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OFFER ACCEPTANCE FORM FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTSThis is your enrolment contract with the University. Please retain a copy for your records and ensure that the original form has been signed and returned to the relevant La Trobe International office. It will not be possible to complete your enrolment until this form has been signed and returned. Section 1 - Personal Details and Visa Information La Trobe ID No. (located on your letter of offer): Family Name (as shown on Passport): Given Name(s): Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy): Address: Telephone: Facsimile: Email: Country of Birth: Citizenship: Passport No: Please note - You must answer this question even if you intend to lodge your student visa application online. Are you a temporary resident of Australia? Yes No If yes, please provide a certified copy of your visa. Are you a permanent resident of Australia or citizen of New Zealand? Yes No If yes, please provide a certified copy of your visa. At which office for visa application (city, country) do you intend to apply for your student visa? / / Title (Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mr, etc.) Sex M or F Section 2 - Degree Course Acceptance Information Name of Course: Deposit Paid: Commencement Date (dd/mm/yy): Have you also accepted an offer for: • the ELICOS program at the La Trobe Melbourne Commencement Date (dd/mm/yy): / / / Yes No Yes No / / Completion Date (dd/mm/yy): Campus: 12 months (two semesters) • a Foundation/Diploma program at the La Trobe Melbourne? Section 3 - Study Abroad / Exchange Commencement date (dd/mm/yy): / Study Period: 6 months (one semester) Desposit Paid: A$ Section 4 - Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Details Your personal details will be submitted to our OSHC provider for the purpose of membership registration and updates on the service they provide. Amount for OSHC included with this acceptance deposit A$ Type of cover required: Single Dual family (one dependant) Multi family policy (more than one dependent) Instructions will be provided on how to obtain your OSHC Membership Card on your arrival at La Trobe University. If you have not included an amount for OSHC, this is due to: Norwegian/Swedish exemption Australian Temporary Resident (please provide a copy of your Medicare card). Current OSHC membership valid for the duration of the course(s). If so, please provide details: Name of OSHC Provider: Expiry Date: (dd/mm/yy): / / Membership Number: Please provide a copy of your current OSHC Membership Card. Please note: La Trobe University receives an administration fee from the preferred OSHC provider for processing your healthcare application. All OSHC premiums are determined by the provider and standard published rates include the administration fee paid to the University. There is no further amount payable by students. Students must tick: I consent to La Trobe University receiving payment for the administration fee. CRICOS Provider 00115M 1 / / Campus: I accept the advanced standing (credit) as indicated in my letter of offer (if applicable) Please be aware that the may deduct charges from your payment. Please attach a copy of the wire remittance receipt and return it with this form to enable identification of your payment direct into our bank account. To read the full Refund and Privacy Policy Statement visit www. When the funds have been transferred. The University reserves the right to vary fees on an annual basis. Should the University decide to increase its fees. It is advisable to pay by bank draft or cheque rather than cash. Fees will not normally rise above 7% per annum.edu. Sponsorship – Complete this section if your fees are paid by a sponsor (i. that increase will take effect on 1 January of the following year. You must also attach your sponsor’s letter of guarantee (written on their official letterhead). For more information. Note that any bank charges charged by your bank for this wire remittance will be your responsibility.edu.Section 5 . Name of Sponsor: Sponsorship Commencement Date (dd/mm/yy): / / Sponsorship End Date (dd/mm/yy): / / Contact Name: Position in Organisation: Postal Address: Telephone: Facsimile: Email: (please print clearly) Section 7 . government or organisation).e.Emergency Contact Details Family Name: Address: Telephone: Relationship to you: Section 6 . CRICOS Provider 00115M 2 . Bank Draft – I have enclosed a bank draft made payable to ‘La Trobe University’ to the value of A$ Payment must be in Australian dollars and made payable to an Australian Bank Wire Remittance – This method of payment may take some time to process and is not recommended for those requiring urgent visa documentation.Refund and Privacy Policy Fees are indicative only. so ensure that you make allowance for A$25 for bank charges.latrobe.au/international/fees/tuition. you MUST fax or scan and email a copy of the telegraphic transfer confirmation to (61 3) 9479 3660.Payment Details Total Tuition Fee Deposit: A$ OSHC Payment: A$ Total Fees Paid: A$ Please choose one of the following four ways to make your payment: Credit Card – To pay by credit card. Bank: Westpac Bank Branch: Sydney BSB number: 032000 Account number: 133774 Account name: La Trobe University SWIFT Code: WPACAU2S Bank address: 341 George Street. Given Name: Email: Language/s spoken: In Person – Students already in Australia can pay in person at the relevant La Trobe International office. please provide the following details: Card Type: Mastercard Visa Card number: Expiry Date: / Cardholder Name: Cardholder Signature: Total Payment: A$ Please ensure you have sufficient credit available and that you have authorised your bank to release these funds. email: [email protected] or phone (+61 3) 9479 3622. (if applicable) when transferring the fee.Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Please note: You must include your full name and LTU Ref ID No. materials. doesn’t remove the right to the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.edu. I authorise the University to access the DIAC’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online System (VEVO) to obtain information on my visa status. is required to provide information about my enrolment to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) upon request. have you attached the sponsor’s guarantee letter? Have you read La Trobe’s Refund Policy and Privacy Statement for international students? www. I am not a permanent resident/citizen of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand.edu. and the availability of complaints and appeals process.latrobe. Tuition fees will increase if units are above 120 credit point load or if a unit is repeated. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Signature: Check List Date (dd/mm/yy): / / Have you answered ALL questions? Have you included the required deposit as set out in your letter of offer? Have you included certified evidence of meeting the conditions specified in your offer (if applicable)? If you are a sponsored student.Section 8 . I understand my personal details may be forwarded to the University’s preferred OSHC provider and other third parties for the purposes of arranging my OSHC. I understand that the University will notify the Australian Government and other authorities of the change to my enrolment. I agree to advise the University of any Changes to my Australian address or telephone number within seven days.aei.htm. as an education provider. I understand that the quoted fees in my letter of offer are an estimate only based on a standard full-time (120 credit point load) and will vary depending on the program and the actual unit enrolment load. La Trobe University PO Box 199 Bendigo Victoria 3552 AUSTRALIA Fax: (+61 3) 5444 7926 CRICOS Provider 00115M 3 . progressing my application and enrolment. including the refund policy and privacy statement and accept the offer made to me by La Trobe University. La Trobe University Victoria 3086 Australia Fax: (+61 3) 9479 3660 Bendigo & Albury-Wodonga campuses La Trobe International. I am aware I may not be permitted to enrol in the program unless I have obtained authorised permission from the University. you will be invoiced for any balance owing at the time of enrolment.latrobe. I am aware of The ESOS Framework – providing quality education and protecting your rights document available on the La Trobe International website www.gov. I will arrive on campus in time for orientation and enrolment and if I arrive after the commencement of classes.au/AEI/ESOS/Default.Conditions of Acceptance and Declaration • • I declare I have read and agree to accept the terms and conditions of the Offer Acceptance Information.au/international/apply Have you included a copy of your Australian visa (if relevant)? Please return this Offer Acceptance Form to the relevant office below. which may lead to the cancellation of my visa. field trips or living expenses and may be subject to adjustment. they must attend school and that I will be required to pay full fee if they are enrolled either in a government or non-government school (Fees are not required at government schools for school-aged dependants for postgraduate research students). I understand that this agreement. La Trobe University reserves the right to increase fees on an annual basis. I understand that the personal information provided by me may be provided to the Australian Government and designated authorised to meet La Trobe University’s obligations under the ESOS Act and National Code 2007 to ensure student compliance with the conditions of their visas and their obligations under Australian immigration laws. I understand that the tuition fee does not include the cost of books. I understand that the Letter of Offer and my enrolment will be cancelled if I have provided any false or fraudulent information to the University.au/international/contact/esos and on www. I accept and acknowledge the Advanced Standing (credit) as indicated in my Letter of Offer. All fees quoted are in Australian dollars and are current at the time of issuing the offer. In the event of a fee increase. The fees will normally not rise by more than 7% per annum for most courses. I understand that if I have any school-aged dependants accompanying me to Australia. I confirm that I will provide original or certified copies of my documents at enrolment including official results if the offer is based on conditional results. I further understand that the University. Contact Details Melbourne & Franklin Street campuses La Trobe International.
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