2010 California Republican Party Voter Guide



IMPORTANT DATES: May 10, 2010: Counties begin mailing vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots May 24, 2010: Last dayto register to vote June 1, 2010: Last day to request a VBM ballot by mail June 8, 2010: Election Day (7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) PROP 14: OPPOSE WARNING! DECEPTIVE LANGUAGE! ELECTIONS. INCREASES RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN PRIMARY ELECTIONS. Sets up a "top two" primary that sends only the top two vote getters into the general election. Under this scheme, you may have NO Republican candidates to choose from in November in your part of the state. Vote NO on this scheme to rig California elections. PROP 15: OPPOSE CALIFORNIA FAIR ELECTIONS ACT. Allow for public funding of candidates for the o ce of Secretary of State, given the candidates collect signatures and $5 from 7,500 registered voters. The donations would be deposited into the Fair Elections Fund. PROP 13: SUPPORT LIMITS ON PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT. SEISMIC RETROFITTING OF EXISTING BUILDINGS. LEGISLATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Prohibits tax assessors from re-evaluating new construction for property tax purposes when the point of the new construction is to seismically retro t an existing building. Sets a statewide standard for seismic retro t improvements that qualify. PROP 16: SUPPORT IMPOSES NEW TWO-THIRDS VOTER APPROVAL REQUIREMENT FOR PUBLIC ELECTRICITY PROVIDERS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Require a 2/3 vote from the electorate before a public agency could enter the retail power business. Local government can not establish a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, use public funding to implement a plan to become a CCA provider or expand electric service to a new territory without the electorate’s 2/3 approval. PROP 17: SUPPORT ALLOWS AUTO INSURANCE COMPANIES TO BASE THEIR PRICES IN PART ON A DRIVER'S HISTORY OF INSURANCE COVERAGE. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Allows for auto insurance companies to apply a “persistency discount,” for drivers who have consistently maintained auto insurance coverage, regardless of change in provider. ON NO the CRP RECOMMENDS WWW.STOPPROP14.COM PROP 14 Prop 14 claims it's an "open primary" when it's really a “CLOSED ELECTION” because it closes o your rights as a voter. It means: --Candidates will end up being hand-picked by insiders or committees--and you won't get a say in who your party's candidates will be. --In districts that are politically tilted heavily in favor of one party, the general election ballot will only have a Democrat vs. a Democrat, or a Republican vs. a Republican. --Only the best-funded candidates would make the top two, meaning no third party voices between June and November where voters are twice as likely to be engaged in the election cycle. --No write-in candidates would be allowed. THE CRP RECOMMENDS "NO ON 14!" www.stopprop14.com
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