli" ruppula-t*sponds w.t i.:. T: Rieht oir. -C : ' 9.x.T.$.F. . rIp. '. a IL ltr\ a hdo tun .. ..:i .rrug r\u.^8.agency. P.''.a'. Terminatiori 6 . : '.. .1frs*f.' ''ta^-!-r! ^: of . .h a . 'Wh4t afe the implied cbirditionq rdi$onq aqd and wairanties wahanties in a c<inhact of sale .::. to'stop .aF l /\f -r-r..O. ? r9. t..r"r.lrr:Et.lle. F. .ACT'LTY OF LAW Marks) 'Distinguish betriyeen Oondition and urarranty. .. f seler L tt"ptle gggds the intransir in transir .' O ..r. . i--'- ':-: ' -:: . 15.t::.- nrl-. 16..r. : . . " I t4. .( ) .r.iir.irii !. . 'Nemo dat quad nbn habet'PART Ans\iler any two ofthe &llowing . Define partnership. I 6.\ Code I.. Explain the rights and duties of (rfltfpaper contains 2 Pages) i P. .:! \. parbrers' 11.....{o. '. [Max.'..T. : i 3. duties of agent' 9. pledge ::. UnPaid seller's lien. f" ::--- . 7.' ': -...({YD.' . i I .. 'Caveat EnPtor'5. \ ' '':' 2. \ LLrD.:l.. j.Q) I Year II Semester (Regular) EXeqrpatig4' May/June 201 FACTILTY OF LAW :' Time:3 Hours] LAW PaPer-I: Law of'Contracts-II. l. Persontrl liabilitY cif agerit.. Define Guarantee.o.'i..t:F' i. .Distin$sh guarantee from indenurity' . Marks: 80 Write shortnotes on any five of the following : ':'r (5x6=30 Marks) ' . Exptain the essential conditibns of iontrabt of guarantee. Contactofbaildttttit'j . Minor as aparher. Define and distinguish conditions and warranties. What is a conhact ofAgency ? Explain the rights and 10.Jif--\ . 4. j..- . - B (2x15=30 Marks) g. i. .. .... said to a that the tYt '\ I 't'L.'' 12. 3..:l ln..tl'. ..4t .'.. .r :r 2 :i. 'X. ..r .500 .t ... ur Yd'r irementsofavalidmarriageunder. - 3. lenpl II semester Hanlna'tlorr.AW .AW v April/Dlay 2OO8 LL. Muta mariage'."tiurrt features of the Special Marriage lP. Marks : 80 fime :'3 Hoursl part a _ (Marks :5x6=30) I.II ' PaPer 242 ' *: arrd Othei Perbonal Laws) [Matr.o. ll. ' n. ' 1869 .o-l .whltaretherequisitesofavalidgift? re Act' 1954? the .B.ACT'LTY OF I. . lddat 7 .MuslimLaw? What are the essentlal requremenLs '1' I .egalconsequeneeofTalaq.Code No.' Answer a1y fivc of th9 follo-wing . ' 8. Indian Divorce Act. .(Marks :2 x 15 = 30) anY two of the following: .r.ExplaindifferentmodesofTalaqandthel. 'Ait"t".i 5645 I. Fart E . .Delinegift. (Muslim F4I'!ILY 'I. -5.lo. :Muiadalli 4. qlaHTYibunal Iirtbstate Succession 6.9. t. ffi. I 2 t.Xeat 2OOS 4"oor"rrin... .til ffi Jh5ff Jtril"Hi.. Ig.tff ... Answer a$g.- i. #. . t..'iltEg"-irr-mrii r4 ... Khaleet marrie.i.ia.n .s11e'ce- snd rirst wife.-?::^*:1.d one trlsZatreerq. . Fartg-(Marks:2 III.uuslim created : H:Ta tl a g. ts' 4.H"*x"*r'.aa: -tn".j L 'ii.the pr-oblems. An Indian ffiTi$'#rffit*ffi iffi r. #J#:: ..: wife clairnins s epu'aG." oan Distributenr'"p-J't'ffi ffi ' ''!A\'ilr I .u. t: : : li l. ..rirr*-*. t. :n: .n*'YH* S#:i #:itr#.g. ."*:.eo.'ffiT"h'ttt'*$. t.for i:c'sonal r? *Ji" ur"F ut uvaeriu.tiro.:**ffiff #***x*j "tdjfiT morrer.i. # 5g .+^ Mustim asain one?y' o. Mr. I lQ =. rs-z-eo^cj*pg'to Ms Fatiil. '. t-' .* fl*H#L$j died teavirrg behind his c deqth tr.# tn".'.of.'.' ' ' " 'r .$t*d.rffiffi his a walcf prc ... 16.. triat lhud.' .'' i: l.:i1""'.f:$:ffi Si ff1. ratrler il*"*:: ffi . . ' S. FACI..2. II - Su$ect I LAI4I ' Family Law-tr (Muslbn fhw and Other Pergonal L*) I Ma:c Marke : 80 .fioe of the fotlowlng : PART. . What are the essential of Waqf Explain the salient features of Special Marriage Act.A (5x6=30 $arks) 1.B (3YDC) I-Year Il-Semdster Examination. D6wq (lvlahr) . 1954.4' ' : CodeNo.. Define Gift.Contd. April/May. .. . Dissolutiqr of Mustim lvlarriage Act 1939 . tr. 12. 2009 Paper: Time Y b.A Ansroar a. 3.tot"*"Ui Dcimicile PART. What are the legal aspects of gift under Muslim.Iddat Admolrdedgecrent of Paterntty 4. - 6. 10.t .. .. law ? 71. 5.2 1014 8I .':- 11'' 61.JITY OF LAW L...ttt (2x15=30 Marks) llDo of tlu lollowing : ' 9. Anstoci any.3181. or. Wuqf pt"13v air Indian Gluistian dies At the time of his dearh 1. ':. .:'..$rhe divorced husband y:1"4_q._ruog'. ...g' . X' a Mutawalli wanb to sell a portion of workers who are emprovedl. be "t..:$ j " i.O. f#H ilT:$s"" * *** " Tt'e mariage between A and g-yldrrorved b{ provided mainrenance to hjl .dffi Hpw this qp * *." 16' x what is )rour opinion . .tf* H*'%.lt.ir"Fi . *ru ** 'eaving f.. 1!. 'oOo- .".:. ... 15' pt+.*:%i}ffiffi"#"*'$" wd 74' * l.^ j"j puffit or wages of the ? lehld li...n'.. glgl Anwer atty two of d2xl0-20 Marks) the ftttowing 13' t."ff...il#id#".i#r. !.:ffi. -ofrT..: . Ulrg tr ijait t" di*. .:. .-...r*t * aisriltrei f ..- e .or"eit wife l'ffi. .$1.PART- ' C Code No. c.""j. IndianSuccessionAct.:.' .t . Explain different kinds of guardians under Muslim Law.i7t {! I CodeNo.ll ' -r ". Exptain ttre essentihl 10. Validgift . Effects of conversion 3. Define Waqf and explain essentials of valid Waqf.: t t . .:q:.5...\.marriage under Dissolution oiMarriageAct. i . Answer any five ofthe following : . Dutiesoflvtutawhlli t%t Q.--1:i+*:. Special ManiageAc! 1954: PART - B Atlswer any two ofthe following requirements of a (2x15=30 Marks) valid marriage under Muslim Law.(. (5x6=30 Marks) ' : 6. 9.. z00g ' Time:3 Hpursl Palier-Ill: Mriblih Laiv and Oihbr pbrso4il Laws) X'trmilylaw-Il ' Mac... -: tThb paper contains 2 pages) P. I 93 g ?' 11.'r' . frAarrc: SO \' :i r $>. . l. 2.ACT. 12..'SlaqfBoard ': ' ' .f'.r.. i. Nov. 7. (5 YJ).LTY OT LAW Year v semester Examinatbn. $nnflnwiliShialaw . Define Guardian.ai . [email protected]) 4.) m I./Dec.::.. What are the ground available to a Muslim Women to dissolve her.: l0I7 LL3. .:_j. . . Sunni Muslim has .. .:. i... .. i.- ._.. :' :..rF ': ": l' :'+if. .::. :. ' . : ir:r-li... 1 .iii .rr"ri..:" .i I :. \ i!' 2 s00 ? . i'LN}!N F'AC[ tTy'.any two of the following PART.B 9.rence to tt. [email protected] 4. . Doitrine ofAut .Iheqilarl\ilarriases^ Answer. nyu contaiw 2 pages) . 1954. Triplefrlaq 5.what is Dower (Mahr) ? Explain its object and classl"ication.T..AW (New) Examination. Ifibe. Elpfain the essentials of waqf..1swer. . : (2x15=30 Marks) ': [0' wlr$ ranq.: e. OptiT of Puberry . lvlaintenance ofMustim wifi 3. mnawani 7.A.--. 8 . . {I n/ . :l Code No.Of f.any five of the 1. is Divorce ? Explain the classification of divorcps with special refe.i:t!*.' 't following :"' : j' 2. I I It P. How is it created and revoked ? geAct.Q ili::iifFli.O. ' Answer anY two of the following . Federal Constitution 3.LL.efgency Rigbt to Education' B.ApriVMav2ooS LAW 0/ - INDIAN CONSTITUTIO'NAL LAW Pager 2O4 [Ma:.Efir.r.-. * '. : 91O: g:cPlain the salient features of the Indian Corrstihrtion of reservations' Explain the constitutional scheme to administer what is the constitutionar protection given Minorities? are $Iho 1..Uafig:a'Fen'of the..B. r -the minority educational institutions? 12.o.: 5647 .tsYDclIISenesterExanlnatloo. .:rj lij:imiF - -- r: ::1i:i:. what i. Definition of State : 4-' Fre'edom of Adsociation 5r Objeetives of llirective Principles of State 9: 7 Policy ' f Supreme Court O.T. il .-f 2.i'ji.. ur" power and procedure tci amend the provisions of the constitution? lP. x 15=30) u.Judge .I -rF.::r. . I I i i I I I t I I I Code No.'Nadonat.". >i'r: :: :'i .Marks : 8O Pirt A- (Marks : 5 x 6 = 30) l.Err'-' . t NGO filed d Public' Interest litigation in the High Court qflAndhra-Pradeeh under Art. : Pril/D of Andhra Pradesh approached ttfe State Administrative - 16. The Division Berich of the High court.departrnent.rr.of 'AP pasged an order against the employee..art C - (Marks : 2 x 10 = 20) :. of 14.r& r"rpJ.226 of the Indian Conqtihrtion Argue in favow of NGO. The Greater Municipal Corporation of Hydepalad passe.and the eleeted dembers of the State legislative Assemblies. .ili.2 P. Now he wants to go to Supreme Court Advise. is Rs.ent of constitutional lawwants to challenge the notficadon on the grlrrnd that Female inspectors are offered less sqlary th. The suddCn decigio:t'.d aTr Order to:rbmove huts fyorn pavements and gther public placel. Andhra Pradesh issued an employment rrotification in yeeu 2OOT fgr )^ lPPointr+ent of Sub-Inspectors in the police.000 and 8. The President of India shail be elqcted by arr electoral collige consisting of the' elected rnembers of both Houses of Parliament. Wtrat is th'e msde of. 10. the constihrtional positi9g16..*.Ar. An employee in Tribunal in rbspect'of hjs plomotion against the State Gevt.le and Female inspectors. He qould not get a+ly relief. *r.of the co{pordtion mqde thpUsands of pavement and slum dwgllers hqmeless.000 respectiveln Ms Sujatga the stud.. i'iic goyt. I t. fi. Then approached the High Court of AP. The salary offered to the Ma. ' - 15..voting? Exptain with glr example. e and personal liberty under the Indian Constitution. Defrne Constitution. 10. Explain the.' -a : .ii.TITY OF LAW Il-Semester Examination. a- Code No.A (5x6=30 Marks) 8. 11. Contd"'2 ' . Principl.es of State Policy ? How they can be ? m:r?:a}e What is the docbine of pleasure ? How is it incorporated in the Indian Constitution lZ. Right to lif.B (3YDC) I{ear Papef FAC{. Expkiin various tyPes of constitutions.3183 LF. imporJahce of Directiv. April/May.J- 101446 . .B t {2x15=30 Matks) Ansuer atry lwo of the folloutiltg : 9.tts :-. ':Tr.: .' Procedure to Amend the constitution FART .V I Ma:c Marks t 80 Indian Constitutional Law Time:SHornsl PART .5:-. Subiect 2OA9 : LAI. .oo..rot t1 tl it :i 'I I "" of c. Fqnther about his i *rilff.*.*Ll.C CodeNo..il. I Ii .". l.. (2xl0=20 ory t-o of the following . will be published Hyderabad.Tffi"ff ffil.. trlil. pubrisher "T */f. 1'4' fiH1'ffffffi:'. n u i*t.:Jil. . publication The Govt.)r*) '. a .T. ..he Goverrior *.G courses in Hyderabad fl:ffi:Jf*ation.'ffi *.t 13.. ffirffffiH : b : 'l 'ri I I .T.."#1."gd.:.: and p.:srate thara "$:i::1Tr:s$ with ttre nary'* *" . such iszues oo* Jilr1fforfoh.# crcunutancrs.. iutter the Act says that pnly aiter getting permissior.ertain issues.."ut.tr"'#m:":T""::.. 'i7it 15..:a uy stuie """.. Uecide. 1l PART . oI Andhra hadesh passed an Act Isrc According aot .op*i 1: 9. ilj H*ffi. The Act.3r$T.illfi ffiq"" "..? Rarnesh has br was the strong lgrooon to his wite' wife..TilF:#:#:Htr"ffi m** *"..*ii**" hadesru l{r..ommissioner of Jnf. is nor "d. that he 1' ffiT"ff :::Jl T:#':l.?ffi: th" .:lffiT*X.rri.l li i" .:*rt*l:1':":t'^y*"j* ffijijtrflrffi :""oG.. 6. LLS. . .C. : _ n . pgwers betrveeq.the Union and :-. -'.T.r Stateis.: x'. eT I (2x15=30 . 't I Code No.D...-. ? lll[}io amongthe 11. II Semester Regular (New). . 1:.10. 1173/N . P.=30 Marhs) le .O. ExPlainthe.:' ' . Marks : 80 PART-A '' (5x6=30 Marks) -. FACI]LTY OF LAW (3 Y.) I Year l.ffi : Constihrtional Law nAw . . r..II [Max. '' . Pape . ..') -" l.: r ir . Explain the vaiidity fl ill lil ill ill ill of ill t4.li. i 1.r.4o ai*^r-:^..' . 1. PARr -C ill !ii iil ilt lir ilr .leeislntnr rr.r. A ' to his known sources of income. ltr' . . It: t.' flfitlltfil lilfr ililt fl fl rl il ilfl tlt I!.t.. :. . t1r lr r 1. j.r.fi:'X "#:: :*::x. ilt. ': I .' :' t i ..i.lr .. :-. ltl ttf il I I I t i .'.!.J. '. illF ilT:':TH:Lf:ifr : legislative assembly.."'. A non.if. .r1. lii 13.t '' .j* l fr: ' r f.: ill' Hl.- jr i' It i.?::.... ril::!j jt.i1. Marks: 80 PART_A (5x6=30 Marla) ' - '. 9. ?.it. .YDC) I Year il'semesterRegutar Examiriation... .. I :'1 " PAR:T -B (2x15=30 Marks) Answei any two ofthe following : . lt . (3.. :.III : Constitutional Law .. : Code No.. .. .:. NitionalEiriergeilcY ' " I "r' J 6. . May/June 2011 V LAW Paper Time:3'Hours] . t9 015 FAC-TJITY OF'LAW . . ' i '. How are the judges of Supreme Court and High Courts appointed ? Discuss with tt.t-' 5.: ... '. !..O.<. I r:rb r.'.. 8. Discussthe grounds oftheir disqualificatioir wittr special reference to anti-defection law. ' - 10..II [Max. "i . help of the threejudges transfer cases decided by the Supreme Court."' {fhkWcrcontains 2 pages) I P.B.. '.j.l.{ . IudicialReview.Iiq.T. . 7. LS. :....Explainthe qualifications ofmembers ofparliament. !. 11.eni upon the strpreml Court to give its opini_on ? Explain with reasons. the cente andthe states. Is it incumu. PART -'C Qxl0=20 Marks) 13. ..{rtbr1Y..:"1.. A state legislature made a law to control the the advisory opinion of the Supreme court. No. 12. . 2 EA'l JrrvY . Apoliticalparty a 7 resolution thenrlingpry:t 15.:I . . Marks : Paper : III .:- :z . 7. -. . " ainfarrcy' as an &ception to P€r.: . Who is an abettor i!' '' ? 4. Di$ne F bilc luisanc9. ?. a and dacoity' D"fi"9 theft. April/May.1try91 -. Distingqilh betrnreen crime and tort' lV:Ate a note on'deatli sentmcd' . .." "i'. Dir-** 5.. G'lvlatimoniai Cruelf an offence ? PART .l 2:--.i.B {2x15=30 Marks) 11.2 LA219 0 +ffi1t.-:--::---:.. ...uish the{t from extbrtion.Law and Crimes Time:3HoursJ PART J A . grievous hurt What are the ingredients'of the offence of ? 8. 2009 : LAW ['Max.B (3YDC) q/ 80 I{ear ll-senester Subiect Examination. robbery Contd. Distine.L. ? What is meant by unlawfui asserDly 6:.l j CodeNo.-'. Distinguish between culpable homicide and murder' tZ. 3. (5x6=t0 Marks) Anwn aW fue of thefollqtDing . 3L82 FACI]ITY OF LAW I..r" .tat liabiuty. -.the foltouting : 13..i.'.e. .N . 15.er C .A. 15.A.'. Is. i'. '..i.t1. gujlty . guiltj. fails in .iuir. of comrr. . : .l ".. ' ' ? -oOo- .i:'. r his ' 'a .r .. Attsw. icrecovers Jff"#ef 14. Ie . 'B'in prryynge of the $flgafion from the wound. .iilf.l""y .. .._..9 . 'A' instigates 'B' to murder '.t t :' pgckd.?At cfl3e-II 'ss* qtabs any two of .. .-r_.2 PARt.. IV : thw of Crimes Max. Answer anY two ofthe f.O. g. Distinguishbetween culpable homicide and explain ingredients ofthose offences12.' . : 10L8 FACI]LTY OF LAW LLS. . b: cupi. PARI-A (5x6=30 Marks) . er. n Uti"Nuisance 7.ollowing in the lrrai* P.tPintnrnent 3r $gq$ .D. 4.lcinal cdirsPfuacY 5. Enumerate the offendtis relatingto marriage Pages) - ' .c)IIIYearvsemesterExalriinationrNov'lDec'2009 LAW PaPer .nal Code ? : (2x15=30 Marks) been accepted . '' {Thts PaPer contaiis 2 1 P.Code No. Unlavrfrrl assemblY O. What are its 10. Grievousltrurt 8. How far has the doctrine of person and property. .(sY.. MischiefPAKT - ts .. Discuss in detail the dootrine of mens rea...T. .:: i. Discuss the law relating to private defence limitations ? and rnurder' Refer to decided cases' 11. .Marks: 80 . : ... i ...... :.. r'A' threatens to rnoney. J ... : . libel concerning |.:1..4.':. .. : .jj.ti. _.1.. -..' .r..r...i..j." _.' " '(2xI0. a by 'A'Z Discuss.?. .:..i '. .. .i'. .:r.ir1' .l .t.. What of I ''. 1.rAO Marls) l6.. _... . ."fry"r"O 'to give him money..i500 'i : ... : 1174lN '' ' FAC{JI.mrhespass PART Answer anY two ofthe following : - ts (2x15=30 Marks) Explain them' 9. pages) t 1 P. . Explainthe essentials oftheft and extortion 12. 11. . LAW Law of Crimes IV :'rls [Ma:<. c*.4. Write the essentials of the offence of Rape' .T. M4Y/June 2010 .C.O. What are the stages of crime ? 10.B.. Distinguish betrveen wrongful restraint and wrongful confinement.code No.) I Year II Semester Regular (New) ' Examinatioq.TY OF LAW LL.atL- 'ili-l $hb paper contaitrs 2 .D. (3 Y.': -A : (5x6=30 Marks) : ' . 'r GdeyousHurt 5. Marks : 80 Paper I4fJEr-lY - Tihe :3 Elours] PARI . :: .v liable vr or ulrt not'? c il. 'Suresh a ".. _ __ is _ev..lY-Lr-'Yeu€r' co-haveller. .:- . inv. ' . . |.F-l-]i . uur1ql.T:-T::.?. golo€.H:::*.:."1':jll ".: ':rli..t:' .. : t4.":.i !'' " trililfitilffltfililil||tr|il PART -C Answer two ofthe followihg 13.. "' . X.':. Whether 16.... concerned minister.n$de!i" Suresh . empry' whethel Ramesh is liabie or not il.5rVed in misappropr".1 '. PART Answer anY two ofthe following : ? -B (2x15=30 Marks) 9.' L. What arethe stages of crime Explain them' trl. BigamY 7. Defamation t_ .Code No. 8. ' : 5: Crimiiui{fiesPass 6.:'. Explainthe essentials oftheft' and extortion' 12. : 1174/N FACULTY O['. . .... ConsPiracY.O. .T.. ' Seditiol'i GrievousHurt -: 4.. Marks : 80 (5x6=30 Marks) g.LAW [Max. :'. .. Write the essentials of the offence ofRape' (This paPer eontains 2 WSes) 1 P. . PART-C rlnswer two ofthe follorving : :"-' 5 ..:...rru concerned minister.. r'. gave a. ot.t ? Discuss.B... puts his hand into the pocket of Suresh a co-traveller. a shanger by trp rB'make any attempt to save Whether 'A'is liable or not o"t . 'A' and 'B' are friends.t.r. 'lf passer by sees a:dog savagely seize . Ramesh. .Br.t. 16.. .i ...'. blow . .t .t ': . : : ... to 'B' sustained simple injury.. Gpde No j: . .:j:. . of uy..'.'' .. . 15' 'X' published in his news paper that B was involved in misappropriation Govt. ': o .. Whether .j..?'.A is liable fol attempt to murder ? Decide.. :. Stuesh pocket. 'A' due to sudden quarel..t'.4. 14. . . whether 'X'is liable or not ? Deside. fundst Publication was made on the basis of the sl$am...is empty. t. -l . Whettrer Rasresh is liable or not ? Discuss ...ni4. . .: c ' tn (2x10=20 MarksJ 13... May/Jurie20ll .9.(3 YDC) I'Year II SemesterExamination. Define rape. LAW [Max. (2x15=30 Marks) Answer anY two of the following : '. and murder.B.De'finecribe.O. Explain the law relating to custodial . : 9016 . 11.FxplaintheimportanceofMensreaunderlPC.-(ThkPaPer contains 2 Pages) P. . write about the general exception under lPC.T. Define murder. with special reference to insanity' 10. Differentiate'between culpable homicide rape' 12.Code No. Marks: 80 PART Time: 3 Hoursl -A (5x6=30 Marks) PART _ B . FACULTY OF LAW LL. As aresult the person to&Ir. ? r- r:i:i.500 I ! I i I .B.t X. t 15.Jr#ffie.AkiiIedbrutaIIyI\.Ir. i^r. paur.ff.. _1"i" for3 rtcfrs. t* .'J#igmh""1. Faul was in love witfr class X.:tH i I I I I I 2 I I I 3.pu*rrr-*.: A_ : j" : P/A.:.withaknifearrain{-cted30inju1re1uPonthebo-dy. IvIr. which was arready dil: utr.1?. A suspected terrorist who wa 4f whici .::tff [""1ff .Bgth gor father filed a criminal fg^1i:rugying*in married.i::'#:f .Lri* l sord.i* to be "il.u. her uguinst lr4r.RT _C Answer any two of the following r.3.. A 14' Ramesh sold a piece ott*1.-wrrether paui "u* iri liable ? 16..ffi i':'. whethuiRum"rrrilri"ur... .":. Doctrine of estoPPel' .:''.. "' :l \ 5. . ' 9f . i.t :l..:i i-":i r:' "- . PrestfinPioq as to dowrY death' 7. 1 i'' " i' : .r. _. relating Discuss the general nrles ? 12.2.Distinguishbetweenadmissionandconfession. . to burden of proof' !1..:'."" 1 confeslio"rr: 3. . Cross-exalnx 'natiorr' PARtr . AnswgranJ. " lDelinition of evidence' ''qr' -'ii' '!' '.:.. t'.o' 1 paper contains 2 Pages) .-i.Boof PfConsPimoY':'..B .ll .:l':..ii il ii :j code 't N'i$tus8 MocMarks:80 ' Time:3 Horrsl .e-l-!pgr[$? :' i : r" +.. '..Defineadmission. Retraeted 'i.'frveeftbef--9|toyu€ '. Who are competen!witnesses 'i|'r I i t?iflit wtimess ? Discuss' Is an a0complice competent P.T. following Ahswer anY twb of the : (2x15=30 Marks) Refer to decided cases' [octine of Res Gestae' l0.::'i ld' j' :: t''. Fubli-c 6.Qpinig4s..3 8. He wrote a letter addressEd to the police officer sEting that he cornmitted that rrir.'oa uv u p Ji ce. il prte"i U:it?:* ] 'L:. 2 .G...lli$lffiHmilim 13.tteril* r." . $.. 'x' was charged with the murder ofhiq wife.i.t uy the side of o rvhi ch was ro.: : " can be called to the corut *o dpa'il.ffi d*-i. 'A' has been charged for murder Hyderabad on a 14' [ffi 15.f i'.ffi# to whom this infoirnat"'i I '. Tdi.ii t'j'tii '.. 16.f :l. :. $ftrat is Secondary Evidence ? Explain its circumstances under evidence is Permissible.. : 1008NlS (New) Examination.:'.!. . What is Estoppel ? What are the essential conditions for Doctrine of EstoPPel ? P.. Hearsay Evidence 8. .(fuls papcr contains 2 pag*) . fuaiciatl'totice 6. i. declaration as evidence. : Answer any five of the following 1.O. What is Dying Declaration ? Explain the rules relating to the admissibility which secondary 11. PresumPtion as to dowry Death.t i r' lJ rj I 1.l.E-'..:.: li code No. Marla: 80 . Max. t.T. the application of the 12. PART - B (5x6=30 Marks) Answer any two of the following i 9. Explain the facts which are relevant to prove conspiracy.t. i. ' . EPq$Eenr :r:. Faot in Issue : 4. rt . of Dying 10.'.. hlblic Documehts 7. FormalAdmission' S.5.:."'' 2. . : Code No. ... .of tilfids 'o . JffiT|fj"H *:":r to prove ':n"pemnifted &at 'B.olrl . prosecured tt -.ruur . : l":.i .: i-r ' ..ff"ulff -.:r-..t 'tr .uwas. ...'...ilul .of" *re"forhwihs. _Ilt_b"* 8enera1lv-.::l::q-"f dowry deqr...ir' '. jT: lo: *". 1 . r tr. ..."'.t . .^ i{^i '' ' .rpart r^..'..'. .: . j': . . . .. -'J j ".ilililt|fllti//l. -".o{ n:.1:. *t:l"tdff.'-'1.f.A.r.- : i .io. . t )rr z .il.i 2 '1: ilOOO _{ t 7 .. iil ]lr ... . PART -B (5x6=30 Marks) .plain ttrg ter1rts '. l lr 3 II\ \ \ \ :f o{ Ptile+ee.No confessibn ... .any two Ofthe following : .9.'i-:.Marks : 80 . to a police officeq shall be proved as against a person accused 9f any offence?'. \Ihat iq Cross'Exan-rina. (5x6=30 Marks) 8."'. t \ \I \ \\ Code No. Time: 3 Hours] ':.Comm:ent' is admissible Who is anExpert? Explain the matters in which opinion ofExperts under the Evi$gnc-e Act.npde t' 10. .T.tign ? Explain its nature and scope ?' 't P.. Leadingquestions. 'Sh'all'presume' and 'Conclusive r.i :r [Mur. proof E). 'ehcWef 'any ftve cif ttrb foltoSing t' . 'Aribwdr..0.'. .. ..i.May Presume'. 1t' 't . : : I 24 ]|':. outhis house to 'B'.. \. Is such contention tanable ? .'. . Are Ore contents gf the fgfter relgvsqj ss evide_nce against'y't' ? 15.. 'A' who was charged with the murder of his brother wrote a letler addressed to his friend 'B'.C Answer any two of the following : (2x10=20 13. - ilil$$il$I|ililtilililill PART.. :. i '^N..Thehosecution has produced evidence showing that 'y'f has on earlier occassion shot at this fact admissible as evidence ? .' '.. 'l I have [email protected]:&eft. 'A is being charged with shooting at 'B'with intent !o kill him.".| : . 'B' contends that 'lf is not the real'ovrnei of thdhouse.'2:.. The letter fell in the hantls of a police officer. 'A'made a demand to 'B'for payment'of arrean of rent for three nonths. . a client.:. 16. Is 14. a i.oorl+ Is this fact protected ftom disctrosure : jj . says to 'B'.'.-lt!.r.8. 'B' intends to disclose this fact tq tba. stating that he had committed that sime..ri dnd rcqucsts him to defuse him.ayyer.'A'let .' .. Marks: 80 Answer any five g' . - Code Nb. ' '. .pqcr contains 2 pages) 't I P.l LAW Paper .. May/June 2011 . What is the procedure when a witness lets down the party rvho calls him as a witness ? (This. 12.. ._:! .ts (2x15=30 Marks) 9. .missions relevant ? 10. : 9017 FACTJLTY OF LAW LI.A [Max.different kinds of estoppel. Child witness B.(3YDC) I Year il Semester Examination..-=-. Faq.I .q" 1. Who is an expert ? When are opinions of experts relevant 1 ? 1. (5x6=30 Marks) 2.l .V ': fibe:3 H-ou$J n'Tt a P^ r rllf. . Explain the doctrine of estoppel and.. Definitioq of evi$engg. . What is an admission ? When are ad. irlil!Etu m-'.... fo"llowilg.. .T.+. : Law of Evidence .O..j.in issue -a 7. PART Answer any two of the following : . ftirpeaching the credit of witness.B.i.. i. I I I I I .a..t. fact admissible as evidence ? t*t' ::: : I ': .' I t{ ' il|Iffilt$winffiilil P'ART T. .:- *:i' f .. rr rrri.i. he was confused and began to aporogir..' '."epp7 -C ' 13'' The accused was charged with th9 gffence of bribery.. I I D 2. '.'. was stunned and. . .tt::t-.. . 1.did not repry. ao i: Codg l{O. \... trra. The prosecutiqn produced evidence showing that at the time of the raia uy the police ofifrcer and the question "whether you have accepted bribe. .:i.. :.u""#i :n. i': I Is it illegal ?Decide. 3Fog . Documents Similar To 2nd Sem Previous Yr. Question Papers (5 Subjects)Skip carouselcarousel previouscarousel nextJurisprudenceLiability UNDER jurisprudence law+notesContract I50 OpinionAnalytical School of JurisprudenceI Year LLB Exame Note for Constitution of IndiaIntroduction to JurisprudencePROFESSIONAL ETHICS.pdfOsmania University LLB Question Papers - Semester Ipublic international lawOSMANIA UNIVERSITY 3YDC LLB FEB-2016Conditional TransferTort Law Notes - 126 PagesFamily Law II NotesCases for Aug 15 2014Civil Prcedure Code- Final SubmissionPub Off Digests 1Failed_Notifications_with_Open_StatusLisbon Fundamental Rights Protection OctRutherford v. 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