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BellyProof 2.0 /EXERCISE PLAN Disclaimer The authors and publishers of this material are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury that may occur through following the instructions in this material. The activities, physical and otherwise, described herein for informational purposes only, may be too demanding or dangerous for some people and the reader should consult a physician before engaging in them. The authors and publishers do not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities or damages, real or perceived, resulting from the use of this content. The program provided below is meant for healthy adults only. You should consult your physician to insure the information given in this program is appropriate for your individual circumstances. If you have any health issues or pre-existing conditions, please consult with your physician before implementing any of the information provided in this course. Table of contents: 1. Key principles used in the designing of this program___________________________Page 2 2. How to use the program, videos and nutrition________________________________Page 2-3 3. Understanding water manipulation and precautions___________________________Page 4 4. General setup for the next 5 weeks_________________________________________Page 5 5. The 7 Workouts:________________________________________________________Page 6-12  Workout 1 FREE  Workout 2 PAID ONLY  Workout 3 PAID ONLY  Workout 4 PAID ONLY  Workout 5 PAID ONLY  Workout 6 PAID ONLY  Workout 7 / X PAID ONLY 6. What to do next________________________________________________________Page 13 Note: Workouts 1-7 have nothing to do with level of difficulty. Each workout is designed to target different kinetic chains and metabolic functions. For example: workout 1 is heavily focused on bilateral symmetry and core anti-rotation, other workouts do other things to make sure we work your strength within a well-balanced structure. The full 5 weeks BellyProof 2.0 program consists of all 7 workouts as detailed in the setup. HOW TO USE THE PROGRAM. ORDER OF EXERCISES (EXAMPLE): Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 X3 sets 5 reps 8 reps 30 seconds per side That means that before moving to the next part of the program you’re in.  Functional challenges are used to engage more muscle tissue via RNT (reactive neuromuscular training)  Going into “breaking” and “burning” modes multiple times within every workout.  Mobility based warm-up for safer. Water & Sodium manipulation and balancing of hormones is built in deep into various principles in this program to improve results. repeat that sequence 3 times (i.  Waking up the nervous system (high neural load via isometrics) and increasing glucose absorption (GLUT4 expression on muscle tissue). more effective movement  Preconditioning for “Burning fat”: Lowering of glycogen levels via carb-depletion. 1. then exercise 3 for 30 seconds on the left and another 30 seconds on the right. I expect you to do: Exercise 1 for 5 repetitions then exercise 2 for 8 repetitions. VIDEOS AND NUTRITION PLEASE SPEND 5 MINUTES AND READ THE INFORMATION BELOW. Fasted states. 3 sets as described on top of the black background) and then moving on to the next part  .e. HOW MANY DAYS Below you will see 7 full workouts. water manipulation and training protocols. KEY PRINCIPLES USED TO DESIGN THIS PROGRAM: If you wish to understand more. there are extra reading materials included. I do recommend you try and go 5 times a week. These are meant to be alternated over however many days you are willing and can exercise. MOST OF THE QUESTIONS I’M GETTING HAVE ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED BELOW .  Carb-Cycling. It’s not to say 4 or even 3 times a week aren’t going to produce a result but I’m committed to giving you the best advice I can so when I say 5 times a week. – That would be one set. allowing greater movement and mobility by pairing them with specific exercises. it’s for a reason. 2.  Preconditioning for “Breaking fat”: Lowering of Insulin levels through fasted states and by relying on nutritional set-up.  Stability challenges are used in logical order to release protective tension. You should also be able to access it from any smart device if you need a quick reminder on how to do something whilst training. If you are short on time. Choose weights that you can handle for the amount of reps prescribed. KEEP GOING. You can email me (within reason please). BE 90% GOOD! I WAS 70% GOOD WHEN I DID THIS PROGRAM AND I DID WELL DIDN’T I? IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO DO BETTER THAN ME … DO IT.PDF) . some of us like to spend a little bit longer. Nutrition – you must eat well. it might take you longer as you will need to assess your strength in different exercises and whether you can do the basic or intermediate progressions. YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM IS ADAPTING TO A DIFFERENT WAY OF WORKING. You will note that some parts of the program are optional. Check the dedicated PDF for the nutrition (read last page for details how to get the rest of the PDFs). For most exercises that involve weight or levers. If you have the time. Exercise videos – A full video library is available online (Click here if you can’t find the link) The warm-up sequence can be found here If you have purchased the full version. or simply by using harder levers or heavier weights as you develop strength. We are trying to STOP A LIFT BEFORE FAILING as it may have a negative impact on your nervous system and fatigue you prematurely. If you can spend the time. doing more of what I tell you is going to work in your benefit. don’t settle for the bare minimum. and slowly progress either from basic to intermediate. AIM HIGH IT’S BETTER TO AIM FOR THE SKY AND LAND ON THE ROCK THAN TO AIM FOR THE MUD AND MAKE IT. Training time – Some of us are desperate to keep our training under an hour. IT’S OK IF THE FIRST FEW TIMES EXAHUST YOU HALF WAY THROUGH THE SESSION. you simply need to log-in with the username and password emailed to you after you completed the order in order to get full access. skip the optional bits. At the same time. start a bit lighter and assess how harder you can confidently work. TRAIN FASTED – Full details in protocol 5. you can start on weights that you are more confident with. plan your meals and your water intake as required below. MAKE SURE YOU READ AND APPLY THE PROTOCOLS (DAILY PROTOCOLS. don’t make your life too easy.CHOOSING YOUR INTENSITY: The first time you experience each program. If you aren’t sure of you strength. if you have any more questions. Please try and avoid failure. STOP! WHEN YOU FEEL BETTER YOU CAN TRY AND PACE IT SLOWER. nausea. We are really far from that. 3. At the beginning we manipulate to significantly reduce glycogen levels and prime you for weight loss. but please keep reading to understand the guidelines. it will wake you up as well. reduce it by up to 1 litre. especially on the exercise day – aim towards the higher end (8 litres). I have had many people with non-happy body parts that they managed to improve significantly (as well as the belly) I want you to be healthy. or drinking 18 litres a day.  Danger zone (drinking too much too fast): Headache. It’s rare but possible to have a slightly upset stomach for the first 1-2 days. I would advise you have a big 2 litres bottle of water. confusion. It’s a little way to make you look really nice as well as balancing everything back to base levels. and make sure you drink a full bottle every 3 hours (roughly) until you hit your water target. Lastly. (Please consult your physician on water intake if you have abnormal blood pressure or other medical conditions that may be affected by changing water intake). not just ripped. it’s not unheard of to drink even 3 gallons a day and it’s common practice for many athletes. How often should you drink the water?  On days that you are required to consume a lot of water. such as drinking 6 litres in only 3 hours. Experiment with this and see how you can fit it in. start your day with 700ml of water. This would increase vasodilation (and vascularity) and pull water from around the muscles (“extra cellular water”) into the muscle (“intra- cellular water”) where we want them. You can safely drink 800ml and even more every hour without risk.  Women (and men well below the average height) needs less water. Most cases happen in extreme cases.  The water load will also help with cleansing and detoxing. we have restored base level glycogen and will decrease water one more time while increasing sodium. the mobility components and water protocol works together.  .  People in hot climates need to drink more. The more water you take in -> the more your body downregulate aldosterone (a hormone that conserve sodium). by the end of week 5.  Water intoxication is a real thing and could lead to serious problems including death. WATER MANIPULATION STRATEGY – PLEASE READ Manipulating water is a brilliant tool but it’s a tool you must use correctly. Lastly. and so the less sodium and water retention you get. Towards week 4 we take it up a notch by reducing carbs (carbs are the primary restoration mechanism for muscle glycogen as glycogen binds 3 times its own mass in water). It’s a strategy being used a lot in Hollywood to get actors in a lean frame for a whole filming season. this is already taken care of  GREY background – this is an assumed rest day. 18H Fasting. you smashed it! Share your before and after to show the world the results you’ve accomplished in 5 weeks (35 days). Last photo. **Do not mess up with sodium on the last day if you have abnormal blood pressure. please do the warm-up to stay mobile. a little but very handy guide to tighten the skin and create a very ripped look that can last for a few good months. Info on the next page. Make sure you got your nutrition and calendar set for the next week. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday L Rest Week Rest WORKOUT WORKOUT 3 4 Take a photo & 1 WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT Track 1 2 X Rest Week WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT 5 6 Rest 1 2 3 Take a photo & 2 Track Rest Week WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT 4 5 Rest 6 1 2 Take a photo & 3 Track Rest (optional) Week For an extra push. You will have less energy so make sure you still get enough sodium. This can be changed to another training day to fit your schedule. . GENERAL SET-UP FOR THE NEXT 5 WEEKS:  Unless stated otherwise: Water intake of 1 – 2 gallons a day (4-8litres). (i. Aim for the higher end. stop eating after lunch at 2pm Wednesday. Rest 4 WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT 3 X consider doing up to 45 4 5 6 Take a photo & Low minute “regular” cardio Track Carb running / swimming… On week 4. you can change it to fit your schedule. On a rest a day. Those who share their results will receive a fantastic gift from me (email me).e. WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT WORKOUT 4 Week Rest Rest 5 5 1 2 3 * Be very good with your water intake here. it’s already been taken care of for you). cycle it off for this week.  BLUE Background – Assumed day to do intermittent fasting (must be a training day). Drink 7L of water and make sure to take a before photo.100mg a day *If you are on a meal plan. smile! *Week 5 – If you’ve been taking Yohimbine (optional but I don’t like it). it’s only 5-10 minutes a day.  Unless stated otherwise: Sodium intake of around 2. Well done you. Train at 8am Thursday and resume eating at lunch time)  Beige Background – Optional Epsom Salt Bath Day 0 (the day before you start). 4. potassium (if you’ve got a meal plan. try and keep your Carbohydrates intake under 50g per day. REDUCING PROTECTIVE TENSION X2 SETS Plank Plate Switch Minimal Half Kneeling Press Neo Abs Roll to no rest 3 Reps 3 Reps 2 Reps per Side PART 3: EXTRA NEURAL GROOVING / BODY-TEMPRATURE Cardio (Treadmill / Cross-Trainer) SECRET SAUCE X1 SET Squat Prep 60 seconds 1:30-2:00 Minutes *optional PART 4: BREAK .0 PART 7: COOL DOWN FIND THE FULL WARM-UP SEQUENCE IN HERE (VIDEOS) . Brettzel 1.PRIMAIRILY TARGETING AEROBIC TYPE 1 / 2A X3 SETS Up to 1 min Half kneeling rest between Offset Lunge + Knee Slide Surprised Kitty rotation sets.PRIMARILY TARGETING UNAEROBIC TYPE 2B X5 SETS Box / High Jumps Double Goblet Front Squat Negative Pull-ups / Aussie Rows Up to 1 min rest between sets 5-6 Reps with 1 second hold on the 4-8 reps 3-4 Reps bottom PART 5: BURN / FAT OXIDATION . PART 6: ADDITIONAL BREAK + BURN CYCLE (Optional if time allows) (OPTIONAL If your time allows) Continuous steady 10-15 state cardio X2 SETS Half Kneeling Halos Clap Push-Ups MINS (easy level) 1 min Heart rate between of 50-70% Swimming / Cycling / sets Easy 8 Reps per side Jogging / Skip-Rope / As many as possible (4 to each direction) Turkish get-ups. GLUT 4 EXPRESSION. Slow but Rapid 3-4 Reps 8 Steps per holding side 4 Reps pace. WORKOUT 1 PART 1: WARM-UP SEQUENCE (8-10 minutes) + 2 minutes steady cardio PART 2: ACTIVATION. 0 . GLUT 4 EXPRESSION. REDUCING PROTECTIVE TENSION PART 7: COOL DOWN Brettzel 1. WORKOUT 2 PART 1: WARM-UP SEQUENCE (8-10 minutes) + 2 minutes steady cardio PART 2: ACTIVATION. WORKOUT 3 PART 1: WARM-UP SEQUENCE (8-10 minutes) + 2 minutes steady cardio PART 2: ACTIVATION. GLUT 4 EXPRESSION.0 . REDUCING PROTECTIVE TENSION PART 7: COOL DOWN Brettzel 1. WORKOUT 4 PART 1: WARM-UP SEQUENCE (8-10 minutes) + 2 minutes steady cardio PART 2: ACTIVATION. GLUT 4 EXPRESSION. REDUCING PROTECTIVE TENSION Brettzel 1.0 PART 7: COOL DOWN . REDUCING PROTECTIVE TENSION Brettzel 1. GLUT 4 EXPRESSION. WORKOUT 5 PART 1: WARM-UP SEQUENCE (8-10 minutes) + 2 minutes steady cardio PART 2: ACTIVATION.0 PART 7: COOL DOWN . REDUCING PROTECTIVE TENSION Brettzel 1.0 PART 7: COOL DOWN . GLUT 4 EXPRESSION. WORKOUT 6 PART 1: WARM-UP SEQUENCE (8-10 minutes) + 2 minutes steady cardio PART 2: ACTIVATION. Or in our Facebook group: https://www. keep going and please consider yourself more than welcomed to share your progress with me. This is done either to prepare the body to use alternative fuels (i. fat) or to compliment a carb-loading cycle.e.com/MovementFirstLondon My private email is [email protected] . You will have to use 50% lighter weight than usual to complete the sets as prescribed.When to use Workout X? Workout X is used for rapid glycogen depletion.facebook. WORKOUT X PART 1: WARM-UP SEQUENCE (8-10 minutes) + 2 minutes steady cardio Good luck. There’s a TON of useful information for free (click here). Will you? Probably not. Where do you see yourself in 5 weeks? . There is serious knowledge involved. great application and above all – results! Can you do it? ABSOLUTELY.  to access the 5 other files. Let’s get real for a second: This program is the new gold standard for fat loss. I’ve made every effort to make sure it’s well worth it. including the videos. You will learn new stuff as well as feel better from the very first workout – GUARANTEED. How much value do you put on your health and your results? 2. Get it here! The only questions you need to ask are: 1. IF YOU GOT THIS FAR YOU HOPEFULLY REALIZE HOW AWESOME THIS PROGRAM IS  Start with the free program and the mobility warm-up… it’s completely free. Why? Because “The only thing standing between you and your goal…” (google the rest) Good stuff cost a bit of money. ease of use.
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